California Voters are Suicidal and Apparently Cannot Understand Ballot Initiatives

California Voters

Congratulations my fellow California Voters

.  You have allowed the Mary Nicols’ merry band of bandits at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to set up the LARGEST CAP AND TRADE SCHEME IN THE NATION!  CARB will adopt the most sweeping Global Warming clampdown on businesses and jobs by close of business tomorrow.  This will punish refinery operators and thus raise prices to all consumers of gasoline. This is a ripoff of all Californians, and soon to be the rest of the nation’s taxpayers when they bail us out of our deficits, and they will have toCalifornia is TOO BIG TO FAIL!  This boondoggle will set up the nation’s largest Carbon Trading Market! 

What did you miss when you voted?

Proposition 23

You voted down the chance to suspend AB32 until the unemployment rate in California came down to 6%.  You voted down the chance to suspend AB32 until we could terminate this very flawed bill somehow in the legislature.  You just rewarded Al Gore and his moronic cult that still believes in Global Warming as an earth killer.  You voted down a chance to maybe return a little sanity to California.  Why start now.  We are already the laughing-stock of the country; thank God for New York and Illinois or we would really look bad.

California has the largest deficit of any state in the Union.

California is in the top three states for unemployment.

California already has the highest business taxes in the Nation.

California is gasping its last economic breath under the stranglehold of the public sector unions.

You think $3.50/gallon for gas is bad now?  Wait a few months and it will get to $6.00 and eventually refiners will shut down their plants in California due to the non competitive environment that CARB and the other Socialist Progressive State agencies are creating.

Election count… 

RD Pierini

One thought on “California Voters are Suicidal and Apparently Cannot Understand Ballot Initiatives”

  1. California voters are idiots to just who was elected Governor and Lt. Governor and returning village idiot Barbara Boxer to further embarrass the state. Have we lost our collective minds. Voting for proposition 23 is the stupidest thing yet, penalizing the middle class and poor the most. This state is stuck on stupid and would rather build bullet trains to nowhere than construct more water reservoirs and mini-nuke power stations that would fuel the economy and avoid future water shortages. I don’t have one ounce of pity for our sorry lot as everyone had better figure things out for their own than to rely on government to fix all its ills.

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