Left Hypocracy-Supports Misogynistic POP/RAP, While Bashing “Baby Its Cold Outside”!

Warning:  This post contains actual quotes from POP/RAP lyrics that some readers, like me, may find disgusting.  

Jay-Z Has No Problem Objectifying His Spouse  Beyoncé


Jay-Z’s words of “wisdom” for women:  “You ain’t no better because you don’t be f***ing rappers, You only f*** with actors, You’re still getting f***ed backwards”.  

Kanye West, married to Kim Kardashian, chimes in with a similar level of misogyny:  “I know she like chocolate men, She got more n*ggas off than Cochran.”  

Then there is the words of “wisdom” from the RAP poet Snoop Dog who states:  “Bitches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks, Lick on these nuts and suck the d*ck.”

That is enough of the trash this POP/RAP culture spews daily and is absorbed by our children and especially minority children who are “imprisoned” in our inner cities.  Remember, the Obama Whitehouse regularly invited Jay-Z and other Rappers to perform this garbage in the Whitehouse!  These examples are taken from the MAINSTREAM of the POP/RAP culture but the up and coming “artists” spew even more vile lyrics objectifying and demeaning women, promoting violence against women, police and non-Blacks, and advocating violence against the society as a whole.

The Progressive-Left and their mainstream media mouthpieces NEVER denounce this despicable form of “entertainment and artistic expression” and in fact hold these artists up as role models for our youth.  They were also silent when the rapper T.I. objectified our First Lady by showing her as a stripper in his video.  A Stripper in this sick culture is a women who disrespects her “man”.  You probably think that the media railed against this insult to our First Lady and the Presidency but wait.  This is what CNN’s Jill Filipovic said about this filth:  “The idea that sexism becomes out-of-bounds only when it’s directed at Melania (or Ivanka) is laughably hypocritical, and shows how little this administration and its enablers actually care about women — sexism, for them, is a cudgel with which to criticize their detractors in a way they know liberals won’t fight.”  Can you imagine what this sick media would say if a conservative rapper, oxymoron, objectified Michelle Obama the same way!

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The left, while silent on this misogynistic form of art, denounced the lyrics of the 1944 song, “Baby Its Cold Outside” as being anti #MeToo movement!  They also condemned “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” as promoting bullying and demeaning to individuals who are “different”.  ( Of course the left thinks that Down Syndrome children should be killed via abortion as they are defective children.)  The hypocrisy of the left truly knows no bounds but recently their convoluted Identity Ideals clashed with itself!

The Oscars named Kevin Hart as its MC for the upcoming award show.  Then, Kevin’s old anti-gay comments surfaced so the Leftists immediately demanded that Hart apologize AGAIN for his old comments if he wanted to be graced with their blessing to be the Oscar MC!  So, Blacks now know that the Left has a hierarchy for their Identity ladder and Blacks are below the LGBTQ community! 

You can also say that with the left’s embrace of Jay-Z and the other male POP/Rap artists as they spew misogynistic hatred against women, the left elevates Black males above women of any race!  “Bitches and Hoes” are considered as apt descriptions of women they don’t like and that is fine!  Even little sisters of rappers are not immune from violent lyrics as the insane rapper called “BIZARRE” rapped, “My little sister’s birthday, She’ll remember me, For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity.”  

I think I’ll stick with “Rudolph” and “Baby it is Cold Outside”!  I also have to go take another shower after researching this article!

RD Pierini



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Bushes Were Wrong: “Respect for the “Office” Does not Trump Fighting for America!”

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The loss of George H.W. Bush is truly a great loss to our nation.  Men and Women who unselfishly devote their lives to their country and lead exemplary lives leave this world a better place then when God put them here.  I respect his valor, courage, and devotion to his family and to his friends.  George H.W. Bush will be missed.


George H.W. believed to his core that a President, current and past, had to “honor” the office of the President above all else.  He took this to mean that a President, present and past, would not:  

  • Criticize a past or current President.
  • Criticize the Press when they incorrectly cover an event or story that is false and intended to harm HW or his administration.
  • Criticize political opponents when they falsely attack HW, intentionally misrepresent his positions or policies, or attack members of his family, his or her administration officials, or his supporters.
  • Criticize world leaders in public, especially our allies.

This does not mean that HW was not a fighter in private but outwardly, he kept these battles to himself and instilled this “Presidential code of honor” to President George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush. 

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The ethos of HW did not recognize that modern politics against the progressive-left is a blood sport without rules!  This ‘code of honor’ and the unwillingness to fight a no holds barred battle against the political progressive-left cost him his re-election, allowed the left and its media to destroy his high approval ratings following the first gulf war, and LEFT HIS SUPPORTERS WONDERING IF ANYONE WOULD STAND UP FOR THEM AND IF THE MAN THEY ELECTED WOULD PROTECT THEM FROM THE RAVAGES OF THE PROGRESSIVE-LEFT POLICIES.!

