Trump’s Border Wall Plan-How Vulnerable Is Our Southern Border Today? The Facts

See the source imageThere is so much Fake News today regarding the need for and the building of a wall along our Southern Border that it is difficult to know what is real and what is not.  Below I will summarize as much of the information I was able to confirm regarding Trump’s plan and the real status of our current Southern Border. 

The reader should understand that once an illegal alien sets one foot inside of the US, the Customs and Border Patrol officers have to take them into custody then release them into the US until the illegal alien’s court date.  Same for those seeking asylum.  This is the “catch and release” law which makes a wall the only method of stopping an illegal alien from being apprehended and released into the US.  Over 95% of those so processed never appear for their court date and remain in the US.  IF Congress does not like walls, then allow agents to immediately deport illegal aliens as soon as they are apprehended!

The Border Wall Plan

Current Wall Status 

I will be using data from 2017 to the present to illustrate the current condition and extent of the Southern Border Wall.  You will be shocked to read just how LITTLE has been done in spite of the supposed priority the wall has been to the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.  Same goes for the Congress who appropriated wall funding in 2006 and again in 2013.  This includes both Democrats and Republicans!

For purposes of this discussion, lets assume that the Southern Border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long, stretching from California to South Eastern Texas.  Of the 2,000 miles, approximately 350 miles are “protected” with natural barriers consisting of mountainous terrain or impassable waterways.  It is important to note that the more wall barriers that are put up, drug cartels and others will attempt to convert and use even those naturally impassable barriers in order to maintain their flow of illegal human trafficking and drug trafficking.  Currently:

  • Trump’s plan for new wall barriers will require approximately 325 miles of current “vehicle barriers” to be upgraded to “pedestrian barriers’; 1,325 miles of new “pedestrian barriers” will have to be built to completely seal off the border.  This factors in the areas where natural barriers will suffice.
  • Only 650 miles or 33% of the 2,000 miles is “fenced”.  If you factor in the impassable barriers, then 39% of the border is “fenced”. 
  • Only 325 or so miles or 16% of the “fence” is designed to stop vehicles, NOT PEOPLE!   If you factor in the impassable barriers, then 20% of the “fence” is designed to stop vehicle.
  • There are 1325 miles of the border than can be crossed by people today without much difficulty.
  • There are 1,000 miles of the border than can be crossed by vehicles today.

Trump is Not Trying to Build a Wall From Sea to Sea But Rather Secure the 1,325 Miles or so of Border That Are Currently Unprotected.

Below is a map of the current border barrier that have been constructed.  Much of the older barrier had to be upgraded by the Trump Administration as it had fallen into disrepair or converted to prevent vehicles and people from crossing.

The yellow line represents barriers to stop vehicle traffic and the red to stop people from crossing.  The green is “other” fence that you can interpret as not stopping much of anything!  In fact, much of the “other” fencing is owned by ranchers and others along the border.  (if you click on this link, you will be able to view this map in your web browser which is more readable  You will note that the current barriers start in California at the edge of the Pacific Ocean near San Diego and then stops just past El Paso, Texas.  From El Paso, Texas, to the South Eastern border of Texas at the Gulf of Mexico, there are virtually no barriers!  

One of the early areas to be protected will be the McAllen, Texas, area.  Below is a map showing the current and proposed phases and barriers:

Much of the “vehicle” barriers are made up of Normandy Fencing or merely barbed wire.  Below is an example of the Normandy Fencing that has to impact on pedestrian crossings.

Normandy fence

Where there are “people” barriers, the point at which these barriers stop is oftentimes wide open for people to cross illegally into the US, including in vehicles!  Where they intersect with vehicle barriers as shown below, the vehicle barriers are week or easily destroyed.

In some areas where the barrier has been built in Texas by the Rio Grande river, the barrier is a mile or so North of the border on the US side.  This mandates that landowners must have access to both sides of the wall thus providing an entry point for illegal aliens, drug traffickers, and human traffickers. 

Some of these areas along the River are in flood plains and have been left open due to this status.  (There are international treaties with Mexico that mandate specific actions that can be taken along these areas)  Newer designs on the Wall incorporate a flood barrier levee with an integrated fence but these are yet to be built.

See the source image

So, the bottom line is that President Trump inherited a border barrier that was either:

  • Non-existent
  • Incapable of stopping foot traffic
  • Incapable of stopping vehicle traffic
  • in disrepair needing rebuilding

The President has spent 2017 and 2018 “mending fences” where possible and in 2019 is starting to actually build new wall in Texas along its South Eastern border with Mexico.   The current status of our Southern Border can only be described as OPEN to people and vehicular traffic.  

Trump’s Reliance on a Border Wall Plan

The recommendations by Homeland Security and its Customs and Border Patrol staff rely on the existence of a border barrier to supplement  agents patrolling the border and various forms of technology including cameras, sensors, drones etc. to assist those human assets.  If you placed one CBP agent every 100 years (length of a football field) you would need some 33,000 agents per shift to stand guard over the border!  The physical barrier and the integrated technology allow agents to respond to “hot spots” detected by technology and detained by the wall until agents can respond to the impacted area.  

Do Walls Work?

Yep.  In two sector of California, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista, walls were constructed with an immediate decrease in illegal crossings.  I am using these two examples due to the lack of high-tech in the early 1990’s so the presence of a wall is solely responsible for the drop in illegal apprehensions.  There was little or no technical support for the wall other than lighting and some low-res cameras and unreliable ground sensors.   In the case of Imperial Beach, prior to the wall being built, there were over 200,000 border apprehensions that were reduced to an average of 14,000 after the barrier was built which represents a 93% reduction.  Remember, this is back in the early 1990’s when technology was unsophisticated.

The Chula Vista experience was similar to that of Imperial Beach.  Apprehensions went down from 160,000 to about 6,000 which is a 96.5% decline in apprehensions.  

Is There an Invasion at the Border?

Unfortunately, the CBP has to rely on the number of “apprehensions” versus the total number of illegal entries as a benchmark for determining and quantify the extent of the invasion.  There is no way to know how many illegal aliens actually get in without being apprehended. 

Also, due to idiotic laws passed by Congress, CBP is especially burdened with the rapid rise in illegal crossings by unaccompanied minors and families with children.  So, to quantify the resource and manpower drain associated with the increased apprehensions is difficult.  All we can use is raw apprehension numbers to quantify the extent of the invasion.

Using Fiscal Year 2018 and 2019, and data as of January-to-date (4 months) of each of those years:

  • Unaccompanied Minors Apprehensions: 
    • 2018=14,390; 2019=20,133; Increase 40%
    • Annualized 2019 Projected = 60,400
  • Family Unit Apprehensions:  
    • 2018=25,625; 2019=99,901; Increase 290%
    • Annualized 2019 Projected  = 299,700
  • Total Apprehensions:
    • 2019 Annualized:  732,000, 41% Increase/2018
    • 2018:  521,000, 21% Increase/2017
    • 2017:  415,500

If the CBP apprehends 732,000 illegal aliens in 2019, how many illegal aliens did they MISS!  I think 1,000,000 people entering a country illegally qualifies as an INVASION!  Let alone the massive amounts of drugs that follow along with the invasion!  Let alone the toll in human suffering caused by HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

If you think Trump is “Manufacturing” this Invasion Crisis, then you probably believe the new infanticide abortion bill in New York is a good idea!  The death from the illegal drugs and the epidemic of once cured diseases in the US being inflicted on US men, women and children goes hand in hand with the progressive-left death culture.  God Help us!

