Alaskans – Send a message to Lisa Murkowski-YOU LOST, SUPPORT THE WINNER

Alaska is Too Important to Hand Over to the Democrats

Now, she is thinking about launching a write in campaign!  Where is the leadership in the Republican Party and where are the ethics of Lisa Murkowski?  She and Delaware’s Castle should be excised from the Republican Party and not supported by the party in the future.  These are people who we have previously elected to some of the highest offices in this land and they do not have the good sense to call the victor, concede victory, and support the winning Republican Candidate?

Michael Steele:  You had better get the National Republican Committee together with the Alaskan Republican Committee and help Murkowski to see the light.  If you don’t, you have almost assured a coalescing of the Tea Parties into a National Political Party.  This will destroy any short-term reversal of the insanity that has plagued Washington over the past few years as the Washington Ruling Class has moved this country to the brink of Socialism and has destroyed countless personal freedoms.  If this happens, do you really expect the independents to trust Republicans ever again?  I won’t and I am a lifetime Republican, at least since JFK.  While you are at it, call Castle in Delaware and tell him to “MAN UP”.  Good grief, he has been around politics longer than dirt and he certainly should know better.  If his ego is bruised because he was defeated by a “girl”, tell him to get over it.  There will be a lot of “girls” shaking up Washington in the next few years…  GO GIRLS!

Karl Rove:  Where is the character assassination, sorry, analysis, of Lisa Murkowski and Castle?

I am constantly amazed how Republicans always seem to snatch Defeat out of the grasp of Victory!


RD Pierini


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