August 8th – The Week that Was… Thank the Lord!


Madison: Rolling over in your grave yet?

 Trying to get your arms around the past 7 days or so is mind boggling.  Keeping up with this Administration is like trying to stand on a train platform and try to read a sign inside of the passenger car as the train passes at 100 MPH!  Too much, too fast, with no deliberation.  Before we start, I have to share a quote from James Madison regarding why he thought the requirements for a Senator should be more stringent that those for a House of Representative member.  He said and I paraphrase, the “senatorial trust” called for a “greater extent of information and stability of character”.  Is that a hoot with the bunch we have in the Senate and what does it say about House members…?  Oh yea, Nancy Pelosi thinks that we have 500,000,000 workers in the US.  Obviously Madison would have made the requirement even tougher if he had meet Dingy Harry Reid and his band of persons of stable character…  I digress

Social Update-Michelle My Bell in Spain, AKA, “Evita II”:

               It is heart wrenching to see just how much the Obama’s care for the feelings of the average citizen of the US.  Clinton felt our pain, and probably a few more parts of Lewinsky,  but the Obamas just don’t care at all.  I was so glad to see the Michelle was able to squeeze in 40 of her friends on a wee vacation to Spain, a country which is not all that keen on other “persons of color”.  Of course the spin is that we are only paying $375,000 for the trip and that Big O sprang for the rest and the guests paid for their own room and board.  I don’t know about you but if have not see the tail lights of a turnip truck lately so I don’t think I just fell off of one.  But, lets assume that our part of the tab was only $375K

 That would have paid one weeks of unemployment for 1,000 US citizens! 

For everyone struggling to feed your kids, aren’t you glad she is in the White House!  This is one of several vacations in less than 2 years.  How many vacations do you take during a recession?

Proposition 8 Overturned in California:

               Another one of the goalies for the left, Judge Vaughn Walker in California, called 7,000,000 Californians homophobes for voting for Proposition 8 and has set up the case for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for either overturning his ruling or upholding it; “ever see grease go through a goose”?  This will fly through the 9th group and will have to be appealed to the US Supreme Court.  Then, the one man with all of the chips, Justice Anthony Kennedy will most likely cast the deciding vote in SCOTUS.  Kennedy cast the deciding vote in the Sodomy case of Lawrence v Texas and set up many of the arguments for gay marriage that Walker used to the fullest extent.  More later…

Arizona 1070 Overturned:  (A little more than a week)

               Talk about a left “Touchy Feely” decision!  Judge Susan Bolton based her decision on; well they might;  the policy probably will; and a whole host of “what ifs” and “maybes”.  The good news is that she forgot to enjoin Arizona Law Enforcement not to round up and turn over illegal aliens to ICE.  Good old “pink undies for the inmates” Sheriff Joe Arpaio thanked Susan and went on about his business as usual.  Good for you Joe.  Someone has to stick up for our citizens if Obama won’t.  Maybe you can put Obama’s picture bowing to someone next to the warning signs for US citizens, (Some of the warning signs are 60 miles from the boarder), so the illegals can feel more welcome.  Of course this case is being appealed by the State of Arizona and its true patriot governor, Jan Brewer to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, AKA, Grease through the Goose for the Left.

Alena Kagan Anointed (Confirmed)

               Old hard case Lindsay, AKA never saw a liberal judge I couldn’t support, helped push her confirmation through first in committee then in the floor vote.  He was joined by those other stalwart supporters of strict construction, Dick (no bullets) Lugar, Susan (Tom) Collins, Olympia (not the beer) Snowe, and that other guy from New Hampshire, oh yea, Gregg, that calls himself a republican.  (I just don’t think he can read and keeps sitting on the wrong side of the chamber)  Even Scott Brown, who introduced her to the committee with John (Swift Yacht) Kerry, did not vote to confirm.  Guys, she will be around for a long time and her credentials put her on par with other greats like Harriet Meyers.  Third Way President Jon Cowan remarked, “Justice Kagan’s confirmation was among the smoothest we’ve ever witnessed, due to her impeccable record, her unmatched intellect, and her moderate worldview.” 3 What?  It is the lack of principals by the Republican Party that got her in, not her “unmatched intellect”, compared to what?