RD Pierini



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2019-President Trump’s Priorities

See the source imageWith the 2018-2019 battles behind him, what is President Trump focused on in 2019?  With a Democrat/Pelosi controlled House of Representatives and weak Republican support in the Senate, border security, foreign affairs and trade will be at the forefront of the Trump agenda in 2019.

Border Wall:

Following today’s announcement that he has declared a National Emergency regarding the invasion at our Southern Border; and that he will pursue independent funding from within the Executive branch; or will secure funding through the emergency declaration to build the remaining wall needed to secure our Southern Border; the President will unleash his legal resources, financial gurus, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin and finish $8 Billion plus of the remaining wall prior to the 2020 Presidential Election.  He will also use the $1.750 Billion that the incompetent Congress just allocated for 55 miles of the wall, along with other funds for border security, to supplement his emergency funds and other realigned funds.  He will also, to the largest extent possible, ignore or fight the poison pills that the Congress included in this recent funding bill.

Legal Challenges:  He will face legal challenges to his actions but he has spent the last 6 months putting together a legal team focused on combatting the left’s onslaught of lawsuits designed to stifle the securing of the Southern Border. 

His first challenge will be a Congressional Resolution, as provided for within the 1976 Presidential Emergency Declaration Act, to try to stop his implementation of his emergency declaration.  Even if the left and some RINOs are able to get sufficient votes to pass the resolution, there is little or no chance that this vote would withstand a Presidential Veto requiring super majorities of both houses to override the veto.  Once this hurdle is successfully defended by the President, the Congress may try to pursue a lawsuit to defend Congressional powers but this action will be turned down by the courts ultimately.  Why?  Congress granted these powers to the President themselves and the only method to contest its use is through a joint resolution by Congress that withstood a Presidential Veto.  No other person or entity would have “standing” to bring a suit based on  the implementation of the 1976 Presidential Emergency Declaration Act.

Secondly, he will face lawsuits from individual landowners over the Federal Government’s use of eminent domain that is provided for in the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.  The President’s reason for using eminent domain is for national security purposes and given the massive illegal immigration violations, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other felonious activities that take place as a result of an open border, the courts will assuredly side with the Trump Administration.  Further, individual States are precluded from “expanding or contracting” the Federal Government’s powers of eminent domain so they will have  no standing in any attempt they may try to limit Trump’s use of eminent domain to procure the land needed along the border to construct the wall and supporting infrastructure.  Even though Congress put a “poison pill” in the current bill that Trump signed attempting to allow local jurisdictions to have a “say” in whether they want a wall within their jurisdictions, this same Constitutional provision can be argued by the Trump Administration as an attempt to “expand or contract” the powers of the Executive Branch in its application of eminent domain!

The left aided and abetted by RINOs and their open border donors, will try any other tactic they can to thwart the Trump agenda to finish the wall.  President Trump is now in a Win-Win situation regarding the wall. 

  • One, he avoided a government shutdown that would have alienated independents and weak-kneed RINOs;
  • two, he took the money passed by Congress then declared a National Emergency to provide supplemental funding for the wall and changed the narrative of the President as a pro-shutdown advocate;
  •  three, set up the left and RINO lawsuits as being anti-American, against national security and pro open borders! 

Foreign Affairs:

In the next year and 9 months, President Trump will focus on talks and negotiations with North Korea; the Middle East Peace Process, containing Iran or even regime change; establishing a democratic government in Venezuela and removing the Maduro regime; demilitarize our involvement in the Middle East; and furthering long-term containment on China and Russia.

  • North Korea:   In a prior article, “Understanding Why Trump Is Taking His Time with Kim Jong-un!”, Link:, I laid out the strategy the President is taking with Chairman Kim.  The President will continue his deliberate negotiations and relationship building with North Korea throughout the next two years.  Korean denuclearization is a long-term goal of the President and he is wiling to take his time to achieve this goal.  The speed or even the eventuality of achieving this goal is up to Kim.  If Kim takes positive steps following this month’s summit, then the President may have a short-term win.
  • Middle East Peace Process:  The President has deliberately worked to create and implement a long-term Middle East Peace agreement and has enlisted his trusted advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner to front this effort.  The President began this effort shortly after he took office during his trip to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with 50 Arab/Muslim countries.  The major change to the Trump Plan will be the emphasis on an economic revitalizing for Palestine coupled with security agreements guaranteed by Palestinian allies throughout the region, with the exception of Iran.  There may even be some agreement by the Israelis as to land concessions and joint administration of some contested areas once other conditions are met.  The Trump Administration has only released bits and pieces of their plan so I am reading between the lines a bit.  Once again, the President views a Peace Plan in the Middle East as a long-term, even second term, goal.  The speed to which he has been able to bring not only Muslim nations together to fight terrorism, but have them cooperate under the radar with Israel, is remarkable at the very least.  This baseline will be the foundation for any real Middle East Peace agreement.
  • Iran:  The President since day 1 has taken a position against the current Iranian regime and has supported the notion of a popular uprising to achieve regime change.  He has backed this rhetorical fight with action to withdraw from the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and has re-imposed strict sanctions against Iran.  He is choking Iran’s ability to wage terror and to support Hezbollah and Hamas.  He has also pledged to keep a military presence in Iraq in order to keep an eye on any Iranian military or terror excursions.  
  • Venezuela:  The President has been strengthening a coalition of the nations surrounding Venezuela to help oust the current Dictator Maduro.  Venezuela is key to ousting not only a dictatorial regime, but to oust China, Russia, Iran and Cuba from South America as a whole.  Trump’s twenty-first century version of the Monroe Doctrine is to keep the Americas free from socialism, free from intrusion by foreign, non-Americas factions.  Trump and Pence have spent more time in Mexico, Central America and South America than any President and Vice President in recent history.  He understands the strategic nature of our alliances and sees the Americas as an untapped economic windfall for all of our nations.
  • US Demilitarization in the Middle East:  For years, President Trump has chided past president’s constant meddling in the Middle East.  While they all have stated that our presence in the Middle East fuels anti-American sentiment, they couldn’t seem to help themselves from sending our flag into Middle East conflicts.  President Trump is committed to stabilizing the Middle East using Arab/Muslim partners, strategic military special forces involvement, and military and intelligence support for our Arab/Muslim partners.  He sees no benefit to the region, nor to the US, to continue to wage never-ending wars.  By 2020, assuming no unforeseen flare-up, the President will have eliminated our presence in Syria and will have substantially reduced our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Trump is removing the “trump card” of US military involvement in the Middle East as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations.  
  • China/Russia Containment:  This last area of focus is actually the most dangerous and potentially the most threatening to the US and our allies, albeit for different reasons. 
    • China has the financial resources to construct a military that can rival our own and even be superior in terms of sheer numbers of troops given their population superiority.  China has also been able to steal the most sensitive technological and military designs that have been developed by the US.  China has also constructed man-made islands in the South China Seas that are an offensive threat to the region.  They have also been active in South America, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent and other areas granting loans and joining in on development projects in order to gain hegemony in these regions.  They use technology that they install in these countries to spy on the people and governments of these countries!  The Trump strategy will be to work to develop a détente with the Chinese leaders, especially President Xi, to try to keep China from becoming aggressive and use their military to achieve goals that they are unable to do with diplomacy or trade.  China is the single biggest existential threat to the US and its allies…
    • Russia:  Russia is a tiny fraction of what it once was during the Cold War.  BUT, RUSSIA IS THE SECOND LARGEST NUCLEAR NATION ON EARTH!  The economy of Russia is fragile and almost solely reliant on oil and gas exports.  They are governed by leaders who were born in an era where foreign threats to itself was the only glue that kept its citizens loyal to its Communist Party.  The biggest challenge to President Trump is, excluding the idiotic Russian Hoax Investigations by the US Left and RINOs, to not force Russia into an economic corner where a Russian military option is seen as its best option in opposing the West!  President Trump knows that he can use our oil and gas dominance to crush the Russian economy.  But, the only worst thing than a cornered bear is a wounded and cornered bear.  Russia knows that any nuclear strike against the US or its allies is a recipe for mutually assured destruction.  President Trump’s challenge will be to manage Russian paranoia while not allowing them to meddle in the affairs of other nations.


