Obama-Malaise and the Upcoming Lame Duck Disaster

Leaders Inspire--Despots Divide

Hope and Change; the first African-American President; the end to the Race Divide; the ushering in of a New Era in American Politics.  WOW, that is a far cry from “…we are going to punish our enemies..”  In this case, “enemies” refers to American Citizens who disagree with his policies which has absolutely nothing to do with hatred for his race.  After all, which race would we chose to hate?  I suppose I am not unlike many Americans who prayed that Obama would be a leader that all Americans could be proud of; one that the people could rally around and support; one that all people could look up to and be uplifted by his message; one that made all Americans proud of their Country and its accomplishments. 

Instead, we elected a small, flawed man who epitomizes everything we have come to loathe in politicians; a diminutive leader who cannot inspire but only divide; an ideologue who seeks to destroy the very fabric of our society and rebuild it into some sick model that exists and is only supported in his own mind.  We have a leader that does not inspire us to be our best, but causes us to question our own self-worth.  John Kennedy challenged us to be our best; Reagan inspired us to take pride in our accomplishments; G.W. Bush brought us beyond our primal fears and taught us to be vigilant and fight back against external threats.  The malaise of the Carter era is back with vengeance and is permeating the very soul of our country. 

We do have to thank Obama for one thing; he is our wake-up call!  He and his cohorts in Congress have shown us that our liberty is not only fragile, but can be taken away almost totally in less than two years.  Mark Levin often quotes Ronald Reagan’s famous quote, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  Obama has belied this quote entirely as we have seen more of our liberties vanish in two years than we have in 200 years.  Obama’s wake-up call inspired the Tea Parties, Independent Voters, and many other Americans who assumed that government is something we had to have but was more of a nuisance that a threat.  Today, the vast majority of Americans view our government as the most serious threat to personal liberty since King George III.  Terrorism has slid way down the ladder of priorities as Americans view their own government as more of an eminent threat.  It is sad but someone said to me that at “least a bomb is better than the slow death being imposed by our own government.” 

Be vigilant in the two months following the election on November 2nd.  Congress will be back in session and all of the progressive congressmen and senators who were defeated in the election will have nothing to fear from the voters.  You have heard this type of session of Congress referred to as a “Lame Duck Session”.  That is a far too benign term to discuss the dangers facing American in the upcoming Lame Duck Session.  The current progressive majority could force through several key votes that would be certain to be signed by Obama.   The bad news is that if ANY OF THESE PASS WITH SIMPLE MAJORITIES NOW, IT WILL TAKE A 2/3s VOTE TO REPEAL THEM OVER AN OBAMA VETO. Just a few OF these votes include:

  • Nationalized 401K:  The Nationalization of 401K and other private retirement accounts owned by American Citizens.  The progressive public unions have to have access to these funds to make up for the shortfall in cash to pay for current, federal, public sector union pensions.  They will “give” you a “guaranteed” return of 3% on the money they steal from you.  THIS IS NO JOKE, IT IS A REAL PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT WILL BE BROUGHT FORWARD BY CALIFORNIA CONGRESSMAN GEORGE MILLER, DEMOCRAT.
  • Card Check:  Remove the requirement that workers be allowed to have a secret ballot to determine whether their workforce is unionized.  There are many democrat congressmen and senators who will sponsor this include Dingy Harry Reid.
  • Internet Security:  Under the guise of cyber terror, there are several bills floating around congress that will be put forth and probably passed.  Basically the government will have access to monitor Facebook, Twitter, email and any other information that travels over the web.  The government will have the power to shut down entire internet domains such as those that provide you with Google, Bing etc.  The government will have the power to shut down all or portions of the internet for 30-60 days without oversight.  Do you really trust Obama this much?
  • Cap and Trade:  This tax scheme will most assuredly be voted on and probably passed.  It will cost every American family $1,200 to $3,200 per year to start.  Plus, anything to do with carbon dioxide emissions will be controlled and regulated by Obama.  Since soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, does this mean that you will have to buy a carbon credit to drink a Coke?
  • Elimination of Bush Tax Cuts:  You know what this is.  This is a tax hike!  In the middle of a recession.  FDR would be proud and we know how that worked out for the country.
  • There are many more that I could add but the point is that the progressives have the numbers and the will to drive the final nails in the coffin of personal freedoms and Obama will most certainly sign them into law.

As I said above, the progressives can pass all of this legislation with a simple majority which they have if we cannot mount a filibuster-proof coalition that does not exist.  We needed Christine O’Donnell to be elected since that Delaware seat is seated immediately following the election.  She would have been one more vote to shoot the Duck!  Now we have to rely on those “tried and true” conservative stalwarts like, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snow, and Susan Collins, to mount an offensive in the senate to block these bills from coming to the floor for a vote.

Vote On November 2nd and Pray EVERY DAY!


RD Pierini


4 thoughts on “Obama-Malaise and the Upcoming Lame Duck Disaster”

  1. Nevermind the fact that President Obama saved this nation from a certain disaster of biblical propositions that was brought on by greed and a laissez-faire economic strategy that put companies and profits ahead of people. Nevermind the fact that not only did Obama save the Auto, Banking, and Mortgage industry, but he stopped the hemorrhage of jobs with an economic stimulus that saved about 3 million people from being laid off. And nevermind the fact that his poll numbers are still better than Clinton or Reagan after their first midterm and that the American people trust the President far more than they trust Congress (by an almost 2-1 margin).

    President Obama did nothing wrong but play by the rules and put policy above politics. His main objective was to save this nation from itself and be as diplomatic and pragmatic as possible. To date, he has done over 90% of what he said he was going to do and has accomplished more in 18 months than any president before him had done in 8 years. The only thing he didn’t do was lie more, but nothing is below the GOP who from day one wanted this President and nation to fail. They would rather see this country burn to the ground than for it to be saved by a black, ivy-league liberal. Talk about a death wish. These next 6 years are going to President Obama’s finest hour.

    1. I was with you in terms of supporting your right to your opinion until the third sentence from the end that was invoking racism. (for it to be saved by a black, ivy-league liberal)
      Thanks for your atriculate response…

  2. Pretty scary stuff, but what do you expect from the money grubbers who only have eyes on your money. They would not spend money on any of these proposals with their own money but have no problem stealing from taxpayers and spending our hard earned money. A rich nation that is morally bankrupt is not the answer either. America is not a greedy rich nation as we are the most generous people on earth. A shrinking government and a growing middle class will be the best antidote for our ailing economy not a growing bureaucracy and more entitlements which enslave everyone.

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