The Left is Twitching Again – Sarah Palin Meets with 50 National Conservatives Hosted by Christopher Ruddy-Newsmax1

The Left's Biggest Fear

The left is dusting off all of their old animus for Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin, after she attended a gathering in Palm Beach, Florida that was hosted by Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax.  She is also appearing in a series of webcasts hosted by Newsmax in October as well.  This meet and greet is seen by the left as a way for Sarah to win over the elite conservatives so she could have their blessing in case she decides to run.  According to those on the left, she has won over some of the elite conservatives due to her ability to pick winners via her Tea Party activism. Talk about Bass Ackwards!  If Sarah decides to run in 2012 or 2016, she won’t need to suck up to anyone.  The Conservatives and especially the Republican Party better start watching her actions very closely or they will be left behind.

  •  She does not need the elite conservatives’ or the Republican Party’s blessing to run.  Her presence in public stirs crowds of conservatives and independents wherever she goes.  She was the only thing that kept Obama from a landslide victory over McCain.  She also scares the living H#$@ out of Liberal/progressives everywhere.  She is the antithesis of Liberal/Progressivism and she is their anti-Christ. 

She doesn’t have the ability to pick Tea Party winners.  She has the ability to spot a true conservative and has the guts to stand beside them no matter what the media is saying.  Then she has the ability to help take them across the finish line first.

 It was great reading the Left Wing Media’s response to her appearance in Palm Beach.  With sweaty palms, the left-wing media pecked out article after article covering the event and filled their columns with innuendoes and not so veiled negative comments.  US News & World Report’s Politics & Policy2 coverage was classic.  They also had a poll where you could vote as to whether “Sarah Palin Would Make a Good President”.  The results so far for this left leaning site was 21% Yes and 79% No. What a surprise.  

 About half way down the article, there was a call out panel with a link to:

See a slide show of 10 reasons Sarah Palin would make a good president.

 Then, a paragraph or so later, there was another link, just to be fair and balanced:

[See a slide show of 10 reasons Sarah Palin would make a bad president.]

 It was kind of hilarious to read the Good President Points:

Name 10 reasons why Palin would make a bad president.

  •  Unbending Conservative:  Translated:  Conservative Ideologue of the Unbending Reagan ilk.  The worst you could be from a Liberal/Progressive’s viewpoint. God forbid we find a politician who has principles they actually live by.
  •  Military Hawk:  Translated:  Military Hawk who would shoot first and negotiate after.  They even referenced her ability to shoot an elk at 400 yards.  Maybe this is the kind of message Iran’s Ahmadinejad might understand this message.
  •  Oil Drilling Advocate:  Translated:  Hates the planet will drill in the back yard of everyone in America.  Will do more to increase hydrocarbon emissions than anything since horse flatulence.  Oh, let’s build more windmills and put up more solar panels while we pour billions of our $$$s back into Middle Eastern and South American despots’ pockets.
  •  Respect of Governors:  In their note, they mention that she might bring a new bipartisan approach to DC.  Translated:  We hope we can make her kowtow and give in to some of our demands on the left.  They did this with McCain, Palin is not McCain.
  •  Revive Saturday Night Live:  This was actually their #5.  Think they are serious yet?   Translated:  She is a good target for ridicule and jokes.  You better check out some of Leno’s recent jokes about Obama.  Not really kind to the Pres.
  •  Friend of the Working Class:  Translated:  She is a “Walmarter” who feels more comfortable in a fishing boat in jeans than in a gown at a DC party, i.e., she does not have the class to be President. 
  • Advocate for Disabled Children:  Translated:  She is a staunch PRO LIFER!  They went on to say and I quote, “Her last child was born with Downs Syndrome and that has made her a passionate advocate for disabled children, a job that presidents normally pass off to the first lady.  I did not know that being passionate for something or an advocate for something is something you pass off!  The left just can’t picture a women in the first chair.  They always relegate them to being the “Little woman”.  Ever hear of Multi-tasking?
  • First Woman President:  They said that just because she is a woman, that this would necessarily change the way things are done in the White House and how the US is viewed internationally.  Really?  Are women so different that they would not hold cabinet meetings, staff meeting, national defense meetings, etc?  From my prospective, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, and other women who became Head of State were not viewed as different, just good leaders.  Translation:  Who knows how the Liberal/Progressive movement feel about women. 
  • Boost Conservative Media:  Translated:  She is a dangerous ideologue that would institute a “Fairness Doctrine”.  Wait, the Liberal/Progressives already did that.
  • Fashion Statement:  I have to quote what they said:  “She would likely spark a whole new fashion sense in the nation with Carhartt (line of work clothes) and Cabela’s (line of outdoor sports clothing) taking over from J. Crew and Gap.”  Really guys, this is important when discussing a potential presidential candidate?  Translation:  She will show up to work at the White House or State Dinners wearing fish gear or blue-collar work clothes.  Also, they are comparing her apparel to the Michelle Obama, and not Barak Obama. 

