Sorry PC & Jihadist Crowd, Build Your Mosque Elsewhere

Ground Zero in 2001
Remember Always

To all Liberals, Statist, Internationalists, Apologists, PC Specialists, Jihadist, Islamic Radicals, and President Obama and Mike “Sell Out” Bloomberg,


     There is NOTHING you can say, like you usually do, to make red blooded, God fearing Americans forget 9-11 and what took place at Ground Zero.  Go peddle your racist hatred and finger pointing somewhere else.  This is America; we were ATTACKED; UNPROVOKED; by an ideology that hates the basic Judeo-Christian foundation of this country.  To build a shrine to celebrate the understructure and underpinnings of this ideology at Ground Zero is a pathetic effort by the left to continue to shove our greatness down our throats and make American Citizens feel guilty about who we are as a nation. 

If you don’t like this nation, there are plenty of international flights leaving every international airport in this great country.  Oh, and buy the way, many of us fought and many died so you could travel to anywhere you want to go.  Please do so at your earliest opportunity. 

RD Pierini


Professionalism is Appreciated

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