George W. Bush carried this family ‘code of honor’ forward into his two terms then allowed his successor, Obama, to brutally bash GW, his administration, and all of the accomplishments gained under GW.  Following 911, GW, like his father following the first Gulf War, had through the roof approval ratings.  But, like his father, he allowed the political progressive-left and their lackeys in the media to obliterate all of the good will GW had with his supporters including many on the center-left. 

The mantra, “Bush Lied and People Died” literally killed his ratings and legacy.  His inept advisor, Karl Rove, advised GW not to counter punch this onslaught so all of the horrible accusations went unanswered.  The media were so successful in its attacks that Bush even gave into them and fired one of the most intelligent men to ever serve in our government, Donald Rumsfeld.  By the time GW left office, a CBS/New York Times poll has GW’s approval rating at 22%!  Yet, GW stuck with his father’s ‘code of honor’ and went down with his ship.  His successor continued the onslaught against GW and these attacks went unanswered as well.  Like his father, he LEFT HIS SUPPORTERS WONDERING IF ANYONE WOULD STAND UP FOR THEM AND IF THE MAN THEY ELECTED WOULD PROTECT THEM FROM THE RAVAGES OF THE PROGRESSIVE-LEFT POLICIES.!

The Contra-Bush, Donald Trump

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Ironically, the election of Donald Trump brought a man into the office of the Presidency who was literally the “Contra-Bush” in terms of the Bush code of honor!  Where the Bush Presidents would have stepped away from the fray, Donald J. Trump took on the fray head on and not only counter-punched but went on the offensive.  Once Obama, who never adhered to the Bush doctrine, attacked Trump, Trump went all in against Obama and his wife and administration officials.

Donald J. Trump is a Brooklyn street fighter and knows that politics is a blood sport and not to expect any slack from the Progressive-left or their Magpies in the media.  Trump, Like Bush Sr., faces an onslaught of 92% negative press.  Unlike Sr., Trump is up at 4:00AM tweeting attacks against the left’s FAKE NEWS and continues on the offensive until he retires at midnight or after.  


While we will miss George H.W. Bush, I hope that Republicans can use his passing to contrast the Bush vs Trump codes of honor and adopt the Trump political ethos. 

After all, the Presidency is not about the President, it is about those who voted for him and supported him so he could fight for ALL Americans as a single nation!  WE deserve someone who will fight for us, before, during and after their Presidency!

RD Pierini




Thanksgiving Isn’t a Day, It Is a Way of Life!

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So many of us let current events or political outcomes crowd out the good in our lives and rob us of God’s many blessings he has for us.  We fall into the trap of self-worth and think that we have to try to control current events or political outcomes.  We think that whoever is in or not in the White House is all that matters and we fall into the abyss of hate of those who support views that differ from our own.  

The apostle Matthew reminded us in Matthew 6:24 that:  

“No one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money (money including all worldly goods, events or ideals). “

If we squander our thoughts on current events or political outcomes, where is the room in our thoughts that allow us to “think” of God’s blessings for us?  Where is the room to remember to Thank God for all of his Blessings in our lives?  Where is the room in our lives to treat our families, friends, and acquaintances as we would have them treat us?  Where is the room in our lives to remember God’s promise to us from Romans 8:28:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” 

Think about each part of this promise from God:

  • “And we know that all things…”; This is a reminder that God is ultimately in control of ALL THINGS, not some things, not 4 out of 5 things, but ALL things.
  • “…God works for the good of those who love him…”; No matter how bad you think things are, no matter how nervous you are about current events or political outcomes, if you Love and Obey God and his commandments, then everything will be made to work for your “GOOD” and that you will be satisfied and sated with the ultimate outcome.
  • “…Who have been Called according to His Purpose.”; If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, submitting yourself to His “Purpose” in your life, all things in your life will resolve to God’s good purpose.  In other words, our job is to accept Christ as our Savior, then focus on thanking Him for our Blessings and turn over our worries and concerns over current events. political outcomes, and other trials that we are experiencing.

This Thanksgiving, maybe we can not only Thank God for His many Blessings in our lives, but commit to place all of our worries, concerns and anxieties over current events. political outcomes, and other trials that we are experiencing, in His hands, then focus every minute of every day on maintaining our Thankful Heart and keeping our focus on Him, and not ourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving

RD Pierini


Open Letter to Taylor Swift-Politics or Action?


I guess you could say that I am a “Gray Swiftie” (septuagenarian), who has been following this remarkable girl/women’s career since she was the ripe of age of 12 when she sang our National Anthem at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.  She was appropriately attired in a patriotic flag themed top!

Taylor Swift National Anthem

We would all have to wait until she turned the ripe old age of 16 before she released her first album, self entitled, in 2006.  The most intriguing aspect of Taylor has been here seemingly innate penchant for business.  Not sure whether she exhibited a typical Sagittarian propensity for controlling everything around her, (I am happily and thankfully married to a Sagittarian), or she was a unique, hard-wired left and right brain phenom!  

