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I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

Our Heritage; Are we equal to the task at hand?

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David Limbaugh Ignores Republican Congress Lack of Intestinal Fortitude

David Limbaugh posted an article:

“Can’s Support Trump Yet” 

In that article, you defend your position by saying: 

“If Clinton were to win, the Republican Party could vigorously and credibly oppose her, but if Trump were to win, it would be very awkward for it to criticize Trump if he were to govern as a liberal or do something outrageous.”

Seriously?  David, where have you been for the past seven and half years?  When did our Republican Congress oppose Obama and the Democrats on anything?  They would be more at ease opposing Trump than Clinton.  They agree with Clinton on unbalanced “free trade”, open borders, and a bloated government as the solution for everything that ails this country, that serves to increase their own power base. 


Then, you go on to quote the Hamilton Rule:

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

That may have been great in Hamilton’s time but it does not hold one drop of water in this race with this Congress.  Further, if our Republican congresses are the definition of “conservative”, then all of the self-proclaimed “conservatives” are absolved from any responsibility for Trump. 


Further, you go on to say:

“I am extremely concerned that he would be our political enemy in a number of areas and also that he has a tendency toward authoritarianism, a tendency many of his supporters seem unlikely to oppose.”

I have been an entrepreneur all of my life and I can tell you that a businessman, versus career politicians, understand that you have to “bring the team” along with any decision you make.  Your team, in this case the Congress and the American People, would have to be engaged for Trump to be even marginally successful.   I have less trust in a Republican Congress enacting a “conservative” agenda than I do Trump. 
After being involved in elections since Barry Goldwater, and watching the “conservative” candidates put forth by the Republican Party, I have no idea what “conservatism” means to those claiming this title. 

Will Trump “build the wall”, probably; lower taxes, probably; limit government, probably; have a coherent foreign policy, as opposed to what we have had for 16 years?, probably; Transgender bathrooms, as a State issue, probably; and abortion, this will require a SCOTUS decision, so, probably.

Do I know that for sure?  NO,  What I do know for sure is that Clinton will continue the Left’s destruction of this Nation.  What I do know that under Bush, with both Houses of Congress, we increased spending and the national debt, increased the size and scope of government, failed to secure peaceful transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan, expanded Medicare, and on and on.  If that is the definition of conservatism, then I guess I don’t fit the mold.


The final quote from your article that I will address is:

“At the very least, I believe that conservatives should withhold their support for Trump until they can extract meaningful concessions from him on major policy issues.”

Concessions, like what?  I cannot think of one meaningful act of this Congress to assert conservative values and stop Obama.  $2 Trillion + Omnibus Bill?  Did Congress use the US Constitution effectively?  Impeachment, off of the table.  Shutting down the Government, no stomach for that.  Withholding funding from the Executive branches, no stomach for that. 

The founders gave us two tools to reign in the executive, impeachment and the purse strings.  Republicans have “aborted” both of these tools.

Let me finish with another quote from Alexander Hamilton:

“Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.”


RD Pierini


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Why Clinton is a Loser

She Cannot Be Who She Really Is!

She Is Not That Good An Actor Either!

The saddest thing to watch is Hillary Clinton trying to guess what people want her to be, and then her trying to adapt to her various changing personalities like she is changing her pants suit.  Charisma, a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”, is not something you can learn, emulate or fake.

You either have it or you don’t.  Probably the most exasperating thing for her is Bill Clinton.  Here is a serial womanizer who is the poster-boy for charisma.  He can still mesmerize crowds and takes over a room when he enters.  His age is diminishing some of his charisma and he gets a little testy at times, but even being somewhat diminished by age, Hillary cannot compete with his innate allure.  His appeal has also been an Achilles heal for him, and her, with women!

Hillary and her handlers then compound her lack of “animal magnetism” by having her try to alter her delivery when she is talking to African-Americans or other ethnic groups.  Her veiled attempts at “fitting in” comes off as pandering.

The Catastrophic Reality for Her is that She is Just Not a Likeable Person!

Her testimony at the Benghazi hearings when she said “What Difference Does it Make”, was a turning point for her in this election cycle.  Her remark turned off many women, and men, who viewed her remark as her being uncaring, cold, and without empathy for the four families of those that died in Benghazi.

She is also inept as an actor trying to play the part as a charismatic, caring, presidential candidate.  Trying to play the women card would work if women liked her but she is just not that warm and fuzzy and apparently is incapable of faking it!

