Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses Charlie Crist – Crist is Terminated!

Too bad Californians can’t vote in Florida.  New Yorkers can!  Our esteemed Governor reached out and Tweeted Crist with his endorsement.  Charlie; Schwarzenegger is not exactly a well-respected governor nor is his (my) State doing very well.  (Almost the largest deficit in the Free World)  Arnie said that Crist is who we need in Washington as he knows how to reach across the aisle.  The only reaching should be for liberals necks and anyone else who voted for Bailout 1, Bailout 2, Bailout 3, Stimulus, GM Bailout etc…  Arnie once again proves his ineptitude, tin ear, and ego if he thinks anyone really cares what he thinks.  No one in California does.  Maybe Florida is far enough away so they cannot detect the stench coming from the rotting corpse that used to be the Golden State. 

Then, not to be outdone, Charlie praised Arnie for creating a BETTER BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT FOR CALIFORNIA; and for improving our infrastructure.  The only accurate part of Charlie’s praise was to call out Arnie’s green thumb when it comes to Global Warming.  Arnie’s backing of AB32 and his failure to show leadership and have the law repealed makes him the #1 stooge for global warming.

Poor Charlie has been lapped by Rubio, 50-25% so I don’t think Arnie’s endorsement will hurt Charlie much more.  Charlie is in good company with Arnie.  Arnie’s job approval ratings are probably below 25%.  They were 28% in mid 2009.  Gray Davis was CANNED by California Voters when he reached 26%…  (Note: last poll I could find was july 2009…)  Arnie would have been a better friend to Crist if he had called Crist and told him not to oppose Rubio after losing the primary.  Lisa M., you listening?  Thank the good Lord that Arnie is not eligible to run for President of the United States…

 RD Pierini


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