Taylor controlled her career from start to finish walking away from a development contract with a major labor to join a new start-up, Big Machine Records, led by Scott Borchetta.  This move was only one such self-initiative by Swift but one that gave her virtual control over her career.  (Swift’s contract with Big Machine is up this year so it will be interesting if she stay with BM or leaves, either way, it will be her decision)  She remains in control of her songwriting, productions, tours, marketing and has become a leader in securing better royalty agreements for songwriters and artists in the new streaming world.  In short, don’t let the blonde hair and blonde cliché’s fool you.  This is one talented and bright entertainers and businesswomen of the modern era of music and entertainment.

Swift Steps Into the Political Arena in 2018

Up until the latest mid-term elections, Taylor has intelligently stayed away from politics while supporting anti-bullying and other worthwhile social causes.  She is also a renown philanthropist with a big heart especially for kids with illnesses and police officers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.  So, it was kind of shocking to see her step into the 2018, politically charged arena and openly oppose Representative Marsha Blackburn and support her opponent Phil Bredesen, for the Bob Corker US Senate seat.   

Taylor noted several votes that had been cast by Blackburn as her basis of not supporting the female candidate.  Taylor posted on her Instagram page these words:  She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry.” She also alluded to events that have happened over the past two years and I assume she is including the election of Donald Trump: In the past I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now.”  

Taylor’s Political Choices Going Forward

I certainly support everyone’s right to support whichever political party and candidates they feel best represent them and their views.  I would hope, however, that Taylor use her intelligence and abilities to look under the hood and see where Senator Blackburn and President Trump actually come down on the core issues and see if she could use her celebrity to further causes she and they agree on.  Taylor is too smart, given her business successes, to merely accept “group think” at face value.  She is deeper than most of her counterparts in the entertainment industry to accept sound bites and bigoted labeling as fact rather than use her own intellect to discuss the issues directly with Blackburn and Trump.  She could do this off-the-record and out of the limelight so she would not incur the wrath of her contemporaries. 

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Taylor would be able to actually help solve some of the issues she espouses if she did reach out.  Senator Blackburn will be in office for the next 6 years and the President is more than likely to win re-election in 2020.  Taylor can choose to either waste these 6 years parroting meaningless rhetoric or dig in and see if she can actually help resolve issues.  I get that some in the entertainment Industry would rather use shallow political rhetoric than actually put themselves out and actually solve problems.  When you see Van Jones and others embrace the Trump prison reform and fresh start programs, you see that people from different sides can come together and actually solve problems.  There are so many other issues that need to be addressed in this country and the world, that it would be a shame if people like Taylor did not put their intellectual talents to work to actually improve our world.  

Taylor, Luke 12:28 reminds us, “…and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

RD Pierini






POTUS and FLOTUS-WYSIWYG-“What You See is What You Get”


The Left-wing media’s collective hair caught in fire when the First Lady, Melania Trump, publicly stated that Mira Ricardel, advisor to John Bolton, did not deserve the honor to serve in this White House.  Calls of “unprecedented”, “overstepping”, and worse quickly rang out following the First Lady’s assertion.  The next day, Ms. Ricardel was history.  The administration tried to pawn Ricardel off to another agency outside of the White House but found no takers as Ricardel’s reputation is not exactly that of a team player. 

Melania 1, Bureaucracy 0!

After three years of Donald Trump and Melania being in the political arena, it is puzzling that the Left-wing media and the swamp does not “Get Trump”!  “Trump”, including POTUS and FLOTUS are the most transparent and straightforward couple on the planet.  You want to know what either of them think, just ask them, if you dare!  

While it is no secret that President Trump has been under constant assault by the Left-wing media, Melania has taken her shots at their hands as well.  She remained relatively quiet during the first 18 months of the administration but seems to not be willing to hold back!  Melania once said:  “I am very political.  I am not Political in Public.  I am Political at Home.”   After the Ricardel incident, I think she may have modified her stance!  And rightfully so…  One other quote the Left-wing media and “Never-Trumpers” should keep in mind when going after the First Lady is another of her quips:  “I am not a “yes” person.  No matter who you are married to, you still need to lead your life”.  

President Trump has unquestionably been the most open and transparent President’s of modern time.  He has seldom avoided the press and their incessant inane questions no matter the venue.  On his way to his helicopter, he almost always stops by the gaggle to take questions; when he deplanes, he almost always stops by the gaggle to take questions; and, when he hosts his staff meetings and other White House events, he almost always takes questions from the gaggle.  When he answers your question, be prepared for Trump Raw because that is what you will get.  He does not measure his remarks nor couch them in political speak.  He is who he is always and says what he thinks always.


