Karl Rove- You are a better Analyst than your O’Donnell Comments Indicate

Don’t become another Bob Beckel!



Karl, you said to Greta Van Susteren this week something to the effect that “…your role on Fox is to be a Political Analyst…”  You are correct but you are a better analyst than what you showed Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  An analyst “analyzes” the subject and researches all of the facets of the subject before arriving at conclusions or repeating innuendoes.  Christine O’Donnell may have issues or she may have had problems in her past, AS WE ALL HAVE, but as an analyst, it is incumbent on you to contact her directly or at least her campaign to obtain answers to any “character” issues you may have thought she had. 

I would feel better if you would just admit that you supported Castle for whatever reason and did not dig as deep as you might have rather than just take one liners from O’Donnell’s website and make snide remarks about those posts.  I turn off Hannity and others every time Bob Beckel comes on.  In fact, I have renamed by DVR to “Fast Forward Through Beckel”.  It is now my FFTB!  I don’t mind contrary debate and in fact welcome it but I will not listen to sound bites, made up statistics and personal attacks.  It is an insult to the American Electorate.  Don’t fall into this trap.  You are better than that…

RD Pierini

Professionalism is Appreciated

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