As Rev Wright said, “The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost” – Now on Obamacare

Who laid the egg?

Obama’s crack HHS team has only completed 25% of the tasks it was supposed to have done by now to implement Obamacare and already the “Chickens are Coming Home To Roost” on the impacts of this massive social change in America.  The old joke, “How do you know when a salesman is lying?  Answer, “His lips are moving”, is somewhat humorous in this context but not when it is the President of the United States.  Obama said over 100 times during his blitz to sell Obamacare to us that:

  • Your Healthcare insurance costs will not go up.
  • You will be able to keep your current healthcare coverage.
  • Abortions will not be covered under Obamacare.

Well, we are in the embryonic (bad choice of words) stages of implementing Obamacare and all three of these statements have been shown to be lies.  No one except the teleprompter believed these statements when they were made but we had to listen to them over and over again with no rebuttal from the mainstream media.  Now, what we see are headlines saying the insurance premiums are on the rise due to the increased coverage mandates; companies and UNIONS are contemplating dropping their insurance coverage for their employees do to the MANDATED INCREASES in healthcare costs to the companies and UNIONS; and finally that Abortions are not excluded from Obamacare but the spin is that Obama will take care of this with an executive order.  Right!  He voted to “present” when a bill, 1095, came before the Illinois Senate that would allow a Doctor to terminate the life of a child if the abortion procedure “failed”.  How about a NO vote on killing a human being! (1)  There is no abortion justification that can possibly dispute when life begins if the baby is alive, breathing and in the arms of the politician, oops, I meant physician.

So what is Obama’s answer to his current roosting problem?  He is granting 30 companies and one union, the United Teachers Welfare Fund of New York a stay of execution of one year before they have to be subjected to the new higher healthcare coverage provisions. (2)  Why?  These companies and the Union were going to drop their healthcare plans less than a month before the November 2nd Mid Term election!  Politics as usual!  BUT, how about what is happening to small business and their employees.  I’ll tell you!  Small businesses are dropping coverage for their employees by the thousands right now.  They can’t afford the 25-40% insurance premium increases that were precipitated by the mandates in the Patient Bill of Rights.  Then, the individuals are stuck trying to find their own coverage.  Lots of luck if you are over 55 but less than 65 (Medicare age).  You are staring at $500-$1,000/person, per month or more, premiums for a high co-pay, high deductible plan.  Thank you Mr. President!  Thank you Nancy!  Thank you Harry! 

But most of all, a big thanks to the Republicans who could not control their urge to spend over the past 6 years that precipitated the election of Obama and a total control by the left over the House and the Senate.  Republicans, we have a strong dislike for the policies of this administration and its lackeys in the congress.  But we also hold you in contempt for not living up to our core conservative values that allow backlashes like we saw in 2006 and 2008.  You have one more chance to “get it”.  Don’t blow it this time.

A salesman can lie to his customer if he is only trying to sell something one time to this customer.  He never intends to come back for a follow up sale.  How does Obama think that he can lie time and time again (even Biden said insurance would go up) and not have people think that he is a liar?  DUH!  Remember Obama and his cohorts in congress favorite chant, “Bush Lied and People Died”. (3)  There are a lot more people at risk with Obamacare than in Iraq.  Unfortunately Obama is an Ideologue chasing his dream, not ours.  That dream is our nightmare and we are and will pay for it dearly.

BUT, the next lie will be the eventual, not too far off, creation of a single payer, universal healthcare system in the United States by Obama.  This is his goal, and he has not lost sight of it.  Once again, thank you Republicans for even making this a remote possibility.

RD Pierini





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