It is hard to separate Trade from Foreign Affairs but there are specific trade targets for the President in the next few months.  The most important is our Trade relations which China, then reaffirming our trade with the UK, then our trade agreement with the European Union.  The President will also have to fight his way through Congress to get the NAFTA replacement agreement, USMCA, to be ratified.  ( it is hard not to hum the tune to “YMCA” when you hear this acronym) It is unlikely that Pelosi and her Puppet Schumer will assist the President in this endeavor even though it is beneficial to the US and the American Workers.  

Once the China trade agreement is resolved, or not, the President will dispatch his negotiators to the other hot spots.  The Chinese agreement is key as to whether the President can make significant progress with the other trading progress in his first term.  If the Chinese agreement is found to be illusive, it may be well into Trump’s second term before any significant progress can be made in with the EU.  The President will most like have an agreement with Great Briton before the start of the second quarter of 2019.

While the Republicans gave the House to the Democrats in 2018. the President will be anything but bored in the next two years.  He will also continue to be effective in spite of the moronic behavior of the US media, its legislative branch known as the Democrats, and the deep state.  Just think what we could accomplished without these distracting, mentally challenged, egomaniacs.

RD Pierini



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Progressive-Left Silent Replacement of the Electoral College-Be Informed Now!

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC)

See the source image

This Compact is simply a method to change Presidential elections of the President and the Vice President from the current Electoral College method to electing these offices based on the POPULAR VOTE.  Simply stated, ” When a state joins the NPV Compact, it promises that it will give all of its electoral votes to the party that wins the national popular vote, rather than the party that wins the state popular vote. “  In 2000 Al Gore received 48.4% of the popular vote compared to the Electoral College winner George W. Bush who received 47.9% of the popular vote.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 48.2% of the popular vote as compared to 46.1% of the popular vote received by the Electoral College winner Donald J. Trump. 

See the source imagePrior to 2000, the last election where the Electoral College winner received less of the popular vote than the losing candidate was in 1888.  

Why Doesn’t the NPVIC Require a Constitutional Amendment?

In the original Constitution in Article II, Section 1, the founders set up an indirect vote mechanism for selecting the President and Vice President, by creating State Electors, based on the number of Senators and Representatives currently representing the State in Congress.  BUT,  The Constitution reserves the choice of the precise manner for creating Electors to the will of the State legislatures. 

  • So, a given State could create electors based on the popular vote within the State’s election and electors designated to each candidate based on their share of the vote.  (Today, only South Dakota and Maine use this method.)  
  • Or, a given State could create electors based on the popular vote within the State’s election, but create a winner-take-all scenario where the winner of the State’s popular vote would have all of the State’s Electors designated to the winner.  (Today, 48 States plus the District of Colombia use this method.) 
  • Or, a given State’s electors could be designated to the candidate who RECEIVES THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULAR VOTE IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES.  This is the current proposed method of the NPVIC but it would require that States representing at least a majority of the current number of Electoral College electors, 270, have signed onto this compact.  While this method slides around the Electoral College Elector designation by State, it does NOT violate Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution, nor the 12th Amendment of the US Constitution! 

The US Constitution’s Article II, Section 1, as amended,  does not mandate a specific methodology as to how Electors in the Electoral College are created and directed and have left this up to State Legislatures.  Remember, the founders created a Republic where the central or federal government had limited, defined powers, and the States were to retain the balance of powers.  The Electoral College mechanism was seen as a way to have proportional, Presidential,  electoral power based on their respective representation/population.  They viewed the selection of a President based on a national popular vote as disfavoring smaller rural States.    

How Close are We to A National Popular Vote For President?

The current compact is aimed at ensuring that the candidate who wins the most popular votes is elected President, and it would be triggered only when it would guarantee that outcome.  In other words, IF, there were States representing at least 270 electoral votes in the 2016 election who had signed onto this compact, then Hillary Clinton may have been our current President.

Today, 11 States and the District of Columbia have signed onto the NPVIC, representing 172 electoral votes.  This represents 63.4% of the number of electoral votes needed (270) TO GIVE THIS COMPACT LEGAL FORCE!  The States that have signed onto this compact include:  (Note, these are primarily Left Leaning States)

1 Maryland 10 April 10, 2007
2 New Jersey 14 January 13, 2008
3 Illinois 20 April 7, 2008
4 Hawaii 4 May 1, 2008
5 Washington 12 April 28, 2009
6 Massachusetts 11 August 4, 2010
7 District of Columbia 3 December 7, 2010
8 Vermont 3 April 22, 2011
9 California 55 August 8, 2011
10 Rhode Island 4 July 12, 2013
11 New York 29 April 15, 2014
12 Connecticut 7 May 24, 2018
Total 172 (63.7% of the 270 EVs needed

The following States have active or pending legislation to adopt the compact:

State Votes
Idaho 4
Maine 4
New Hampshire 4
 New Mexico 5
 Oregon 7
 Colorado 9
 South Carolina 9
 Minnesota 10
 Arizona 11
 Indiana 11
 Georgia 16
Total Potential Votes 90

You read this correctly.  IF all of these states adopt the Compact, then there would be 262 of the 270 Electoral  Votes required to trigger a popular vote outcome.  If other States join totaling 8 more votes, then the next election would be up for grab if a Presidential candidate who won the popular vote failed to receive 270 Electoral Votes!  In this example, if these States had voted to join the Compact prior to the 2016 Presidential election, then Hillary Rodham Clinton would be your President today!

Keep an eye on this movement in your State! 

The allure of the popular vote sounds good but remember that the two coasts contain a huge population of left-wing progressives who vote in lock-step.  You would think that something as drastic as this shift in selecting the Electoral College electors should be subject to a Constitutional amendment,  But, no.  It would take a Constitutional Amendment to change back if the NPVIC receives sufficient State signatories!  When was the last Constitutional Amendment that your remember being passed?

RD Pierini



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Understanding Why Trump Is Taking His Time with Kim Jong-un!

See the source imageFor those pundits who have always misunderstood and incorrectly reported on “why” Trump does certain things I suggest you read “Trump, The Art of the Deal” It is amazing that these leftist and RINO detractors don’t take a couple of hours to read Trump’s own words so they could at least stop embarrassing themselves by underestimating President Donald J. Trump and attributing a deliberate process to incompetence.  (Question, how many of you leftist and RINOs of the intelligentsia are worth 10 Billion Dollars!)