When Melania sits for an interview, she is just like “the Donald”.  She does not mince her words nor enshrine them in flowery rhetoric.  Some in the press thinks that she is short in her responses because she has a language barrier to overcome.  This is very naïve and shortsighted on their part and to proceed in this thinking is to enter into peril at one’s own choice.  In her interview with ABC’s Tom Llamas, the First Lady nailed it with regards to her feelings about trusting some in the White House:

TOM LLAMAS: He’s been in office now almost two years. Has he had people that you didn’t trust working for him?


TOM LLAMAS: Did you let him know?

MELANIA TRUMP: I let him know.

TOM LLAMAS: And what did he do?

MELANIA TRUMP: Well, some people, they don’t work there anymore.


The picture that the press tries to paint of this couple is one of deceit, corruption, self-serving, and worse.  Bette Midler, Madonna, and many others have disgraced themselves with disgusting descriptions of Melania including Midler’s hashtag, #FLOTITS.  The President has received even more such inappropriate derision from these obviously mentally challenged mental midgets.  But, as “the Donald” likes to say:

“I Am President, and You Are Not”

Donald J. Trump, President

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RD Pierini


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Veterans Versus the “Caravan”

At least 38,000 veterans, men and women, do not have “stable” housing on any given night.  While this number has dropped 5% from 2017, even a single vet on the street should be a national tragedy!  How much time has the “network news” devoted to this crisis this year?  ZERO!  Compare this to the almost nightly coverage by the MSM and cable news on the “plight” of illegal immigrants seeking “refuge” in the US!  What message are we sending to our children, our future, brave combat soldiers, and to ourselves?

Illegal Immigrants Mean More to Us Than Do Our Heroic Veterans!  

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President Trump has partnered Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the honorable Robert Wilkie, to eradicate homelessness and its root causes for our great vets.  Their mission is to make sure that each homeless vet and their families not only have stable homes but are able to maintain them and to overcome any mental or physical health issues that have let to their homelessness, including drug addiction.  

It is a shame that our “News Media” thinks that covering cry baby Jim Acosta and it’s sham news organization CNN is more important than focusing on ensuring that we have no vets sleeping on the streets this November!  It is a shame that this same media does not care about our female vets being sexually abused while on the street but think that covering Stormy Daniels or a Playboy model’s alleged affair with our President, during a time when he was not our President, is real news.

No US citizen should be homeless in this wealthy nation and there are many reasons that contribute to this problem.  But, we should be able to make sure that 38,000 vets are cared for and not homeless ever!  We see commercials on TV about abused, homeless pets needing shelter and love.  I think this is absolutely tragic but not on the same level of tragedy as a homeless vet.

These men and women need our support and President Trump needs our support to help these vets.  Congress needs to know that YOU back President Trump, Secretary Wilkie, and Secretary Carson in eradicating veteran homelessness.  

RD Pierini



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Nationalism + Patriotism is Not Racism!


See the source imageRadical Left and its Media slam Trump, and the majority of Americans, who believe that making America First benefits all Americans regardless of race, creed, sex, or sexual preference.  Further, that American Nationalism makes American Great which allows us to remain the most charitable nation on earth and one that defends and helps the downtrodden around the world.  American Nationalism also ensures that America has the resources to help its own downtrodden and lift them out of poverty and despair.  

One of our allies in Europe, France, and its President Emmanuel Macron slammed President Trump, and OUR embrace of Nationalism and the expression of Nationalism by its citizens via Patriotism.  Macron wrongly described that:  “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. In saying ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others,’ you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: its moral values.”

Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the Arc de Triomphe during a commemoration ceremony for Armistice Day


  • If America doesn’t put itself and its economy first, just how does Macron think we will have the money and other resources to DEFEND FRANCE!
  • If America doesn’t put itself and its military first, just how does Macron think we will be able to rescue FRANCE AGAIN!
  • If America doesn’t put itself and its people first, just how does Macron think we will have citizens that are willing to sacrifice themselves not only for our nation but for FRANCE!

Macron and his Left Wing EU counterparts would like nothing better than take America down a notch and not have to look to America for their own defense and source of economic strength.  In fact, the EU itself was created to compete against the US economically and otherwise.  The real truth is that these nations are so jealous of each other and so NATIONALISTIC in their own right they are no threat to us.  

Maybe Macron should take the time to look up the definition of Patriotism and Nationalism so he will quickly see that “NATIONALISM IS NOT A BETRAYAL OF PATRIOTISM” but rather our Nationalism is expressed wholly and comprehensively through our PATRIOTISM.  The dictionary defines these two words as follows:

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definitions:


A Sense of National Consciousness Exalting One Nation Above All Others and Placing Primary Emphasis on Promotion of Its Culture and Interests as Opposed to Those of Other Nations or Supranational Groups.


Love For Or Devotion to One’s Country


The word Patriot is derived from the early Greek word Patrios, which means OF ONE’S FATHER, or, handed down from our forefathers/founders.  It is an embrace of our National identity as created by those who preceded us!  

