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I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

Our Heritage; Are we equal to the task at hand?

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Hillary Attacks “Alt-Right”, Really?

Pointing the Finger Away From Herself and Her Corruption

Image result for hillary clinton mad face


Alt-Right, HUH?:  The people outside of Hillary Clinton’s Reno, Nevada, event today were asked what they thought about Hillary speech centering around attacking Trump and the “Alt-Right”.  Most did not know what “Alt-Right” was even though some thought attacking it would be a good thing?  (Hillary is trying to equate Breitbart with the Alt-Right now that Steve Bannon is heading up Trump’s Campaign)   The word “right” must have been the trigger.  Joel Pollak of Breitbart asked several of the attendees about the Alt-Right.  Go to this link to see their responses! https://youtu.be/YeymDHht2g8 .

Image result for Clinton cash

Hillary Trying to Change the MSM Focus:  Hillary’s speech was clearly an attempt to change the narrative of this past week that was centered around the Clinton Foundation’s alleged “Pay-To-Play” accusations in the MSM!  The only problem is, NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE ALT-RIGHT IS, save a few journalists and pundits who regularly dive into political minutia.  (I have to admit that I had to do some research to gain a better understanding of the term.)  Her ploy was also to trump Trump’s outreach to the African-American and Hispanic voters and ask for their vote!  His phrase, “What the hell do you have to lose” is resonating and is disturbing to Democrats.

race cardPlaying the RACE CARD:  Hillary’s intent was to use a term, “Alt-Right”, attach it to Trump, and define it as a fringe group exemplified by the likes of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan!  And of course, claim Trump and his supporters are RACISTS. (just a matter of time before she dusted off that term and used it in this campaign)  Of course so-called conservative pundits point to the fact that this stigma is Trump’s fault because he did not clearly denounce his endorsement by Duke during the primaries even though Trump repeatedly denounced Duke and the KKK but don’t let facts get in the way of a #NeverTrump person. 

You can expect the hacks in the MSM to parrot Hillary’s outburst against this small and insignificant fringe group and try to focus the narrative back on Trump.  Trump has been lazar focused on his message and will continue to campaign following his game plan.  Whether the MSM will go back to the real issues of the campaign and the Clinton Pay-To-Play scandals is anyone’s guess.  I do expect the #NeverTrump crowd to try to bash Trump and keep the focus off of Clinton!  Trump has 74 days left to win this election and he and his campaign will remain focused…


Note:  Who are the Alt-Right?:  Scott Greer of “The Daily Caller” penned the most succinct and accurate definition of those involved in the Alt-Right:  “The alt right is an online movement opposed to political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism and mainstream conservatism. It’s primarily comprised of young white men. While a large portion of its adherents are white nationalists, not all of the folks tweeting out the hashtag are concerned with enforcing Aryan supremacy. The alt right is an umbrella term which includes multiple ideologies — everyone from anarcho-capitalists, neo-monarchists, American nationalists, men’s rights advocates, “identitarians,” and even out-and-out neo-Nazis all claim to be apart of the alt right.”  Most of the noise from this group is online chatter via trolling and most hide behind nondescript memes.  What they are not are main stream Republicans, Independents, and Reagan (Trump) Democrats who are seeking to rebuild America and de-emphasize globalism! 

RD Pierini




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What Is The Alt Right?


Trump-Border Security & Illegal Immigration

Trump’s Border Security and Illegal Immigration Policy

Instead of Condemning the Clinton Illegal Activities,

RINOs are Piling On Trump for “Softening” His Immigration Plan

Trump Wall

The “RIGHT-WING” pundits are out in force BADMOUTHING Donald Trump for supposedly “softening” his stance on illegal immigration.  These are the same people who BADMOUTHED Donald Trump during the primaries for being TOO STRONG on illegal immigration and alienating the Hispanic Community.  These same so-called conservatives are silent on condemning Hillary and Bill Clinton for their illegal activities in their Clinton Foundation and their Clinton Global Initiative.  Sad to see that these RINOs would rather support the continuation of the anti-US policies of Obama/Clinton rather than defend our own nation and restore the American Dream.

Trump on Border Security & Immigration:

Trump’s Border Security Plan Will Be Multi-Faceted.

  1. Build the Wall:  Trump has not backed down one inch on building the wall and having Mexico pay for it.  The “wall” will not only be a physical barrier, but will be supplemented by electronic, drone, and human intelligence support.

