2020-Lefty Democrat Party, Talk About the Wrong Stuff For America!

Dem 2020 Presidential Candidates-And These Are NOT the Nuttiest!

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Welcome to the New Democrat Party.  I have been writing for years that my old Democrat Party has been hijacked by the radical, globalist, anarchist Left, hell bent on destroying the greatness of the US as we are the last bastion of hope for freedom throughout the world.  Our European ancestors have already succumbed to Leftist ideology of open borders, government control of their economies, and an ever increasing erosion of personal freedom and personal property autonomy.

The current slate of Democrat Presidential candidates espouse (compilation of current promises):

  • Reversing the 2017 Tax and Regulatory cuts and even increasing taxes way beyond Pre-2017 levels
  • Abortion on demand including post birth abortion
  • Expanding the Supreme Court and adding more liberal justices
  • Eliminate the Electoral College and elect the President based on popular vote
  • The passing of the Green New Deal (GND) (highlights below)
    • Bans affordable energy via fossil fuel production and use
    • Eliminates Nuclear Energy even though it as green as anything they propose
    • Eliminate 99% of all combustion engine automobiles and replace them with “electric” cars
    • Gut and Rebuild every building in the US and make them “green” compliant
    • Eliminate air travel and replace it with rail transportation
    • Government Guarantee of a Job for Everyone!
    • Free Education for life for all Americans, and any other nationality who wishes to walk into America
    • Government will provide healthy food to every “person” in the US
    • Government provided safe, affordable, adequate housing for everyone (like the homeless in California?)  K. Harris wants to give money for housing to persons of color and recreate the 2008 Great Recession
    • Guaranteed income for everyone including those who are unable or unwilling to work
    • Ban meat to get rid of the farting cows
  • Open Borders; decriminalization of illegal border entry
  • Government run healthcare via “Medicare” for all
  • The weakening of our military
  • Wide expansion of gun-control
  • Federal legalization of Marijuana and other illicit drugs
  • Granting more control over the US by International organizations such as the UN and the WTO
  • Kill all of Trump’s Trade deals and allow the outsourcing of our industries and jobs
  • Slavery Reparations
  • Pardoning 50% of all federal prisoners
  • Forgive all student loan debt
  • More money for teachers and public schools
  • Eliminate charter school subsidies.
  • Forced Busing to achieve desegregation of our schools

None of the candidates have any clue how to pay for these programs and most of the programs have only marginal public support.  So what?  If they win, keep the House and take back the Senate, the Left will erase the gains made by the US under Trump and FastTrack these leftist anti-American programs.  ELECTIONS DO MATTER AND THIS ONE MORE THAN MOST.

The Left “A” Squad

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If the 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates don’t scare you to death, just consider how whacky the “Big Four Squad” of Democrats are and these women have already been elected to Congress in the 2018 Mid-Terms!  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley make up the squad and their disdain for everything American doesn’t exclude the Democrat Party.  This group actively promotes anti-Semitism, utter disdain for anyone white, promotes overt hatred for Israel, totally dismisses our history and our heritage as deeply flawed and worthless, and believes our Constitution is worthless.  In short, they represent the anarchist left-wing of the now Democrat Party.  Is this too harsh of a characterization of the Squad?  Consider the definition of an anarchist:  “a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power.”  

This group is driving the far left-wing platform of the 2020 Democrat candidates to the point Joe Biden can’t keep up!  This group is trying to overtake and pass the leftist takeover of Europe in terms of left-wing globalist policy and national identity destruction. The Squad exhibits no love for America, its values, history, or its

European Model:

I have written about the fact that Europe capitulated to this Leftist movement when they formed the European Union (EU) and wiped out national borders throughout Europe and concentrated power in the EU’s Parliament, European Council, and other such bodies.  Local national autonomy has been replaced by a super-body of like-minded globalist bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The population of the EU is 500,000,000 people with a combined GDP of $18.75 Trillion, second only to the US and $6 Trillion higher than China.  I suggest that Europe is as big a danger to the US as China or Russia but in a different way.  Europe and the US used to be considered “the West”.  Europe has basically abandoned their Western values and national boundaries and supplanted their sovereignty with semi-open borders and erased capitalism with socialism in terms of centralized control over sovereign nations and their economies.   Basically, with Germany as the strongest nation in the EU, Germany was able to consoldiate Europe without firing a shot!  I am sure Hitler is looking up from hell shaking his head!

