9/11-Remember the Victims-Understand the Tolerance of our Enemy

9/11 is a time for all of us to reflect on who we are. 

Out of the Ashes...


  • First and foremost, we are Americans. 
  • We are the heirs of our founders, black, brown, white, yellow and Native American. 
  • We built a country through tolerance but firmness of resolve.
  • When our tolerance was abused by King George III of England as he removed more and more liberties of his colonial subjects and kept increasing taxes, we declared our independence.
  • When our tolerance was exhausted by those who would keep slavery as an American Institution, we declared the emancipation of slaves and fought our bloodiest war ever to defend the rights of the enslaved.
  • When our tolerance was finally fatigued by the Spanish in 1898, that was culminatedby the sinking of our Battleship, Maine, in Havana’s harbor, we declared war on Spain.
  • When our tolerance was finally extinguished by continued German attackson our commercial shipping and behind the scenes agreements against the US with Mexico and Japan, we declared war on Germany in 1917.
  • When our tolerance was tested to its limits with events leading up to WWII, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was the final blow to our tolerating the Axis move toward world domination and we entered WWII.
  • When our tolerance was obliterated by the events of 9/11, we as a nation drew together as one in the condemnation of Islamic Terrorism.

Tim Brown, a NYC Firefighter, who has been instrumental in the building of a memorial at Ground Zero said today on Fox News:

“Tolerance of Evil is Suicide”

Obama, most of the mainstream press, practically all on the left, and many conservatives, have stood up for the “Right” of Imam Rauf to build his mosque at Ground Zero.  None are discussing whether it is “Right” to build the mosque at Ground Zero.  That word “Right” is very interesting and it has been manipulated by politicians probably since it was first spoken.  They use the noun definitions of this word interchangeably.

  • Right:  One definition is whether something is an entitlement such as the Right to Free Speech.

  • Right:  Another definition is whether something is Morally Appropriate to do in accordance to the society’s accepted principals of justice, fairness and honesty.

 The question before this nation is whether the Entitlement Right of Imam Rauf to build a mosque anywhere in the US, that does not violate local zoning code, trumps the Morally Appropriate Right to build the mosque given the feelings of the Majority of US Citizens who view Ground Zero as sacred and the building of the mosque as a painful reminder of the perpetrators of 9/11 who obviously believe in an extremist view of the Qur’an.

The argument is further blurred by the reaction of the world wide Islamic elements who protested the possible burning of one Qur’an in Florida by a church that consists of 50 Christians.  We are always told of the peaceful nature of Islam and that it is a religion of tolerance.  Ok, where are the Imams who think the building of the mosque at Ground Zero is not Morally Appropriate;  who condemn the chants of “Death to America”;  who condemn Imam Rauf when he issues his not so veiled threat; “…he (Rauf) must build there (Ground Zero) despite angry protests (American) in order to defend America and its citizens against a “danger from the radicals in the Muslim world to our national security.” 

How much Unreciprocated  Tolerance is the US expected to have…?

  • We are told that if we do anything to upset radical Muslims:
    • They (the radicals) will retaliate against our troops.  Last time I checked they are not exactly shooting at us with blanks in Afghanistan or Iraq.
    • They will cause acts of terror against the US and its interests.  Since the bombing of our Embassy in Beirut in 1983, there have been 33 notable terrorists, NOT ALL by al-Qaeda,  attacks that included bombings, kidnappings, murders, etc.  We need to decide how we plan on winning this war rather than if we are going to offend someone.
  • France issued a statement today that because of the past colonies in North Africa, interests in the Middle-East, and their current prohibition against fully veiled clothing being worn by Mulim women, that they are certainly subject to a terrorist attack.  What the minister should have said is what he believes, that France should reverse its policy toward the use of fully veiled dress so they won’t be attacked.
  • Can anyone really say with a straight face that if we capitulate to all of the demands by the Islamic Radicals, whatever that means, that we are safe and they will live in peace and harmony with the West forevermore?
    • Maybe we should try it!  Sharia Law is the ultimate encroachment on Western Civilization.
      • California would not have to worry about Proposition 8 as the gays would be rounded up and executed.
      • The feminists and Planned Parenthood would not have to worry as anyone obtaining an abortion would be executed as a right of the husband.
      • While on the subject of feminists, how do you feel about:
        • Genital mutilation?  (sorry, this is done to females)
        • Divorce only by the hubby unless you can find 3 witnesses who will testify against his infidelity.  BTW, if you get the divorce in an American proceeding, hubby can still have sex with you anytime he wants and it is not rape…
        • If your daughter has sex with someone outside of marriage, your hubby and sons can murder her without recrimination, even in case of rape.
        • If you have sex with someone other than your hubby…  So much for the female plurality in the US!
      • The ACLU will not have much to do.  They will be renamed SICLU.  It may be interesting to see what happens the first time an ACLU attorney shows up in a Sharia Court defending the rights of a Muslim women who has renounced Islam;  who ran off with another woman; who had aborted the child of her Muslim husband; who then divorced her husband in civil proceedings, joined the Church of Scientology and ran off with Tom Cruise!  Shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of the court’s time!

I am all for Tolerance as long as it is Reciprocated

If Tolerance is not Reciprocated, then it is not Tolerance but Surrender. 

When coupled with the maniacal behavior of evil radical Islamist, Tim Brown is exactly correct;  

“Tolerance of Evil is Suicide”

RD Pierini

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