  2. Border Patrol/ICE Strengthening and Rule of Engagement Changes:  Trump will increase the number of agents on the border and increase the sophistication and power of their equipment and infrastructure.  Trump will rescind the Obama/Clinton rules of engagement for the border agents and eliminate the “catch and release” programs.  ICE will be coupled tightly with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and with Homeland Security.  Drug trafficking and terror infiltration will be integral to Trump’s border security plan.

  3. Adherence to Current Law:  Trump will base his border security plan on existing law initially signed by Ronald Reagan. 

Trump Immigration Plan Will Also Be Multi-Faceted:

  1. Target Felonious Illegal Aliens for Deportation:  Trump will direct federal law enforcement officers to begin apprehending illegal aliens with criminal records.  He will insist that all State and Local law enforcement assist the federal government in the rounding up of criminal illegals.  Sanctuary States, Counties, and Cities will be required to assist the federal agents in their rounding up of criminal illegal aliens and if they refuse, Trump will withhold targeted federal funding.  The courts that deal with deportation hearings will be strengthened and priority given to processing illegal aliens with criminal records.  For aliens with open warrants, Trump will incarcerate these individuals pending prosecution. 

  2. Illegal Aliens Without Criminal Records:  (Here is where the softening begins)  Trump will devise a plan whereby illegal aliens without criminal records can apply for a green card.  The applicants will be required to undergo all steps required for those who apply for green cards through current statutes.  Trump will issue an executive order requiring the applicants to pay a fine for violating US law by entering this country illegally.  The applicants will be required to travel to their country of origin to file their application.  One possibility may be for the applicants to go through their consulates that are located in the US.  (These offices are considered to be part of their country of origin.)  Trump will utilize existing law to process the new applications.  Application for US Citizenship will be subject to current law with no special consideration given to long term illegal residents.

  3. Visa and Refugee Programs:  H1-A, H1-B and other visa programs will be revisited and based on need AFTER considering the full employment of American Workers.  These programs will be integrated with a “Hire Americans First” program so our citizen’s employment take precedence over visa applicants.  Refugee programs will be reset based on current US/UN agreements on refugee resettlement.  Currently these agreements call for resettlement within safe zones in or near their country of origin.  Trump will press local nations to pay for the resettlement and take ownership of problems in their own region. 

The bottom line is that the “Rule of Law” will be re-stablished once again regarding Border Security and Immigration.  Trump is reaching out to members of our Hispanic Communities to help craft the final policy.  But, the final policy will be based on current US statutes that govern US immigration.  The so-called “softening” by Trump is merely a national dialogue on how to treat fellow human beings and their families while re-establishing secure borders and our rule of law. 

RINOs, sit down and shut the H#$# up!  You never had the guts to have a national debate so now you are excluded and we don’t care what you think!

RD Pierini



Obama to Give Our Control of OUR Internet to Globalist and Our Enemies

Globalist Unite!  Give Away US Control Over the Internet

Piece by Piece

The Dismantling of America

Ryan Obama Internet

Continuing the Obama Agenda to

Fundamentally Change America!

On October 1st, 2016, The US Department of Commerce will finalize the surrender of control of the internet to  a GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY.   Over the past 20 years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will no longer be administered by the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration with oversight by the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The new international coalition will include countries such as China, Russia, Iran and others.  This plan has been supported by the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.

Why should you care?  ICANN basically controls the internet, period.  ICANN manages the world’s domain and IP address database that in effect, keeps the internet running smoothly and insures stability and internet security.  In effect, it controls every URL (Uniform resource locator), AKA web address/host names, and email domains and addresses used on the internet.  For example, http://www.google.com, Your.Name.Gmail.com, http://www.whitehouse.gov, etc.   Control of this database is as strategic as protecting access to our power grid, financial institutions, military installations, and many more vital resources of the U.S..  In the wrong hands, entire countries, major industries, major defense systems, and terror networks can be enabled or disabled by who is in charge of ICANN.  On October 1st, this will no longer be the United States!

Key Question:  Do you think the internet, that we invented, should be managed by an agency that pretty much looks like the United Nations?  How has the UN been to us and to our allies like Israel?  Not so good. 

