Obama Continues his Generational Race Bating Tactics

MLK had a Dream. You have a Nightmare!

In a town hall meeting with young adults, Obama said:  “…a tribal attitude can come as a result of economic hardship.” 

He went on to elaborate that:  “Historically, when you look at how America has evolved, typically we make progress on race relations in fits and starts.” 

Further:  “This audience just didn’t exist 20 years ago,” He said the interaction between races among young people today is “unprecedented.”

Moreover:  “We’ve got a little bit of everybody in this country,” the president said, arguing that “our strength comes from unity, not division.”

 Finally:  “…as you get older, your mind gets a little more set.”  “…that’s why the tolerance of young people is so important.  You guys are going to be the messengers.”

 I cannot remember anyone since George Wallace who has done more to damage race relations than this president.  He insists on driving a wedge in between Whites, Blacks, and Latinos.  So far, he has left the Asians out of the discussion.  He tries to divide wealthy & poor, business & government, patients & doctors, insurance companies & the insured, Wall Street and Main Street, and the list goes on forever.

For those of us who actively supported and continue to support the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the founding principle of this country that “All men are created equal”, the current racially charged atmosphere that has been generated out of this white house is appalling.  To suggest that a tough economic time causes people to band together because of their race is racist at its worst.  Tough economic times cause Americans to band together, regardless of race or creed.  To suggest that his town hall audience that was racially mixed did not exist 20 years ago is also either racist or ignorant or both.  20 years ago was 1990 and it was common for people of all races and creeds to come together for common causes.  He talks a good game about unity but misses no opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of unity.  He constantly promotes division and attempts to stir up animosity between peoples whether it is within the US or Globally.  In the final quote regarding older people being more racially set in their ways, he attempts to divide the young and the old and suggests that the old are necessarily racist. 

Mr. President, maybe you did not gain in wisdom with age but most of us did.  We recognize the mistakes of the past of our nation and of the world.  We understand that we are not a perfect people yet we strive for perfection.  We have committed our lives to the betterment of all Americans and the world at large adn know that this is a journey and not a destination.  We know we are our brothers’ keeper and we have given of our own time, money and prayers anytime there is a challenge or tragedy at home or abroad. 

We are Americans, we stand as one regardless of race, creed or origin. You may succeed in dividing this country in the short-term for whatever warped purpose you have, but your prejudice you are so prone to disseminate to others will not prevail.

RD Pierini



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