Healthcare Coverage in the US-FACTS, Not FICTION

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The left-wing Democrats and its media are pushing “Medicare For All”.  Their media continues to ask a meaningless question, “Is Healthcare a Priority for You” in order to help push the left-wing agenda.  Of course healthcare will rank high on everyone’s list of priorities as next to eating we all care about quality healthcare.  At some point maybe this media will asked follow-up questions as to WHY healthcare is a priority.  More on this later.

Obamacare and Healthcare Fallacies

Obamacare:  Assuming the US population in 2019 is 329,000,000, only 8,500,000 or 2.5% of the entire US population relies on OBAMACARE for its healthcare insurance.  To hear the media rant, you would think that the entire US population was on Obamacare and Obamacare was poor coverage due to President Trump’s ineptitude.

The Real US Health Insurance Numbers:

I am using data from an analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) by the Kaiser Family Foundation, not a right-wing organization.  Their data lists the following coverage totals by coverage types:  (for definitions of healthcare coverage, details are provided at the bottom of this article.

  • Employer Provided Healthcare:  156,199,000,  49%
  • Non-Group Covered:  20,525,000, 7%
  • Medicaid:  65,152,400, 21%
  • Medicare:  42,802,800, 14%
  • Other Public Coverage (VA & Military):  4,588,200, 1%
  • Uninsured, 27,753,700, 9%
  • Obamacare included in one of the categories above is 8,500,000 or 2.5% of the total.

Medicare for All or Medicare for No One?

It is important to note that out of the 65,152,400 senior citizens, over 20,000,000 million of us old folks purchase Medicare Advantage type of supplemental insurance.  The basic Medicare Part A pretty much sucks.  Without the supplemental coverage, we would face high deductibles, co-pays, and limited coverages, much the same as Obamacare. 


So, all of those premiums you have paid in out of your paycheck are, POOF, gone!  You will be in the big ugly pot along with everyone else. 

Plus, since Seniors are the largest consumers of healthcare, just how long do you think it will take the left to start cutting back on senior care!  Euthanasia anyone?  If babies don’t matter to the left, 

Employer Provided Healthcare & Military Tri-Care and VA Care

Also on the chopping block with “Medicare for All”, are the very good, in the vast majority of cases, Employer provided healthcare for employees.  The employers would be happy to offload this large personnel cost to the taxpayers.  But, the left will be ready, willing and able to raise corporate taxes in order to pay for these shifts in coverage.  Once again, the US will have the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world. 

The worst part is that the employees will give up a benefit that will be reduced to low-level care.  Most of the employer and union paid healthcare plans were deemed “Cadillac” plans under Obamacare!  Guess what, get ready for “scooter” coverage.   Wait until this is presented to the Unions.  They will scream and demand a cut-out for their members as they did with Obamacare.  The Left will exempt them as they will exempt Congress and the vast DC swamp!  Public Federal, State and local employees who thought they would retire with healthcare coverage will be merged into the pot as well.

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Next on the chopping block is Tri-Care and most likely VA care that we had promised to be available to our soldiers and veterans.  The VA would survive for a while but its costs have grown exponentially and will become more of a drag on overall healthcare costs.

You can’t add 3 Trillion dollars in spending without significant cuts and significant tax increases.  Also, for those in the lower-income levels who think they will be exempt from tax increases, think again.  There are not enough rich people and corporations to support a 6 Trillion dollar annual budget!  The lower middle and middle class will have to bear the brunt of the tax load just due to their sheer numbers. 

With today’s population, EVERY man, woman and child in the US would have to pay an additional $6,029 in Federal taxes just to cover “Medicare for All”.

How About A Real Healthcare Discussion

It is time for we peons to have a real discussion regarding healthcare.  Those of us on Medicare today, with a supplemental plan, are fairly happy with our healthcare insurance and the care we receive.  But, that will be gone.  It is time to be honest with each other as we know our politicians, on both sides of the swamp, will never be honest with us.  Why?  POLITICIANS, THEIR STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES WILL NEVER BE ON OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!