Left and the Media Try to Brand Nationalism as Racist

The Left and its Media always conflate White Nationalism with Nationalism in order to brand President Trump and the majority of Americans as RACISTS which is totally unfounded.  The Left and their Media employ this tactic to divide this nation along racial lines and to shame anyone who embrace the Nationalist America First policies in order to destroy any support for President Trump and his policies.  

If you are a Christian, you can really drive the Left and the Media nuts by quoting:  Deuteronomy 32:8;When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. IF the Left throws Old versus New Testament at you, just quote: Acts 17:26; From one man He made every nation of men, to inhabit the whole earth; and He determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands.

The Bottom Line

The real reason that the Left and its Media try to slam Nationalism and anyone who believes in Nationalism and Patriotism is that Nationalism is the antithesis of GLOBALISM!  The left and its Media have one goal, to tear down America as a Superpower and economic leader in order to redistribute our wealth to other nations and then retain total control over the “world citizens”.  As long as America is strong, the Left and its Media will continue to attempt to destroy our greatness and attack those of us fighting to maintain America’s greatness.  It is that simple!

RD Pierini



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Florida’s Broward Election Malfeasance-Must Revote or Decertify County’s Vote!

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Brenda Snipes, Broward Supervisor of Election

Either force Broward (and Palm Beach County) to REVOTE, or DISQUALIFY all ballots from these two counties!  Otherwise, the rest of the votes cast across this nation have been diluted or nullified.

Florida Election law contains several “hard” procedures that are required for every one of its Election Commissioners to follow.  These are in place to ensure that voter fraud cannot take place and that all ballots are casts and counted uniformly across the State of Florida.  Except, if one or more of its Election Commissioners do not follow the State’s Election laws, then the whole system breaks down and can yield victories to the underserved and defeat to those that won fairlyThe 2018 mid-term election votes in Broward County appear to have fallen victim to malfeasance on the part of Brenda Snipes, its Election Commissioner, and may in fact tip at least three of its races to Democrats who had not won as of election night.

Why is this malfeasance a NATIONAL problem?  You just saw how close the vote for Justice Kavanagh was and in fact relied on one Senate vote to confirm him.  Now, you are seeing that one Senate seat may go from a Republican to a Democrat, due to Broward County malfeasance, which could literally determine whether a series of judges, and even a future Supreme Court Justice, along with many other Trump administration positions, are confirmed or denied confirmation!  The Broward County fiasco is literally a Constitutional crisis!


The core of the Broward County problem is that due to Snipe’s malfeasance by not reporting voting counts and results per Florida law, she eliminated any way to determine how many votes were truly casts in order to prevent ballot stuffing, or ballot destruction, by Snipe and her fellow election officials.   In other words, there is no baseline to judge how many ballots should have been eligible for counting.  How did this happen.

In order to prevent erroneous reporting by counties, the State of Florida requires that each county tabulate and post results on an ongoing basis .  This allows for audit trails to be established that can be used to ensure that phony ballots are not added or valid ballots destroyed and not counted.  Snipes has yet to meet one of these deadlines for the 2018 election!  She is required to:

  1. Cast Ballots:  November 6th, Election Night:  All counties must post a preliminary count of how many ballots have been casts by 7:30PM the night of the election, Tuesday, November 6th!  Then the counties are required to update these totals every 45 minutes to ensure that an accurate baseline of cast ballots are tabulated and reported.  She missed these deadlines.
  2. Provisional Ballots:  November 8th, 2 days after the Election:  All provisional ballots that are eligible to be counted, (must have been checked against required eligibility criteria to vote), must be tabulated and reported by 5:00PM on Wednesday, November 8th.  This is critical to add the provisional ballot count to the number of ballots cast on election day to update the baseline for total eligible ballots cast.   She missed this deadline!
  3. Unofficial Counts and Results, Saturday, November 10th:  County canvassing boards are required to turn in first unofficial returns no later than noon on Nov. 10.  (Not sure as of this writing whether Snipes met this deadline but it is doubtful)

The bottom line is that without concurrent ballot counts and tallies, there is no way to determine whether the final counts are accurate or not and whether invalid ballots were created and counted after the fact!  This is NOT far-fetched in the case of Snipes and Broward County as she has been accused of gross mismanagement and election malfeasance in the past!

  • In 2017, Snipes admitted in court that she had allowed illegal aliens and felons to vote!
  • In 2016, Snipes was found guilty by a judge of DESTROYING ballots before the Federally mandated 22 month retention time.  This made it impossible for the challenger to Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Tim Canova, to inspect the ballots to challenge DWS election!  Looks like the Dems screwed not only Bernie but Mr. Canova!
  • In 2016, she “forgot” to put the medical marijuana initiative on the ballot altogether!
  • In 2012, Snipes allowed 2,000 votes to be counted from a “phantom” voting district where all 2,000 “voters” listed the same UPS store as their address!  She also “found” an additional 963 ballots after she had recessed the canvassing board and sent them home!