The Kim Regime Legacy:

On July 27th, 1953, The US, North Korea, and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (PVA, China’s Army deployed for the Korean conflict), signed the Korean Armistice Agreement, ending the Korean war hostilities.  A peace agreement was never achieved to this day.  North Korea, and South Korea were separated by a demilitarized zone (DMZ) that still stands today. 

North Korea was led by the first of the Kim family, Kim Il-sung starting in 1948, followed by his son in 1994, Kim Jong-Il, then to the current leader Kim Jong-un in 2011.  Kim Jong-un was his father’s third son.  The Kim Regimes are communist and the family is akin to a royal family.  The hallmark, and key personality attribute of the Kim rulers is their deep-seated insecurity and distrust of the United States.  They are curled up in a fetal position with communist China who they rely on for their very economic survival.

The Kim family ruled as an absolute and ruthless dictatorship in the model of the most ruthless Chinese and Soviet dictators.  The 3 Kim leaders share in their absolute distrust of others in the family that could state a coup, an absolute distrust of the US (some deserved), and an absolute isolationist mentality.  These 3 levels of paranoia were reinforced from one generation to the next.

The Kim paranoia of the US and distrust of US motivation regarding North Korea was, and still is, the primary roadblock to an agreement between the US and the Kim regime.  If I were to say that the Democrats were going to confiscate your guns and tell you to trust them, your reaction would be similar to that of North Korea when the US asks them to voluntarily give up their nuclear weapons and TRUST THE US!  

Enter President Donald J. Trump:

Before President Trump took office, President Obama warned Trump that his biggest challenge and imminent threat was from North Korea.  Kim Jong-un had been conducting underground atomic and nuclear tests along with a plethora of missile tests.  Since 1953. countless American Presidents have attempted to negotiate with the Kim’s only to be rewarded with treachery by the Kim regimes.  Despite numerous failed attempts using a “carrot” approach, multiple US administrations continued to follow this unsuccessful tactic.

See the source image

President Trump approached the North Korean problem totally different from his predecessors.  First, he viewed the Korean problem as a “China problem”, first and foremost.  He knew that he had to create and maintain at least the outward appearance of détente with the Chinese Leader Xi.  Trump accomplished this by first hosting Xi and his wife at Mar-a-Lago then maintained telephone diplomacy with Xi directly thereafter.  This was important as Trump would have to squeeze North Korea with sanctions in order to get Kim’s attention.  China controls 95% of North Korea’s trade and North Korea would not exist if not for China.  The President knew that he would never be able to totally separate Xi and Kim but he could use his public relationship with Xi to at least get China to participate in some level of sanctions and public pressure on Kim to talk to the US. 

See the source image

Second, the President, began a campaign of harsh rhetoric against the North Korean Leader himself using Tweets to demean him as “Little Rocket Man” and worse.  Every time Kim would respond in the media or via Twitter, Trump would double down “see his tweet and raise him two tweets”!  This went on for months.

See the source image

Third, while the Twitter Storm raged on daily, the President was talking to the Chinese President Xi about North Korea as well as using South Korea to open some dialogue with the North using the South Korean Winter Olympics as the pretext and platform from which to begin opening North and South relations.  The President used China to tell Kim that he should at least consider direct talks with the US while South Korea worked with Kim on the Olympics and also conveying the notion to Kim that he should consider talks with the US.  Kim had to be somewhat confused with Trump bashing him daily on Twitter while Xi and the South Korean President Moon Jai-in telling him that the US is willing to talk!

Trump’s Trump Card-Patience:

President Trump outlined many strategies in his “Art of the Deal” book and underlying many of the strategies was the need to have whoever you are trying to negotiate with READY AND WILLING  TO NEGOTIATE.  In the case of North Korea and Kim Jong-un, the President knew that he had to alleviate Kim’s distrust and fear of duplicity on the part of the US.  Kim had been spoon-fed hatred and distrust of the US by his father and all members of his family and military circle.  

The President also trusted his own negotiating and interpersonal skills more than anyone he could send to meet with Kim directly.  He also know that even though a US President meeting directly with a miniscule country the size of North Korea (North Korea’s GDP is smaller than any of the US States including Washington DC and Puerto Rico)  was frowned on by the deep state diplomatic and intelligence gurus.  Was it a risk for President Trump to meet directly with Kim and take the chance that Kim would walk away from the talks?  Sure.  But as Trump says time and time again in the “Art of the Deal”, think big, be bold, and always have at least a Plan B or even C. 

The goal of his direct talk strategy was to begin to chip away at Kim’s loathing and distrust for the US.  Period!

Where we are Today

The President has just announced the 2nd Summit with Kim Jong-un on February 27th and 28th.  So, in less than a full year, President Trump and Chairman Kim will meet for the second time.  Since the first Summit, President Trump has been careful to praise Chairman Kim and continue to voice our appreciation for the Chairman’s abandoning of testing and development of nuclear warhead and missile delivery technology. 

Trump has been careful to frame a potential détente agreement between the US and North Korea as one that would see great economic benefit to North Korea and make Kim the hero to his people.  Remember, not only has Kim been indoctrinated against the US, but the North Korean People, and the military, have been as well.  South Korea’s joint meetings with their counterpart in the North has also been used to ease North Korean fears into the position where they could cautiously somewhat “trust” the US.  President Trump has to be careful and ensure that Kim is not taken out by an internal revolt just because he is talking with the US.  A dead Kim would most like usher in a hard-liner from the family and military ranks.

Summit #2:

The second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim will be a continuation of Trump’s campaign to convince Kim to be a willing and even an enthusiastic party to a new negotiated détente between the US and North Korea.  All of the so-called intelligence experts, who have been wrong since 1953 on how to negotiate with North Korea, keep saying that Trump has to get Kim to disclose all of the locations of their weapons and military installations.  (One would hope that these brilliant experts already know where these are!)  While the President may convince Kim to begin hard steps towards denuclearization, the more like outcome will be baby-steps and a continuation of dialogue.  Trump knows how big the stakes are and time is on our side, and not the side of North Korea given the ongoing sanctions.  As long as Kim keeps his arsenal in the holster, Trump believes he is managing the threat.  

Trump’s long-game is his full first term to accomplish the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  He probably sees at least two more top-to-top meetings taking place before real progress is made.  If it takes less of an effort, that is even better.  Read the President’s chapter on “The Elements of the Deal” and “Trump Tower: The Tiffany Location” to get a better feel for his approach.  

See the source image

In order to truly appreciate the President’s approach to North Korea and his use of China as a lever, just consider how complicated Trump’s relationship is with Xi. Trump is bashing them in trade talks, intellectual property theft, even prosecuting the head of a Chinese State owned company, all the while courting Xi to help him with North Korea and to stop violating the sanctions?  Talk about HUTZPAH!

R Pierini


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RINOs Resurrected and Strike At Trump-McConnel Head RINO

See the source image

Who Needs Enemies

With A “Friend” Like Mitch!