If Hillary Cannot Play the “Woman Card”, What is Left for Her?

If Hillary were running against the typical Republican candidate like McCain, Romney, or Jeb, she could stalemate their attacks by shrinking into her victim persona ala the “woman card”. 

Trump does NOT view women as being different than men, and as such does not see women as weak, but rather as an equal. 

Trump is a Feminists Worse Nightmare. 

Trump actually thinks of and treats women as an equal!  He doesn’t see Hillary as a female opponent but merely as an opponent.  It would not matter to him if rather than Hillary, he was running against Sanders, Biden or even Obama.  Trump would use their weaknesses against them the same way he is against Hillary.  As an opponent, nothing is off of the table and winning is the goal.  Period!

As an equal, Hillary will have to run on her policies!  Unfortunately for her, she is currently opposed by an avowed socialist who dragged her to the far left.  Also, she is not innately a “centrist” or a “pragmatist” like Bill Clinton.  Bill knew when to triangulate an issue and make it like his own! 

Hillary seems incapable of playing this game.

Trump’s Conservative-Populist Message is the Antithesis of Clinton’s More of the Same Message

2016 is a Year of the Outsider–Clinton is the Definition of an Insider

RD Pierini


Egypt Air Flt. 804-Why Not Floating Black Boxes? International Aviation Terror Response Team?

After 5 Days and No Black Boxes?

Why Isn’t There an International Aviation Terror Response Team?


Egypt Air flight 804 went down on May 15th, some 5 days ago, and we have not located the Black Boxes yet?  The Black Boxes are critical to understanding the fate of this doomed flight.  They are also critical to understanding whether the crash was an act of terror and if so, how was the act carried out?

Floating Black Boxes:

Apparently the Black Boxes onboard of all commercial airliners work better if you crash on land!  In the water, not so much.  As we found out with the lost Malaysian airliner last year.  The aviation industry and “oodles” of government geniuses came up with a Black Box that could withstand hard impact on land but not one that “Floats” when the crash occurs in water.  72% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water!  For those who like Las Vegas, that means that there is a 7.2 in 10 chance that you may crash in water.

Don’t you think that maybe, since Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea can be 10,000 feet deep (2 miles) or more that it may be a good idea to work on a floating Black Box? 

One, that when the impact is in the water, the black box ejects from the plane and floats so it does not go down to 10,000 feet?  You will know the point of impact from the GPS coordinates in the Black Box at the time of the impact.  You could even put strobe lights on it in addition to the signal ping.  Gee, we maybe able to see and hear it!

We all spend millions trying to find the Black Boxes when a water crash occurs.  Why not spend that money in developing a system that is easier to locate?  Time is also a factor in recovering the Black Boxes as we need to hone in on the cause of the crash as quickly as possible.  If it is terror related, the faster we locate the Black Boxes, the sooner we can analyze the cause and locate the wreckage for further analysis.  Which leads to…

Why Don’t we Have an International Aviation Terror Response Team?

Obviously our behemoth “Homeland Security” agency is not to good at staying ahead of terror tactics much less detecting attacks beforehand.  (See TSA Lines)  I guess you can’t blame our Homeland Security agency as they have yet to figure out what to call Islamic Terrorism. 

So, how about we create an International Aviation Terror Response Team that is dispatched as soon as there is an airplane crash?  We don’t have to wait for some agency to determine if the cause was terrorism or not.  This Team could immediately start to confirm or eliminate the terror component.  Also, and this is key, THIS IS A PRIVATE SECTOR TEAM.  The team is also apolitical and does not take tactical orders from any one government NOR THE UNITED NATIONS!  The US could actually go it alone as if a European Nation is involved political correctness will get in the way.  Probably would stay away from involving Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and some other nations just to avoid a possible conflict of interest, just saying.

The team, when there is nothing much to do, it is also charged with developing possible new terrorist tools that may be used in the future.  Would be nice to develop testing for specific materials before they explode!  (Maybe get rid of outdated TSA checks like taking off your shoes!)  They could also work on screening procedures for anyone connected to the aviation industry.  Maybe even talk to the Israelis as they seem to be pretty good at airport and airline security. 

Stuck on Stupid!

Growing Larger and Larger Bureaucracies Is Not the Answer

We need to interject a little common sense into our thought processes and not succumb to our typical “the government will solve all of our problems” model!  Until we rid this planet of hate, never, we need to do everything we can to protect those who are targeted by mass violence. 