A Few Key Question that need to be addressed:

  1. Which Health Insurance Group are you?
    1. Employer supplied health insurance
    2. Medicaid Insurance
    3. Medicare Insurance
    4. Medicare w/Supplemental
    5. TriCare
    6. VA
    7. Non-Group Plan
    8. Obamacare
    9. Uninsured/Self Insured
  2. Are you satisfied with your coverage overall?
  3. Are you satisfied with your Deductible?
  4. Are you satisfied with your Co-Pay?
  5. Are you satisfied with your healthcare provider network?
  6. Have you had a need for major, catastrophic healthcare coverage?
    1. Were you satisfied with your insurance coverage?
    2. Were you satisfied with the amount you had to pay?
    3. Were you satisfied with your choice of healthcare providers?

There are other questions that should be included but you can see that just asking if Healthcare is a priority is really dumb!  IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE EXTENT OF A PROBLEM YOU CAN NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM! 

Remember, Politicians grab power by Federalizing functions!  They are not interested in solving your problems.  Just interested in solving their problem, “How do we grab more power and control over the citizens!”  

RD Pierini


Insurance Coverage Definitions:

Medicaid: Includes those covered by Medicaid, Medical Assistance, Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) or any kind of government-assistance plan for those with low incomes or a disability, as well as those who have both Medicaid and another type of coverage, such as dual eligible who are also covered by Medicare.

Medicare: Includes those covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and those who have Medicare and another type of non-Medicaid coverage where Medicare appears to be the primary payer. Excludes seniors who also report employer-sponsored coverage and full-time work, and those covered by Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligible).

Employer: Includes those covered through a current or former employer or union, either as policyholder or as dependent

Other Public: Includes those covered under the military or Veterans Administration

Non-Group: Includes those covered by a policy purchased directly from an insurance company, either as policyholder or as dependent

Uninsured: Includes those without health insurance and those who have coverage under the Indian Health Service only.

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Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population

Total Number of Medicare Beneficiaries

Population Of USA 2019



He is Risen!

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Put aside your political ire.  Put aside your disdain for others who believe differently than you do.  Put aside all of the hate, jealousy, and animosity that is of this world.  

In your heart, take with you the promise contained in Ephesians 1:13:

And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,

  • The Seal is Christ’s Promise of your Eternal Salvation.
  • Your Belief in God, and Christ as your Savior, Marked you with that Seal and Promise…

Give thanks to God today, and put all other thoughts behind you…

RD Pierini


Artificial Intelligence or Real Stupidity?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to be created by a human being, PERIOD!  Human beings write statements that we now call ALGORITHMS, we used to refer as PROGRAM CODE.  Artificial intelligence can never be more intelligent, and will always be less moral, than human intelligence and can never absorb the nuances of morality or conscience.  Artificial intelligence can absorb volumes of data that would be impossible for human beings to absorb but can only process that information as it has been taught by a human being.  In short, be careful about relying on AI or assigning it a god-like status!

We Can, But Should We?

Science, also manned by human beings, seems to be totally susceptible to a void of introspection when it comes to asking the question, “We can do “X”, but Should We?”  The later part of this statement is the most prescient when viewing a future with AI at the forefront of our lives.

In order to answer this question, the government and society’s response is to bring in a brain trust of “brilliant” ethicists to “sell” the little people on how great AI will be for their lives.  Remember, Ethics is defined as:  “Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.”  OK, who defines our “Moral Principles”?   Government?  The United Nations? The Pope?  The Mullahs in Iran?  So before we engage a hoard of government paid Ethicists, we better agree on what OUR MORAL PRINCIPLES really are!  But, rest assured, you will never be asked to join in this conversation!

AI in your Life Today

You probably use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other forms of social media today.  You have heard, or been a victim of one of those platform’s ACCOUNT SUSPENSIONS based on you violating one of their ALGORITHMS!  What? 

Their algorithms are merely programs or “rules” that they have programmed into their system to check and trap content that THEY FEEL IS NOT ETHICALLY ACCEPTABLE!  So, you are already being controlled by AI!  It is as simple as writing a program that reads:  (assume “bad word” is some word they have deemed to be offensive according to their moral code,  This code is merely an example and not syntactically accurate)

“IF Word = “Bad Word” THEN GOTO #Suspend Account#”

“#Suspend Account#”  “Inactivate #User#

You are now toast…

The Future

But, assume ten years into the future.  The government has consolidated all of the feeds from every municipal and rural camera systems; feeds from the government NSA, IRS, Medicare for all Database (if adopted); Feeds from the Dept. of Justice and FBI; and all military systems.  All of this data is stored in a system that is controlled by the government, or some worldwide cabal.  Those that control this system may “program” this system to eliminate crime, terrorism, bad behavior, etc.

