Obama-The Audacity of Ego-The Desecration of 911


Remembering their sacrifice

  Who would have thought that with 25 million Americans out of work; a US National Debt of $14 Trillion; Total Unfunded US Liabilities of $110 Trillion; that Obama’s own ego may be the final straw in his fall from grace.  The ego slip came with his Ground Zero remarks regarding the building of the Mosque. For some odd reason, politicians have not come to the realization that in this digital era, everything they say is recorded forever and will be played back.  In his Ramadan speech he basically told the American Public that we had to suck it up and that the Muslims had a right to build their Victory Mosque next to Ground Zero.  This was purely an ego enhancing moment to get applause from the Muslim attendees.  Once he realized that 310,000,000 Americans heard his remarks and 70%1 of these disagreed with his position and his lack of leadership in not trying to convince the Muslim community to build the Mosque elsewhere, he tried to back track the next day.  Well Mr. President, for better or for worse, you are our leader.  It is too bad you cannot lead your people in the manner they deserve.  Your minions in the press are trying to elevate your lack of leadership in to a “high road” position but no one but you and they believe it… 

     Obama, your minions in the media did fall in line for you and basically called every American who opposes this Mosque a Racist and an Islam-o-phobe.  Great leadership!  What is next?  A Mosque in the center of the Pentagon?  Obama took a different tactic in the AM stating that this was a “Freedom of Religion” issue and he was not going to comment on “whether” the Mosque was appropriate by Ground Zero.  Nancy Pelosi did not get the memo early enough for her Treasure Island press conference where she was caught off guard and complained that she was there to talk about her great efforts in getting the Treasure Island project going (that is another story) and that the Mosque was a local zoning issue;  She later threatened to support efforts to investigate those involved in opposing the Mosque.  She later received the official talking points and started parroting the freedom of religion mantra.  Maybe Obama should lend Pelosi his teleprompter.  The weird triangle of evil doers, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, in any order you want, is not in sync regarding this issue.  Reid is taking a politically expedient path and telling the Imam to move the Mosque elsewhere.  Could this be due to the fact that 70% of Americans favor this position1 and Sharron Angle is tied with Reid in Nevada2?

Governor Paterson of New York is one of the very few on the left taking the “people’s” position suggesting that the Mosque be moved away from Ground Zero.  Kudos to you Governor.  Now if we could only get the “Republican” Mayor of New York to get it, maybe we can keep Ground Zero sacred for those who lost their loved ones on 9/11. 

Our Sacred Ground

RD Pierini

1A CNN/Opinion Research poll, w/o 8/13/2010

2Rasmussen Reports, 8/19/2010