Parker/Spitzer Show-CNN Forgot to Hire a Conservative: Two Libs don’t make a Right!

The New CNN Saviors

Parker has described herself as a “Rational Conservative”, AKA a liberal.  Anytime you attach an adjective to the front of the word Conservative, it comes out to be liberal.  Bush’s Compassionate Conservative = Social and Fiscal Liberal; Mainstream Conservative = Social and Fiscal Liberal: Center Right Conservative = Social and Fiscal Liberal.  You are either a conservative or you are not.  SE Cupp, Krauthammer, and Rove have not quite got the distinction yet either or they are not conservative.  Being a Republican is not synonymous with being a Conservative.

Back to Parker.  Some of her “Conservative” values can be viewed through some of her positions:

Palin and the 2008 Election:  09/26/2008 she wrote that id that Sarah Palin should step down from the ticket in 2008 as she is clearly out of her league.  In another article she attacked again, “If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.”  Cute!  Palin was the only bright spot in McCain’s campaign.  If he showed up alone, no one else did.  You have to stand up for the Washington Elite and parrot their views.  Too bad the Pulitzer does not stand for integrity.

Christians and the 2008 Election:  On Christians and the Republican party she wrote on 11/19/2008: “To be more specific, the evangelical, right-wing, oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP is what ails the erstwhile conservative party and will continue to afflict and marginalize its constituents if reckoning doesn’t soon cometh.“  The religious right was active in 2000 and 2004 but put in the back seat politically by the “Republican Elite” in 2008.  You kind of missed your timing.  I think you said that the election results and the Republican shellacking of 2008 can be boiled down to “Three little letters, great big problem: G-O-D.”  How about we picked a presidential candidate who is about as liberal as you are and really did not even support the republican platform.  Go ahead and take God out of your life and your beliefs but we need God in this nation to help out us back on track.  Do you ever read any of the writings of the Founding Fathers? 

Obama Fan:  She said on Larry King Almost Live on 09/30/2010, “I’m a big fan of Barack Obama as he came into office, and was not one of those Republicans who wanted him to do badly. I didn’t want him to fail.”  No one wants any President to fail personally but if their policies, ideologies are clearly socialist and anti-American, you better rethink your position.  Conservatives can like the person and abhor the policies.

Bill Clinton Apologist:  She believed that Bill Clinton should not have been impeached.  I guess engaging in activities that could lead to political or terrorist blackmail and endanger the entire country is not worthy of impeachment.  Oh, forgot to mention lying under oath.  Liberals don’t think lying about sex is lying.  Kathleen this puts you on the wrong side of that line.

Anita Hill Backer:  She believed Anita Hill’s allegations regarding Justice Clarence Thomas and she has never recanted this belief. 

Washington Post, September 1, 2010:  She wrote of Glenn Beck’s efforts to create and put on the 8/28 rally as the “grandiosity of the addict.”  Obviously you can take the “Christian” label off of yourself.  Oh I forgot, it was GOD’s fault we lost in 2008.  Let’s see what 201 brings!

Audacity of Self Worth:  Kathleen Parker said of Palin during the Brietbart inteview, “Everytime I speak out about her she (Palin) goes up in the polls”.   Sorry Kathleen, you are not that important.

The good news is that this program, like so many other failed shows on CNN, we soon be history.  Drudge reported today “CNN Parket-Spitzer had 454,000 viewers last night and came in 4th in cable news behind HLN (CNN Headline News).

Unfortunately, in the meantime, those Republicans and Independents who watch CNN and this show may mistakenly take Kathleen’s views as Conservative.  At least everyone knows what Spitzer is.  They will just have to find out the hard way about Kathleen.

RD Pierini

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