I Was Working Hard Then One Day I Woke up in Hell! 2008!

And the Gates of Hell were guarded by Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

Obama - Reid - Pelosi


Dorothy, we aint in Kansas any more!  I don’t know where we are but it is not the Great United States of America.  This great nation has been overthrown by a three-headed dragon that lies, disregards the Constitution, and has total disregard for every single citizen of this country in the pursuit of the ideological Progressive Agenda.  Elections do not faze them as the will of the people is something for them to manipulate if needed, stifle if necessary. 

This President has absolutely no respect for his fellow citizens and will do, say, and enact anything to insure his ideology is safeguarded and made the law of the land whether through Constitutional or extraconstitutional means.  Here is a list of his Christmas Gifts for you this season: 

  • Shoving another $1 Trillion Dollar Plus budget down our throats that is filled with 6,000 earmarks and fully funds Obamacare.
  • Killing our domestic supply of oil and gas by imposing a 7 year moratorium on drilling anywhere in the United
    States including land based and deep and shallow offshore drilling.
  • Adding to the already overwhelming deficits by extending unemployment benefits without cost offsets; giving employees a 2% reduction in their payroll (FICA) taxes without cost offsets; Granting over 300 exemptions to companies and unions from the overburdening costs of Obamacare so the rest of us can pick up the tab in the form of more deficits.
  • Empowering the EPA to create cap-and-trade via FIAT versus legislation.
  • If you buy an Obama Motors Chevy Volt, you will get a $7,500 Tax Credit;  If you buy a Toyota Prius, virtually the same gas mileage, you get NOTHING!
  • Allowing you to keep your current tax rates that President Bush gave to you.
  • Having the FCC take over the Internet so everything you say and do can be monitored and shut down.
  • FCC holding hearings on a “NEW FAIRNESS DOCTRINE” and hearing from the likes of Rev Sharpton on how to shut down Rush Limbaugh! 
  • Giving the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency the ability to shut down websites or domains without due process.
  • Having the Department of Interior continue their land grab that will shut down the timber industry in Oregon; put green zones along the southern and northern boarders where border patrol agents will not be able to cross unless they get permission slip from the Department of Interior.
  • Continuing to bail out banks and other “pet” companies who support the three-headed dragon.  What they cannot do through treasury, they have their lackey in the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, do their dirty work;  Bail out cities, counties and states by buying their bonds; bail out banks by buying their bonds at zero interest; bail out companies such as GE by buying their bonds at zero interest; print so much money that our dollar is becoming the laughing-stock of the global economy…There is much more…

Those are just what are on the short list.  It is literally impossible to keep up with the lawlessness of this government and their total disregard for the citizens of this great country. 

The Boston Tea Party took place on this day, December 16th, in 1773.  One of the compelling reasons for this revolt against the crown was “taxation without representation”.  

Has “Taxation with Representation” yielded a better result almost 240 years later?

The last election has been totally ignored pretty much by both parties. 

What do we have to do to take our country back?

RD Pierini


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