Not only did McConnell and the RINO led Senate vote to rebuke Trump’s Syria and Afghanistan troop reduction decision, these traitors did it on the day of Trump’s State of the Union Address!  Senate Bill 1, that passed by a 77-23 vote, includes:

  • Directs Trump to Impose Sanctions on Entities Doing Business with Syrian President Al-Assad
  • “Urges” Trump Not to Exit the Conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan
  • Includes Aid for Israel
  • Allows State and Local governments to refuse to do business with anyone who boycotts Israel.
  • To totally insult, “throw shade” for those under 30, at the President, McConnell allowed this bill to pass on the day of Trump’s State of the Union address.

In case you missed it, the name of the bill is “Senate Bill 1”, which means that this is the first bill that the new REPUBLICAN RINO SENATE had passed in the new 2019 session.  An omen for things to come?  Most in this Senate and the House, would have trouble finding Syria and Afghanistan on a map let alone direct policy.  They, instead, hide behind so-called civilian, think tank and military “experts” to cover their respective asses and go against the President of the United States. 

All the while, McConnell and his RINOs have steadfastly refused to dump the undemocratic practice of requiring 60 votes to pass anything through the Senate except for the overabundance of verbal and anal FLATULENCE!  

See the source image

The timing of this bill passing on the day of the SOTU address, was timed and intentional.  This bunch of wimps and do-nothings think they are going to preempt the President and take his talking points away on these key foreign policy issues.  WRONG!  My hope is that the President take both the Republican RINOs and the moronic Democrats on directly and state exactly what he is going to do again in these theaters of conflict as he has in the past.  I also hope he pulls McConnell in and tells him point-blank that he will not stand for McConnell to stand in for Flake, McCain and Ryan as the Anti-Trump leader in the Senate.  That if McConnell expects any help in the future that he damn well better wake up and understand that the Democrats and the hard-left are the enemies of the United States and not the President.

State of the Union 2019: Trump addresses the nation - live updates

I hope everyone contacts Senator McConnell and tells him that you think he is a traitor to the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and those of us who support President Trump and his policies.  You can call his Washington DC  office at Phone: (202) 224-2541
Fax: (202) 224-2499 or send him a letter or postcard to,   317 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510.

Here are some links to the Chief Senate RINO McConnell, (these links should take you to the appropriate page when you click on the link) 

Government Website:
Campaign Website:

Social Media Pages


These Senators have absolutely no direct responsibility for our Foreign Policy and will duck for cover should this bill actually cause more of our brave soldiers to lose their lives.  Maybe they should read Article 2 of the US Constitution and understand that it is not their role to micro manage our foreign policy.  God knows Congress has enough power to screw things up in the US and this is not one of them!  You might say that this wimpy resolution to keep troops in Syria and Afghanistan is not binding.  That may be true but it undermines the positions taken by the President with the American People.  RINO-MAC may have forgotten but We the American People elected the President and expect him to have the support of at least our own party.   

See the source image

Many of these same Senators voted to get us into these never-ending wars with no real objective or rules of engagement to actually win and protect our most prize asset, the American Soldier.  Did they all of a sudden gain cerebral supremacy.  I think not!

RD Pierini



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The New Reality! KKK Racism is Bad; Infanticide and Black Genocide is OK!

The KKK, Eugenicist and Racist Margaret Sanger, and the Democrat Party all have Controlled Black Genocide in Common. 

See the source image

KKK:  The KKK, was founded, maintained, and controlled by Democrat Party members since its founding in 1865 by 6 former Confederate Officers.  The goal was to fight against Republican States who sought to memorialize the emancipation of slaves and to establish equal protection for the freed slaves during the Reconstruction Period.  

The Truth About Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger & Planned Parenthood:  Sanger was a hardline eugenicist (Eugenics is the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics). She is also the founder of Planned Parenthood.  She  believed to her core that people of color and those with mental and physical disabilities should be limited from and discouraged to reproduce!  Some of her more memorable quotes include:  (Remember she addressed over 12 KKK meetings with this garbage so guess who she was targeting!)

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…
— Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
Woman and the New Race, Chapter 5, “The Wickedness of Creating Large Families.” (1920)

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

— Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198.

“All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class… Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, though prudent, practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a cleaner race.”

(Note, Race is singular)
— Margaret Sanger, “Morality and Birth Control,” Feb-Mar 1918.

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

(Of course she and her followers would be the creator and enforcer of the “stern and rigid policies)

— Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198.

Democrat Party:  The Democrat Party and its members fought long and hard against the abolition of slavery and the equality of the former Black and other slaves.  1865 was the high point of the battle for the Republican Party against the Democrat Party where the Republicans were able to abolish the institution of slavery by  successfully in ratifying the 13 Amendment to the US Constitution.  The next few years the Democrats fought against the Reconstruction policies and the granting of voting rights to freed slaves. 

Democrats and the KKK:  The Democrats established the KKK in this time to help force freed slaves to not push for their rights and to keep them in mental if not physical bondage.  The Democrats also established a series of Laws that came to be known as the Jim Crow laws with the intent to maintain segregation, primarily in the democrat controlled Southern States but California adopted such unconstitutional statutes.  It was not until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was voted in, that the Jim Crow Laws were finally eliminated from our land and this last vestige of slavery was no more.  I just wish that one Democrat would own up to the fact that the KKK and the Jim Crow laws were initiated by the Democrats.

Featured Image

Democrats and Planned Parenthood:  The Democrats continue to support Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood today where 35% of all US abortions are Black babies.  This only includes data from 29 States!  (Black women make up 6% of the total US population)  Planned Parenthood’s found, Margaret Sanger stated in 1939 that the “Negro Project” was intended to “thwart the population growth of the poor and minorities” and to discourage,  “the defective and diseased elements of humanity from their “reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning.”  Jesse Jackson prior to his Presidential Run in 1984 stated that the abortion industry TARGETS THE BLACK COMMUNITY calling the disproportionate number of minority abortions as “BLACK GENOCIDE”.   According to Erma Clardy Craven, a Social Worker and Civil Rights leader, she observed:  Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black.”  

Today, the Democrat Party tries to spin their support of Planned Parenthood as humane and as a protection of women’s rights and stating that abortions are safe and rare.  They are neither!  Especially to the baby!  Today, 79% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in MINORITY neighborhoods just as Margaret Sanger directed!

Democrats and Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion:  It should not be shocking then that Democrat controlled States have adopted the most liberal Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion laws in the US.  New York just “rejoiced” over expanding their infanticide laws and last week a similar law was rejected in Virginia after its governor,  Ralph Northam described in some detail what happens to a baby that was born in spite of the mother’s wish to abort the baby.  Paraphrasing the Governor, he said that the baby would be kept comfortable until the mother and the doctor decided whether to allow the baby to live or die, after it was born alive!  A live birth of a baby, under the Laws of the United States, is the very definition of a person and persons are absolutely protected under the US Constitution!  

-The KKK Versus Black Infanticide/Genocide- Democrats Think the KKK is Worse!

Governor Northam surfaced again last week after voicing his support for Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion when a medical school picture of him surfaced either in black face or sporting a KKK pin head hood and white robe.  Not sure what kind of dumb or ignorant you would have to be to pose in this manner!

Every Democrat 2020 Candidate for President and all other Democrats who could find a microphone or a TV camera likewise called for Governor Northam’s resignation as this 35-year-old picture clearly meant he was a RACISTS.  Whenever Pelosi or other prominent Democrats were asked about the Governor’s crass remarks about Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion, they, to a person, wigged out saying that they hadn’t heard what the Governor said about killing babies.  The press merely stopped asking them the question!

