California’s Poetic Justice-Jeffy Brown Will Oversee the Default HE Created over 30 Years Ago

Brown and Jim Jones Kool-Aid Anyone?

 After living through the first 8 years of Jerry Brown in the 1970‘s and ‘80s, I never imagined in my wildest dreams (nightmares) that I may have to go through another 4 years of Jerry Brown 30 years later in the decade of 2010.  In one utterly perverted happenstance, his election on November 2nd, may be cosmic which is perfect for Governor Moonbeam.  Jerry pushed, prodded, and cajoled until public sector employees in California were allowed collective bargaining and their unions given carte blanche in negotiating salaries and benefits that we will never be able to pay for.  Further, he pushed and raised taxes and fees so that at the end of his term, he had drained the State’s coffers of its surpluses and left his legacy of a $2B deficit with the potential for 100’s of Billions in unfunded pension fund liabilities for state, county, school and city union workers.  Now, if he is elected on November 2nd, he can oversee moving the state into receivership that he crafted with his own hands. 

This may be poetic justice for Brown, but what about people who worked hard, paid their taxes to this State (the highest in the nation), and tried to survive 40 years of incompetence by the California legislature and most of the governors.

Ever ask yourself why nothing really changed after we impeached Gray Davis and the Terminator came in?  Look at the makeup of the Legislature.  It is the largest single group of left-wing progressives in this nation in any state legislature.  Someone remarked that Brown will reach across the aisle and solve the fiscal problems by working with the legislature.  What a hoot!  He lives on the same side of the aisle as the left-wing progressives.  He is their messiah and will deliver to them, and us, the final blow to a free state as he will continue to give more power to the public sector unions and continue to raise taxes on individuals and businesses when this State is already judged to be the most business hostile State in the Union.  Obama’s progressive administration is his only real source of cash and Brown’s only hope of remaining in business for any length of time. 

We have cities and counties whose fire and police budgets are burdened with pay over 50% of their annual budgets to retirees.  The other 50% goes to fund a vastly reduced current fire and police staff.  As more fire and police persons retire, this ratio will grow even worse until the amount of money you are paying retirees is more than the city or county’s current budget for active fireman and police officers.  Maybe we can ask the retirees to respond to a fire at your house or an attempted rape of your wife or children while they are at a public park.  By the way, these people will also do all they can to make sure you CAN’T arm and defend yourself. 

I have already filed documents to move as much of our business out of California as possible.  We can save 30% of our operating costs in doing so in taxes, fees, workers compensation, etc.  I may be able to hire back people I had to lay off due to the Federal and this State’s Government incompetence in creating then “managing” this recession.   My only regret is that I waited this long.  Good luck with your new Governor Brown. 

RD Pierini


The CTA, California Teacher’s Association (UNION), has an ad against on of the ballot initiatives that basically says, “Don’t give tax breaks to big business in California, this money should go to the Schools to hire more teachers”.  This shows that even our teachers should go back to school and learn where the money to fund them and the schools comes from.  TAXPAYERS.  If you run them out-of-state or bankrupt them, how many new teachers will you be hiring then?  DO THE MATH.  More Teachers Generate more UNION Dues, not Better Students or Teachers.


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