If we relinquish the control over the Internet to a body that does not have our best interest at heart, why are we taking this step towards information and infrastructure annihilation?  Why would we put our financial institutions at risk?  Our Military?  Our industry?  Our very existence?

Because George Soros and the Globalist Oligarchy Thrive On Anarchy!

They Swoop In and Buy Up the Rubble for 10 Cents on the Dollar!

Remember the 2008 Recession and Financial Crisis?  That was not an accident!

Let Trump Know You Want this Stopped.  Congress is a Waste of Time! 

After 3 Administrations, Congress Has Yet to Act!

Image result for Donald Trump Victory


RD Pierini


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Republican Party Elite-If Trump Wins, They are Repubocrats!

Elites Don’t Get Trump

Elites Don’t Get We The PeopleREPDemcratNew Elite Party After Trump Wins-Repubocrats!

It is hilarious to watch and listen to the old guard Republican and Democrat elites and their young and inexperienced pundits from Townhall, National Review, and many others, rail on Donald J. Trump regarding his need to pivot, his need to stick to the real issues, his need to stay on message, AND, TRUMP NEED TO BE JUST LIKE THEM!



Here are a few recent examples of the put downs of Trump by the MSM, Republican Elites, RINO Pundits and failed Republican candidates,  (This group will just be called “Elites” in this article), and Trump’s strategy to fight back and why his “Off Message” message is “On Message”!

  • Why Trump Makes Colorful Statements:  Trump constantly uses colorful metaphors, language and sharp sarcasm to make sure he grabs the attention of the Elites.  His language gets him on the front pages of newspapers and online journals and makes TRUMP the primary subject of the talking heads.  TRUMP DRIVES THE MEDIA JUST AS HE DID IN THE PRIMARIES.  If you learn anything else by reading this, make sure to make a note of this point and remember it the next time the Elites point out that Trump seemingly makes a HUUUGGGE campaign blunder.  Don’t think for a minute that the Elite are trying to help Trump “stay on message”!

  • Why Trump counterpunched Khizar Khan:  Khan was a Democrat Party plant at their convention and afterwards, with the façade that he represented the Gold Star Families and used this forum to insult Donald Trump day in and day out.  The Elites mercilessly attacked Trump for picking a fight with Khan and Trump’s supposed, although false, insulting of veterans and Gold Star Families.  Khan is not only a Democrat operative, he is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and a stanch defender of Sharia Law IN THE US.

    • Trump’s popularity with We the PEOPLE stems from his unabashed willingness to stand his ground and not yield to frontal attacks on himself, his family, and ESPECIALLY, We the PEOPLE!  This is his hallmark and his trademark, and We the PEOPLE expect him to stand for himself and for We the PEOPLE.  Vets know that their only champion in this election is Trump and Hillary will only give them the same poor healthcare they have received under Bush and Obama.  Our Veterans and We the PEOPLE deserve better.

  • Why Trump attacks the Illegal Alien and Open Border Immigration Issues and Seemingly Ignores the need to garner the Hispanic vote:  The Elites constantly bash Trump when he goes after illegal aliens and our open border policies that drive legal immigration to levels that are not in the best interest of the country, nor We the PEOPLE.  The Elites are also the Globalists who see open borders as essential to exporting more US industries and jobs out of the US to developing countries that they control and from whose economies they reap huge profits at the expense of the US labor force and US entrepreneurs.  They use Federal regulations and taxation policy to ensure that US industries are at a competitive disadvantage to our international rivals and use economic pressure to force them to expatriate their businesses.  Finally, the Elites see the illegal and legal immigrants as a constant re-supply of thankful voters, thankful to the Elites!  The Elites must keep the Hispanics, Muslim and Black constituencies under control by setting up racism as the shield against Trump and his efforts to enlist the Hispanics, Muslims and Blacks into the American Mainstream.

    • Trump knows that you cannot turn this economy around unless you control the shadow work force made up of illegal aliens, refugees and millions of visa immigrants who never leave and whose numbers continue to grow unchecked.  Trump also knows that the legal Hispanics, Muslims and the Blacks in this country have been disproportionately adversely impacted by the shadow work force as this force drives down their wages, takes their jobs, lowers their opportunities, and increases their tax burdens as the shadow work force sucks resources out of our States and local governments in the form of healthcare, education and other social services demands. 


