Obama Fails at Home, Takes his Act on the Road

All Hail "WHO"?

The eastern swing through India, Korea et al was an astounding failure.  The Indians looked at him as though he did not know that the Indians are not Moslem, maybe he doesn’t, and that he had no clue that we were supposed to be the super economic power and they were an emerging economy, (they don’t know that his goal is to reverse our positions).  The tone of the economic discussions was as if Obama wanted India to outsource jobs to the US?  India of course wanted to expand the Visa program so they could send more of their citizens to the US to work.  All in all it was pretty much a bust.  The next major visit was to Indonesia, Obama’s one time home.  There he succeeded in slamming Israel in front of a Muslim audience that went over well with them but did not but further exacerbate our relations with the only democracy in the Middle East.  From there he had a series of disastrous economic discussions in China, Japan and South Korea.  Basically he accused China of falsely deflating their currency, maybe Bernanke is moon lighting in China.  He scored no points in Japan and the G20 in Korea was basically a “beat up on the US exercise”, and rightly so.  He was trying to sell socialism to our socialist European allies who are trying to dump socialism while in Korea.  All in all it was like watching someone (Obama) thinking he was Alice in Wonderland and everyone else he met thinking he was speaking a language they could not understand.  The only saving grace was the recognition by the G20 members that the citizens of the US had just repudiated his policies as well on November 2nd, so the G20 (19) disdain for his rhetoric was echoed in Obama’s own homeland.

His NATO trip to Lisbon also did nothing to further our cause around the world.  He is going to get out of Dodge (Afghanistan) as fast as possible, regardless of the consequences.  General Petraeus is still not in favor of withdrawal without significant ground advancements and is being sidelined from the discussing his assessments with the press.  The other topic at NATO was the building of a missile defense shield over Europe to protect it from Iran.  Obama said absolutely nothing about thwarting Iran’s building of nuclear weapons but offered to put a high-tech condom over Europe just in case.  That is real leadership.  Gee Mr. President, do you think Iran may come up with another way to detonate a nuclear weapon in Europe without using a missile?  If they did not have a weapon, they could not detonate it.  What about pointing one at Saudi Arabia and saying to us, “do you want your oil to keep coming from Saudi Arabia?  If so, you must (fill in the blank)”.  Nuclear Blackmail will be just as effective with this limp wristed President as an actual attack on our allies.  Better go back and ask India if they need a shield from Iran and Pakistan.  Both are Islamic Republics who hate India.  We are rapidly finding ourselves in a much more dangerous world than we were in during the Cold War.

So, don’t look for “Caesar” (Obama) to ride back into Rome (Washington DC) as a triumphant warrior.  He returns basically with less stature than when he left and to a citizenry at home who is disgruntled, scared, and basically ticked off at him, his policies and the progressive agenda he and his lap-dogs in the 111th Congress have foisted upon all of us. 
RD Pierini

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