Brown & Allred Place Maid in Legal Crosshairs-Perjury and Deportation Next?

Dos Coyotes - - Prey = Santillan

Nicky Diaz Santillan

, the housemaid for Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman for 9 years, may find herself in the spotlight today, but back in Mexico tomorrow!  BUT, the real ethical questions are:

  • Did Jerry Brown or Brown’s Campaign know that Gloria Allred, a contributor to Brown’s campaign, was going to break this story and what the facts of the story would be?
  • Did Santillan contact Allred or did Allred seek out Santillan, even if it was through a democratic operative?

The other facts of the case are:

  • Both Brown and Allred are members of the California Bar Association. 
  • Brown is also the top law enforcement lawyer in California as its Attorney General. 
  • Both Brown and Allred have to adhere to the California Bar Association Code of Ethics. 

Placing a client, or knowingly abetting the placement of another attorney’s client, in a position whereby the client is placed in legal jeopardy and subject to prosecution for the sole benefit of the attorney or for purely political gain, then the ethics committee should take this under review. 

The real victim is Santillan but her violators are her attorney and the sitting Attorney GeneralShe faces deportation and could be charged with falsifying social security records and W-4 statements.  The line just above the signature box on the W-4 reads, “Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this certificate and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete.”  Admittedly she used her sister’s Social Security number which appears on this form so knowingly she committed perjury.  Santillan may not have totally understood her actions but Allred and Brown certainly did before parading her out in front of the Camera.

1CBS News reported today, “But the issue (the firing of the illegal alien which is the law) that will turn off Hispanic and others in California considering a vote for Whitman isn’t so much what she knew when, but what she did after she knew.” (Firing Santillan) 

How about Brown getting Santillan Prosecuted and Deported for his own political gain?  How about Allred using this poor woman for headlines then flushing her down the legal system?  Whitman followed the law. 

Hispanics respect the law and abide the law at higher percentages than most demographic groups.  I think they will get the difference between someone trying to do what was right and someone using an illegal immigrant for their own personal gain.  Isn’t that what Coyotes do!

RD Pierini



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