Who defined the “ETHICS” for this system?  (Watch the reruns of “Person of Interest” to see this in action)  This system could believe that people should be murdered in order to avoid their bad behavior!  Maybe lobotomize sexual deviants, terrorists, etc.  Then, this system is given control over our military and its assets, including nuclear weapons.  Will it call Kim Jong Un before and ask him his intentions before launching a nuclear strike on North Korea?  Will it fire hellfire missiles at cargo ships transporting legal fentanyl because the “programmer” forgot to tell it how to distinguish between good and bad fentanyl?  Will it empty your bank accounts because it thinks you are a gambler and hurting your family just because you like to play bingo at church?

Who Loves AI and Robotics

Follow the Money.  Big Global Business and Big Global Government control the money and give you what they think you “need”. 

Robotics replace people who have to be paid and receive benefits.  Robots just need a little oil and electricity to flourish. 

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AI can make decisions faster than people and thus control a massive number of persons without a single paid law enforcement or management person’s action or decision!  

There is literally no justification for automating all manufacturing or other jobs being replaced by robotics.  We have plenty of people who can perform these functions.  We have a 1,000,000,000 open job positions that remain unfilled.  We are running a labor participation rate, the rate of those working in our economy, of 63%.  We have a large number of people who could return to the labor force, include many senior citizens who would like part-time work.  But, global business and government want to make more money by not having to pay employees.  

Using AI to make life and death decisions on human beings is just plain wrong.  If it is used in “Medicare for All”, guess what that program’s system would decide if you are 75 years old and have cancer or another major disease? 

  • It would feed your data into its AI system,
  • decide your care is not cost-effective
  • then dispatch a robot or android to you house to assist in your suicide! 

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Think this is far-fetched?  Better think again.  Would you like AOC or representative Ilhan Omar to be in charge of creating the “Moral Principles” for your life’s decisions?  Pretty scary…

RD Pierini



Trump New Border Policy-Part 1-Tax Remittances From Foreign Nationals to Their Home Country

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Remittances are cash transfers from foreign nationals, legal and illegal, from the national’s current country of residence back to his or her home country This means that the foreign national earns money in the US, but rather than spending that money in the US, they send it back home out of the US via money orders etc.  What that means is rather than those earnings being spent back in the US, where it is spent again or invested in the US, that money flows out and stops being any benefit to the US and its citizens. 

Is this a big deal?

  • 23.7% ($148.5 Billion) of all remittances worldwide, $625 Billion annually,  flow from the US back to the foreign national’s home country.  This equals about 3/4 of a percent of our GDP annually.  
  • Foreign Nationals from Mexico sent back to Mexico in 2017, $30,019,000,000.  This represents 2.57% of Mexico’s total GDP and 20.22% of all remittances sent out of the US annually.
  • Foreign Nationals from El Salvador sent back to El Salvador in 2017, $4,611,000,000.  This represents 16.16% of El Salvador’s total GDP and 3.11% of all remittances sent out of the US annually.
  • Foreign Nationals from Guatemala sent back to Guatemala in 2017, $7,725,000,000.  This represents 10.75% of Guatemala’s total GDP and 5.2% of all remittances sent out of the US annually.
  • Foreign Nationals from Honduras sent back to Honduras in 2017, $3,769,000,000.  This represents 18.08% of Honduras’s total GDP and 2.54% of all remittances sent out of the US annually.

Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduran national’s remittances back to their home country dwarf the amount of foreign aid that they receive from the US!  While Mexico may lose $290M in foreign aid if frozen, they receive over $30B in remittances; While El Salvador my lose $118M in foreign aid if frozen, they receive over $4.6B in remittances;  While Guatemala may lose $257M in foreign aid if frozen, they receive over $7.7B in remittances; While Honduras may lose $181M in foreign aid if frozen, they receive over $3.8B in remittances!  Remittances are free money to these countries as there is no drain on their resources to support these nationals as these costs are being born by US taxpayers!  

How To Tax Remittances as a Disincentive to Illegal Migration

The US needs to disincentivize State sponsorship of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION into the US by penalizing the countries of origin.  Cutting off foreign aid to those countries is one disincentive but it is not large enough to hurt!  The US also needs to punitively tax any remittance from an illegal foreign national back to their home country, or, disallow illegal foreign nationals from remitting any amount back to their home country without proof of legal US status.  I prefer the latter.