    • His message is not anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim or anti-Black, but pro growth and opportunity for all US citizens.  This is antithetical to the Elite’s need to keep the Hispanic, Muslims and Black communities segregated and downtrodden in order to control their vote.  Kind of nuts but that is their strategy and for decades it has worked.  Trump is trying to change this paradigm!

  • Why Trump Ignores the Elites’ Cry to Become More Presidential:  What they mean is for Trump to become the same as they are, dull, uninspiring, incapable of relating to the average man and woman on the street, and most importantly not to rock the boat!  The Elites feign outrage when Trump calls out “Crooked Hillary”,  “Goofy” Elizabeth Warren, calls Obama and Hillary the “Founders of ISIS” and so on.  They cringe and decry Trump when he calls for pulling out or changing NATO and other international organizations that have become obsolete and ineffective but serving the Elite’s ideology.  They became apoplectic  when Trump stated that Obama and Clinton where the “Founders of ISIS”.  But, they could not refute that Obama and Clinton’s policy created the incubator that hatched what is now known as ISIS.

    • The good news is that Trump himself has said that HE WILL CONTINUE TO BE WHO HE IS, NOT WHO THE ELITES WANT HIM TO MORPH INTO SO HILLARY CAN EASILY DEFEAT HIM, ABETTED BY THE ELITES!  Trump’s strategy will not be to have a canned campaign speech but to remain true to he is, and who WE THE PEOPLE expect him to be; the unabashed defender of “America First”, “American Greatness”, and our LEADER AGAINST THE ELITE GLOBALIZATION THAT THREATENS THE VERY EXISTENCE OF WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR GREAT NATION. 

June 16th, 2015

Trump Changes the Political Paradigm Forever

Image result for trump announces run for president

When Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy in the Republican Presidential race, he forever changed the “politics as usual” paradigm that has shaped US politics for decades.  That paradigm featured molded candidates, canned behavior and decorum by candidates, adherence to big money and Globalist Elitist views and objectives, and a reliance on spending obscene amounts of cash on advertising as a way to reward a compliant media with advertising dollars and a way to keep the “riff-raff” from thinking they could actually run for office and succeed against the US political Elite machine!

The Elites initially thought this was another whim of “The Donald” and that he would drop out soon or be easily defeated.  Down deep, the Elites feared that Trump had the insider scoop on the Elites and that the Presidential candidacy of Trump could rock the very core of US Politics and certainly had the potential to disrupt if not destroy the Elitist version of the Republican Party.  Trump had been one of those who had to learn to use his money, power and influence to insure outcomes on issues that favored his business interests. 

But, he also learned how the Globalist Elites were “rigging” the system against the US worker and that WE THE PEOPLE were no longer being represented by the Elites in power.

Trump instinctively knew that for him to win at “their” game, he would have to change the rules.  If he played by “their” rules, “they”, the Elites would win.  What rules did Trump see as roadblocks to his success in challenging the Elites and representing a populists WE THE PEOPLE movement?

  • Self Funding:  Trump knew from the start that self funding was not only a popular strategy, but one that he would have to use as the Elites would never go against their own Globalist Elitist self interests.  This strategy was successful in the primary and he hopes that he can use a hybrid of this strategy to win in the General Election.  The hybrid would consist of some self funding and obtaining funding from WE THE PEOPLE.  He knew that the Global Elite big money machines would not support his candidacy against a died in the wool Globalist Elitist, bought and paid for, Hillary Clinton. 

  • Low Media Spend:  Trump knew that his funding strategy would not yield a tremendous cache of cash and that his media advertising would have to be creative and be supported by “free” press coverage of his campaign.  Trump had been involved in the media for years using television shows to promote his brand and message.  He was a master at manipulating the media for his business interests and applied this knowledge to his primary campaign.  During the primary, he garnered over $2.0 billion dollars worth of free coverage by the media according to some sources.  As he was running against other Republicans, the Elite Media gave him a lot of positive coverage in order to defeat his rivals as they, the Elites, still felt Trump was easily beatable in the general election.   In the general election so far, the Elite Media has been merciless in driving a negative perception of Trump and this will NOT change during this campaign.  Trump’s low spend strategy is a direct threat to the long-term power and control by the Elite.  If campaigns can be won without the need for huge amounts of money, how will the Elite be able to buy off and control the candidates who are in desperate need of funding?  Trump is also a master at using social media and the “free” internet to reach millions of his followers and drive messaging directly to them.  This is his countermeasure against the Elite MSM and their negative messaging.  I predict that Trump will win in November and spend under $500M rather than the $2B that will be spent by Hillary and her PACs.

