Reduce Crime In Mexico-Quit Deporting Mexican Criminals back to Mexico!

Obama's Choice for News!

A friend just emailed the link to the Fox website where the meeting between San Diego Officials and several mayors from Mexican border towns were in attendance.  (  The article starts off with:  “A coalition of Mexican mayors has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to Mexican border cities, saying the deportations are contributing to Mexican border violence.”  My first thought was not deep but profound, “DUH!!!  Just how nutty is this debate with Mexico, US Citizens, and the US Government going to get?  We have States trying to defend the borders which is the Feds job.  The Feds suing States for doing the Fed’s job.  A sheriffs being sued for enforcing the laws of their State and the Feds.  And Mexico blaming us for raising THEIR CRIME RATE by deporting THEIR CRIMINALS BACK TO THEM!  Worst of all, Our President and his trained attack dog “Bolder Holder”, will probably agree with the Mexican Mayors…  I am sure Calderon (President of Mexico) will weigh on this soon with a profoundly deep comment.

If you are not a Christian, you should become one and hope for the Rapture to occur soon! 

My advice to the Mexican Mayors is that you should enforce your laws on your side of the border and join with us to secure our mutual border.  We do not have a criminal training program in El Paso or any other US city where we indoctrinate those who violate our borders and turn them into Drug Lords.  We may turn them into SEIU thugs, but not Drug Lords!   Since the Drug Lords actually run Mexico, maybe we are working with the wrong “government” in Mexico.  Maybe we should negotiate the Zetas or whoever is the head Drug Lord in Mexico and establish a new form of NAFTA with them.  We could call it NAFDA.  North American Free Drug Agreement.  We could legalize a few illegals on our side using Harry Reid’s DREAM ACT, send them to college at taxpayer expense, even train them in our military, then they could just grab the drugs from the Zetas at the border and we would not have to worry about deporting anyone.  We could send the Drones back to Pakistan to kill real bad guys and do away with ICE that would help pay for the education of the illegals we just educated and trained!

In light of this article, this seems perfectly logical to me!

RD Pierini


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