Welcome to the Banana Republic States of America-Voting Fraud Rampant-Again

Here we go again. 

    • Chicago (Surprised): Over 400,000 mail in ballots were sent to voters by the Illinois Democratic Coordinated Campaign (an arm of the Democrat Party) with a RETURN ADDRESS BACK TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  Many other ballots have incorrect voter information such as the DOB of the voter.  The IDCC claims the reason they used their address as the return address was:   “…(IDCC) are better able to track the process and make sure there are fewer problems.”  Yea Right.  Do you think they may open the ballots before sending them to the precincts?  How many ballots did the IDCC fill out themselves fraudulently?  This is Chicago…

    If I lived outside of the US, which sounds pretty good right now, I would be embarrassed FOR the US.  We have allowed corruption to destroy the once revered halls of Congress and the White House is up for sale as well.  State houses suffer the same malady and voters have to go out and find their own candidates to support.  This is truly a sad state of affairs and one that the citizens have to seize control of and change, sooner rather than later. 

    Republicans, take heed.  If we put you back in power, you better step up, put your self interests behind you and do OUR BIDDING!  If not the machine will crank up again in 2012 and turn you out again.  River rocks only grow smooth after years if erosion by water running over them.  it seems this principle applies to government as well.  We will keep rolling over ineffective politicians and erode the incumbents until we find a slate of legislative and executive citizens that once again put country first.  Then, Michelle, maybe we can ALL BE PROUD OF AMERICAN AGAIN!

    November 2nd is next week and we are already to take back America… We have to win big in each race to offset the corruption by Unions and corrupt political operatives.  Any victory under 5% is subject to such corruption.  Remember Al Franken….

    RD Pierini

    (1) Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/Voting-machines-in-Clark-County-Nevada-automatically-checking-Harry-Reids-name-Voting-machine-technicians-are-members-of-SEIU-105815608.html#ixzz13WjSIZyu

    (2) http://www.newbernsj.com/articles/machine-91656-screen-voter.html


    (3) http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/iteam&id=7747590

  • Las Vegas:  The Unions are passing out free food and gift cards to potential voters.  The latter was by the Teachers’ Union!  WOW, what a nice example to send to our students…  The State’s Democrat Secretary of State OK’d the practice of giving free food to potential voters attending ralleys.  That just does not pass the smell test…  Why should we bribe people to attend political ralleys?  Maybe to BUY their vote!


Just Punch a Button, I’ll Take Care of Your Vote!

  • Las Vegas(1): Voting machines are pre-checking Harry Reid’s name for Senator.  I guess this is Vegas’s way of being voter friendly.  My advice to Nevada residents, go somewhere where they use punch ballots and where there is a potential for “chads”.  At least you can see those.  What happens when you complete your vote?  Does the old check box for dingy Harry come back?  BTW, SEIU is the UNION that services the voting machines!  Gee, wonder who they support.  The Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said there is no voter fraud.  We are not claiming the VOTERS are defrauding the system. the SYSTEM is disenfranchising the VOTER!!!  Do you have any doubt that there is not one single slot machine in the state of Nevada that malfunctions in favor of the player?  Maybe we should have the Casinos run the elections.  Either way the results seem FIXED!
  • Craven County North (2):  The voter selected a straight Republican ticket.  When he went to confirm his vote, the ballot had changed his selections to a straight Democrat vote.  Craven Country residents have complained since the electronic machines were put into use complaining about malfunctions and delays in actually counting returns.  The US is the technology leader of the world.  We can’t design a voting machine that works and does not have to be “calibrated” everyday?  What is their to calibrate?  Touch Screens?  This is a 20 year+ old technology.  Oh, I forgot, the voting machines are spec’d out by the government then the manufacturing is overseen by more government employees.  Wonder why they don’t work?  THINK DMV!
  • Michelle Obama Campaigning in a precinct:  Last week the president’s wife, a lawyer, was chastised for promoting her husbands agenda while she was still in the voting precinct within earshot of citizens voting in voting booths.  “She just gets excited about her husband’s agenda and gets carried away” was the media’s excuse for her.  Either she is just plain dumb, but we have been told that she is one of the brightest women on the planet, or she is just plain crocked.  Michelle, just in case it is the former, you cannot campaign within 150 feet of a polling place.  Got it?
  • ACORN has been up to its old tricks registering anything that breathes and can be told how to vote.  Any investigative journalism going on out there?  NAH!

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