10/2-One Nation Working Together Rally-Democrat Get out the Vote Rally

Competing with Glenn Beck's Rally

On Saturday, October 2nd, “One Nation Working Together” is coordinating a rally at the Washington Mall with 400 left-wing organizations including SEIU, AFL-CIO, NAACP, Green For All, American Federation of Teachers, AFSCME, American Muslim Assoc. of North America, etc. etc.  Check out this link for a full list.  http://www.onenationworkingtogether.org/partners

To say that this list is a compilation of the core of the Left is an understatement.  It is interesting that Obama himself allegedly signed a letter that is used to recruit participants. (still looking for a copy)  It is interesting that the media and the left crucified Glenn Beck before his rally on 8/28 alleging that it was political, partisan and headed by the Tea Party kooks.  I have not heard much about this rally from the media.  Actually I have not heard anything.  It will be interesting to see how inflated the crowd count gets and how the media memorialize this event.

The other interesting item is that Obama’s and Biden’s chiding of their base to get off of their rear ends and get out the vote is the theme of this gathering.  I am sure that is just a coincidence in terms of timing.  From the ONWT site it states:

“We’ve witnessed the legitimate economic concerns of the nation exploited to stoke fears and encourage division. We’ve watched divisive tactics manifest in ugly ways to encourage going after a demographic, or a community center, or a President who doesn’t look like his predecessors…

While those voices may have been louder than ours, I’m confident that they don’t speak for the majority of us. We are One Nation working together, and on October 2nd we’ll be one nation marching together.

The first sentence is a reiteration of the racism claim and the second is the call to action of their constituents with a shot at the Tea Party Movement.  What I could not find on the site was any reference to the facts that:

  • Any failures to move whatever agenda they have forward is their own fault.  They controlled the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  The Right had no way to stop them.
  • The left has failed its base as their constituents have the highest unemployment rate and the highest number at or below the poverty level.
  • The only racism that has been exhibited has been on the left in trying to separate their constituents  by playing White against Black; White against Hispanic; Affluent against the Poor.  The left even denigrated Glenn beck when his march rightfully held up Rev Martin Luther King as one America’s greatest leaders.

I hope this rally turns out a positive message in the spirit of its name, One Nation Working Together.  If it turns out to be a pandering to the left’s base using race and other differences they will not equal their name sake.

RD Pierini


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