You would get these countries’ attention of they lost the use of most of the remittance cash they receive from their illegal foreign nationals in the US.  It would also disincentivize the foreign national from illegally coming to the US if they could not send the cash back to their families.   If you merely tax the remittances, even at 20%, the illegal and the home country still are better off if the national is in the US.  

See the source image

My Proposal:

I hope that President Trump adopt a two tier program for remittances. 

  • 1.  All remittances need to be taxed regardless of the home country.  This will also keep the courts from screaming ‘RACISM’ along with their ACLU partners.  A 5% tax/fee will also add $7.5 Billion to our treasury to help offset the lack of economic benefit from keeping that cash in the US.  (in 3 years this would pay for a southern wall.)
  • 2.  Remittances from illegal foreign nationals, from any country, would not be allowed.  All remitters would be required to prove legal US status.  Any agent remitting on behalf of an illegal foreign national would lose their ability to transact remittances and be subject to criminal prosecution.

This is Part 1 of what I hope this President adopts this policy to begin to curb the inflow of illegal immigration into the US.  The Department of the Treasury has been given the power to use Offsetting Collections, charging fees for services and transactions, that can be used to levy fees on remittances.  The President would not have to have Congressional approval to tax remittances.  As part of the remittance regulation, the prohibition for illegal national’s to send remittances back to their home country could be included.  The 9th Circus Court would try to block this but the Supreme Court would most likely approve of the regulation and the use of Offsetting Collections.  

RD Pierini


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Reparations for Slavery? Are African-American Slave Decendents Better Off Than Their African Contemporaries?

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Slave trade

Lately, the Democrat Candidates for President in 2020 have all sworn allegiance to supporting reparations for slavery to be paid to people whose ancestors were brought to the US and sold into slavery.  When I was listening to the last round of platitudes from these candidates at Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network” convention, it struck me, “are the descendants of slavery, who are living in the US, better off financially than their contemporaries in the African Nations there ancestors were taken from?” 

I sampled data from 5 regions/nations in Africa where slaves bound for the US were abducted and sold into slavery.  These included:  (Includes the approximate number of Slaves captured and the current average annual income in the region/nation.  Note:  sources of the average annual incomes vary so we attempted to find the most consistent income data for each nation)

  • Senegal, 250,000, $2,678
  • Sierra Leone, 180,000, $1,791
  • Togo/Benin, 1,100,000, $1,612/$2,219
  • Cameroon, 900,000, $3,359
  • Angola, 1,900,000, $1,826

Overall average annual income, $2,247.

The website,, has a recap of African-American income:

Black Median Household Annual income: $36,651*
(all races $55,322)
All Black Workers 2018 weekly/annual earnings: $683–$35,516
(all races $876-$45,552)
Black Men weekly/annual earnings: $720–$37,440
(All men $959-49,866)
Black Women weekly/annual earnings: $644–33,488
(All women $780-$40,560)
SOURCE: 2018 2nd Quarter: Bureau of Labor Statistics 

A couple of quick takeaways. 

  1. There is no comparison of US Black income, to any of the African nation’s income levels.  (17 times greater)
  2. The cost of living, and the standard of living, in the US is higher than in the African nations.  (Lack of job opportunities in Africa is staggering)
  3. The pathway for improvement in the US for Blacks and all demographics is infinitely more available to all US citizens than to those of the African nations.  
  4. The descendants of the African slaves are much better off financially than those still living in Africa.  
  5. The descendants of the African slaves have a greater potential for improving their standard of living than those still living in Africa.

Reparations and Opportunities

There really is no way to win an argument as to whether reparations are justified and owed to present day citizens because of the past practice of slavery.  Certainly those who suffered, and many died, under slavery are owed an apology for this abomination.  Those that survived their bondage, were freed in the 1860’s but it took another 100 years to fully assimilate, legally, all those who descended from this egregious institution.  

I know that when my grandparents migrated from Italy in the early 1900’s, that this gamble created opportunities for me and my family that would have never existed in Italy.  To some degree, this is true for the overwhelming majority of US legal immigrants.  Do the present-day descendants of slavery see the same benefit from being in the US?  Would they intellectually think they were better off if their family had never left Africa and had never been taken to America?  Would they trade the 2019 opportunities afforded them in the US to a life in their native Africa?  Hard to say.