Their risk to the US is their propensity to seek peace at all cost; an unwillingness to defend itself; and a willingness to abandon free speech and other freedoms for the “common good”.  If Europe is attacked from within or without, the US has to defend them.  At that point in time it may or may not be in our national interest but we will not have a choice, as long as their is a Pro-America President in the White House.  If we have a Leftist President, he or she will preside over what will basically be a surrender to the invading forces.  After all, it is the “Wests” fault that they were empire building slave traders who have ruined our earthly utopia! 

World War III will be much different than the last world conflagration as nuclear weapons will be in the mix and our enemies ability to micro-target civilian populations will be a deciding factor.  With heavy populations of Islamist within each of the European nations, Europe will have to fight both an external and internal enemy!

Post 2020 Democrat Presidential Victory-The American Epilogue

You can take to the bank the fact that one of the left-leaning Democrat Presidential candidates will win the Democrat primary, and the winner will most likely be female.  This will ensure that the winner is an ultra-left-wing progressive that will probably make Bernie Sanders look normal.  Further, add in the possible expansion of the Squad with more radicals who hate America,  The result is not a pretty picture!

Impact of a Left Takeover of the Government: 

  • Increasing Corporate and personal tax rates for all Americans, yes the Middle-Class will get creamed as they are needed to fund the left-wing follies, and reinstituting business/job killing regulations will reverse all of our economic gains since 2017. 
  • Effectively killing the fossil fuel industry and reverting to green energy dominance will stifle any further economic growth. 
  • Medicare-for-all will destroy the healthcare sector and destroy the well-being of American citizens. 
  • Opening the borders will bankrupt States, Counties, Cities and School Districts as they will have to shoulder the bulk of the burden to support millions of new residents who are deficient in the English language and who have little or no education.  This, at a time, when robotics are being developed to eliminate low skilled jobs.  The mass influx of poorly educated residents will strangle STEM programs that are needed to maintain our international competitiveness as educational resources will have to focus on remedial education. 
  • The open borders will eliminate any possible control over the influx of illicit drugs and human trafficking.  Our Opioid crisis will explode again accompanied by other drugs of equal or greater lethality.  
  • The bankrupting of the cities will usher in an unprecedented level of homelessness that will make our ghettoes on par with the worst third world countries. 
  • The open borders will also reintroduce heretofore erradicated diseases and infect our populations with new strains of mutated illnesses. 
  • With government takeover of healthcare, our drug industry will have fewer resources to combat these new viral and bacterial enemies. 
  • Hospitals and clinics will close do to a lack of reimbursement from the government healthcare system as we witness under Obamacare.  But, under Obamacare, 170,000,000 Americans kept their employer provide healthcare.  Imagine if all of those Americans are suddenly dumped on to the government run system…

And that does not even touch the degradation of our military and our lack of reediness to combat foreign threats.  Am I exaggerating?  Not really.  Prior to Trump being elected, 70,000 manufacturing plants closed over the past 20 years.  Job participation rates fell as more and more US citizens left the workplace.  Our dependence on foreign oil tied our hands when dealing in the Middle East and kept us captive to our own need for energy.  

So, don’t laugh too much at the nutty rhetoric and programs that are hitting the airwaves from the Candidates or currently elected Democrats like from the Squad.  These people are 100% backed by the majority of the Main Stream Media who will spin bankruptcy into economic security and the killing of born alive babies into healthcare.  Oh, I forgot, they already do!