There are more instances but suffice it to say that Snipes’ actions are felonious and she would normally have been prosecuted except that this Broward County sheriff is not only a Democrat but also the sheriff that allowed the students at the Parkland school to be slaughtered and the shooter go uncontested for a long period of time.  This county is corrupt to its core and the rest of us should not be penalized nor our vote be nullified by being offset from this corrupt county regime.  Ms. Snipes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for these current as well as past felonies that she has committed in violating Florida and Federal election statutes.

My hope is that someone will file a lawsuit stopping this vote fraud from impacting the 2018 mid-terms.  This county, and Palm Beach, must be forced to revote or their results ignored by the State of Florida.  As a legal voter, we are entitled to “Equal Protection” under the law and our vote must be protected by the Federal Government!  The Democrats have proven they have no scruples or moral constraints against winning at any cost.

There us a lesson for Republicans.  Snipes was put into this office by Jeb Bush and kept in office by Rick Scott even after countless allegations and citations against Snipes for election malfeasance.  I am not sure if they were afraid to fire her because she was Black or what.  If it was that they were afraid to fire her because she was a woman and Black, then we are in serious trouble.  Republicans must stand for the rule of law and not stand down over shout outs of racism or misogyny.  If not, the Democrat tactic of using racism and sexism to freeze Republicans, has been successful!  It does not phase our President!  Take a lesson from President Trump!

RD Pierini


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How To Protect Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples

Tree of Life Synagogue–Turned Into Spiral of Death

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Note:  The author has previously been responsible for protecting a large church that also included a school.  The church was a tourist destination which made it more difficult to recognize potential risks.  It was also a controversial pilgrimage site. The following is just to give the reader some ideas as they think about securing their facilities.  I am going to use the term “church” to include all places or worship.

Decision-Makers:  Are you more anti-gun or more interested in protecting those who worship at your Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple?

If the decision-makers for your church (and/or schools) are anti-gun and will not allow any weapons around or in your place of worship, you are quite literally at risk. 

If the decision-makers for your church are not anti-gun and will allow specific well-trained armed individuals to help secure your church, then your level of risk just went down exponentially. 

The decision-makers for your church should also hire uniformed, UNARMED security personnel to be visible on site as a sign that your church is being monitored against different levels of risk.    

What Level of Force and Personnel is Required?

Unarmed Security Personnel:  Churches can contract out security monitoring and unarmed security personnel from one of many security service organizations.  The cost for these services are fairly inexpensive but they provide security visibility and send the message that you are serious about protecting your site and your worshipers.  You should have this level of security on site during your days of worship and increased levels for special events.  The security personnel must have direct access to local police resources as well as immediate access to your security designated individual or group.  The unarmed security personnel are not there to engage a lethal threat but to be eyes and ears to detect a potential threat and communicate the threat to highly trained designated individuals and police. 

Armed On-Site Personnel:  The armed resources are very limited and extremely well-trained and licensed for concealed carry of a firearm.  Most churches have retired military or police individuals that can fulfill this function.  The best individuals would be worshipers who regularly attend services and blend in with the rest of the congregation.  They are not a deterrent, they are first line of defense against lethal intrusion.  Depending on the size and number of ingress/egress points of your facility, you should have one of these armed individuals at each major access point for each service or event.

Ushers/Greeters:  Your ushers/greeters are a vital link in your protection chain as they are the most familiar with your regular worshipers and see everyone who enters and leaves.  You should make sure that you have ushers/greeters at every access point.  It is vital that the ushers/greeters are part of your operations plan discussed below.  They must know how to respond to a threat and how to communicate with uniformed and armed on-site personnel as well as with local police and emergency resources.

Religious Leaders and other Liturgical Staff:  Your religious leaders and other liturgical staff are also vital in your protection chain.  They must all be well-trained in the ops plan as they may be instrumental in helping to provide emergency exits to the worshipers as well as for themselves.  If they are well-trained, they can also provide a level of calm in the face of a chaotic event.  They may also be the target of the attack so keep this in mind during your planning.

Local Police:  Your local police are your BEST resource when you begin to develop your operations plans discussed below.  They are also the ultimate protection for your site in the event of a lethal encounter.  Your local police should always be involved in your security planning for special public events.  They can help to monitor threats that may exist on social media and are also linked into State and Federal investigative resources that are way beyond your own capabilities.  Many local departments can provide a “vicinity” presence for your large events without any charge to you.  On-site presence is usually provided for a fee.  You should engage your local police today, before you begin to even discuss your security plans.  They can also provide EMS integration to round out your security services.

Create an Operations Plan Now!

Law enforcement routinely creates standard operating procedures for daily police operations and will create special operations plans for special events or events that are deemed to be an extraordinary risk.  Your church must do the same!  For your church, you need both levels of planning and if you are a tourist and/or pilgrimage site, it is imperative that you do so now. 


Daily Security Plan: 

Generally most churches are not open 24 hours a day or are even available to public access 7 days a week.  Your first task is to determine when your church and guests are most at risk. 

