Republican Strategic Mistakes Continue

Message to the Republican Party:  Your actions to date have not been impressive. 

Christine O’Donnell is Key to Killing Lame Duck Legislation:

Joe Biden’s old seat will be inhabited by the O’Donnell/Coons winner immediately!  The winner will start voting in the Senate as soon as Congress returns after the election in the Lame Duck Session.  O’Donnell could help block the liberal attempt to pass Cap and Trade, Card Check, Increase to the Debt Ceiling and much more.  The Republican Party will be solely to blame if Christine loses.  They just could not swallow their pride and send in the resources needed to win.  Obama at least understood the importance of this race and went to Delaware several times in the past few weeks.  Republican Party, you better wake up and smell the Tea Party Movement.  You will be next!

Lisa Murkowski is a failure of the Republican Party:

The RNC should have made it crystal clear to Lisa that she should stay out of this race and not oppose Joe Miller.  They should have told her that they would support her in future races against Begich in 2014.  If Lisa was a true conservative, she would have accepted her failure and learned from it rather than act like a spoiled brat.  I can’t imagine that she will represent Alaska well if Alaska was looking for a conservative vote.  The RNC should develop a more rigid code of ethics for candidates regarding accepting the outcome of primary races.

Charlie Crist, “Sleaze of the Year”:

This is the type of Republican that we MUST not allow into the party.  Crist is the epitome of a self-serving politician who does not care who gets hurt, including his constituents, as long as he gets his way.  Maybe he and Lisa M. can get together and form the “Sour Grapes Coalition Party”.  Charlie is an example of how the local and national Republican Committees have to be more careful in the selection and backing of candidates.  I seriously doubt that Charlie became a sleaze overnight.  Apologies to Mr. Meek as we conservatives do not believe that we should strong-arm candidates to get out of races.  Once the race begins, the candidates selected should finish the race without outside interference or legal action to replace a “damaged” candidate as was the case with Lautenberg in New Jersey.  It looks like Rubio will win regardless but Crist and the Republican Party owe Marco Rubio an apology as well.

Assuming we get back the House and the Senate, we expect the following to be accomplished within a very SHORT time.

  • Up or Down vote to repeal Obamacare (Let’s get everyone on the record)
  • Up or Down vote to Maintain the Bush Tax cuts intact. (This should pass and Obama can place his class warfare card again)
  • Up or Down Vote to repeal the Financial Reform Bill (This is a disaster and is the same old Dodd/Frank crap that caused the sub prime mortgage problem in the first place)
  • Up or Down vote to reject Cap and Trade (If CT is rejected, then move to block any EPA independent enforcement of new regs involving carbon dioxide emissions)
  • Up or Down vote to reject Card Check (I wish we could vote to keep Andy Stern out of the WH but that is asking too much)
  • Immediate moratorium on all new Federal Regulations enacted since 2006.  (you did not do a very good job for a few years yourself)
  • Repeal of the tax deduction limits for mortgage interest deductions.  (And any other taxes or regulations that keep homeowners and investors from buying property)

That should take care of the first week.  We will send you a note on what you need to look at for week 2!

RD Pierini


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