When is Enough, Enough? The Fed, the Congress and this President


The snow in my banner is not the only snowjob around!

How long will the American People put up with this government?

 “Government by the people”, Yea, Right!

How many trillions do we really owe between the Government’s free for all spending and the Federal Reserve? 

Here is what your leaders have done recently…


  • Lame Duck Congress Voted today to raise taxes on Small Business owners.  Vote, 234 to raise taxes, 188 opposed.
    • It does not matter what the voters think or do any longer.  The hard progressive left and the limp wristed elite RINOs think they know best and act accordingly.
  • Harry Reid is trying to give Amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants as payback for his re-election.
    • Harry, we are dying here.  We can’t provide for our own children and their education.  California pays out $21B per year to take care of the illegals we have now.  And you want to entice more?
  • Obama freezes oil exploration in the US for 7 more years.
    • Brilliant move by a totally inept and corrupt politician.  Who cares if we get “taxes” by rising oil prices?; who cares if we have to rely on Hugo Chavez and Citgo for our oil and gasoline?; who cares is the US goes down the tubes as the leader of the industrialized world as it starves itself of its own lifeblood, fuel.
  • We just learned that Bernanke and the Fed gave away 3.5 Trillion Dollars in 21,000 different transactions to Foreign Banks, General Electric, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, Verizon, and God only knows who else because there was no other credit available!
    • While at the same time, you are unemployed; or your small business is going under because you can’t get credit to make a payroll;  or your house is being foreclosed on by a bank that YOU bailed out!; or all of the above!!!
  • Obama does not even bother to comment publicly on the largest single violation of American Sovereignty in the form of the Wikileaks debacle.
    • Another example of this Man’s abject hatred of this country.  Anyone who does anything to denigrate this country is celebrated by Obama and Wikileaks did just that.  Obama will probably support Assange’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Obama schedules another vacation before the pending tax increase issue is settled.
    • Why not.  Poor dear has been working too hard busting his lip playing basketball.  Take your wife with you.  We know how to feed our own kids and don’t need her condescending attitude and her ignorance of food nutrition to properly nourish our children and grandchildren.  Maybe if the two of you would support school vouchers the kids and their parents from the inner-cities could also learn better eating habits and grow up well nourished and not obese. 
  • The Brilliant Deficit commission comes up with its recommendations to get us out of debt. 
    • These are the same people who got us into debt.  Why would you think these guys care about the debt?  The debt is their ace in the hole to control each and every one of us.  THEY CREATE THE PROBLEM, THEN RIDE IN ON THEIR WHITE HORSES WITH THE SOLUTION.  Quit Spending Our Money and Shut down the FED so they can’t print money then give it away!
  • Obama is pushing his “make the US as weak as possible” START treaty with Russia. 
    • REALLY?  Who cares right now?  Is Russia rattling their sabres threatening to bomb the US?  Obama has made us economically weak, now he is working to make sure we are militarily weak.  Great job boss, this is really the change we had hoped for…
  • Last week Obama unilaterally shut down 75 web sites for selling pirated software. 
    • Gee, I feel much safer.  What happened to due process?  Oh I forgot, that is only for those who support this impish leader of the free world.  If you are Steve Jobs or one of the Hollywood elite, you get due process.  If you act to the detriment of those same elitist, Big O will come in and slap you down whether it is constitutional or not.
  • Obama is so well-respected the US is beat out by Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.
    • I guess the only saving grace is that he did not pack up 4 747’s to go to lobby for the World Cup.

The bottom line, nothing has changed and Washington DC remains an island unto itself.  Even with the birth of the 112th Congress January 3rd don’t expect anything significant to change.  They simply don’t care.  Their agenda is all that matters.  You will see a lot of chest thumping and scurrying around to pee on the Congressional fire hydrants but at the end of the day the privileged elitist and their cronies will win out.  Rangle and Waters will still be in Congress; we will still have the threat of a tax increase over our head; Obamacare will continue to spawn and feed off of our individual rights; Seniors will be relegated to third class, expendable citizens; and Obama will centralize more and more control over every aspect of our lives, the economy, our military, and denigrate this great country at every turn.  The cherry on top will be the world fleeing from the US dollar and the beginning of a new World Currency.  You may want to pick up a copy of the Bible and start reading Revelations. 

RD Pierini



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