Roger Williams-Your Classmates Will Always Remember You

He will be Remembered

The end of the summer of 1963 dispersed us all to what would become our new lives, our hopes, our dreams, and our trials.  It was like the hub of a wheel where we all shot out through the spokes to our own destinations.  It was not surprising that Roger’s path led him to be in the inspiration of a countless number of high school students who no doubt found him to be an adult they could approach, admire, and hopefully emulate.  Roger’s long career at Chico allowed him to touch the lives of many as well as shape an institution that is much the stronger today because he was there to lead its teachers, classified staff, board members, parents, and most importantly its students.  Roger’s memories will continue long into the future in the halls of Chico High and in the hearts of his many friends…

Regrettably, our paths did not cross often after the summer of ’63.  But his memory crosses my mind’s memory often.  Roger was a stellar athlete and excelled at every sport he engaged in.  He demonstrated his leadership throughout our high school days as he was always active in student body and other extra-curricular activities.  Roger also led us all by his example.  He was always mild mannered with an innate moral fiber that was second to none.  Ironically I ran into another teammate of ours a week ago and the first person he asked me about was Roger.  When you think of the Class of ’63, Roger was one of the first memories to come to mind.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and her two daughters and grandchildren.  God has a special place for Roger and I am sure it will involve kids.

In Fond Memory,

RD Pierini

Donations in Roger’s Memory may be sent to:

Chico High School Foundation, PO box 6581, Chico, 95927

Links to Memorial Coverage:


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