  • Trump-Go Directly to WE THE PEOPLE:  The single largest mistake the Elites are making is dismissing Trump’s ability to go directly to WE The PEOPLE via rallies that are live streamed to millions and through social media.  The energy and synergy he generates at his events are truly historic.  Trump is a typical Gemini (twin personality) who on the one hand exhibits a quietly analytical and deep diving psyche and drive to understand and absorb detail, and his flamboyant, bigger than life public persona who can stimulate crowds and energize his followers to line up outside his events hours prior to his arrival.  Trump’s general election strategy is basically the same as his primary strategy:

    • Large Rally Event Driven:  Trump is confident in his ability to sense a crowd, drive the crowd to a frenzy, and endear each participant to his cause as he makes it “their own” cause.  Trump started in June of 2015 without a single voter in his database.  He generates loyalty lists through his event sign ups that allow him to have thousands of potential donors and volunteers at his fingertips.  In a given week, Trump by himself can directly touch around 100,000 supporters via his rallies!  If each rally goer recruits 4 votes, that is almost a half a million new votes Trump will gain each week.  His strategy is for the long haul, 90 days, versus a quick hit on Hillary.  Conversely, Hillary draws small crowds and relies on the Elites to drive her message in the Media and via paid advertising.  His strategy is to use rallies as his recruitment and donation mechanism to defeat Hillary.

  • Trump’s Pivot Moments to Drive Policy:  Trump uses other venues to give “teleprompter speeches” on policy detail as he did on the economy and radical Islamic terrorism.  The more sedate, analytical, and low-key Trump is shown to instill confidence and to counteract the Elites’ bombardment of his more boisterous rally persona.  From what I have read about Trump, he has almost a photographic memory and could deliver the same type of speech without a teleprompter.  I am wondering if the use of the teleprompter is for Trump’s benefit, or for the Elites’ so they can use his “pivot persona” against him when he goes back on the trail with his “rally persona”.  Then the GOP Elitists can wring their phony, money grabbing hands and say that Trump can’t stay on message!


  • November will be a test of whether an outsider can take on the entire International Globalist Elite crowd and actually ascend to the most powerful position in the world. 

  • Whether this nation is capable of electing a candidate who is committed to representing the average man and women and stand up for the rights of their families. 

  • Whether this nation is capable of electing a truly color blind individual who will fight for the rights of all AMERICANS FIRST and once again put America back on a path to unity and bring back the reality of E Pluribus Unum

  • Whether this nation is capable of standing up against paid for political Elites and take back their own country and whether WE THE PEOPLE is still alive in the United States.

    E Pluribus Unum

Out of Many, One

RD Pierini


Side Note:

Image result for fox news logo  Unfortunately even Fox News is mostly parroting the mantra of the Elite and chastising Trump for not conforming and be the good little boy they think he should be to get along and play nice in the sandbox.  This bias at Fox News has seemingly become more acute with the recent exit of Roger Ailes and the insertion of the Rupert Murdock family into the day to day operations at Fox News. 


We Little People Vs Globalist Republicans and Democrats-Trump Our Last Chance


Trump Standing Up to Critics Scares the Poop Out of the Establishment and the MSM!

Gingrich, McCain, Ryan, and Other RINO Globalists Pile On Trump To Give Hillary Cover

RINOs Blame Trump For Going Off Script!


We the people are tired of being the dupes for everyone in our Federal, State and Local governments and political parties. 

We are tired of being manipulated into adhering to political correctness. 

We are tired of our nation’s greatness being exported to our nation’s enemies and competitors. 

We are tired of being told that we have to save the environment while countries taking our industries have no environmental restrictions.

We are tired of being told that being a 30 year career politician is good for us.


Trump Box

Trump goes out every day and takes on Democrats, Republican Globalists, Main Stream Media, Political Pundits of all Stripes, to defend himself and us against the continued annihilation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic based on true free enterprise/capitalism. 

I originally thought Gingrich would be a solid VP pick for Trump.  Not any more. 

Gingrich is for Gingrich and not for Trump and for taking back America. 

Every time the media and pundits attack Trump, Gingrich is all over the medial bashing Trump for going off script.  NEWT, WE DON’T WANT SCRIPTED POLITICIANS ANY MORE!