After the “GOOD” Points for President, they have the section for why Sarah would make a BAD President:

Name 10 reasons why Palin would make a bad president.

  • New on the World Stage:  Translated:   She is ignorant regarding the world at large and the global issues we face today.  She also does not really know any of the world leaders.  Gosh, she could throw a garden party wearing a Carhartt denim ensemble and teach all of the leaders how to pick off an elk at 400 yards.  Part of their quote included:  “not friendly with world leaders.  Wow, Obama was such a World Globe Trotter and has done so much to improve our international image.  France won’t talk to him; Israel won’t return his calls; and Ahmadinejad and Chavez call him names.
  • Ethics:  A direct quote from #2 is necessary:  “She has a questionable ethics record. From pressure on state cops to her 2008 Republican National Convention wardrobe financing. “  OMG, pressuring a state trooper; but she was exonerated!  Again about the Wardrobe!  She did not ask for the wardrobe and I hope next time she shows up in a Carhartt denim ensemble so you can gasp and rush back to your keyboard.  Ethics?  By the time the ethics committee finishes with this Democratic Congress, the next session of Congress will have to be held in a prison yard.
  • The Big Picture:  Translated:  We don’t like her agenda.  They claim she merely reacts.  Really, she has been reacting with the same message for two years.  I am sorry you found her book a disappointment.  If you want to know what her agenda will be.  Wait for the 2012 election and you will get a box seat.
  • Little Experience:  Translated:  She has more experience than Obama but she is a conservative girl.  Oh, and add that she is from a small town.  Oh and that she quit the Alaska governorship.  You don’t get her life experience at Harvard or Yale.  You get it by hard knocks; hard work; dealing with the ups and downs of life.  You do not gain experience through affirmative action and being handpicked and groomed by a bunch of Liberal/Progressive white guys.
  • Stale Jokes:  Translated:  Those paradigms of virtue like Letterman, Mathews, Maher and others will poke fun of her if she is the President.  Her “You Betcha” line is classic to you.  God forbid we ever have a President from Mississippi say Y’all!  If there are stale jokes, it is due to the staleness of the creator and those that deliver these jokes.  Better check out the late night shows now, Obama is now getting his versions of “You Betcha” jokes except they are about his economy which is truly not humorous.
  • Family First:  Quote, “Maybe a bit too focused on her large family”.  They went on to say that JFK offloaded his big family to his little woman but Palin is not quite up to that!  JFK had two kids?  Bush had two kids.  LBJ had two kids.  Why single out JFK.  My hope is that there is a Palin/Bachmann or Bachmann/Palin White House.  That would be 11 kids under the old white roof.  That will drive NOW crazy!
  • Domestic Policy:   There key quote was, “There are serious concerns that she lacks a lot of experience on domestic policy like healthcare, immigration reform, and financial issues that are consuming most of Washington’s time and energy.”  Wow, Obama really has his hand on the throttle, brake, throttle, printing press!  She has a very strong position on each of these issues, you just don’t agree with them.
  • Focus on Social Issues:  Quote, “A bit too centered on conservative social issues”.  They went on to say, “The GOP has been moving away from those issues”. (that is way they lost the last two elections)  The left has been trying to drive a social wedge into this country using pro-abortion, anti-faith (except Islam) and anti-flag (not too much patriotism) as their cornerstone.  Message to the left:  better start listening to the Tea Parties rather than ridiculing them.  They will drive the GOP to the right and keep them there.  We are no longer going to subjugate our values to yours.
  • The Media:  Kind of the same as “Boost Conservative Media” above in the good president section.  They are afraid that she will resort to Blogs and the conservative press, (HUH, what conservative press?) to push her issues.  Translated:  She won’t play nice with the left-wing media.  She is a lot smarter than the left.  She will treat you with the same respect you show her, no more, no less.  Destroy the mainstream media!  Really?  She does not have to, you are doing that to yourselves.  Check out the NY Times paid distribution today.
  • Speaking Skills:  The favorite of the Liberal/Progressives.  Translated, “she don’t talk like us”!  Their comment was that “she is not a very dynamic speaker”.  Ever been to one of her rallies?  I haven’t seen anyone nod off there.  You used this against Bush and you thought that was cute.  Well, you are in the minority again on this one.

Sorry for the long dissertation but after reading a half a dozen clips and blogs from the left, I just had to share their lack of objectivity when reporting even a social/political event.  The Liberal/Progressives share a gut wrenching fear of Sarah and her ability to connect with people.  In spite of their savage smear campaign against her for over two years, she has a commanding presence on the national scene.  She may or may not be the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate in 2012, but she will be a key player in the outcome of the election…

 RD Pierini





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