Before we wrap, I found a couple of other interesting facts that may interest you.  I had always heard that there were 10-12 million African Slaves brought to the British owned colony that is now the US.  Not true.  The estimated total number of slaves ripped from Africa was 10.7 Million survivors. (see hat tip articles referenced below for source data)  Of that total, only 5% ( 388,000) were taken to what is now the United States of America.  Most of the slaves ended up in Brazil or in Caribbean countries.  Britain was by far the most prolific offender of enslavement even though the practice by Europeans of enslaving Sub-Saharan African people was started by the Portuguese. 

Punishment of slaves, Muslim custom, engraving from Description of Africa, by Olfert Dapper (circa 1635-1689), 1686, Africa, 17th century

Another interesting fact is that the Europeans did not start the African slave trade.  The early Islamic empires actually began the trade much earlier than the Europeans.  Many of the African peoples from the same nations we researched ended up as slaves throughout the Middle East as a result!

RD Pierini



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Standing In Front of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic-You Feel the Spiritual Void

I never felt the abyss of a total eclipse of Spiritual Grace as I have experienced praying outside of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic.  Nor the despair in watching a women leave the clinic knowing that a life has just been lost. 

Take a few Minutes and Watch this Video.  Then decide how you feel about abortion…

I get that same feeling when I drive by one of those clinics on the hi-way.  It is a cold breath of spiritual void; a lingering shudder knowing that the lives of innocent babies are being snuffed; a deep depression knowing that those lives will never be able to fulfill their God inspired destiny.  

Since Roe v Wade, 1.5 Billion babies have been aborted worldwide.  In the US, the majority of these babies were African-American or Hispanic-American.  This is the true face of racism where we can condone and encourage the genocide of these minorities.  

We have been taught in no uncertain terms that a baby in the womb was ordained and known by God…

Jeremiah 1:4-5  The word of the LORD came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Psalm 139:16  Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Isaiah 49:1  Listen to me, you islands; hear this, you distant nations: Before I was born the LORD called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.

A nation who kills its most vulnerable can never be free or just…

RD Pierini


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Is Treason Against the US or a Lack of Conscience Scarier?

See the source image

Nellie Ohr testified last October that,

“I would probably have been less comfortable doing opposition research that would have gone against Hillary Clinton.”  “Because I favored Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.”  

See the source image

Remember, Nellie Ohr’s husband was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (#4 at the DOJ) at the time she worked for Fusion GPS and created “operation research” against Donald Trump and his 2016 Presidential campaign.  She and her DOJ hubby met with the Russian Dossier creator Christopher Steele (former UK MI6 operative) on July 30,2016, 3 months and a few days prior to the 2016 Election.  Nellie worked directly for Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS.  Her “research”, along with the Russian Dossier was passed to her DOJ husband who in turn gave it to the FBI.  It is assumed that the same information was passed to the Clinton campaign and per Lisa Page’s text to Peter Strzok on August 2, 2016, to Obama.  Her text read, “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”.  

See the source image

The Russian Dossier has now been identified as the primary source of “evidence” to a FISA court to justify the wiretapping of the Trump Campaign through taps on Carter Page.  This lie, became the linchpin of the entire Russian Hoax against President Trump before and after his election. 

Before the election, this effort was a seditious effort to obstruct and interfere with a presidential election and after, Treason to conspire with a foreign government (Russia and perhaps Ukraine)  to overthrow the US Government by removing a duly elected president.

Other Conspirators

See the source image

Intelligence Services Complicity:  The head of the Obama CIA, John Brennan legitimized the dossier by including it in a security briefing to President Obama which ultimately ended up being briefed to Donald Trump.  It is unclear the role James Clapper played in the dossier conspiracy but his support for Brennan suggests at least conspiratorial support to defame Trump. 

DOH/FBI Complicity:  Then the DOJ, presumably under the nose of eyes of Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, and the FBI under James Comey, kicked things into a higher gear.  The DOJ/FBI had been performing a covert counter-intelligence investigation of Trump and his campaign.  The dossier and its submission as evidence to the FISA court and the granting of wiretapping of Carter Page and the Trump Campaign allowed the leaders of the Trump insurrection to generate leaks to key media lackeys and to cast aspersion against the legitimacy of the fledging Trump Presidency.

OK, let’s get real. 

See the source image

Since the CIA, DIA, NSA,  the National Security Advisor, the DOJ, and the FBI were involved in the conspiracy, with all of the covert tools to monitor every single move, phone call, text message, and email that Trump and his team would make or even think of making, did not know that the Trump team had NOT conspired to collude with the Russians, I’ll sell you the London Bridge!  This was a straightforward case of falsifying evidence against a candidate and then the President of the United States in order to overthrow a Constitutionally elected President of the United States with the help of foreign powers.