Closed Times:  For those times when the church facilities are closed, the risk to your worshipers are low but risks to your physical facilities may be high.  During these times, you may want to engage in a drive and walk-thru service.  A security service will provide personnel to drive by your facilities on a regular basis and can also provide a walk-thru service where they stop and walk the grounds to see if there are any suspicious activities.  You should always update local law enforcement as to when your facilities are closed so if they spot any suspicious activities they will know that the facilities are supposed to be “quiet”.

Service Times:  Most churches have established service times that include regular weekly services for various days of the weeks and times of the day.  Most likely, these days and times will be the main focus of your security plan.  You should be cognizant that your church may grow weary of focusing on security for these events as “nothing ever happens”!  If nothing ever happens, then praise God!  If something does happen, your regular service times will be one of the largest threats to your regular worshipers.  

  1. Unarmed Security Personnel:  You should have this resource visible to the public at least 2-4 hours prior and after the services.  There should be sufficient resources to rotate to all parking areas and access points of your church.  (They can also provide assistance to your elderly and handicapped to help make their presence seem less intimidating.)  If you have off-hours monitoring and/or walk-thru services, make sure any incidents are communicated to the on site-supervisor and gone over before the start of the security service shift.  
    1. All on-site security supervisors and personnel must be intimately familiar will the site and all access points. 
      1. They must be trained on what the services entail and when to expect various comings and goings of the staff and worshipers.
      2. They must all be trained on how to assist in evacuating worshipers and staff in the event of an emergency. 
      3. They must also be trained on how to contact the local police and EMS providers. 
    2. All on-site security supervisors and personnel must know who the armed personnel are that are on-site and how to communicate with them.  They must also know who the religious leaders and liturgical staff are and what their roles are in the event of an emergency.
  2. Ushers/Greeters:  They should be well-trained on their monitoring and emergency response rolls.
    1. They should be trained on how to monitor visitor’s and what they are bringing into the facility.  (You may want to ask that all packages and bags be inspected on entry.)  
    2. They must know the emergency exit points and how best to direct attendees to those exits.  
    3. They must know who the on-site armed personnel are and how to communicate with them.  They must also know who the religious leaders and liturgical staff are and what their roles are in the event of an emergency.
    4. They must be trained in assisting the evacuation of the facilities in the event of an attack.
  3. Religious Leaders and other Liturgical Staff:  These people will generally be the focus of the service and may actually be the target of an attack. 
    1. The first priority is to establish an exit plan for these people to insure that they can safely and quickly be removed from harms way.
    2. This group must be well versed in the ops plan and know the roles of everyone involved in the ops plan.
    3. This group must have access to communications that will allow them to communicate with unarmed and armed on-site security personnel, ushers/greeters, and local police and EMS. 
    4. This group must be trained on how to provide access to public address systems and other site communications facilities to security and police. 
    5. Worshipers will naturally look to these people for leadership in a time of crisis so they need to be prepared to lead during a high stress time.  The on-site armed personnel can also provide a high level of leadership in the event of an emergency.
  4. Armed On-site Personnel:  These resources must be highly trained on emergency response and firearms use and preferably have law enforcement or military service backgrounds.  They are your first line of defense in the event of a lethal attack.  They will be the only thing standing in the way of the death of a religious leader or worshiper until the police can respond 3-5 minutes later.  Preferably, these resources are members of the church and intimately knowledge regarding the services. liturgy and personnel.
    1. All members of this group should be involved in the creation of the daily and special event ops planning.
    2. They should be intimately knowledgeable about the physical facilities and have key access to all areas.
    3. They should have direct access to local police and EMS service providers.
    4. They should have direct contact with the unarmed security personnel and ushers/greeters.
    5. They should have first aid and AED training and on-site access to these materials and devices.
    6. They will determine the risks during the attack and direct any evacuation activities with the unarmed security personnel, the ushers/greeters and the religious leaders and liturgical staff.  They will communicate their plan to local police and EMS.

Special Events:

These events can include holiday festivities or special public events that may hosted on the church site.  You should develop a generic special event plan that can be easily customized to meet the needs of differing church and social events.  Each of the security resources defined above should be addressed in the plan and each of the resource levels must be trained in the final ops plan.

Keep Your Eyes Open!

If your church/school has social media sites, you should keep an eye on them for suspicious activities or postings.  For example, you may actually see threats posted to your Facebook page.  You should also work with your local police to see if they have heard any chatter regarding your faith or facilities.  They have access to national resources that can prove to be life-saving.

“If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There”!

This may be a fun phrase but it can be deadly if you are unprepared, or you don’t know where you are going when it comes to security planning.  If you do not have a clue where to start, talk to your local police.  Odds are, one of your members is or has been a law enforcement officer and can help get you in touch with the resources you need. 

Your role as a spiritual leader includes not only saving souls, but also to protect the lives of your congregation!  

Don’t allow this to be the scene at your church!

