Truth in Advertising – Congress and this Administration Should be Sued

November 2nd is the Start!

Net Neutrality” (Internet Neutrality) that the average person translates this into, “Why wouldn’t we want the Internet to be Neutral?”  Or, “The Fairness Doctrine”, how can anyone be against “Fairness”?  How about the “Disclose Act”?  Disclosure or my new favorite, TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT, must be good, right?  The other goodie is the “Financial Reform Act”.  Financial Reform must be a good thing in light of our economy and the mess of our financial condition, right?  We have also been “given” several “Jobs Bills” that must be a good thing in light of 10% unemployment, right?  And the two flagship pieces of legislation, “Troubled Asset Relief Program” (TARP) and the “Economic Stimulus Act of 2008”; how did those work out for you personally?

               Congress has passed a gazillion laws that regulate the “Truth In Advertising” in the private sector.  Why can’t we as citizens have our own laws that force Congress and the Administration to engage in a little “Government Truth In Advertising”?  California’s ballot initiatives should be subject to the same principles.  A “Yes” vote should mean you are “FOR” something and a “NO” vote should mean you are “AGAINST” something.  We should apply the KISS principal to government, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID and stop trying to dupe us into thinking you are really trying to help.

               The other ridiculous law is the one that protects what congressmen and women say and basically exempts them from libel, slander, or outright lying.  They can say, and almost do, anything they want and no one can touch them.  The same holds true for the President.  It is virtually impossible to sue a sitting president no matter what they do.  I understand the ramifications of being able to sue presidents and congressmen for things they say so in lieu of the right to sue them, how about THEY QUIT LYING TO US AND QUIT TALKING IN SOUND BITES!    Some of my favorites are…

  • No new taxes on the middle class; The problem is that they do not see the cost of regulations, increased government fees, unfunded mandates on the private sector, and the other things they impose on us as TAXES.  If the government does something, and we end up paying more for it, that is a TAX.  It is not rocket science.
  • If you like your insurance, you can keep it; until you quit your job, or your employer stops providing insurance, or until the government decides that your coverage is not good enough for you… 
  • Your Health Insurance Premiums will go down; Oh sure.  Insurance companies are forced to cover children, pre-existing conditions, and other costs that they are not covering now and they will do it for the same price.  That is nuts to even think that this would be possible.
  • Obamacare will reduce the deficit:  This one is a whopper.   How can the government ever provide any service in a cost-effective manner much less expand the scope of a service and expect the costs not to increase the deficit?  Oh I forgot, deficits only apply to Bush. 
  • The Financial Reform Act will eliminate the need for bailouts;  Oh really?  Why then is a PERMANENT BAILOUT FUND set up under this legislation.  Is it a different kind of bailout?  Or does it depend on what the definition of “bailout” is.  Like the word “is”.
  • The Financial Reform Act will protect consumers from Wall Street and the Big Banks;  That is a hoot!  The authors of the bill were Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.  These two receive the high contributions from Wall Street and the Big Banks only to be eclipsed by Obama himself who is their #1 beneficiary.  So, Obama, Barney and Chris are stupid politicians and are really going to do anything to Wall Street and the Big Banks?  Doubt it..  The New Financial Consumer Protection Agency that was created will only protect you from keeping too much of your own money.  This is a whole new bureaucracy that will siphon even more tax dollars to yet another bloated federal agency and you can be you won’t be protected from them.
  • The Disclose Act will provide True Finance Reform and Eliminate Corruption in Campaign Contributions;  Thank God this one did not pass.  The authors should be forced to DISCLOSE what was, or was not in this bill.  You can bet NO Legislation being contemplated by this president or this congress will be true campaign reform.  This bill exempted the Unions and the National Rifle Association from any of the provision of the disclosure requirements.  Private business would had to have filed mountains of paper work plus their CEO would have had to personally appeared in the ad for it to be approved. 
    • Campaign Finance Reform is Simple: 
      • An Independent Website would be created where contributors and their contributions would be posed:
        • Individuals:  All individuals’ Contributions must be posted with the name of the contributor; 
        • Companies:  if the contributor is a company, the corporate name and place or incorporation must be included;
        • Unions: if the contributor is a union or a PAC of a union, the union name/PAC name and affiliation information must be included; 
        • PACs:  if the contributor is any other PAC or organization, the name of the organization must be included along with a link that describes the founders of the PAC, and any pertinent affiliation information that would help the voters to understand who the PAC is supported by.  Not “Citizens for Progress” or some such name that when you read it you think, oh sure, I’ll be they are for MY progress.
        • Foreign Interests:  No contributions can be made by non US citizens or non US Companies, Unions or other types of organizations.  If the companies, unions or other organizations have Non-US affiliates or parent organizations, this has to be disclosed as well.
      • That’s it…You can give as much as you want but WE MUST BE TOLD HOW MUCH AND BY WHO.  If you create or vote for bills that benefit one of your big contributors, you may be asked by your constituents whether the contributions had anything to do with the amount of the contribution so be prepared.
  • Economic Stimulus of 2008 Saved 3.5 Million Jobs; History will probably view this act as an example of representative government at its worst.  It propped up State and Local government employment and unions; provided pork for everyone who voted for it; and continues to prop up unions by bailing out state and local pension plans.  The only thing that was “THE ONLY THING THAT WAS SHOVEL READY WAS THE HORSE MANURE THE POLITICIANS SHOVELED ON US TO JUSTIFY THIS BILL”!  This bill will cost us, the taxpayers, over a trillion dollars before everything is said and done without yielding one iota of benefit to the economy.  Oh, sure it would have been much worse.  I doubt it and the politicians have no evidence that what they did contributed positively to the economy. 

The next time the President is on Television, which is almost 24-7, or you are listening to a congress person describe how beneficial the next bill will be for you, just remember. 


Most of these guys and gals will die of old age while still in Congress.

If you are in a Tea Party movement, a member of a political party, or just an individual going to a town hall meeting, just keep trying to get these people (the president and the congress) to once and for all be straight with us.  Name bills so they reflect the content; and don’t feed us endless sound bites that are untrue.  This is a lot to ask of a politician but we have to keep asking.  We CANNOT allow them to go un checked.  We may not reform them, but they should at least know we are now buying their “BS” any longer.

 The great American humorist Kin Hubbard said:  Honesty pays, but it doesn’t seem to pay enough to suit some people.  Remember this when you vote on November 2nd.  We need to put integrity back into our Government.

RD Pierini


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