Sharron-Please Beat Dingy Harry!

Senate Bill 3194:  Collective Bargaining Mandate for States for Police, Fire and EMT Workers:

               Think that old Harry Reid doesn’t work for his keep?  Forget it.  The union support for his campaign against Sharron Angle ( is being repaid for Reid sliding through 3194.  Bottom line of the bill is that States, counties, cities etc must allow their police, fire, and EMT personal to be unionized.  In essence, everyone will get to join in the same fun as California.  Welcome to the world of deficit budgets and payments to retired police and fire personnel while cutting full time staff.  Obama loves this one as his friends like Andy Stern (SEIU) and those at the AFL-CIO, AFSME, etc paid him, and Reid, a lot of cash to make sure this happens.  Congratulations unions, you have politicians that care as little for the workers as you do but know which side their bread is buttered.

The Mosque at Ground Zero:

               The week would not have been complete without the last legal hurdle being overcome by the left so that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf can build his Mosque/Community Center within 600 feet of ground Zero.  Mayor Bloomberg and his liberal friends are trying to intimidate Americans by shaming us again.  We need to have religious tolerance and allow this to be built in the spirit of healing.  The Imam, and his radical Islamic cohorts, are doing what they always do, they are “peeing on the fire hydrant” so we know who knocked down the twin towers!  How about, get old King what’s his name (Abdullah) in Saudi Arabia to approve a Catholic Church and a Jewish Synagogue first.  Or maybe old Armmmmaddinaghadda or whatever his name is (Ahmadinejad) in Iran to approve a Catholic Church and a Jewish Synagogue first?  Oh I know, we are better than that.  Are we?  I am not.  Go build it next to Yankee Stadium.  Maybe the lights will keep the Imam awake at night in the summer.

The Concluding Thought for the Week


The Lead Quack

Lame Duck Talk!

Everyone is concerned that if the conservatives take back congress to whatever degree, that the Lame Duck Congress will hurry to enact the balance of the left’s agenda.  I, quite frankly, am not sure what would be left for them to do by then!  The Obama Administration has become the 3rd legislative body in Washington and the Federal Courts have become the “roving” 4th legislative branch of our government. 

The real scary part of all of this is that there is only one man, Justice Anthony Kennedy that has the power to stop this train wreck!

The Ruling Class:

               The ruling class today is made up of a triangle of the President, the House and the Senate.  The House only needs 218 members to pass laws and the Senate only needs 51 to pass laws and 60 to override filibusters.  Currently the democrats control over 250 seats in the House of Representatives and technically 59 in the Senate.  I say technically 59 democrats in the Senate but the truth is that Lugar, Snows, Collins and Graham can usually be counted on to side with the left on any real conservative principals.  Not sure why they bother to caucus with the republicans at all.  So basically, between the House and the Senate you need 278 votes to pass anything and the President to rubber stamp their swill.  So, 279 people, out of over 300,000,000, control your life.  If this cast of characters does something real dumb, like pass Obamacare, create drilling moratoriums, file a lawsuit against one of the States for enforcing Federal Law, or other not so bright acts, they are pretty much totally supported by the Federal Circuit/District courts.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will pretty much strike down anything that is not documented in either Mein Kampf1 or Rules for Radicals2.  So, in essence, your life, your future, your children’s lives and futures are being dictated today 279 ideologues.  Feel Better?

RD Pierini

1 An by Adolph Hitler autobiography with an exposition of his political ideology. Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926.

2Rules for Radicals (AKA the Obama Handbook)  was written by Saul Alinsky and is available at Amazon.Com if you are thinking about changing from a conservative to a liberal.

3CBS News, August 5, 2010, Stephanie Condon;

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