Our Founding Fathers – Freedom and Morality

Freedom and Morality


               Our Founding Fathers understood freedom because they had experienced tyranny, both in the colonies under George III and others previously in their home countries.  Their understanding was also deeply grounded in their Christian Faith.  From Galatians 5:13, their Bible taught them that;

For you were called for freedom, brothers and sisters.

But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh;

 Rather, serve one another through love.”

They took this and other simple teachings, learnings and concepts and built a Nation.  Their belief that freedom was the most sacred gift we had drove them to create a document to protect this gift, our Constitution.  (Their reverence for freedom included the abolition of slavery but this will be discussed in another post)

               We do not often associate freedom with morality in our day to day thinking but they are intricately linked and co-dependent.  The more we seek “opportunities for the flesh”, i.e., commit crimes against our neighbors, against our cities, our counties, and our country, the more the governing classes, (“statists”, politicians, the government, etc.) seek to restrict individual freedoms for the “common good”.  The more we allow societal morality to become relative, the faster we lose our freedoms as the ruling class uses this decline as a catalyst to further erode our freedoms.  The governing class does not believe that we the people can “serve one another through love”.  Their never ending quest for control then translates into a constant erosion of our freedoms.   The Constitution has many safeguards to defend against the encroachments in our freedoms but it is simply a document that we must choose to live by, or not.  The ruling classes will constantly strive to ignore Constitutional constraints and it is only our vigilance and our ACTIONS that will stop this from happening.  We were “…called for freedom…” but it up to us to ensure that we hold onto those freedoms.

               How are freedom, absolute morality, societal relative morality, and the loss of freedom linked and exhibited in our day to day lives?  Just stop and think, is there anything you do in your lives that is not regulated, controlled or restricted in some way by the governing class today?  You say, oh, I can pick my own church, synagogue, mosque etc to attend.  Yes but those entities have to register with the government; their activities are regulated and restricted by the government; and their public demonstrations of faith more limited by the government.  Some would even argue that one belief system may be tolerated by the ruling class more to the exclusion of another.

               Take smoking…  Most of us baby boomers engaged in smoking in one form or another in the past.  This was a freedom we took for granted and smoked everywhere any anytime.  Smoking could definitely fall under the category of “an opportunity of the flesh…” and its practice would probably not fall under our ability to “…serve one another through love.”  A great many people did quit on their own when they learned of the health risks to themselves and to OTHERS.  This was the pure application of Galatians 5:13.  But, the government could not wait for us to seek and find our own moral high ground and seized the opportunity created by this “opportunity of the flesh” and codified the elimination of smoking through high taxes and other limitations on where, when and how the individuals could engage in smoking.  Of course the governing class was doing this for our well being and not for the treasure they extract from those still addicted to this drug.

               Take abortion…  Obviously this is a highly politicized issue today.  What are the guiding principles?  The “Freedom” was the right or the opportunity to engage in sexual activity.  The “Opportunities of the flesh” was the sexual activity itself, within or outside of the bounds of marriage.  The other “opportunity” was the inconvenience of the outcome, pregnancy.  The failure to “serve one another through love” was the abortion itself and the resulting elimination of life, whether you believe it to be potential or actual.  If love had been present, we could not have eliminated the life or even the potential for life.  We would have sought a much more acceptable form of birth control beforehand.  The ruling class so far has not viewed abortion as a bilateral issue.  The government only protects the freedom of the mother, and not the child.  In this instance, the child has no opportunity to exercise its right to its own freedom and is certainly denied any service by another in love.

               Take Illegal Immigration…  Another highly politicized issue today.  Once again we have a conflict between two freedoms.  On the one hand, the freedom of one person to violate the sovereignty of another and on the other hand the forcing of the aggrieved person to pay for the actions of the violator.  The rights of the aggrieved party to be protected from the actions of the violator are ignored and resulting in the exposure to increased crime and having to pay more for taxes,  goods and services to offset the unpaid costs caused by the violator’s action.  The illegal immigrant used their freedom as “an opportunity of the flesh” and violated another’s sovereignty that they had no right to do.  They also failed to “serve one another with love” as they caused actual or the potential of harm to those that were violated, our citizens.  The irony is that the proponents of illegal immigration have turned this around and claim, in effect, that those who oppose illegal immigration are failing to “serve one another with love”.  This is a very effective campaign against people who have deep seated love of freedom and who strive to live a life as their creator intended.  It is truly a “cheap shot” and one that law abiding citizens should ignore. 

America is THE most loving and generous nation on the face of this earth.  Its citizens as a whole believe in serving one another through love and extending this love to any of the peoples on this earth who are in need.  Why are we the ones contributing the most to Haiti since it was a French colony?  Why were we the largest contributor to rebuilding the Tsunami stricken countries?  The list goes on and on. 

The why is our inherent recognition of and engrained living of;

For you were called for freedom, brothers and sisters.

But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh;

 Rather, serve one another through love.”

RD Pierini

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