Condoms and Pope Benedict XVI–We Catholics Should Listen to Him

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict has recently caused a stir throughout the Catholic Church and even the world with his recent comment on the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS.  Catholics and Christians are injecting birth control, gay lifestyle, and other issues into this conversation but Pope Benedict is merely posing the simple moral question, “Is it moral to allow someone to contract AIDS out of ignorance or out of doctrine.  Those on the Left, even the UN WHO, are praising him for seeing the light in the use of condoms.   They truly don’t understand the depth of this man’s convictions nor his compassion for his fellow human beings. 


  • Fact:  AIDS is a fatal disease and the afflicted suffers a most horrible death.
  • Fact:  AIDS is transmitted predominantly through sexual contact although some contract it through the sharing of intravenous devices or through transfusions.
  • Fact:  AIDS is transmitted through the mother to her unborn infant if the mother contracts AIDS.
  • Fact:  We all have differing opinions as to whether the male gay lifestyle is sinful, healthy, or one of dozens of other possible opinions.
  • Fact:  AIDS infects men, women and children of all ages, race, creed, or ethnic origin.


  • Fact:  Men and Women of all ages and of all sexual orientations have a drive to engage in sexual activities.
  • Fact:  There is no vaccine that will stop the spread of this dreaded disease.
  • Fact:  There were approximately 2,000,000 deaths from AIDS worldwide in 2008, mostly in third world countries. (1)
  • Fact:  Women account for 50% of the total AIDS victims.
  • Fact:  There are 14 million “AIDS Orphans” in Africa.
  • Fact:  There were almost 3 million children living with AIDS in 2008.

There are countless other facts and fact sources that could be used to state the depth and degree of the evils of this disease.  While it is true that there are other diseases that have a higher mortality rate, especially in developed countries such as diabetes and heart disease, this disease and its path to death is truly hideous.

Pope Benedict’s comments are merely stating the obvious WITHOUT ANY VALUE JUDGEMENT BEING APPLIED.

  • Condoms could help prevent (2) the spread of AIDS if used by male prostitutes.
  • Condoms could help prevent the spread of AIDS if used by married couples where one of the spouses is HIV positive.
  • Condoms could help prevent the spread of AIDS if used by male gay couples.
  • Condoms could help prevent the spread of AIDS if used in any non marital sexual encounter where a male is involved.
  • Abstinence will prevent the spread of AIDS in all situations.

Pope Benedict is posing a moral question to us.  The questions are:

  • Whether it is moral to allow someone to contract AIDS out of ignorance or out of doctrine.
  • Is it moral to educate people, who may be in high risk sexual situations that condoms can provide some level of protection against this disease, and provide them with access to this protection. 

He is not judging lifestyle, behavior, or any other facet of this issue.  Pope Benedict, as a philosopher has the ability to isolate the issues and hone in on the basic moral dilemma of the problem without any bias from his personal convictions.  He is merely following the teachings of the Founder of Christianity and posing the question to us and also to the Church.  Christ Himself was criticized for healing on the Sabbath (Luke, Chapter 6) ; calling out evil spirits (Like Chapter 4); and other acts of singular kindness and mercy towards those who were ignorant, afflicted or otherwise indisposed. 

Catholics:  Before judging the Pope’s words, judge the moral question.  Is it moral to allow someone to contract AIDS out of ignorance or doctrine.  Can it be the Will of God to allow the spread of this disease to innocent children?  Can it be the Will of God to use this disease as a means of genocide for an entire continent? 

Christians:  Is it moral to go beyond our own feelings on lifestyle choices and behaviors and focus on the impacts of our withholding vital information to the ignorant?  Even though this is being put forth by the Roman Catholic Pope, we should remember what Christ said in Luke 9:50: “Jesus said to him, (disciple John), “Do not prevent him (someone else casting out evil spirits) for whoever is not against you is for you”.  Christians should all be able to agree on the basic moral issues regardless of the source.

Thank the Lord that Pope Benedict XVI was born in our lifetime so he could raise these vital issues that have afflicted our modern era.  My hope is that we as human beings, as creatures of God, can have a civil discourse on these issues and not resort to petty bickering and condemnation of the person who is asking us to anser these questions for ourselves and not make him the focus of the debate…

Pope Benedict is truly one of the great philosophers of the 20th century and will set a very high bar for the philosophers of the 21st century.

RD Pierini


(2) Condoms are not 100% effective in eliminating the risk of STDs.  The experts argue a range between condoms being 95-98% effective in preventing AIDS.


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