Good News! Your Government Spent Less in 2010 than in 2009! Bad News? They spent $3.45 TRILLION!

Free Money-ObamaBucks!

In times when everyone but the Federal Government and the State of California is cutting back, YOUR federal government shelled out $3,450,000,000,000 ($3.5 Trillion) of your money and increased their spending by 9% over last year and last year was a new all time RECORD. 1 This represents 25% of the country’s total GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT which is every dollar this great nation generates.  On top of this great news, our national debt now stands at $13.625 Trillion. 

 When Bush came into office, Percent of the US Debt to the US GDP was 57%.2 When Bush left office in 2008, the Percent of the US Debt to the US GDP was 69%.  This is an increase of 12% over 8 years or an annual increase of 1.5% which is pretty bad if you are in favor of conservative fiscal policy.

 Today, after only 2 years of Obama, the Percent of the US Debt to the US GDP is 94.3%.  That is an increase of 25.3% over two years which is an average of almost 13% per years or almost 10 times the rate of increase than during the Bush years.

 Obama the Great once again tried to pass the “buck”, sorry for the poor choice of a word, when he was campaigning in Maryland today by saying, “They (Republicans) took a record surplus (annual budget surplus, not a negative national debt) left by President Bill Clinton. They came back with a record deficit by the time I took office.”   Excuse me!  You have won the Gold Prize for record deficits and increases in the national debt.  Today, not to put a fine point on facts, the deficit is $13,625 Trillion.  You have increased it by $4 Trillion dollars in only two years or $2 Trillion per year.  By the time you leave office in 2012, you will have added at least $8 Trillion to the national debt and exceeded 100% of our GDP.  That means that if we put every single dime this country generates in one year, we could not pay off our debt.  These numbers do not include the massive increases in spending due to Obamacare!

 Forget statistics for a minute.  We have politicians blaming everyone else for our mess.  Practically every single one of these immature narcissists was in Congress when they believe that this mess was created and two of them are in the White House today.  Who has to pay for their immaturity and dereliction of duty?  WE DO! 

 We can’t vote Obama out for 2 more years and have to put up with his childish blaming of the bogyman (Bush mostly) during this time.  He will whine about Republicans and blame everyone but himself for the abject failure of this great nation.  BUT, on November 2nd, we can start to take this country back.  Get out and vote.  If you have friends and relatives in Nevada, Delaware, California and other states with close races, tell them to vote for Angle in Nevada, O’Donnell in Delaware, Fiorina in California and whoever the conservative candidate is in their State (Not necessarily Republican).  If you are in New York, vote for Paladino for governor.  If you are in California, vote for Whitman for Governor.  The gubernatorial races are critical this year due to the census and the redrawing of districts.

 RD Pierini


 2 Federal Debt As Percent Of GDP&state=US&color=c&local=s#copypaste


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