Flash to Obama–GW has been Gone for Almost 2 years!

WAAAAH! It is Bush's Fault...

Good Grief!  If Obama was a two-year old and was blaming his siblings, classmates, cousins, acquaintances, and everyone else around him for not doing his homework, you would take him to the shed.  I guess community organizers always use the blame game in their organizing so it is no wonder he is continuing to do so.  Unfortunately, we cannot wait for him to grow up.  Gray hair does not necessarily indicate maturity.  It indicates that the pigmentation in your hair is gone.  Period!   

Perhaps we can send him to an AA meeting where he can learn the 12 steps.  AWARENESS might just help.  Obama, you ARE the PRESIDENT.  Not due to any help from me.  Deal with the issues or resign.  BUT, you have to take Biden and Pelosi with you!  The words PRESIDENT BIDEN OR PRESIDENT PELOSI frankly aren’t awe-inspiring either.  That would leave Daniel Inouye of Hawaii since he is the President Pro Tempore of the US Senate which is next in line.  (Robert Byrd was before his death)  Pretty scary line up but it gets a bit worse.  If Dan does not want the job, Hillary is next.  May the Lord guide and keep us.  Do you want to know who would be after “Hill”, that’s right, little Timmy Geithner then Robert Gates, then our all time favorite, the 911 kid himself, Eric Holder.  Did we just wake up in He.. or what?   

 Obama.  Here are a couple of tips for some of the crisis that you have missed so far:   

  • Gulf Oil Disaster:  Take responsibility; form a partnership, with oversight, with BP to insure the cleanup and the business interruption issues are handled.  Kill the dumb idea of the drilling moratorium.
  • Economy:  Take responsibility that you were wrong in your approach and that you are going to burn all of your statues of John Maynard Keynes and buy one of Milton Friedman’s books instead.  Lower Taxes; Lower bank reserve requirements; Get banks out of the Real Estate business again (Sorry Barney, you will have to find another toy); quit monetizing the debt; AND QUIT SPENDING.  NO One is too big to fail, especially you…!  Business is good, get it!  Contrary to the popular belief that government does not produce a product, government does produce a great deal of methane.  We have had enough gas out of you, Reid and the wicked witch of Marin County.
  • Cap and Tax:  Get out of the hydro carbon business.  The world since the industrial revolution has run on oil and will for quite some time into the future.  Shut down the EPA except for only vital oversight on meaningful monitoring.  Tell Gore to go back to Sweden or Norway and get his massages there.  CAP cap and tax.
  • Education:  Let local school districts be responsible for their budgets, which teachers they hire and keep, their building maintenance, and every other facet of education.  The taxpayers live with their school boards as neighbors.  We know where to find our board members and can hold them responsible.  BTW, if you truly care about minorities, and you want to “invest” in education, open vouchers up to everyone, everywhere.  The black leadership in this country is pathetic if they allow you, a black President, to keep withholding vouchers from the black community and damning these children to sub standard education and eliminate their opportunity for personal betterment.
  • Michelle’s Vacation:  Try putting your ( and Michelle’s) money (mostly ours anyway) where your rather substantial mouth is.  VACATION IN THE GULF COAST AND SET AN EXAMPLE OF LEADERSHIP.   I guess you did NOT attend any leadership classes at Harvard.  That’s right, Community Organizers don’t lead, they blame.
  • Housing:  Many of the middle and upper middle class who qualified for their mortgages the old fashion way, documented income, 20-30% down payment, good job, etc., are now facing short sales or foreclosure due this prolonged recession that you are perpetuating.  They have seen equity melt away to nothing and even go negative.  Most of us will survive ultimately through hard work and help from those around us.  But, if you took any time off from golf yesterday at all and watched the scene in Atlanta where over 13,000 homeless or near homeless people waited in high heat and humidity for just an application for public housing, then you may have an inkling of the impact of your policies, and those of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, in absolutely ruining the housing market.  Looking at the crowd, there appeared to be a large number of African-Americans standing in line.  Do you not have any empathy for even half of your heritage?  Even Clinton “Felt our Pain”.  You are just NUMB or simply do not care or both!  We realize your ideology dictates that the economy must be emasculated in order to achieve your ultimate “Redistribution of Wealth” but unless you are sub-human, you cannot possibly watch the news and continue on your present course.
  • Bailouts:  STOP
  • Unions:  Tell Andy Stern/SEIU to work for their own membership.  Unfortunately, you have another job now.  Quit pandering to the unions at our expense.
  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:  I used their full name in case you did not know what you are dealing with.  That means that their religion and their state are the same thing.  The Taliban and the Government are part of the same being.  Either let General Petraeus win the war or get out.  You cannot reform this country unless you overthrow the government itself.  But wait, we created it or at least remodeled it!  By the way, if you want to play video games, buy a Game Boy.  Using drones to kill the bad and good guys is not real manly and not all the accurate.
  • Republic of Iraq:  Note the missing adjective in their name?  I hope you are not snatching defeat out of the jaws of success!  I hope there will be more than bean counters left behind.  Do the words South Vietnam mean anything to you other than a protest movement your mother used to join?  I hope we do not see millions being slaughtered as we exit stage right.  I guess you can always blame Bush!
  • Islamic Republic of Arizona: (Just checking to see if you are paying attention.  Any lefties reading this just said, “right on, dude, Arizona is a terrorist state”) Quit suing our own states.  Other than Castro and sometimes Chavez, you don’t have a lot of friends out there.  You need all of the friends you can get.  See, States are part of the United States of America.  There are 50 of them, not 57, that’s ketchup.  The governors of those States are somewhat like you except are smaller and don’t have a teleprompter.  They are the good guys…  When you sue them, we have to pay for your attorneys and their attorneys.  Is that the point?
  • Mexico:  Since the drug cartel has now assumed taxing authority in Mexico, I am not sure what Calderon is doing other than suing Arizona.  Maybe his new position is the attorney for the cartel?  You may want to remind him that as of today, Mexico is not the 51st state and as such he should mind his own business.  After all, his own people would rather risk being raped in a hot desert or die of thirst in a hot desert, than stay in his paradise.  Maybe he has a few chores he should attend to at home?
  • George Soros:  Can you ask, nicely, if Mr. Soros can take a break for a while.  He has enough of our money and assets.  You had the FDIC shut down IndyMac Bank so Soros could buy that for pennies on the dollar (with Chuckie Schumer’s help); You gave Brazil $20B to invest in their off shore drilling, then called for a moratorium for US drilling so they could find some rigs; but you forgot to tell the American people that Soros’ investment company owns a chunk of the largest Oil Company in Brazil.  Darn teleprompters.  you just can’t trust them with the details…
  • Ground Zero:  Grow a pair, we lost over 3,000 people there.  Oh I forgot, you just appointed the Imam to represent the US in Islamic countries.  Why not!
  • Lockerbie:  Just tell us the truth.  If you minimized the value of 270 human beings just tell us.  Don’t keep blaming the Scots and the Brits.  Some of us like them.

 Mr. President, I’ll try to come up with more suggestions.  Since you will be golfing this weekend at Martha’s Vineyard you won’t need them anyway until next week.    

 RD Pierini


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