Beam Me Up Scotty-6th Grade Transgender Case in Maine

Just when you thought things could not get any stranger…  FACTS:

Oh Great Teleprompter, what is the answer!

(Before we start, I am going to refer to this person as a boy to make it easier to explain the facts.  I understand that there are those who would refer to this person as a girl and that is fine.)

  • A 6th Grade Student’s parents notified the Orono Middle School in Maine that their son was a transgender and that he wanted to live life as a girl. 
  • The school provided the 6th Grade student his own SEPARATE RESTROOM rather than force him to use the boys restroom or subject the girls at the school with having to deal with an outwardly male person in their restroom.
  • The Boy no longer attends that school.
  • The Maine Human Rights Commission of Maine ruled that the School was wrong in giving the boy his own separate restroom and that he should be allowed to use the GIRLS RESTROOM.
  • During the investigation of the case, allegations were made that the boy was stalked and harassed by other students but the investigation did not uncover any such behavior by the school or the staff. 
  • The parents claimed that the boy suffered anxiety and depression during 2008 and 2009 when he had attended the Orono school. 
  • The boy’s parents are suing the school in a civil action now in Penobscot County Superior Court.

I’ll bet there are a lot of 6th grade boys who would like to use the girl’s restroom!  I’ll bet there are an equal number of 6th grade girls that don’t want those same boys to use their restroom!  Public schools are not equipped to deal with this issue as I am sure if they had acquiesced, there would have been lawsuits brought by the girl’s parents.

Somebody blow the whistle for a time out…

  • What kind of parent would have left a 6th grade boy, who was gender confused or not, in a public environment where his gender had to be treated according the “norms” for his physical gender? 
  • The boy should have been given whatever counseling necessary to help him transition or not to his preferred gender, not be thrown under the bus for the sake of a cause.
  • 6th Graders tease, harass and other intimidate each other over anything and nothing.  It does not make it right but does not mean that they or their parents are Transgenderphobes.  (My word)  It means they are kids, and adults, i.e. parents, should take all steps necessary not to intentionally put them in situations where the child will be subjected to this kind of treatment.
  • The school does try to work with the students regarding “special circumstances” but when parents have no regard for their own child, the school is applying band-aids at best.
  • Why are we litigating this topic at all?  It is not a matter for the courts as the courts have no more experience with this topic than anyone else.  This situation needs to be aired in a quiet, thoughtful forum and rational solutions arrived at so WE DON’T USE CHILDREN TO FIGHT OUR CAUSES.

            Our esteemed representatives in Congress can meddle in the affairs of Major League Baseball, try to figure out if daylight savings time should be 1 or 2 hours more or less, pass really dumb resolutions that don’t mean anything to anyone but the recipient of the framed resolution, or just chase the interns around the halls of Congress.  Maybe they might want to deal with serious issues in a serious way and provide guidance instead of PUNTING and letting the courts to decide.  I would prefer this to be done at the State level but I don’t think the States actually exist anymore and if they do Holder would sue them if they tried to fix this…
RD Pierini


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