Note to Bush Family-We Really Don’t Want to Hear From You Anymore!

I voted for “W” and for his father in the 4 presidential elections that they were involved in.  I thought Barbara was a strong and sincere woman.  I thought Laura was the “softer side” of “W”. I thought Jeb might make a good president some day.  All that said, it is time for the Bush Family to pass into the sunset, QUIETLY!

Barbara said that she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska:  Unlike the many in the Bush family, Palin is guided by her core conservative principles and she quite frankly, nor do I, care what you think.  You need to examine your own values when you look down your pedigreed nose at others like many of the Washington Republican elitists. 

Jeb thinks the Arizona Immigration Law 1070 is a bad approach to solving the immigration problem:  Jeb was quoted by Florida newspapers as saying “…if the United States deported 12 million illegal residents from across the country, it would cost billions and not be very effective..”  Oh really!  How about saving California alone $20B/year and balancing their budget!  That is not very effective?  Why don’t you support a fellow Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, rather than pander to the left and their drive toward a second amnesty program.   

Laura came out with her book and pretty much disagreed with the entire Conservative agenda:  Basically you negated your husband’s and the conservatives’ positions on abortion, abstinence, and a hole host of core values that we hold dear to our souls.  You have a right to your opinion but maybe we would have all been better served if you had kept some of them to yourself.  I have had liberal friends come up and say to me that conservatives don’t really believe in the values they proclaim, “just look at what Laura Bush wrote in her book about what she believes”!

  “W” and “HW” won’t say anything about anything when it comes to our national policy out of some misguided sense of what is appropriate behavior for an “X”:  You may think it is admirable to take the high road and let Carter, Clinton, and Obama belittle you about every conservative policy and position you took while in office.  But, it is not only you that they are attacking, it is every conservative in this country.  Your silence is a betrayal of everyone who supported you and who hold core conservative values.  Your silence is seen as a sign of weakness by the left and a lack of committment to the values I thought we shared.   Since you won’t stand up for yourselves or US, we have to do the job for you and quite frankly, most of us are tired of your reticence. 

Do the Conservatives in the great country a favor and stay out of the news cycles.  You have had nothing positive to add and you certainly do nothing to further the conservative cause to re-establish a strict Constitutional Republic founded on solid Judeo-Christian beliefs.

RD Pierini

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