And You Thought Things Could Not Get “Nuttier”?

A Little Week in Review


Get It?

Federal Government Now Designing Packaging Graphics:

You should feel much better now that the Obama administration has turned their vast artistic talents away from Obama the Great posters and are now designing cigarette package graphics.  They have come up with over 60 designs and warning labels.  I have come up one that is simple and to the point:

Hey Stupid! This CRAP Will Kill YOU—Period!!  Every time!! 

But no, Big Nanny has to beat around the bush.  Here are a couple of their creations:

  • Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease
  • Cigarettes are addictive
  • Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.

Question 1 is why is Big Nanny even doing designing cigarette graphics? 

Question 2 is who authorized the hiring of these people?  Are these some of the $150K/yr federal employees?

OBAMA Convinces the World that Printing Money is Good!  NAH!!!

Big “O” tried to dazzle the G20, (I guess that would be the G19 from his perspective), with his elegant speaking intonations but the boys and girls of the G19 said “I Don’t Think So”! 

I can just hear the Chinese delegate talking to Obama at the cocktail party,

  • “Thank you so much for making every dollar we hold worth 20 cents less by having Big Ben (Bernanke) crank up the printing presses”. 
  • “Also the deflation of your own dollar makes our crap we sell you more expensive to your lowly citizens so they won’t have as much money left to by as much of our (Chinese) crap”. 
  • “Oh, and also, you are driving raw material futures through the roof based on your deflating the dollar so all of the commodities are shooting through the roof and will artificially inflate the prices on everything the US produces leaving less money to by our (Chinese) crap”!  (Cotton is the highest it been in modern history)
  • “Oh and by the way, your deflating the dollar is driving oil prices through the roof so your lowly citizens will have to pay much more for gas to the benefit of those Arab types so the citizens won’t have any money left to drive to Wal-Mart and by our (Chinese) crap”! 

Did you ever think that the US would be chastised for its big government socialist economic policies by a group of European Socialists, who were backed by a group of Russian and Chinese communists, who were supported by a bunch of Middle Eastern nations trying to blow us to kingdom come?  Talk about the wrong stuff!

Obama Supports Extending the Bush Tax Cuts, Then Doesn’t!

Apparently Big “O” has been around John Kerry too much.  Big David Axelrod said Wednesday that the administration would support extending the Bush Tax cuts for everyone.  Thursday, Big “O” said the administration did NOT support extending the Bush Tax cuts for everyone.  WOW, now that is a hard-core example of a solid strategic direction for this country in time of crisis.  Good thing Rahm has left the building or we may have had a third opinion of what our strategic tax policy is! 

Nancy Admits:  “The Election Was Not My Fault”

Wow, she is the ever keen observer of the American electorate and truly has her ear to the ground.  SHE HAS BOTH EARS IN THE GROUND THAT IS WHY SHE CAN’T HEAR!  What an embarrassment to those of us who not only have to live in the same failed state as her but live within 50 miles of her.  If you have any illusions that she won’t drive every piece of progressive legislation through the lame duck congress you are sadly mistaken.  It will be like grease through a goose except it is a duck and we are the ones who will get “goosed”!  Little dingy Harry will do his part as well as the “contrite” big “O”.

How About Republicans DEFENDING EARMARKS!

That did not take long.  Republicans wonder why the American People trust them less than the Democrats!  That would be like a skunk walking up to a cat and telling the cat he stinks! 

Message to Republicans:  We know Earmarks are much less than 1% of the total budget.  WE don’t care, cut them out, PERIOD!  We want you to take the first step and admit you are all “spendoholics”!   That is step one.  Now step two is a small but significant step.  Cut out Earmarks as a gesture to the American Voters that you understand our message.   If you need appropriations, send a standalone bill through and tell us SPECIFICALLY what you are spending OUR MONEY on.  Don’t keep burying it inside of earmarked bills.

After you get over the shakes from cutting our Earmarks, you can get to the tough stuff. 