Moore’s Law, stated by Gordon E. Moore, the co-founder of Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor, observes that “number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years”.  In other words, computing power would double every two years. 

The same is holds for the increasing sophistication of terrorists as they acquire more dangerous and high-tech components, especially when the terrorists are well-funded by a country like Iran or are self-funded like ISIS. 

The terrorists seem to be outpacing our ability to get ahead of them in terms of what future generations of bombs would look like. 

This is not a safe place to be!

RD Pierini







Trump – Facing The Real Manufacturing Crisis

We are Giving Up Our Vital Industrial Capacity to Potential Enemies!

Since 1988, there has been a steady stream of US manufacturing moving out of the United States.  These include “Industries” rather than just isolated plants within an industry. 

In order to bring back jobs to this economy, Trump will have to rebuild our industrial base with core industries such as Steel, Coal, Oil, Food, and Precious Metals.  Then Trump can start to ramp up the production of goods for consumers and our military.

Steel:  US steel production has fallen 33% since 1967 while China’s steel production has increased by a factor of 57 since 1967!  US production was 115 million metric tons in 1967 and fell to only 88 million metric tons in 2015.  Conversely, China’s production in 1967 was only 14 million metric tons and in 2015 surpassed 803 million metric tons!!!  Today China produces almost 10 times more steel than the US.  China also uses their dominance in this market to drive down world prices and force other nations out of steel production.  What do you make out of steel?  Ships, planes, tanks trucks cars, and a whole host of products that are required for our military as well as for civilian applications.  If we had to ramp up building warships and other equipment needed to fight a war, we would have to import steel from China! 

Great as long as we are not at war with China!

Coal:  22.6% of the world’s coal reserves are in the United States.  Russia and China follow at 14% and 12% respectively.  Coal is vital as a source of fuel and is a key component in the production of steel.  While the EPA has been cracking down on the coal industry for decades, the Obama administration has focused on coal as the major contributor in the US to “Global Warming”! 

As such, even though the US has 23% of the total world coal reserves, we only produced 14% of the world’s output of coal in 2014.  Contrast this to China who produced 49% of the worlds coal in 2014.  In order to remain competitive in the world, the US must have a cheap source of energy for its various industries. 

Coal has typically been used to produce low-cost fuel to generate electricity.  In 2008, coal produced 50% of the US electricity.  Today, coal only generates about 33% of the US electricity.  EPA standards have bankrupted many of the large US coal producers since 2008.  In the event of a war, we will need low-cost energy, produced in the US, to gear up and sustain a war effort.  We will also need low-cost energy to revive our economy and reinvigorate our manufacturing capacity in the US.

Oil:  In 1989, the US produced 7.6 million barrels of crude oil and consumed 17.3 million barrels of crude per day.  We produced 44% of the oil that we consumed.  Our oil consumption spiked in 2015 at 20.8 million barrels per day while our production had fallen to only 5.1 million barrels per day.  In 2013, our consumption continued high at 18.9 million barrels per day while we only produced 7.4 million barrels per day or 44% of the oil that we consumed.  The US has the oil and natural gas reserves to become self-sufficient in oil and natural gas production.  This will have to be a vital part of Trump’s manufacturing revitalization plan in order to provide a constant supply of energy, at stable prices and supply. 

Even more importantly, until the Middle East and other oil-producing regions stabilize, we must not be reliant on nations who may be at odds with our national interests.  Militarily, reliance on foreign oil is dangerous and the US should do everything possible to eliminate this dependence.  Obama/Clinton have done everything they could to kill domestic production while destabilizing the Middle East and a thus a major portion of the world’s oil supply.  Geologic exploration in the US in the past decade has uncovered oil reserves that would make the US reserves the highest in the world.  The left, Obama/Hillary would have you believe that we only have 2% of the world reserves and that we “have to” move to “renewable” energy. 

The Oil Scarcity Myth

Trump should create a North American Version of OPEC to Compete Internationally Against OPEC Nations.  Why Should the US be Held Hostage by Middle Eastern Dictators In Terms of Oil Prices and Oil Supply?