Did Anyone involved Ask If These Seditious and Treasonous Acts Were Legal, Much Less Moral?

It is more likely that this conspiracy to defame Trump, elect Clinton, then impeach Trump, was know all the way to President Obama.  It is also 99.9% probable that Carter Page was only one of many of the Trump campaign supporter.  Remember that Obama’s UN Ambassador requested over 200 Trump people to be unmasked on surveillance recordings, texts or emails.  Why would a UN Ambassador need to do this?  Since the DOJ and the FBI had most of its top Washington DC management, all the way to the director levels, involved with the dossier and the counter-intelligence investigation of Trump, the Obama AG, Loretta Lynch had to be in the loop.  


Did anyone in the Obama Administration or the Clinton Campaign even stop to think that these activities against a Presidential Candidate was ethical? Moral? much less LEGAL?  


The scariest part of this horrible, despicable dark plot to subvert our nation is that there was no moral compass to guide any of these involved from presumably the President himself (Obama), his administration, members of the Democrat Congressional Caucus, the intelligence and Justice departments and willing accomplices in the media.  The next question is that since we cannot rely on our leaders, who swore an allegiance to the US Constitution to uphold their oath, how can we stop this from happening again? 


One thing for sure, we better figure this out and prevent it from happening again! 


See the source image


RD Pierini


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Trump Unleashed! Just Sit Back and Take Notes!

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  • You think Trump accomplished a lot in his first two years? 
  • You haven’t seen anything yet! 
  • Plus, the political handcuffs are now after following the Mueller Report and Trump’s political/swamp enemies better expatriate somewhere fast.

President Trump never wavered from his agenda in his first two years prioritizing those goals that were in his grasp and there were many.  There were some goals that slipped through his fingers such as the repeal and replace of Obamacare.  He was also hamstrung by an inept and feckless Attorney General in Sessions, the Russia Hoax and cries of obstruction of justice, that corralled him in and precluded him from going after RINOs, the Progressive-Left, and the hard-core deep state that had infected the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and other key law enforcement and counter-intelligence agencies who targeted him.  No More!

Does the Progressive-Left’s Control of the House of Representative hamstring the President?  NOPE!

The Democrat control over the house is the perfect foil for Trump to run against in 2020.  Senator Gary Peters of Michigan is one target and Trump’s first 2020 campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Thursday, March 28th, is no coincidence.  There are a few RINO senators up for re-election that better start sucking up to the President as well, and soon!

But, the Pelosi “lead” Democrat caucus is a target rich environment for the President.  AOC is a gift that keeps on giving plus she has no “respect for her elders” on the left!  Couple this with Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, two devout anti-Israel, and very outspoken critics of US Pro-Israel policy.  The President can force Pelosi et al to either back their radical policies, alienating the US Jewish voting block, or stand against their pro-Muslim anti-Israel rants and shatter the left’s fragile identity politics matrix.  Then, throw in Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters and many, many others who have unabashedly clung to the “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” hoax and continue to spout tin hat conspiracies regarding Trump and Russia!  

See the source image

The President will use the Democrat house control to contrast himself and his administration to the radical Democrats and ever nuttier policy proposals.  While he may not get much significant legislation passed in the next 20 Months, but he will make the Democrats pay dearly for every vote against his agenda.  In the interim, he will set up key legislation that he will need to pass when he retakes the House and retains the Senate in 2020.  Some of those include;

