Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and The Great “Uniter” President Obama

If it is the Law, He will Enforce It!

Obama once again hides behind his shill in the Justice Department Eric Holder in going after Sheriff Joe in Arizona.  Sheriff Joe is no stranger to Justice Department investigations of alleged civil rights violations.   Now they are after even more documents in the “Hope” that they can find something to use against him.  This is clearly an abuse of power.

This is the same tactic Obama’s Nurse Ratchet, Nancy Pelosi, resorts to every time someone speaks or acts out against the Left.  The last attack being her support for investigating the opponents to the Mosque at Ground Zero. 

At stake in Arizona’s Maricopa County is the threat by Obama to withhold some or all of the County’s $113M Federal reimbursements.  This is another example of Obama’s now famous divide and conquer strategy.  The rest of the county departments are pressuring Arpaio to submit the excessive documents and cave into Obama. 

This is also at a time when the sheriff has a $1,000,000 contract out on him from the Drug Cartel.  Seems like if the drug cartel wants you dead, the Justice Department, (note the word justice), might want to reconsider its opinion of you as a criminal?

The Justice Department uses these tactics as a political tool which is utterly disgusting.  Not one single claim against the sheriff has led to an indictment and the LEFT has been after him for years.  The ACLU, AKA Obama’s other Justice Department, probably has a division devoted to the sheriff and Arizona in general.  Sheriff Joe is probably responsible for more deportations and drug arrests than any other Sheriff in the country and has never been successfully prosecuted for civil rights violations since taking office in 1992.  Joe also served for over 24 years in the DEA so is no stranger to drug enforcement practices at a FEDERAL level.  These investigations can literally bankrupt individuals and will cause a continued serious drain on Arizona’s already strapped economy. 

            From the Politico on 8/5/2010, the scope of the investigation included:   “The Justice Department has been investigating Arpaio’s office since March 2009 for alleged discrimination, unconstitutional searches and seizures, and having an English-only policy in his jails that   discriminates against people with limited English skills.”

Gee, I did not know it was required for a sheriff to provide bi-lingual education for inmates.  His jail may be one of the few institutions of higher learning that teaches English.  In fact, Joe instituted several rehabilitative programs like “Hard Knocks High,” an accredited high school which is the only one operating under a Sheriff in an American jail, and ALPHA, an anti-substance-abuse program to reduce recidivism.  He instituted a 3,000 member posse to assist in search and rescue efforts as well as special operations like finding deadbeat parents, reducing prostitution, mall patrols during holidays, and assisting in the investigation of animal cruelty complaints. 

He has a simple set of philosophies which include:

If what you are doing is against the law, he will arrest you.  

If it is a law, he will enforce it. 

If you don’t like the enforcement of a law, change or repeal the law.  


RD Pierini