Golden State Turned Brown-May We Rest In Peace.

Where is your Wallet?

               On November 2nd, 2010, California voted for Jerry Brown who is a devout progressive and the “father” of our current budget woes in California.  On November 2nd, 2010, California voters once again proved that they did not read, or did not understand Propositions 25 and 26.  Both propositions won by about the same margin but are absolutely diametrically opposed! 

Proposition Debacle:

Prop 25 says that the Legislature only has to approve a Budget AND TAX INCREASES by a simple majority.  Before this passed, the legislature had to pass TAX INCREASES WITH A VOTE OF 66% of the legislators. 

Prop 26 says that the Legislature has to have a 66% majority to pass INCREASES IN FEES.  This was on the ballot because the legislature got around the old 66% requirement to INCREASE TAXES by CALLING NEW TAXES FEES.  Now, the legislature only needs a SIMPLE MAJORITY, 50%, TO PASS TAX INCREASESE! 

  • So, with Prop 25, the Legislature has to have a 66%  majority to raise FEES.
  • So, with Prop 26, the Legislature has to have only a 50% majority to raise TAXES.
  • I guess the legislature will no longer call anything a FEE; they will all be TAX INCREASES…

               Thomas Jefferson opined on self governance by penning:  “The object of the republican form of government and of the principles that are essential to that form, is to enable a people to govern themselves to the most practicable extent possible. Not every nation of people are capable of self-government, and many expected the experiment of the Founding Fathers to fail. But it did not fail, and the experiment proved that an educated and enlightened people are capable of self-government. The question remains, however, the extent to which government by the people themselves may be extended. ” (emphasis mine)

California may have just proven that while Jefferson’s original observation as to the success of our nation and its people’s ability to self govern, his parting question was answered in the negative.

Brown’s Delight!:

We have now handed Jerry Brown every Progressive’s Dream Come True.  He has a 50% plus majority in the legislature; he is an abject progressive; he will force through changes to Prop 13, increase income taxes on businesses at every turn, increase sales taxes, and turn the running of the state even more so to the public employee unions.  He will push through even more of the green agenda and CARB and the State Water Quality Control Board will have absolute power to control every aspect of our life and the running of our businesses.  He will also, like he did in the 70’s, stop all highway funding and push for more mass transportation even though this mode has been unsuccessful everywhere in the US where it has been tried.  He will Extend more benefits to Illegal Immigrants to the detriment of taxpayers.  The $20 billion we spend today in California today will be chump change when Jerry gets through.

The voters of California have spoken at the ballot box. 

Now it is time for taxpayers and businesses to vote with their feet!

RD Pierini


4 thoughts on “Golden State Turned Brown-May We Rest In Peace.”

  1. Thank you for your comment. In this economy I may consider branching out into awedding planner career!

    The founding fathers did not think about term limits for any of the branches of government due to their collective view that from the President on down the office holders would be Citizen-Office Holders, and not Office-Holder Citizens. They did not envision anyone making a career out of politics.

    That said, I, like you, are trending toward term limits so we can perhaps attract people with more varied backgrounds. Today, the large majority of office holders are attorneys. We need people from all walks of like especially in the House that we designed to be representative of the masses. We have Senators like Chuck Schumer who have never really held a real job in the private sector and have literally made politics a career. I’ll blog this topic in more detail but my bottom line is that the house should be limited to 3 terms (6 years) and the Senate 2 terms (12 years). I am not too hung up on the exact number of terms but this would give both houses stability in transition while limiting the exposure of the politicians to lobbyists, unions, etc..
    Thanks again,

    RD Pierini

  2. I realize I am still relatively new here and I have not read all your archived blogs. Your is still one of my favorite subscriptions to read. My question is …how do you feel about term limits? I find I am becoming more and more of a single issue voter and that issue is term limits. I know you are not a wedding d.j. who takes requests but I am curious about your opinion

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