Why do Democrats want to hang Governor Northam for being a RACISTS rather than hanging him for being a murderer and a supporter of infanticide?  BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH HIM ON Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion AND WANT TO GET THE CONVERSATION AWAY FROM THE ABORTION QUESTION!  Ironically, Northam, emulated the Democrat support for the KKK in the past and gave them ammunition to use that against them in order to protect their eugenics, black infanticide, agenda!  

Whenever a Democrat stands against another Democrat you better look under the hood!  There is always an alternative agenda at play.  

I personally think Governor Northam, and Cuomo of New York, should both resign (or be prosecuted) over their support of Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion!  There is no defense of abortion, period!  But late-term and post birth “abortion” is murder, period.  Time to stand against Post and Partial Birth Infanticide/Abortion

RD Pierini




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Part 2-Gov. Cuomo’s Excommunication-A Matter of God’s Law or the Collection Plate!


Cardinal Doubles Down Monday on Fox and Friends on his weak response to Gov. Cuomo’s infanticide green light for New York State.  Part 1 of our reporting on this abhorrent law and the complicity of the Catholic Church leaders was published earlier this week, Link: Cardinal Dolan tried to defend his lack of action against Gov. Cuomo and other “Catholics” who supported this infanticide law and abortion in general, he fell way short of making his case.  Rush Limbaugh weighed in Monday on the lack of response by Dolan and the travesty of supporting infanticide.  He summarized what most of us feel when he said:

Rush Limbaugh: If we’re not willing to stand up for life, what the hell else are we gonna be able to have any value in?” 

See the source image

Dolan “Excuses” His Lack of Action: 60 Million Cases of Infanticide Have Resulted!

Downplays Canon Law:  Dolan stated that even though Canon Law specifically states that excommunication is automatic and even those lawmakers who “support” abortion is subject to excommunication, that the “Church” has softened their position on abortion consequences over the past 50 years!  Do you know what happened about 50 years ago?  Yep, ROE V WADE which opened the floodgate of infanticide across this nation that has allowed over 60,000,000 babies to be murdered in the US!  If you and your band of Cardinals thought that your own Canon Law needed to be softened, why didn’t you have the guts to actually change Canon Law?  

Cardinal Dolan, can’t you draw a straight line between the “softening” of the Church’s stance on Abortion in 1973 to this latest infanticide debacle in New York!  If you can’t you need to step down as a “spiritual leader”.  Where did you think this “softening” of your stance on infanticide would lead? 

Cardinal Dolan, Morality Can Never Relative Nor Subject To Popular Opinion!  Infanticide is Murder!

Maybe you need to take a moment and remember Revelation 3:16, “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”  How timid was Christ when he threw the money changers out of the temple; did He shy away from His calling when the soldiers led him to the cross?  Your beloved “progressives” will push their death agenda to extremes much farther than this latest New York Cuomo Infanticide law!  When will you say ENOUGH?  

Cardinal Dolan, Why is the Excommunication of Enabling Legislators Needed?

You try to justify your lack of action, excommunication, of Cuomo by stating, “We would be giving ammo to our enemies who say this is an internal Catholic disciplinary matter. This is really not civil rights, this is really not biology. These Catholics don’t have freedom when it comes to this.  We have a governor that brags about it. We have a governor that uses his dissent from church teachings as applause lines. We have a governor that takes quotes from Pope Francis out of context to draw lines between Bishops of New York and the Holy Father himself,” he said. “[Cuomo’s] not going to be moved by this. So what would be the use?”

Cardinal Dolan, How about drawing a line in the sand that this is not acceptable behavior by a member of your Church?

Cardinal Dolan, How about drawing a line in the sand and support the majority of the 70,000,000 US Catholics who find the New York Infanticide Law (and your lack of a real response) a tacit approval of infanticide and murder of any person justified by an immoral law and the immoral individuals who create these immoral laws and applaud their adoption!  

Cardinal Dolan, How about standing on the side of God’s Commandments against Immoral Politicians who Legislate God out of our lives!

Cardinal Dolan, How about standing on the side of the 60,000,000 babies that have been killed in the US since 1973 and you and your associates thought it best to soften your objection and activism against infanticide?

Cardinal Dolan, How about learning from history when Nazi Germany isolated over 6,000,000 European Jews and brutally exterminated them as a “socially acceptable” policy?  The horror of the German gas chambers and the dismemberment and murder of our children via abortion procedures; or the snipping of their spinal cords; or the insertion of a sharp object into the brain stem should never be allowed in a civil society let alone in a Christian nation.

Cardinal Dolan, How about thinking of what you said in 2013 regarding your ability to work with Gov. Cuomo:  “he (Cuomo) wants to work hard on alternatives to abortion,” such as expanding adoption, having “greater latitude” in maternity leave and better assisting pregnant women in need and those with small children.  You need to learn that your beloved Progressives are a hoax 

See the source image

Cardinal Dolan, How about thinking of what you said in 2013 regarding the horrors perpetrated against babies by Dr. Gosnell and the gruesome details of how now-convicted Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell ran his abortion clinic and the late-term abortions he performed:  “..will unmask some of the horror that is now obvious in this unfettered abortion-on-demand culture that’ we’ve got.”

Gosnell’s convictions of 3 counts of first degree murder would not even be tried today in a New York courtroom.  All three of these babies were born alive and subsequently murdered by Gosnell or his assistant at his direction. 

On May 13, 2013, Fox News reported;

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, was convicted of first-degree murder and could face execution in the deaths of three babies who authorities say were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his grimy clinic, in a case that became a flash point in the nation’s debate over abortion.”  The article went on to say;  “Gosnell was cleared in the death of a fourth baby, who prosecutors say let out a soft whimper before he snipped its neck.

Fox News went on to say; 

“Prosecution experts said one was nearly 30 weeks along when it was aborted, and it was so big that Gosnell allegedly joked it could “walk to the bus.” A second fetus was said to be alive for some 20 minutes before a clinic worker snipped its neck. A third was born in a toilet and was moving before another clinic employee grabbed it and severed its spinal cord, according to testimony. Baby E let out a soft whimper before Gosnell cut its neck, the jury was told; Gosnell was acquitted in that baby’s death.”

A little tough to read, too bad.  We need to face this horror straight on.  Killing of babies is not a comfortable subject, nor should it be.  If you have been involved in sidewalk counseling outside of a Planned Parenthood you know how being in the presence of evil feels.  You also know how grateful men and women are that you were there and that they chose life because of your presence.

See the source image

Cardinal Dolan should stand with us outside of these execution chambers and look in the face of the mothers who have just had their babies ripped from their bodies.  We have counseled many afterwards suffering from guilt, depression, fighting suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, and more. 

Maybe then, maybe, Dolan would find it in his heart to Excommunicate Gov. Cuomo and all who voted and supported the New York Infanticide Bill. 

Maybe then he would take on the infanticide issue will some degree of passion and intestinal fortitude worth of this fight to preserve our very future. 

Maybe then he would see that it matters to Stand-Up For Life, Especially the Life of those who Jesus called to Him; “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” 

Cardinal, what do you think Jesus would say to Gov Cuomo, and to you, regarding New York Infanticide.  Do you think Jesus would say that this is just political and if I scold them it will make them stronger. 

