Wikileaks-Condoms Use Adds a whole new meaining to Leaks! News Condom more Like it!

Am I the only one confused why a person who should be indicted by practically every nation on earth for espionage, is being charged with “failing to wear a condom”?  Are they kidding?  Are there actually laws somewhere regarding this?  Who cares?  One report says he “sabotaged the condom”.  What on earth does that mean or matter except to the other person?  Honest to goodness he is actually being denied bail?   Why would anyone, male or female, have sex with this guy anyway.  He looks like he has not seen the sun in months and that he would consider typing on his keyboard as an aerobic exercise!

Did it occur to you yet that this perverted story is a great news blanket that is covering up a lot of other more critical news?  I get it is an actual “News Condom” preventing any real news from getting above the fold.

How about:

  • Obama has now given over 220 companies “waivers” to opt out of Obamacare for a year.  This doubled in just a month.
  • Oil is over $90/barrel due to weak dollar.
  • We have a weak dollar due to Obama and Bernanke policies.
  • Hillary complains that Governments block free flow of information over the internet while her boss is trying to take over control of the internet.
  • Janet Napolitano is now on Wally World (Wal-Mart) in-store monitors asking everyone to snitch on everyone else.  Wonder what wonder woman would do if someone turned in an illegal alien!
  • FCC is looking for ways to “Control the News” by instigating “public values test” every 4 years.  We already have that, it is called readers, viewers, and listeners.  If those don’t exist, then the show does not exist as there will be no sponsors…
  • The FCC try to takeover our Freedom of the Press comes on the heals of the US being named as the host nation for World Press Freedom Day in 2011!  How about Venezuela, Chavez does a good job there of guarding the press’ freedoms!
  • Did you know that our Troops in Afghanistan had to release over 500 Taliban fighters as a matter of policy!  Some came back and killed our soldiers…
  • DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED ON DECEMBER 7TH, 1941?  Was there a story in your newspaper; on your radio; on your favorite TV channel?
  • Finally, we all are saddened by the death of Elizabeth Edwards who lost here battle with cancer today.  We all offer our condolences to the children. 

Maybe Condoms and international espionage are headline grabbers but don’t take you eyes off the real ball.  Those headlines will literally break you or harm your family long-term in ways you can only imagine.

RD Pierini


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