  • New National Healthcare to replace Obamacare for those not covered by private insurance, VA, Medicare, Medicaid or other government programs. 
  • A privatization of the idiotic Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  You have probably heard of these two institutions but may not be too familiar with their role in the 2008 Recession and housing crash.  They are semi-government agencies who are fully backed by the resources of the Federal Government, i.e. your money!  Their politicization from 1995 through 2008 fueled cash into the housing bubble caused by sub-prime loans and unscrupulous lending practices to non-credit worth borrowers.  These agencies should be forced to compete with their peers in the private sector WITHOUT THE PROTECTION OF TAXPAYER MONEY!  If the mortgage industry did not have this cash cow through which to inflate the housing market beyond reason, no private lender would have subsidized Wall Street by backing loans that were not solvent at the time they were created.  This is long overdue.
  • A National Infrastructure Plan to rebuild our air, highway and rail transportation systems; a plan to rebuild fragile local water and wastewater facilities; a plan to modernize our power grid and add protections against hacking and terror acts; and many more.  Infrastructure may end up being a post-2020 project for the President as he want to use mostly private sector funds and the Democrats what to use our tax dollars to fund infrastructure.  REMEMBER THE OBAMA STIMULUS PLAN!  A lot of our money but not much stimulus except for the unions.  It is doubtful that the President will explode the debt any higher to accomplish infrastructure but once he takes back the House and keeps the Senate a more sane plan can be implemented.
  • Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy, and more Foreign Policy!  The President is now in a stronger position to set up an even more aggressive foreign policy agenda.  With the weak slate of Democrat Presidential candidates, our adversaries will assume Trump will be re-elected in 2020 now that the Mueller probe is over.  There will be remnants of attacks by some on the left and their lackeys in the media but for the most part the Dems will see the folly of continuing their tin hat onslaught!
    • China is the key and Xi totally gets US politics.  He knows that Trump does not bluff and will probably sign a Trump designed trade deal by June of 2019.  We will continue to butt heads with China in the South China Sea but a New, Trump initiated, South China Sea Pact will bring the non-Chinese nations in the region together.  This will be a combination of a defense alliance coupled with a trade and development alliance.  It is also a telegram being sent directly to Xi!
    • North Korean Denuclearization is also in China’s hands and Xi will begin exerting pressure on Kim in North Korea to get back to the table.  Kim will  continue to play some games but he too will recognize the inevitable.
    • President Trump will continue to implement his Middle East Plan that includes an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.  
      • Kushner will present the Trump peace plan to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and other allies and solicit their support and funding commitment to rebuild Palestine.
      • Kushner will lay out the peace plan internationally that includes the recognition of Israel by Palestine and a peace and security accord between the two.  In exchange, the plan will present a commitment to the rebuilding of Palestine allowing their citizens to live in peace, and, prosperity.
      • Iran will be further isolated and punished to the point of internal insurrection.  Iran will not be permitted to meddle in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and support from Iran to Hamas will be strangled.  By 2024, Iran’s nuclear arms race will be halted.
    • President Trump will tighten the noose around Russia’s neck and that noose will be made of energy!  The President will use energy and energy prices to manipulate the Russian economy and box Putin into a corner; get out of Venezuela;  Stop aiding Iran in the Middle East; and stay out of the OAS region, the Monroe Doctrine in alive and well!

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Trump Unleashed-Returning to the Rule of Law

The most critical part of the new era of Non-Mueller Trump Presidency will be the taking back and controlling of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, coupled with the purging of political operatives from these institutions and the investigation and unmasking of the players in the 2015-2019 Trump Coup!  The President has pledged that the attempted overthrow of a lawfully elected President “Can Never Be Permitted to Happen Again”.  

If you think the Tin Hat mob that brought you the Mueller Witch Hunt was rabid before, including their partners in the media, just wait!  There is little doubt, based on texts between Page and Strzok that Obama himself was aware of the illicit spying and conspiracy against the Trump Campaign and ultimately the Trump Presidency.

Lisa Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016 regarding the need to prep on their activities in pursuing Trump to then Director Comey because:

“POTUS  wants to know everything we’re doing”


See the source image

Don’t be surprised when this scandal reaches Obama himself and the upper echelons of his administration, Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Campaign.  The President may wait until after he wins re-election but events may unfurl faster than he can control.  The President will also release a who slew of classified documents when he deems it be the optimum time to do so in light of the 2020 election.  ‘

IF the Democrats and their Mainstream Media are not worried yet, they truly should be.   The coup against President Trump is nothing short of Treason and Sedition.  At this point, the Democrats have themselves set up the Perfect Storm and that storm has reversed course and will soon tough the shores of the Democrat Party and their supporters…


RD Pierini


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How do CNN and MSNBC Survive Low Ratings? Bundled Services

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Ever wonder how CNN, MSNBC and other “NON FOX” cable and network news shows stay on the air with their abysmal ratings?  Fox News was the highest rated outlet in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with a record high average during prime time of 2.5 million viewers.  While MSNBC didn’t perform to badly with an average 1.9 million viewers.  They were actually up 11% in 2018!  But, CNN posted a dismal 990,000 viewers while losing 7% overall in 2018, a mid-term election year.  