Cardinal, do you think Jesus would say to you that the cheek you are turning is NOT YOURS!  You are sending Mine to slaughter and your “Lukewarm” defense of My children is abominable!

4,000 babies are sent to their death every single day in the US at the hands of infanticide abortionists.  Infanticide equals half of the deaths (1.5M) in the US (2.7) and they are not even counted in the total death count for the US!  The death of a child to infanticide is not even worth counting!

Constitutional Reminder to the good Cardinal, Our Constitution guarantees us Religion FREE FROM the State, not the other way around…


RD Pierini


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Gov. Cuomo’s Excommunication-A Matter of God’s Law or the Collection Plate!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo poses with Cardinal Timothy Dolan while marching in the 69th Annual Columbus Day Parade on October 14, 2013 in New York City.

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a bill that would insert the most egregious and expansive Abortion rights bills in US history allowing for even the killing of a baby one day before its birth, literally anytime any doctor states that the baby is a threat to the mother’s physical and mental health!  They have changed the word Abortion into Infanticide!   Further, that the abortionists does not even have to be a physician!  This begs the question whether Dr. Gosnell, the “most prolific serial killer in US history” would have been found guilty under the Cuomo “kill every baby you can” New York Law!  Governor Cuomo has professed his adherence to the teachings of the Catholic Church and his admiration and respect for Pope Francis.  This is the textbook example of moral relativism!

In spite of outrage by many of the 70 million plus practicing Catholics in the US, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has refrained from excommunicating Governor Cuomo which is the depriving a member of the Church from participating in the sacraments of the Catholic Church. 

  • Dolan released a statement through his spokesman which included an admonition that excommunication “should not be used as a weapon” and that those calling for Cuomo’s excommunication are doing so “out of anger or frustration”!  Really!  Can’t wait for Dolan to face the aborted babies at judgement! 
  • He also said that “some” Canon Law experts do not believe that excommunication can be used against politicians who support or vote for abortion!  Better go back and read Canons 751, 1364 and 1398.  Cuomo and other Catholic lawmakers in New York who supported this legislation are subject to automatic, immediate excommunication. 
  • The spokesman went on to say that “from a pastoral perspective”, should address the grievance directly with the “parishioner” rather than publicly excommunicate the parishioner.  The whole point of public excommunication is to put a stake in the ground for morality and to make the Church’s position on infanticide crystal clear to all Catholics and especially those who are elected officials who publicly and legislatively support infanticide. 
  • But the icing on the cake was the final point that “…from a strategic perspective, I do not believe that excommunication would be effective as many politicians would welcome it as a sign of their refusal to be bullied by the Church Thinking therefore that it would give them a political advantage.”  Reread that statement again!  Dolan is a very intelligent man.  If the Church does not stand for morality against secular humanism, as evidenced by support for infanticide, who gives a big rip if these reprobates use it as a “political advantage” to gain support from other moral reprobates who support infanticide!!!! 

See the source image

Cardinal Dolan seems to be prioritizing financial and political advantages by turning a blind eye to infanticide ahead of the spiritual and moral values of the Church and its parishionersBig money and political power go hand in hand and is Dolan prioritizing money over salvation; or is Dolan allowing political power and money to buy salvation, akin to the Church’s medieval practice of granting “indulgences”.   The Cuomo family is old money New York along with many of their “Catholic” friends and political supporters.  The same is true for Nancy Pelosi and other progressive-left supporters of Infanticide!  Can Dolan and the Church forgo their “contributions” and put spiritual gifts ahead of financial largess?

The Church is at a turning pointDolan stepped up finally against the sexual abuses by priests but now faces an even more horrific stumbling block, Infanticide.  Infanticide is more horrific in that the babies who are slaughtered by infanticide are deprived of their God-given right to a life here on earth.  While the victims of sexual abuse are truly victims, they at least have not been deprived of life but have been deprived of their faith in many cases. 

See the source image

Either the Church steps up and condemns this law, and excommunicates those who supported and passed it, or the Church will lose any moral ground on the infanticide issue.  Several other “Christian” denominations have gone wobbly on infanticide and now the world is watching to see if the Church, and specifically Cardinal Dolan, will stand firm on the side of Life.  Talk is cheap, especially for politicians.  Time to see if Dolan is a politician or a spiritual leader!

RD Pierini


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Rev. Andy Stanley-No Need To Follow The 10 Commandments-Really?

New Vs Old Testament

Pastor Andy Stanley, the son of Dr. Charles Stanley, who is the Pastor and founder of InTouch Ministries and also the past president of the Southern Baptist convention, sent a jolt through many Christians when he stated that:  “Participants in the new covenant (that’s Christians) are not required to obey any of the commandments found in the first part of their Bibles.  Participants in the new covenant are expected to obey the single command Jesus issued as part of his new covenant: as I have loved you, so you must love one another.”  He also called for the abandonment of using the 10 Commandments as monuments but rather construct monuments to the Sermon on the Mount!  Andy went on to say; Besides, you weren’t included in the old covenant to begin with! So why are we fighting to build monuments to it?”  But, Interestingly, this new covenant was found in John 13:34, and not in the Sermon on the Mount as chronicled Matthew!

The Ten Commandments on display at the 13th annual Bible Marathon in Stuart, Fla. (WND photo / Joe Kovacs)

The shock came as Pastor Andy Stanley very simply stated that today’s Christians, or those aspiring to become a Christian, do not have to obey any of the 10 Commandments but rather that we “only” have to love one another as Christ loved us!   But, didn’t you believe, especially if you have heard Andy’s Father, Dr. Charles Stanley, state day in and day out that “because if thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved:.  Romans 10:9.  What does that have to do with loving one another?  Does that mean that maybe if we believe in Romans 10:9 and love one another that is even better?  Or even better, if we believe in Romans 10:9, and love one another, and keep the 10 commandments, that is the ultimate path to heaven?  Why would Rev. Stanley solely focus on the New Testament book of Matthew to the exclusion of the rest of the Bible?

Stanley’s Focus on the Sermon of the Mount

Image result for sermon of the mount

If you take Stanley literally, the Sermon on the Mount is taken from the book of Matthew only and not on the balance of the Old or New Testaments.  Below is a breakdown of the Sermon’s components:

But, you do not find the command from John 13:34 that states as I have loved you, so you must love one another“.  There is also no reference to salvation through grace as found in Romans 10:9“because if thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”.  So, if Rev. Andrew Stanley was intending to confuse Christians of all stripes, he certainly succeeded!  He seems to try to simply state that if you love everyone you meet as Jesus loves us, then that is all we have to do to go to heaven.  I suppose you could rationalize that if you love everyone as Jesus loved us, then we would automatically follow the 10 commandments, never divorce, never judge others, never follow false prophets,  and intuitively accept (not confess)Jesus as our Lord and Savior and that God raised Jesus from the dead!

Without getting too deep into the weeds, Rev. Stanley seems to following the Dispensationalists belief that the Bible is broken down into specific cycles/times and covenants.  

Stanley appears to believe that the Crucifixion of Christ fulfilled and negated the promises and covenants of the Old Testament and from that point forward, only the teachings and covenant of the New Testament applies to Christians. 