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RD Pierini







In the Age of Cynicism, Trump Supporters Trust Trump!

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As you were growing up, you created a set of truisms, hopes, and beliefs that have probably been shaken and even overtaken with a deep-seated cynicism of the world around you. 

  • Do you really believe that your Senators or Representatives really care about doing the right thing for you or do you believe that they are solely looking out for themselves?
  • Do you really believe that justice is truly blind and that everyone seeks and receives the same level of justice or do you believe that the rich and powerful are never brought to justice the way you or your peers would be?
  • Do you still have beliefs in institutions like you have in the past?
    • Do you believe the FBI is totally impartial when they investigate political or social opponents and do you think they would never seek to interfere in an election or try to destroy the President of the United States or other political/social opponents?
    • Do you believe the Department of Justice is totally impartial when they decide who to prosecute and do you think they would never seek to use the threat or actual prosecutions as a way to interfere with an election or use prosecutions to destroy the President of the United States or other political/social opponents?
    • Do you believe that the IRS only seeks to apply our tax code fairly and impartially and would never use its power to discriminate against political/social opponents and would never stonewall tax exempt status reviews to stifle would be organizations that are contrary to the positions of the current IRS and the current Administration?
    • Do you really trust the DOJ/FBI, CIA, DIA, and the NSA to always restrain themselves from using their powerful surveillance capabilities against US citizens or their political/social opponents and that they would never use these powers to interfere with elections or to destroy an elected President or other political/social opponents?
    • Do you really trust your priests to follow their vows of chastity and purity when dealing with parishioners and their children and to always put the best interests of their parishioners ahead of themselves and to never seek to use the power and sanctity of their position to coerce sexual acts from adult and adolescent parishioners?
  • Do you trust all of the “news” outlets, reporters and pundits on TV, the Radio and in Newspapers to bring you comprehensive, unbiased, and truthful reporting devoid of political/social bigotry and to never misreport, under report, or completely prejudice their reporting with their own prejudices and biases?
  • Do you hold many Sports, Movie, TV and Music Stars in high regard and in fact think of them as role models for yourself and your children and believe that they would never do anything that you would consider as immoral, illegal, or politically/socially corrupt?

I could go on for hours but I am sure you can think about many other examples of people and institutions you once held in high regard but now only feel disgust and betrayed by those people and institutions.  It is part of our nature to seek those who we can look up to or to think of some organizations or institutions as sacrosanct or hallowed.  It is also part of our nature to feel betrayed and abandoned by those same people, organizations, or institutions who act contrary to how we believe they should and then to feel crushed and demoralized by the world at large.

Enter Donald Trump!

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For a Trump Supporter, June 16, 2015, marked the date when they heard someone say things that echoed the truisms, hopes, and beliefs that they embraced as they grew up.  That someone was Donald J. Trump who was unafraid to be politically incorrect, stand for America First, and most of all put you back into the phrase, “We the People”.  He spoke plainly and directly to your beliefs, sense of fairness, and to the free principles that you thought were long-lost.  In short, you replaced your cynicism with faith, confidence, and hope that the America you grew up in and the values and freedoms it promised could be resurrected and the country made whole again!

Since his election, President Trump has fulfilled not only the promises he made to each of you, but has changed your hope for America into a personal reality, regardless of your race, nationality or religion.  He has once again empowered you to create the destiny for yourself and your family that you seek and not one that is imposed on you by government and others.   He has stood against a corrupt media, corrupt political systems, and corrupt government institutions.  He continues to fight and fight hard to maintain the values he has fought for and to thwart a constant barrage of criticisms, bad press, lies, and attacks from all quarters.  

I kind of feel sorry, (OK I just got over it), for those on the left who are mired in the abyss of cynicism and despair.  Who believe that only government and their leaders can make them happy and provide them with all of their needs, and they are needy!  Those who freely give up their personal freedom in exchange for the false sense of security provided by corrupt politicians and institutions hell-bent on peening them into submission and a life devoid of self-worth.

The optimism and enthusiasm of Trump Supporters completely confounds those on the left and their complicit and corrupt media.  They confuse God-given rights and faith with their own source of rights and faith that is rooted in “men” versus the power that lies within each of us.  Trump supporters don’t look to Trump as their source of self-esteem but look inward to their God-given strengths, rights, and freedoms to live life as they see fit.

Trump is merely the catalyst that has allowed this re-birth to take place.   TRUMP SUPPORTERS HAVE FAITH AS THAT FAITH IS OF THEMSELVES AND THEIR CREATOR!

Our Founders knew that they were creating a vessel that could hold all of the aspirations of its citizens and provide a pathway to personal fulfillment.  They also knew that this vessel was only as strong as the “clay” that formed it.  That clay was made up of free, determined, and hard-working people who would not be molded into a false shape.  Trump merely took the lid off of the vessel and let “We the People” out!

RD Pierini


Saving our Nation through Vigilance

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