Ryan, McConnell, McCain and all of the other Globalist Republicans are no different from Newt.  They are all scared stiff that Trump will do what he says and put America First, not the global business interests of a few and the blood sucking politicians who feed off of our misery.




I could go in and on but steel is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have killed our own manufacturing of every strategic material needed to defend ourselves and have killed millions of US jobs in the process.  The left and their environmentalists are also reducing our capacity to be self-sufficient in FOOD!!!   


Time to take back America!

If Hillary wins, we may never recover.

Image result for scary hillary pictures





GUILTY! Tom Brady or Hillary Clinton?

Pants on Fire

Hillary Disposed of Many Cell Phones, Servers, and Destroyed Government Property and Documents to Hide Her Guilt.

Lied under Oath to Congress Multiple Times.

Lied to the American People for 40 Years!

Responsible for the Death of 4 Brave Americans in Benghazi!

********Penalty:  Nada!  Zip!********


Image result for flat football

Tom Brady* “Disposed of His Cell Phone” Supposedly Hiding Evidence!


Accused of the horrible “Crime” of Deflating a Football!

Penalty:  Suspended 4 Games, $2,000,000 Loss In Salary



This is brought to you by your Obama/Lynch/Comey Justice System & the NFL


*For those who do not follow NFL Football, Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, was accused of conspiring to deflate footballs, that were used in his games, below the NFL League standards.  The League President found him guilty and suspended him without pay and fined his team owner $1,000,000!  The NFL found that destroying his cell phone was evidence of Brady’s attempt to destroy “evidence” that would have proved he conspired to deflate footballs!!!  Even though, they had no corroborating evidence!

RD Pierini






Clinton Sex, Lies, and Emails-America Loses

The Filthy Clinton Legacy Rolls On

Image result for bill and hillary lying



In the 1990’s and beyond, Bill and Hillary “educated” our children and grandchildren on what was, and “is is” sex.  They taught them that oral sex was not sex and this led to a whole host of sexually transmitted oral diseases among our youth.  After all, the “President Did It“!

Bill and Hillary have also put their seal of approval on extramarital sexual relations and even used tax payer assets to aid and abet Bill’s dalliances. 

Bill demonstrated to us all that they were above the law and that he could get away with sexual battery and even rape without being held to account.

Hillary demonstrated to us all that by personally attacking the women who Bill sexually battered or raped you could force good people to remain quiet and further the legend that Bill and Hillary are above the law.

Bill’s sexual forays with White House staff and interns gutted our newly pass sexual harassment laws and virtually left women defenseless in hostile work environments.  

Image result for bill clintons victims

Bill has actually been found guilty of lying under oath and lost his license to practice law, while he was President!

Bill and Hillary created the perfect personal hedge fund via the Clinton Global Initiative et al.  It provided them with the perfect vehicle to peddle their political influence and favors.  Bill and Hillary used paid speeches for grabbing oodles of personal cash. 

Bill and Hillary doubled down by having Secretary of State Hillary grant special State Department favors to US allies and some not so friendly individuals and nations, in return for big bucks to the CGI!  They have lied to questions and required filing documents to cover up the real operations inside of the CGI and its “charities”.   Bernie Madoff is in jail for Ponzi scheme theft but that pales in the shadow of the CGI influence for cash scheme!

Hillary has been a serial liar throughout her public career but has been shielded by her association with Bill and other powerful persons on the left. 

Hillary has fine tuned her prowess for lying in the recent email scandal.  The FBI director today refuted countless assertions Clinton has made regarding her handling of classified information via her personal email server.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Image result for hillary clintons victims

Well, we will see if Hillary and Bill are returned to the White House again in 2017.  If they are, we can expect business as usual for the Clintons. 

We can rest assured that the legacy of Barack Obama will continue for another 4 year and be topped off with a coating of sleaze and with the cherry in top being new sexual offenses by Bill and a host of activities designed to enrich the Clintons.

It is up to us to stop the Clintons.  We have seen time and time again that they are above the laws of this nation and have received free passes for behavior that were clearly unlawful and immoral. 

You may not like everything about Donald Trump but he is the only thing that stands in the way of the total destruction of this Constitutional Republic. 

It is up to you to Stop the Clinton Machine Once and For All!

Image result for donald trump family


RD Pierini