Better think hard about your vote in 2020…  A wrong vote and the die will be cast that cannot be reversed…

RD Pierini



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GW Bush Set Up Perfect Storm with Iran for Trump!

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How did we get here?

  • President Jimmy Carter stood by while the Shia radical clerics in Iran overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979 and established the current Islamic Republic of Iran. 
  • President Reagan stood behind and armed Iraq’s Sunni President Saddam Hussein as a couter balance to the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
  • President H.W. Bush reneged on his tacit approval with Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein to allow Iraq to attack Kuwait in retaliation for Kuwaiti alleged oil theft and debt default.  Dessert Storm resulted which weakened Iraq and left it vulnerable to Iran.
  • President G.W. Bush took out Iraq’s Sunni President Saddam Hussein and TOTALLY eliminated our counter-balance to the Shia Iran.
  • Iraq’s population mirrors Irans in that both are predominently Shia.  The two largest Shia Populations in the Middle East.

For more details on the Bush Presidencies and the fall of Iraq, see “GW Bush and the Ascension of Iran & ISIS”; go to this link: https://wp.me/pY51c-Qx

So!  For decades Iran and Iraq fought local wars against one another following the overthrow of the Shah in Iran.  Thousands were killed on both sides and chemical weapons were used on both sides.  This was in fact a Sunni/Shia war as Shia Iran sought to defeat the Iraqi Sunni regime under Saddam Hussein and merge the Iraqi Shia population with its own.  The Shia are the majority in Iraq.

So!  While Reagan sought to maintain a stalemate between Iraq and Iran, the Bushes systematically destroyed this check and balance and wiped out a Sunni regime in Iraq that now sits as a ticking timebomb for Iran to venture in and establish a Shia Government friendly to Iran!  Iraq and its fragile Sunni/Shia coalition cannot endure without outside intervention, meaning the US, or it will fall to the Shia majority.

Thank you Presidents HW and GW Bush!

So!  President Trump wants desperately to get out of Iraq (and Afghanistan) but knows that the minute we leave that Iran will move in.  Also, Sunni Fundamentalist, like ISIS, would love to get us out so they can try to re-emerge.  Iran now has or is close to having weapons grade uranium and has missile technology to deliver a nuclear weapon of some sort when ready.  The Bushes took out the only counter-balance to the radicals in Iran by neutralizing Iraq and crippling this Iraqi enemy.

Trump’s Dilema:

  • How to Stop Iran from creating a nuclear weapon?
  • How to get out of Iraq without ceding it to Iran?
  • How to do both without re-engaging in a long protracted war.

Trump’s strategy all along has been to stand up allies in the region to stalemate Iran and its regional ambitions.  He does not want our Flag to be the symbol of US Agression in the Middle East!  To date, he does not have all of the pieces in place but is close with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE.  But, our own Republican Senate is blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia that could be used to thwart Iran!

If Iran steps up its provocative actions in the region, Trump and his allies may have to react militarily.  Europe has a role as well as they need to stand with the US against Iran and Iran’s reneging on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement THAT IRAN NEVER SIGNED!! 

Tighter sanctions may spark an internal overthrow of the Ayatollah led regime and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IRAN AND NOT HAVE TO USE MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAN.  Short of that, Iran knows that Israel will not stand idly by and allow them to spin up a nuclear weapon.

As an aside to this tragedy:

GW Bush’s legacy will include that he got us into a war with Iraq when in fact we had so many other avenues to pursue prior to invading Iraq.  I cannot justify his actions other than they were motivated by his desire to avenge the attempt on his Father’s life by Saddam Hussein when the former President was being given an award in Kuwait for saving Kuwait from Saddam Hussein.

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Bush and our intel community insisted that Iraq was attempting to develop nuclear weapons and had in fact used chemical weapons against Iran in past conflicts.  While the latter is true, both sides used chemical weapons against each other.  Besides, Pakistan, Libya, India, Israel, North Korea, China and others had not only pursued nuclear weapons but had actually developed them!  Bush blamed Saddam for killing thousands of his own people.  So had Iran!  How many Iraqis did we kill in our two wars against Iraq!  You guessed it, over 200,000!  