The Danger of Not Becoming Manufacturing and Energy Independent

Globalist Taking Down the US:  Progressives and some neocons who are committed to globalism, believe that by reducing US manufacturing capacity, the rest of the world can rise and the world will become more peaceful and the international jealousy against the US will subside.  REALLY!!  They sell this dribble by stating that US consumers will be able to benefit from lower prices as it is cheaper to make a shirt in China and ship it back to the US than it is to make that same shirt in the US in the first place.  What they don’t tell you is that they, Progressives, abetted by some neocon Republicans, have enacted labor, EPA, immigration and other regulations aimed at making US manufacturers unable to compete against countries like China!  Trump uses Carrier Air Conditioning as an example of a company moving to Mexico in order to increase their profits.  Carrier is only one of hundreds of US companies who have either moved production or ceased to exist.  GE no longer produces light bulbs in the US!

Reduction of Middle Class Purchasing Power:  The fallacy of the Progressive argument is that the US working middle class, as they lose their jobs, will be unable to afford even the cheaper shirt from China!  Oh wait!  The government will pay the middle class not to work!  Right now we have 95,000,000 people, 35% of the total US workforce, who have left the workforce and are no longer looking for jobs!  Those without jobs cannot consume at the same levels as those who are gainfully employed and this will stagnate our GDP as we are now experiencing!

Weakening of Our Military:  The Progressive Globalist see the weakening of the US military as a good thing.  They panicked when the Soviet Union fell apart leaving the US as the dominant world power.  They see a “JUST” US Military as one who is checked by a powerful enemy As such, they have allowed key US industries, such as oil, steel, and coal to erode and become uncompetitive with our global competitors.  They have allowed military troop, ship and airplane levels to fall below Pre-WWII levels leaving the US vulnerable and weak.

Trump Will Need to Rebuild the Base US industries While he Renegotiates Global Trade Deals. 

The Rebuilding of the US Industries Will Also Allow The US to Strengthen Our military and Its Capabilities. 

The Rebuilding of Our Infrastructure Will Require Considerable Expenditures and May Drive our National Debt Higher for a Period of Time as We Experienced During the Reagan Administration. 

But, Increased US Production and Job Participation Will Drive Up Tax Revenues, Reduce Welfare Expenditures, and Allow the US to Begin to Pay Down our National Debt. 

Trump is Facing a Monumental Task to Rebuild US Manufacturing and its Employment Base. 


RD Pierini




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Andrea Tantaros & Tucker Carlson–>FNC “Straight Talk”

Fox Needs A Breath of Fresh Air

Andrea Tucker

Fox News Needs a Breath of Fresh Air!  

One that does not feature the same old talking heads and the same old tired analysts like George Will, Charles Krauthammer,  Karl Rove, Rich Lowry, Katy Pavlich and all of the others who missed the current Populist Movement altogether, and who are stuck inside of the Globalist Bubble Parading as “Conservatism“!

Andrea Tantaros:  Tantaros seems to be in a contract dispute with FNC and she has been, NOTICEABLY off of the air, especially on Outnumbered!  Fox needs to recognize her talent and button this one up.  Outnumbered is not the same without her and her laser focus on facts and an interview style that quickly separates the wheat from the chaff!  Andrea was one of the first to see the Populist Movement taking shape in the US and was a lone voice for quite some time on this topic.   (Melissa Francis is nice but is out of her element when discussing current events from a political perspective.) 

Tucker Carlson:  Carlson is the co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend and is a solid member of the three member “couch” team.  His political insights, no-nonsense interview style and quick-witted commentary is always on point.  Other than Tucker’s brief stint on “Dancing with the Stars”, he has been focused on political commentary and hard political news analysis.  In addition to co-founding “The Daily Caller”, he was part of CNN’s “Crossfire”, MSNBC’s “Tucker”, a Fox News Analyst and Co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend”, and has been on Television since 2000.  Tucker also was one of the first to recognize the Populist surge and defended it as a legitimate movement.

These two are both powerhouses that take no hostages whether they are interviewing or discussing a political event or concept.  They are totally engaged on their beliefs.  They are both genuine to the core and admit their mistakes.  In an article in the New York Observer, Tucker stated:  “I think it’s a total nightmare and disaster, and I’m ashamed that I went against my own instincts in supporting it. It’s something I’ll never do again. Never. I got convinced by a friend of mine who’s smarter than I am, and I shouldn’t have done that. No. I want things to work out, but I’m enraged by it, actually”

FNC’s nightly lineup features Greta Van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelley, and Sean Hannity.  Megyn Kelley will probably go onto bigger and better as her ambitions seem to outstrip the offerings of cable news.  This would be a great spot for Tantaros and Carlson. 

Nighttime cable news is overcrowded with single person, ego centric shows so a pairing show ripping apart current events and current political events would be a welcome relief! 

