Dingy Harry Teams up with Icy Lisa Against the Tea Parties

Some people are just slow.  Dingy Harry Reid is teaming up with Icy Lisa Murkowski to form a duet to bash the Tea Parties. 

Let's meet in Las Vegas in October and Give Dingy Harry his Surprise.

The Las Vegas Review Journal1 reported today that Jon Summers, one of Reid’s campaign advisors said “Sen. Harry Reid welcomes the return of the Tea Party Express to Nevada to speak out against him and for Republican opponent Sharron Angle next month”.  Really!.  It must be really hot in Las Vegas today. (I had to look, it was 103)  He went on to say that “We look forward to having the Tea Party Express, who even Republican Lisa Murkowski called ‘an outside extremist group’ that ‘hijacked’ the Republican Party, on full display in Nevada”.  Maybe if Lisa had not voted 100 times against her party in less than 2 years the Alaska voters may have treated her more kindly.  She is slightly better than Mike Castle in terms of liberal voting records.  Who hijacked what?  Castle, Murkowski, Snow, Collins, Lugar, Bennett, Graham, and often times McCain kept trying to drag the Republican Party in a direction that is “leftward”, not “rightward”… The country has always been center-right so what are these people missing.  Give US back OUR PARTY.  If you want to be a liberal, feel free to join with the Democrats in the tradition of Jump‘in Jim Jeffords and that stalwart of conservatism, Arlen Specter. 

               What Republicans and Democrats “don’t get” is that the US people are very giving, forgiving and have empathy for all of those who are suffering or in need of help.  BUT, when we feel we have been had, you are going to get the Tea Parties.  WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  Enough of Dingy Harry, enough of Icy Lisa, enough of Obama, enough of Pelosi and enough of your destructive policies.  But most of all, we have had enough of you trying to make us feel guilty for just existing by play the race card, the polar bear card, the class card, and whatever card you have up your corrupt sleeve.  We have had enough of your lies and most of all, your condescending, pompous attitude, John Kerry.  Someone like you is truly delusional and narcissistic when you think that you are better than your constituents.   

Obama, you can prance around, spew your rhetoric, but the bottom line is that you have to give away tickets or bribe people to come to your gatherings.  No one in your own party wants to be seen with you and I have a hunch Michelle will get the same reception when she hits the trail.  She mocked the American people with her vacation to Spain and the people will not forget that either.  She may have been “proud of her country for the first time” after your election but WE WILL BE PROUD OF OUR NATION WHEN WE TAKE IT BACK on November 2nd.

RD Pierini


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