My real sadness comes from knowing that thousands of our vets were maimed and thousands killed in Iraq.  For What?  What was our end game?  What did we gain from not only the carnage to our troops but to Iraqi civilians?  When I see GW Bush riding with our wounded warriors, I literally get sick to my stomach.

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I truly do not know if I could look them in the eye knowing I sent them into battle without a national security rationale;  succumbed to political pressure and created rules of engagement that made our troops sitting ducks; created a “surge” to win the war after years of merely trading bullets with the Iraqi army; then leaving office without a Status of Forces Agreement with what was left of the Iraqi Government.  He left this decision to President Obama!  How about those who followed his orders into battle only to lose their lives, limbs and faculties?  Didn’t Bush owe them at least a SOFA that would give them some level of knowledge that their sacrifice was worth it?  I think so…

Pray for President Trump.  He has many difficult decisions ahead of him that will effect not only our lives but those of our children and grandchildren.

RD Pierini




Trump’s G-20: Great Way to Get 19 Nations Together So He Can Negotiate With Them!

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During the G-20 that just concluded in Japan, President Trump used that forum to sit down with and meet with almost every leader of the G20 Nations.  Trump does not view G-20 meeting or its smaller counterparts as a way for the world to get together to solve problems.  He sees them as a way for him to have everyone he needs to meet with and negotiate with come to one place so he merely has to go from room to room to have one on one sessions.  The President learned early on that the “G” meetings were merely a forum to have large international meetings, most of which involved milking the US or criticizing the US, then issuing a document that basically said how great it was and that we shall do this again!  Trump does not meet for the sake of meeting!  Either you accomplish something or you don’t meet.  

Just prior to the G-20 meetings, the President was determined to try to jump-start the negotiations with North Korea that have been stalled since February 28th, 2019.  He and Kim had corresponded several times since the President walked-out in Hanoi.  The President sees this relationship as one that is critical to world peace and stability.  Trump used his Twitter-Diplomacy to send an “official” request to Kim to meet at the DMZ, Kim accepted!  So much for State Department Protocol!

So, starting with the meeting with Kim in North Korea, let’s look at a couple of other substantial accomplishments that took place over the past few days in Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. 

Trump-Kim Meeting in North Korea:

Every literate person by now has seen, heard or read that President Trump met North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in South Korea then crossed over into North Korea.  This is the first time ever that an serving American President has visited North Korea, ever.  

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There is no doubt that the Secret Service had to replenish their toilet paper supply following this meeting!  The DMZ is protected by heavily armed snipers and security on both sides.  NK Security on the ground was armed and within feet of our President.  Their snipers were trained on our President and the US and South Korean contingency the entire time.  If a firecracker had gone off, this scene could have erupted into a firefight of disastrous proportions!  As it was, there was a few confrontations with our press and the President’s communications staff.  Tensions were high.

To appreciate the gutsiness of this move by the President, remember that Kim may be the leader of this dark nation, but his reign is precarious as many of the old line communist generals and members of his own family would like to seize power.  What better way to take down the Kim regime than to assassinate the President of the US on North Korean soil!  Given the openness of this meeting, there was literally no way to prevent this from happening!  In the end, The President and Chairman Kim met for an hour and agreed to resume disarmament negotiations.  A big prize for merely having the guts to walk across a 16″ wide curb that separates South and North Korea!  Will disarmament come about?  Who knows.  There are a lot of variables at play and Kim is not totally secure in his role as Chairman. 

