Dingy Harry (Reid) is as Dumb as Dirt when it comes to Hispanic Culture

Dingy Harry Reid said on Tuesday, August 10th,    

“I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” 

Help Harry Get a New Job on Nov 2

Oh Really, let’s compare moral values between the Hispanics I grew up with and associate with today:

  • The majority of Hispanics are Catholic or members of other Christian Denominations
    • Democrat policy platforms on Abortion, Gay Rights, and other social issues are opposed by most Hispanics.  The majority of Hispanics are Pro Family
    • Democrat policy platforms that support the breakup of nuclear families by forcing single parent households through welfare regulations are the antithesis to Hispanic Family values.  Hispanic families have strong parental values and their norm is a father and a mother raising their children and sometimes grandchildren together.
    • The Republican party is predominantly Christian with strong platforms in support the of sanctity of life and core family values.
  • The Majority of Hispanics who want to work in the US want to do so legally.
    • Democrat policy platforms have eliminated the old guest worker programs (Bracero Program, 1942-1964) due to Union pressure.   Their policy is to have no policy regarding the immigration of guest workers and to force those who need to come to this country to do so illegally.  Most Hispanics are very, very ethical and hate to have to come into this country illegally.  It is against their personal and religious beliefs.  The Congressional Democrats, and a whole lot of Republicans, have failed in creating a three-tiered immigration system within the Americas.  It should include:
      • A method of coming into the US on a guest worker basis with specified and controlled entrance and exit dates.
      • A method of applying for permanent citizenship within the US with some common sense quotas, background checks, and regulations.
      • A method of coming into the US on an Education Visa with specified and controlled entrance and exit dates.
    • The majority of Hispanics would support this type of system and adhere to is provisions.  For those that do not, we have our deportation policies that should be enforced along with solid border security.
    • You can bet everything you have if the Democrat party did not think they had the votes of the Hispanic Community they would drop them like a hot potato.  The immigration issue is contrary to their Union Support.  The Unions do not want to compete against illegals in the work place.
    • The Republican Party platform is in support of a legal, safe, orderly and humane immigration policy that includes border security.
  •  The Majority of the Hispanics are anti-abortion and believe it is murder.
    • Democrat policy platforms are strong pro-choice
    • Republican policy platforms are strong pro-life
  • The Majority of the Hispanics believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. 
    • They support civil unions that guarantee other types of couples the right to equal civil protection under the law.
    • The Democratic policy platform is unclear. 
    • The Republican platform supports the concept that marriage is between a man and a woman.  It also supports civil unions.
  • The Majority of Hispanics have strong work ethics with no need for unions and strong-arm collective bargaining. 
    • They just want to work and support their family.
    • Their union is their family.
    • The Democrat platform and policy is strongly pro union.
    • The Republican platform and policy supports the rights of workers to collective bargaining as long as the employees are protected from undue pressure from either the unions or the employer during the union vote process.

The bad news is that Republicans are the world’s worst sales people when it comes to policy. 

They allow Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Lindsay Graham and John McCain to frame the debate or worse yet,

the Republicans try to Out-Democrat the Democrats.  Brilliant!

Keep it simple. 

State our principles and values and let the chips fall where they may. 

If Hispanics do not agree with our principles and values, It is guaranteed that you cannot go left of the Left…! 

PS:  I will have a separate blog on my disagreement with Cardinal Mahoney’s position on illegal immigration.  I am a practicing Catholic and have taken a stong counter position to the Cardinal’s positions on this since the late 1960’s.    

RD Pierini


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