Maybe if we get enough people Tweeting “#FNCNeedsCarlsonTantaros” we can start a movement!

RD Pierini


Is this Conservatism? Banning 1st Amendment Rights! The “Ryan” Way!

Confederate Flags CANNOT Be Flown

At Federal Veterans Cemeteries


Confederate flags fly over the graves of Confederate soldiers burried in Magnolia Cemetery on July 14, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

If You Ignore History,

The Death of 700,000 Americans Will be For Naught!

Last Week the House voted 265 to 159 to block descendants of Confederate veterans from flying the Confederate Flag over mass graves even on the days when flags have been permitted in the past.  Democrats forced the Republicans to kowtow to their mantra that the flag represented racism, slavery and division.  This comes after a long line of other political decisions at the State and Federal level to erase the Confederate Flag from our Consciousness.  The real issue is Free Speech.  We protect the free speech of those who burn the American Flag.  Why don’t we protect the right to display the confederate flag?  The Confederate Flag is really a symbol of submission TO our Nation by Southern States and a reminder of our past historical mistakes regarding slavery and the maturation process of our Great Nation.

In a show of total ignorance and a lack of a sense of history, the feeble Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, stated, “People are going to have to take tough votes…”;  “…the last thing we should do is derail our own appropriations process”.  I am sure another Obama dictated Ryan budget is far more important than remembering Why and How 700,000 Americans, free and Slave, lost their lives in our great Civil War.  The budget is far more important than our 1st Amendment rights to Free Speech!

The Confederate Flag is the Symbol of the Maturation and Evolution of this Great Nation, and the Sovereignty of our Republic. 

Some argue that the seeds of the Civil War were sown as early as 1619 when a Dutch trader unloaded the first shipment of African slaves at Jamestown, Virginia.  (At the time, this nation did not exist as it was an British colony.  The British utilized slaves in a number of its colonies and perpetuated this scourge until 1833 when they outlawed slavery in MOST of there colonies, not all! ) The  The seeds of the Civil War grew over the next 250 years until they spawned the bloodiest war ever fought by this nation.  A war that was deeply seated in morality, economics, and politics. 

The Confederate Flag holds different meaning to different groups and individuals.  Unfortunately, for many, their perception of the meaning of the Confederate Flag is based on the teachings of a failed, biased, and revisionist education system.  A perception focused on one facet of what the banner represented, slavery, rather than teach the lessons that led to the freeing of 4,000,000 African slaves; the fierce battles that led to a narrow margin of Northern victory over the South that saved the United States as a nation; the solidification of Federalism over States rights including the right to secede from the nation; and an economic change to the Southern States that depressed the region for decades.

While some in the South may see the Flag as a symbol of Southern independence, the flag really stands for a history lesson that no American should be ignorant of, nor try to hid in the annuls of time. 

The Confederate Flag is the Symbol or the Reminder that We the People,

  • Once Divided Over Slavery;

  • the North and South Distrust and Bias of One Another;

  • the Sovereignty of our Federal System of States.

    • Now are One in the Elimination of Slavery and Human Rights Abuses of all Forms;

    • Respect of One Another’s Differences,;

    • And a Recognition That Federal Law, Constitutionally Enacted, is the Law of the Land and Applicable to all of the States.



There is no greater symbol of this reminder than when we see the American Flag Flying Over the Confederate Flag.  This symbol of dominance should remind Americans that the sacrifices of our ancestors in the Civil War, and the sacrifices of the slaves, was an act of maturation of this nation that it is the antithesis of Racism, Bigotry or Hatred.

If We Hide Our History, We are Bound to Repeat It.

RD Pierini



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Lara Logan v. Michelle Fields Valor v. Vanity ?

Rape in Tahrir Square v. Scrum “Touch & Grab”

Lara Logan Opens Up About Tahrir Sq. Sexual Assault: Valium and Red Wine Enable More Dangerous Foreign Reporting

Western Female Journalists in conservative Islamic Nations are at risk of serious personal harm, just by the fact that they are Western and Female. 

Western individuals who are not Muslim are considered, at the very least, inferior to Muslims; at worst, infidels whose lives have no value! 

Add to this mix, an Obama inspired and abetted “Arab Spring” which was basically an anti-government movement with the goal of installing “Fundamental Islamic States”. 