So, when you have shows such as Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and others with very low viewership, how does CNN and others stay on the air? Same is true for late night “comedy” shows that are now mainstream political hit-job shows.  These shows only averaged 2 million viewers for the first week of March, 2019.

Hint:  Your cable and satellite bundled program packages!

CNN receives over a billion dollars a year from revenue from Comcast, Dish, and others.  You pay about $1.00 per month whether you watch them or not!  Plus, CNN has bought up the rights to stream to airports around the world driving up the ad revenue and grabbing a ton of less than thrilled viewers sequestered in airports!  

So, by grabbing an unearned $1B dollars or more in ripped off subscriptions from people who never watch these channels, the owners of these channels, Disney, Comcast, Viacom, AT&T, Fox News Group, can subsidize their news channel loses via the subscription monopolies of the cable and satellite providers.  They can push their global and political bias and YOU PAY FOR IT!

Trump Effect

See the source image

All of the marginal channels have benefited from having Donald J. Trump as our President.  The constant anti-Trump hatred on CNN and MSNBC attract more viewers than they have had in the past.  With the Mueller Report ending without an indictment of the President, these partisan hacks and their guests will have to spin up another conspiracy.   But, since they “promised” their views Trump’s head on a pike and didn’t deliver, I believe that their viewership will suffer big time.  The Russian Hoax was a big deal to their audience and these networks ginned up so much emotion and animosity towards a President who they were assured was not only not worthy to be the President but he had committed treason as well.

But, just keep paying your cable bill with your bundled channels and CNN and MSNBC will be just fine…

In the long-term, these networks, these cable and satellite companies, are in deep doo-doo.  Streaming companies such as Amazon, Netflix, HULU and others will someday offer a “menu” of channels for you to choose from so you can pick Fox News and exclude CNN, MSNBC and others.  When this happens, these networks will have to make the decision whether pushing bias will be worth the loss.  It probably will but at least you won’t be paying for crap that you never watch!

RD Pierini


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Dying of Cancer or Deceased, McCain is the RINO and Left’s Hero!

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Just STOP this nonsense!  When Sen. McCain and President Trump sparred prior to McCain’s death, the RINOs (including Brian Kilmeade, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan and others) the President was chastised for disparaging a war hero that also had brain cancer!  Then, recently it is confirmed that McCain and his aid were instrumental in promoting the anti-Trump Steele Dossier to the FBI and news outlets right after Trump’s 2016 election victory, the President spoke out against McCain again citing this obvious attempt to disparage the President, and, McCain’s duplicity in voting against the Obamacare repeal.  The President’s remarks, of course, took place after McCain death and now Trump’s detractors had a cow that he was “attacking” a dead person!  

So, dead or alive, McCain is an angelic war hero and he cannot be disparaged even though he has lied to his own party, his voters, and certainly the President of the US, and conspired to undue the results of the 2016 Presidential Election!

President Trump endorsed and donated the max to the McCain presidential campaign in 2008.  Trump endorsed McCain again in McCain’s bid for re-election in 2016.  President Trump also allowed McCain to be given a Presidential Funeral when he passed and bent over backward to assist the family in this unprecedented ceremony.  This, when John McCain and his family UNINVITED the sitting President Donald J. Trump from attending the funeral.  

See the source image

President and First Lady Trump Uninvited to McCain Funeral

I thank Senator McCain for his military service as I do for all of those who have served this country and put their lives on the line.  I will go so far to say that his service was heroic and the awarding of the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit Medals to McCain, were deserved. 

But that designation does not excuse anyone for how they behave for the balance of their lives.  Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are lived every day and are not subject to dispensation due to prior acts!  Also, your word to your constituents is the most sacred bond any elected official can make.  Your repeated commitments to your constituents for the repeal of Obamacare permeated your “word” to your constituents since the day that that law was enacted and reiterated throughout your 2016 re-election campaign.  McCain also promised his caucus and the President right up to his vote to NOT Repeal Obamacare that he would support the law’s repeal.  Honesty, integrity and loyalty are now sound bites but have to be backed by action.  You failed your constituents and those of us who supported your Presidential election bid in 2008.  

I applaud the President’s denunciation of McCain’s action to undermine a duly elected President, (sedition), McCain’s action to defraud his constituents time and time again, and McCain’s family lack of respect and gratitude to our President as he respected the death of Sen. McCain and his funeral wishes in spite of their checkered past.  

RD Pierini


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