Republicans-Don’t Lose Focus-Elections Were Only a Month Ago

Republicans Beat to the Punch by Mr. Teleprompter

Bait and Switch Tactics:  Republicans Snookered Again!

Bush Tax Cuts:  Obama is very good at diverting attention away from our real agenda and steering the Right in the direction he wants us to go.  Today he was able to create the illusion that the Tax Increases that were set for January 1st (aka Bush Tax Cuts) have now been extended for two years.  No they aren’t!  The legislation has not gone through Congress yet and unless Obama has completely thrown out the Constitution, which is his real goal, then today’s announcement was merely drawing a line in the sand.  Now, if Republicans were going to push for permanent tax cuts, which they still should, or even more tax cuts than are in the Bush Tax Cuts, which they should, they will be seen as backing out of a DEAL with Obama!  If the Republicans allow the two-year extension to stand, the next time they expire will be in the middle of the next election.  BAD IDEA!

Extending Unemployment:  Obama also said that there would be a 13 month extension on unemployment benefits for those who had not exceeded 88 weeks.  (Those who had run out of benefits seemingly are out of luck)  The Republicans have been pushing for a spending offset to cover the cost of the unemployment extension but Obama did not mention that.  So, once again, if the Republicans push now for cutting the budget to pay for the extension, they will be seen as reneging on the deal with Obama.  Once again, Republicans have allowed Obama to trump them by beating them to the punch on this announcement.

Reducing Social Security Contributions by 2% (aka Payroll Taxes):  Obama had been talking about this for a while but now has taken the inertia away from Republicans again by preempting the dialogue.  He is now a champion for tax reductions!  If the Republicans now try to cut the budget to offset this loss in revenue to Social Security, which was already set to go into deficit spending in two years, they will appear to have broken their promise to Obama. 

If the Republicans try to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent; if they try to cut the budget to extend unemployment benefits; if they try to cut the budget to reduce SS Taxes; the Republicans will appear to be untrustworthy and going back on their “word”!

Well, this is what the Republicans should do and we in the Tea Parties should insist that they do:

In this Session of Congress:

  1. Go for a permanent extension of the Bush Tax Cuts (even though we know nothing is permanent in politics)
  2. Kill the 35% Death Tax now!  Otherwise there will be a lot of Rich Uncles seeing their plug pulled in 12/31!
  3. Extend the Unemployment benefits for 6 months but cut the budget to pay for every dime that goes out.
  4. Cut Social Security payroll taxes by 2-3% but cut the budget to pay for every dime and make it mandatory that those budget cuts must go into Social Security and not some other government fund.

In the Next Session of Congress starting on 1/3/2011:

  1. Pass a budget bill that prohibits a federal budget that exceeds 17% of our GDP.
  2. Federal Income Taxes in Corporations and other business forms could not exceed those in the European Union.
  3. All Federal Spending would revert back to 2007 levels.
  4. All Federal Regulations would revert back to 2007 regulations
  5. The Oil Drilling Moratorium would be ended immediately
  6. Pass a resolution Requesting that the Federal Reserve cease to engage in “Quantitative Easing” and prohibit it from investing in or loaning money to any US or Foreign private entity or invest in or loan money to any foreign government or private institution without it first being authorized by Congress.

That is for the first two weeks in the 112th Congress.  Then vote to repeal Obamacare which won’t pass but then de-fund any new spending needed to implement Obamacare.

Republicans, we got “snookered” in this public relations round but we fully expect you to stand up and Man UP.  If we have to go into hard gridlock so be it.  The mainstream media won’t like you no matter what you do so you better look behind you for support.  That is where we are!

Tea Party Members-Hold the Republicans accountable over the next 4 weeks.  It is imperative that we do not lose the momentum from the last election…

RD Pierini


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