As Opposed to:

Covering a Presidential Campaign Event at the Posh Mar-A-Lago Club in Florida Does Not Seem to be a Life Threatening Assignment

After covering the 2016 Republican Presidential campaign for the past 9 months, and reading and watching pundits, journalists, and other “sage” individuals, who seem to be more impressed with their own sense of self, than accurately reporting and commenting on factual content, I was finally hit with the juxtaposition between what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt and to Michelle Fields in Mar-A-Lago.

Tahrir Square just before Sundown on February 11, 2011

Lara Logan is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News and a correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes.  She was assigned by 60 Minutes to cover the “Arab Spring” in Egypt which featured the over throw of longtime US ally Hosni Mubarak.  On February 11th, Egypt’s large center city square, Tahrir Square, was filled with thousands of Jubilant Egyptians celebrating their own power for overthrowing their heavy-handed President.  In the midst of this raucous celebration were scores of international journalists.  One of these journalists was Lara Logan, an attractive blonde, South African female correspondent.  As the celebration unfolded, a group of young Egyptian men viciously attacked and raped Logan.  Lara recounted her ordeal.  The following are quotes from her account:

“They ripped off my clothes and took pictures on their cell phones as they groped and beat me.”

“Suddenly, before I even know what’s happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind. I mean, and it’s not one person and then it stops, it’s like one person and another person and another person. And I know Ray (her cameraman) is right there, and he’s grabbing at me and screaming, “Lara hold onto me, hold onto me.”

“I didn’t even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things, because I couldn’t even feel that. Because I think of the, of the sexual assault was all I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again.  They were tearing my body in every direction at this point … and they were trying to tear off chunks of my scalp.”

She described even more detail of her attack but I think you can picture a women trapped by a number of men who are attacking her without any hesitation.  Lara absolutely thought she would not live to see her children again, she stated:  “I was in no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying,” 


Fast Forward to March 8th, 2016 to a Trump press conference held in Jupiter, Florida, at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club. 

The press conference had ended and Trump was leaving the room where the presser was held.  The members of the press had been instructed by the secret service to remain in the back part of the room until the candidate had left the room.

As Trump was exiting, Michelle Fields ignored the admonition to remain in the back of the room and made her way next to Trump on his right.  Fields appeared to have a cell phone in her hand, possibly to record a response from Trump, when she touched his right arm.  He recoiled from her touch as he obviously did not expect to be approached as he was leaving knowing the press had been told to wait in the rear of the room. 

In the next second or two, Corey Lewandowski came up behind Trump and Fields and squeezed in between them separating Fields from Trump.  During this process, Lewandowski put is arm in between Fields and Trump and he may have put his hand around her lower arm in an attempt to move Trump out of the Room.  Fields did not lose her balance or stumble from the contact per the video released by the prosecution who refused to prosecute Lewandowski. 

Fields went on to file a police report for “Battery-Simple”, “784.03(1)(A)(1)” on March 11, 2016, against Corey Lewandowski.  He subsequently turned himself into the police and following an investigation by Florida States Attorney’s office, the State Attorney declined to prosecute Lewandowski.  The video that was turned over to the Florida States Attorney did not substantiate the account of the incident as described by Fields.


When you compare the trauma suffered by Lara Logan versus the experience by Michelle Fields, it is difficult to understand why Fields pursued criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager.  Did Fields become overly enthusiastic in covering Trump with an anti-Trump bias?  Was she merely embarrassed by the incident then sought to redeem herself by accusing Lewandowski? 

I doubt that we will ever know what Field’s motivation was but it strikes me that professional journalists have to keep events, as they impact them personally, in perspective.  When a reporter is in the midst of scrum, contact is almost inevitable.  This is part of the job when you are trying to get the last comment from someone you are trying to interview. 

As opposed to being sent to attend a world shattering event in a distant country, with a culture that is foreign to your own, without security or any form of personal protection.  Then, not being touched on the arm, but totally violated and humiliated and suffering injuries that are still being treated 4 years after the attack.  Lara exemplified true bravery in the face of death akin to journalists’ coverage on the front lines of war.Fields Logan Injury

The modern press needs to keep itself in perspective and guide its members in making sure they do not insert themselves into a story or make themselves the story.  This pertains to pundits and analyst who become so biased they cannot reasonable assess the performance of the subject.  This pertains to a newspaper, a cable news outlet, or any form of what has become main stream media. 

Today we hear that the editorial section of an agency is separate from the news section. 

REALLY!  That is just plain insulting. 

If the Press would like respect, they need to respect us and especially respect their trade. 

Otherwise you are just Propaganda!

RD Pierini



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