Another Climate Change Disaster-California Air Resources Board-AB32-Miscalculations

CARB overestimates pollution problem by 340% but does not change course.  We still have to achieve 1990 CO2 emissions by 2020!  Really?

We have 1/3 more people now in 2010 than in 1990.

This is Where CARB Belongs!

               California is “blessed” with the most environmental conscience State government in the nation. This environmentally conscious government is led by the California Air Resources Board and its sister agency the California State Water Quality Control Board which is not the main subject here.  California is also blessed to have the 3rd highest unemployment rate in the nation, 12.4% (2,273,000 real people without jobs and this does not include those who have given up.  That would be closer to 4,000,000.  California is the “proud” recipient of $42 Billion1 in Federal “Stimulus” Bailout money.  California boasts the highest deficit of any State in the Union and in fact it equal to the other states combined at over $20 Billion and no one really believes that number.  Why?  It is based on receiving high levels of Federal bailout money they will probably get cut off after November 2nd California has become the prime hunting ground, according to Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, for finding businesses that want to flee the tyranny of Sacramento and hopefully survive this recession.  California accounts for 1/3 of the nation’s welfare payments but only has 12% of the nation’s population.  California boasts having its schools systems rank in the lower 40’s among its peer States.  In short, California is broke economically, socially, and almost every way else you can imagine.  But, fear not, our environmental agencies are on the job to make sure that when we starve to death, we will be breathing clean air, maybe.

               With all of the problems facing California, our esteemed California Air Resources Board, CARB, is hell-bent on whacking at least another 5% of jobs out of this great economy.  How?  By staying the course and implementing AB32, Global Warming Solutions Act, passed in 2006 and signed by our “Republican Governor”.  The real question was why wasn’t this bill rescinded immediately when the lead scientific advocates for Global Warming were discredited in 2009 when they hockey stick broke?  Why aren’t the goals being relaxed until we can figure out:

  • Why we should be following a discredited science
  • How this agency could have overestimated “In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation” 3 pollution by 340%?  The brilliant researchers at the board blamed the “complexities” of the issues when estimating the problem.  They had been using crystal balls trying to predict the amount of diesel fuel that would be used.  The problem was uncovered when someone just added up the purchase of diesel fuel, DUH!  So much for complex.  Next time propeller-heads, try using the prior year purchases rather than your crystal ball.  Give that back to the Global Warming gurus, they could use it.
  • How this agency could have estimated that 18,000 people die each year from airborne “particulate matter” and have since reduced this estimate to 9,000 people.  Do they have a clue?  I don’t believe that it should be too hard to count the cause of death in autopsies related to particulate matter.  Don’t worry, these estimates were revised when the board leaned that the scientist who conducted the study had FAKED his credentials.  Worse, Mary Nichols knew about the false credentials before the votes and did not let the other members of the board know.

CARB is the agency who allowed MTB to be required as a gasoline additive then did not remove MTB from gasoline until after contracts for purchasing MTB had expired in spite of the irreparable damage to our underground water supplies and especially the degradation of Lake Tahoe.  CARB is self-serving; self-perpetuating; and totally out of control.  Out only hope is November 2nd but I do not hold much hope that the legislature in Sacramento will improve much and the Governor’s race is a toss-up.  If Brown is elected, CARB will retain its current prim donna status and will probably grow in funding and power.  At at time when business are fleeing the State; when there are more people on government assistance or payrolls than in the private sector; when the State’s taxes are the highest in the nation; we need to abolish these bureaucracies and get back to the basics.  If the voters do not wake up, there will not be any business left in California to support this giant money vacuum.

RD Pierini





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