August 15th – The Week that Was… Re-Run, aka SOS!

“Evita II” Update:  Michelle My Bell in your FOOD & Face:

Now that the Chef in Chief has finished her version of the “Rainbow Tour” (for Evita Peron fans), she is all rested up and ready to get to work on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition (PCFSN, formerly known as PCFS, no nutrition)  This is actually her baby and was branded earlier as “Let’s Move”.  I agree, why don’t you?  I’ll provide the travel brochures and some local real estate agents in other countries.  This program is a frontal, no pun intended, on OBESITY. 

  • She wants (will) to spend ANOTHER $8B to fund this little hobby of hers.
  • She wants (will) to take money from FOOD STAMPS to help pay for this boondoggle.  I guess that will help cut down on Obesity if people can’t buy food.
  • She wants to “Beef” up the School Lunch program.  Why not starting by shutting down school cafeterias!  The specifications for you kids School Lunches have been created by a Congressman who is pandering for campaign contributions from a food supplier somewhere.  Hot Dogs served in School Lunches have 20% more fat than what you buy at a supermarket!  Most often they are labeled as “All Meat”.  More like Magic Meat!  The rest of the swill is about the same.  The School Lunch program should be renamed “Slop for Kids, Cash for Congress”.
  • She wants (will) to educate you on how you should eat.
  • She wants (will) to dictate to food manufacturers, how they will formulate and prepare their foods.  I thought the marketplace did this by consumer spending. 


(Don’t answered that, you may have voted for her hubby)!

Here are my solutions and I’ll only accept $1M rather than $8B for these gems:

  • Before you start going down each aisle, put three 24 count cases of bottled water in your cart.
  • Ask yourself, if the food is in a box, is that natural?  If the answer is no, maybe you want to keep shopping.
  • If the label says 2,434,222.1 calories per serving and 100% of the calories are from FAT you may want to keep shopping.
  • If the label contains words that you cannot pronounce, you may want to keep shopping.
  • If the code date on the label has a date into the 23rd century, you may want to keep shopping.
  • If the label says “hecho somewhere else” you may want to keep shopping.
  • You have now burned off 600 calories by picking things up, reading the labels, putting the items back on the shelf and pushing around a cart with 75 pounds of water in it! 

Helpful thoughts:

  • Go to McDonald’s or your favorite fast food restaurant only once or twice a MONTH.  (Staying for two weeks at a time defeats the purpose)
  • Budget at least 50% of your grocery shopping time to the produce section.  Actually consider the relative benefits of fresh stuff.  Ever wonder why God did not have to do nutritional labeling?
  • Actually buy raw ingredients and make stuff yourself.  It can be a family event and this will also provide more exercise for the whole family.  (you chasing them to get them to help)
  • After dinner, DO SOMETHING besides plopping down on the couch for the next 4 hours.  Get out, go for a walk, walk the dog, don’t, have a dog, rent one or put a leash on your kids.  Get you and your offspring out and get some exercise.  It does not have to be a structured exercise.  Start by walking!  (That is putting one foot in front of the other.  If you live in a bad neighborhood, consider jogging)
  • Enroll your kids in more physical activities.  Going to the mall does not count; as if!
  • Otherwise, Mrs. Big O will come after you…

Another $26B Boondoggle: (HR 1586) State Bailout for Police, Fire, Police & EMT:

Here is a piece of Cocktail Party trivia, what was the name of the original house bill?  It was “FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act”.  The Senate got a hold of it and turned it into a $26.1B bailout for the States’ Unions and Union Employees!   Here is a bit of the Micro Managing we are getting from that Brain Trust in Washington:

  • $10B that has to be spent on teacher’s salaries and the State MUST maintain 2009 teacher employment levels.  The States CANNOT use any of this $10B to reduce their debt thus this gives guys like Schwarzenegger-Kennedy a political shied in giving money to the Union Establishment rather than realistically dealing with their own budget crisis.   (The first Stimulus, the big one, has already distributed $53.5B to subsidize States’ bloated educational budgets.
    • The Bill also earmarks $16.1B to extend Medicaid 6.2% matching for the rest of 2010 but the expanded rate will be phased out by mid 2011.  The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.
    • The boys and girls did not stop there.  To “pay” for this, they added $9.6B in permanent tax increases for multi-national companies.  Can anyone say, “exit stage right companies and find a more friendly place to invest”?
    • Then old dingy Harry and WWW (wicked witch of the west) put in a $14B DEMOCRAT STIMULUS SPENDING REDUCTION.  The CBO does not even recognize this as a spending cut and estimates that the bill overall will increase the deficit by $12.6B.
      • In addition, we will keep protecting at 10% of the teachers that should be terminated rather than tenured.
      • In addition, we guaranteed the local DEMOCRAT candidates of a source of campaign money from the Unions, their PACs and their members.
      • In addition, what happens to the States in 2011 when the Medicare 6.2% matching rate is reduced?  I guess the patients will “Heal Themselves”. 
      • BTW:  Some of the cuts to “Pay the PIG” came from CUTS to Food Stamps.  BRILLIANT!  Maybe they could shut down the congressional cafeteria and the White House Kitchen!


Proposition 8 – Walker Allows Gay Marriage to Continue:

Any hetero (I guess that is PC) who has undergone the joys of a divorce can’t quite figure out the whole opposition to Prop 8.  They perceive the opposition to Prop 8 like someone being in favor of Montezuma’s Revenge after a tip south of the border.  We have one group of gay couples who were married during the Pre-Prop 8 vote who have been somewhat in Limbo.  (that is purgatory to Catholics)  Now, Walker seeks to add to that number before the whole idea is out to rest.  I have wondered what would happen in court if:

  • A Pre-Prop 8 person who got married as one partner in a gay marriage wanted out.
    • But, here or she was the major bread-winner (MBW) and did not much like the idea of alimony.
    • And, they adopted two children but the MBW did not want to have the kids all of the time but really wasn’t too keen about paying alimony and CHILD SUPPORT.  (Heteros are now smiling)
    • So, the MBW goes into court and wants the marriage invalidated since he or she was married before Prop 8 but then Prop 8 made marriage between a gay couple invalid in the State so he or she as the MBW should not have to pay alimony and child support…
    • If the judge ruled in favor of the MBW, would that judge be considered a conservative homophobe or a just progressive? 
    • I guess this whole concept of “to-be-or-not-to-be married-if-you-are-gay” maybe needs a bit more thought.  Unfortunately we live in an emotional versus thoughtful society today where debate is just another name for name-calling. 
    • Hope it all works out for all involved…

PS:  While I was scribbling this out, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals placed a temporary stay on gay marriages until the full 9th Circuit Court can hear the case.  Probably better than to create even more people who may end up being in limbo until this is settled especially if there may be children involved ultimately.

The Mosque at Ground Zero – The Chief (Obama) Weighs In:

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF in the New York Times on March 6, 2007, stated that “…Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”  I suppose Obama’s proclamation this week that it was an issue of Freedom of Religion to allow the Mosque to be built at Ground Zero will also apply to the Minaret recitals during the call to prayer 5 times a day, including sunset.  If some Christian Churches cannot ring their church bells due to noise nuisance, will the Mosque be able to engage in their call to prayer? 

There is not much more to say on this topic other than if you oppose the mosque, write to your congressmen, join in petitions, join protests, and anything else you can do to be heard.  Those that were killed at Ground Zero have no other voice than yours.

 Here is a Picture that is worth a Million Words.  It is a composite from the headlines from the Drudge Report showing Evita II in Spain then the Food Stamp image:


RD Pierini