  • Make Social Security available to only those who paid in and only for RETIREMENT.  Not for every other entitlement program you come up with.  And don’t even cast a look at our 401K’s!  IF you want to make specific entitlements for those who are not retired (65 or older) then justify it and sell it to us.  If we don’t agree, we will let you know!  BTW, if you and federal employees get a COLA adjustment, our military and Social Security recipients get them FIRST!
  • Strip out Medicare for ONLY those who are retired as well.  Give the doctors the reimbursements they deserve AND CUT OUT THE FRAUD.  You have brains enough to count up $60Billion a year in fraud you ought to be able find it and eliminate it!  IF you want to make specific entitlements for those who are not retired (65 or older) then justify it and sell it to us.  If we don’t agree, we will let you know!
  • Take a look at Military Spending.  If we are defending an ally, EUROPE and JAPAN, for example, send them a note and tell them the free ride is over and they have to spend some of their GDP on their own Defense.  Quit giving out contracts to the Spouses of Senators (Feinstein) and Congressmen and start creating sensible specifications with a reasonable bid process.  We want our troops to have the best and the defense contractors a reasonable profit. 
  • How about if we shut down the Department of Education and let the states and local governments run their own schools.  I don’t know about you but I have not seen a lot of “pearls of wisdom” pour forth out of our capital.  Maybe leave a couple of billion available for “school vouchers” to help out some of the kids who would like to attend private schools and break the bondage of inner city education.  The “civil rights” groups will oppose this, as will Big “O”, but who cares.  It is for the kids, not the politicians.
  •  How about if we shut down the Department of Energy!  This group was formed in 1977 by JIMMY CARTER, (need I go on?) after the “oil crisis” and the consolidation of the two nuclear agencies that watched over weapons creation and energy production using this technology.  WELL.  The DOE has certainly lowered our dependence on foreign oil so we won’t have another oil crisis as we did in 1973-4.  Today, oil prices are $30-$40/barrel higher than they were during the oil embargo and we are more than twice as dependent on foreign oil today than we were then.  We haven’t built a nuclear plant in this country in over 30 years.  So what is the DOE managing?  And How?  I think we could find a better way to manage Lawrence Livermore and the Los Alamos Labs.  The Manhattan Project was completed in Quonset huts!  Don’t think we need a multi-billion dollar agency to control a Quonset hut.  Let pure science thrive and get the bureaucracy out-of-the-way.
  • How about if we quit giving out Foreign Aid to countries unless they can show us how it benefits Americans.  Every dollar of foreign aid should be publicized for everyone to see.  We complain here about subsidizing tobacco farmers while suing the tobacco companies but we support both Israel and the Palestinians.  If Israel is our alley, they get the money.  Why should we have to support governments who have the stated goal of eliminating Israel first then the US.  We just gave the Palestinians $150,000,000.  Hamas is supported by IRAN, get the money from them!
  • Let’s deal with the Outsourcing of US Jobs.  Big “O” just visited India which is the home to much of the US outsourcing.  He should have enjoyed the view of US company’s shingles being prevalent throughout the country side as he and his progressive friends help create an environment where it became more cost-effective for US business to move production out of this country.    How can we fix this outsourcing issue?
    • How about we actually do a bit of Tort Reform? (this has nothing to do with ladies of the evening so Congressmen don’t get excited).  There has to be reasonable limits on product liability in terms of damages and “USER RESPONSIBILTY”.  If you hit yourself in the head with a hammer, it is not the hammer manufacturer’s fault.  If you shoot your neighbor with the 357, that is not the gun manufacturer’s fault.  If you sleep with your neighbor’s wife, that is not your wife’s fault, (little closer to home?)  Class action suits should be VERY limited if allowed at all.  The plaintiffs get $1.50 each and the lawyers get millions.   We must create solid criteria for frivolous lawsuits and insure that our courts follow the criteria to the letter.  Every time someone dumps a hot cup of coffee on their hoo-hoo, we all pay!
    • How about pegging our Corporate Tax Rate to the average of the G20 group?  That way there is no incentive for a US Company to move out based on taxes.
    • How about we dump Regulations that kill US business.  Big “O” just passed a law (in the Obamacare bill) that requires business to issue 1099’s to everyone they pay $600 or more per year to.  Or, the regulation that taxes US Oil Companies $2.00/barrel for every barrel they extract domestically but foreign oil companies, i.e. BP, extracting US oil do not have to pay the $2.00/barrel tax!
    • How is NAFTA working out for you.  It still takes 5 days to ship something to Canada and we still have to pay customs.  It takes Canadians 2 days to ship to the US without customs.  Who negotiated that piece of ….!  Let’s make trade policy that at the very least levels the playing field.  Just because we are the strongest economies, we don’t have to pull our pants down every time a trading partner tries to take advantage of us (our businesses really).

We started with the nonsense of our government getting into the cigarette package design business and went all the way through outsourcing.  Those are probably enough topics for one article.  We probably balanced the budget for now in just a few short minutes.  Just think how good of a job our illustrious government can do with their collective WISDOM!  We will save the rest for later.

RD Pierni

Professionalism is Appreciated

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