I believe that Rev. Andrew Stanley statements (and maybe his personal beliefs) are NOT inline with that of his father, Dr. Charles Stanley.  The latter constantly refers to the Old Testament in his sermons, writings and his daily devotionals.  From my observance of Dr. Stanley, he teaches salvation through grace by the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal savior and does not emphasize the Sermon on the Mount as more or less important than any other biblical teachings inspired by God or uttered by Jesus while he was on this earth.

Image result for salvation through crucifixion

As a Christian, I do believe that God sent his only son to earth to die for the forgiveness of our sins and make the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.  While I do believe that you cannot earn your way into heaven via good works or by being a “good person”, I do believe that the Old and New Testament laws, including the 10 Commandments, provide a pathway to leading a Christian life and do provide us with a moral compass that we can latch onto and use to combat temptation to fall into the trap of moral relativism!  I also believe that non-Messianic Jews are still subject to Mosaic Covenant/law.  

The 10 Commandments, as a physical and spiritual symbol for our Christian faith, is important not only to remind Christians that God gave us the commandments as our moral compass, but to non-Christians to demonstrate God’s practicality in laying out clear guidance for human behavior and that morality is not “relative” and subject to our social whims.  I would propose that perhaps if you are going to create a 10 Commandment monument, you could also include a banner at the bottom that included John 13:34; A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

RD Pierini


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Were Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez Racists? Obviously Not! Rep. Steve King?

“Ignorance is the lack of Knowledge, Stupidity is the lack of curiosity to gain Knowledge”!

United Farm Workers founder and farm worker union activist Cesar Chavez and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. both adamantly opposed illegal immigration from Mexico of low skilled workers.  Both felt that by allowing unfettered illegal immigration into the US from our Southern Border, that American workers, Hispanics and Blacks especially, were forced to compete in a labor market where wages were being depressed due to the influx of cheap labor.  Both also favored limits on legal immigration for the same reason.  Chavez fought to unionize agricultural workers who were typically on the low-end of the pay scale.  Rev. King likewise fought against the influx of cheap labor that drove many Blacks into abject poverty due to a lack of jobs and low entry-level wages.

NO one has ever accused either Chavez or King of being RACiSTS. Or described their positions as “IF you are Brown, Turnaround”!  NO one has ever accused Chavez or King of being “American Supremacists”, bigots, racists, or xenophobes.  It has been reported that Chavez departed from Dr. King in that he also incorporated violence into his quest to stop illegal immigration.  According to the Daily Signal article on January 16, 2019, by Walter E. Williams,  “He sent union members into the desert to assault Mexicans who were trying to sneak into the country. They beat the Mexicans with chains and whips made of barbed wire. Undocumented immigrants who worked during strikes had their houses firebombed and their cars burned.”  Yet, Chavez was joined in various protest marches by LA Cardinal Mahoney, Democrat Senator Walter Mondale, and civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy.  

“Si, se puede!” (“Yes, we can!”)

Recently, a group of protesters railing against President Trump’s immigration policies and his support for strong border security, were waiving Mexican flags, shouting “Si, se puede”, meaning “Yes, We Can”What the Left and this group they organized failed to comprehend was that this slogan was coined by Cesar Chavez but Chavez meant that “Yes, we can seal the Southern Border” and stop illegal immigration! To this day Chavez remains a hero of he left.

Representative Steve King, (R-Iowa),  Recent Comments

Rep. King has always been outspoken and unfiltered.  Recently he has been ripped apart by the media, left and right, as well as politicians and others on both sides of he aisle.  He has been especially outspoken about illegal and legal immigration and its impacts on the US and the world at large. 

The catalyst for this outcry was precipitated by an interview he did with the New York Times recently.  King was interviewed by the NYT’s Trip Gabriel who quoted King as saying:  

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization (Western Civilization)?  Clearly, I was only referencing Western Civilization classes. No one ever sat in a class listening to the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy.”

The NYT and others pointed to many of King’s past remarks as racist which was certainly not accurate.  Even Brit Hume, not a big fan of Rep. King, stated;  “Some of them weren’t even about race. Some of them were about Islam, Islam is not a race, it’s a faith. Many of them might be considered insensitive, but they weren’t racist.  Racism means a very specific thing, it means a belief in the superiority of one race over another. And it is taboo in the United States as well as it should be.” Hume referred to the NYT piece as “completely bogus”! Hume went on to discuss using the term racism and admonished his colleagues saying: “News media, shouldn’t be throwing the word racist around with abandon.  We should be very careful in how we use it.”

Another Criticism of Rep. King was his support for a comment made by a Dutch Politician Geert Wilders.  King Tweeted:  

“(Geert) Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

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Wilders was arguing against Europe’s recent open borders policy that has exploded the Muslim populations throughout Europe including a 25% Muslim population in the Netherlands.  (Muslim population in the US is 1%)  Wilders was pointing out that the birth rates of the European Dutch was below that of the recent Muslim immigrants and that demographics, (statistical data relating to the population and the groups within it), will frame a nation’s future culture and destiny.  THIS IS NOT RACIST, IT IS A FACT!  The Netherlands culture today may be White, European Dutch, but tomorrow it will morph into something that melds its historical culture with cultural elements that are influenced by the new Muslim immigrant population. 

Rep. King had made a similar statement and observation of the US “culture” and the influence of immigration on our “Western Values” and “American Culture”.  The “American Culture” has been undergoing a constant metamorphosis since its founding due to the influence by various immigrants who have come to this country.  Today, the US allows about 1.5 million legal immigrants into this country and is subjected to over a million illegal immigrants entering this country from primarily Mexico and Central America.  It is estimated that 22 million illegal aliens reside in the US today and are primarily from the same regions.  Rep. King’s point being that with this level of immigration, and our shrinking birth rates, what will be the impact on the existing “American Culture”.  He then states that the current “American Culture” cannot be maintained without being impacted/changed by “babies” from other non United States offspring whose parents grew up in a non US culture.  THIS IS NOT RACISTS, IT IS A FACT.  

Cesar Chavez, Dr. King & Rep. Steve King:

What do these three men have in common?  They all questioned the impact of immigration on the US and its citizens, both minority and majority members.  They questioned our priorities and whether we were placing non US citizens in front of US citizens.  Were any of these men Racists?  NO.  None of them believed that one race was superior to another race.  It is unfortunate that Rep. King did not have the same oratory skills as Dr. King!


Racism is abhorrent in any form or context But, I agree with Brit Hume that we should all be very careful how we use it and what we attach it to.  It is sad that when someone brings up a “controversial” topic or Tweets something that make us sit up and question, our first reaction is to label it as racist, or homophobic or some other ist or ic.  We should use some of these as learning moments and question not only the topic or issue, but who we are and are there elements that we need to examine.  Anytime I am engaging someone and they immediately go to name-calling, I am out of there!  There is no need to try to engage in a logical conversation with someone who hides ignorance behind belligerence!  

Politics and Racism

I am sick and tired of feigned moral outrage that negates logical discourse.  As soon as someone says something that someone else labels as racist, others, join in like kindergarteners in the sand box to pile on and condemn.  That is the coward’s way out.  Unfortunately, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Liz Chaney, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and many other Republican politicians did this to Rep. Steve King.  Thank God that the left and right have not done this to Cesar Chavez, Dr. King and everyone that supported them and their movements that were aligned against illegal immigration.

“Ignorance is the lack of Knowledge, Stupidity is the lack of curiosity to gain Knowledge”! 

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