But, it proves that Trump understands that whether you are negotiating for a high rise in NYC or negotiating to disarm a nuclear nation, TRUST has to be built before any deal will be reached.  I have written in the past that Trump’s short term goal is to convince Chairman Kim that he can trust President Trump and that the US will live up to any security agreement that is made to ensure Kim’s long term survival!  Kim is the third generation that has stood against the US.  He and his ancestors have convinced the North Korean people that the US is an existential threat to their survival.  Now, Trump has to convince Kim that this is not true, then Kim has to convince his inner circles, his military and his people that a good relationship with the US would be good for North Korea.  Remember, Kim was educated in Switzerland and knows how the other half lives.  North Korean GDP is only $18 Billion a year.  Amazon’s annual sales in 2018 was $233 Billion and its EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization was $25.5B, $7.5 billion higher that the total GDP of North Korea!


The G-20 Itself


President Trump very simply laid out for the American People a very difficult situation that has arisen between the US, Turkey and Russia.  Remember that Turkey is a member of NATO, an organization that was founded to guard against advances by the old Soviet Union, and now Russia.  Turkey was an ally of the US against ISIS and agreed not to attack the Kurds in Iraq following the defeat of ISIS.  The Kurds and Turkey have been long-time enemies and much of the original Kurdistan was absorbed into Turkey to the chagrin of the Kurds.  In short, Turkey considers the Kurds terrorists and the Kurds consider Turkey confiscatory scum!  

The President succinctly laid out that during the Obama administration, Turkey’s President Erdogan asked that he be allowed to purchase the US Patriot missile Defence system.  Turkey wanted this defensive system to protect itself from any incoming missile attack.  But, President Obama refused the sale as he did not want to alienate President Putin of Russia In fact, President Obama stopped Patriot system installations in Poland and other nations as well.  Erdogan also wanted to purchase 100 of the new stealth F-35 fighter planes to upgrade his air defenses and to meet his NATO commitment to spend 2% of their GDP on defense. 

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During the F-35 negotiations, Erdogan went to Russia to see if he could purchase the Russian counterpart to our Patriot system, the Russian S-400.   Erdogan and the Russians made the deal and Turkey paid Russia for the S-400 system.  Why not?  The US had refused to sell its system to Turkey!  The Obama administration was furious and eventually offered to give Turkey the Patriot System.  It was too late, Turkey had already paid for the S-400 system and Russia was in the process of manufacturing it and installing it.  

So, fast forward to present day and President Trump at the G-20.  President Trump is livid that the US first denied the sale of the Patriot System to Turkey; then sold 100 F-35s to Turkey; then said Turkey could not have the F-35s, since Turkey bought the Russian S-400 Missile Defense Systems, AFTER THE US REFUSED TO SELL THE PATRIOT SYSTEM TO THEM!  Aren’t you glad that Obama was so smart and not in the back pocket of President Putin!  

Why is this a problem?  The F-35 is the latest US stealth aircraft that obviously incorporates highly sensitive electronics and advances weapons systems, including anti-missile defense capabilities from systems such as the Russian S-400!  Wouldn’t the Russians love to get their hands on the F-35 technology during the installation of the S-400 system so they can program F-35 interception capabilities into not only the S-400 system, but in all offensive and defensive systems they deploy!  

The US had officially suspended any further shipments of the F-35s to Turkey.  To date, only two planes have been delivered to the Turks but they remain in the US at training facilities.  Pentagon spokesman Charles E. Summers Jr. recently stated:

“The United States has been clear that Turkey’s acquisition of the S-400 is unacceptable.” Our important dialogue on this matter will continue, however, until they forgo delivery of the S-400, the United States has suspended deliveries and activities associated with the stand-up of Turkey’s F-35 operational capability,”

Presidents Trump and Erdogan met at the G-20 at length to discuss and try to resolve this situation that should never have been allowed to transpire in the first place.  The lack of commitment to NATO, and the sucking up to Russia by the Obama Administration created this fiasco.  As of this writing, it is unclear how Trump will resolve this,  If I were a betting man, I would bet that Trump will try to offset any loses by Turkey as a result of their purchase of the S-400 systems.  Russia will scream bloody murder but in the end we, the tax payers, will have to pay for Obama’s incompetence.  It is not acceptable to have our F-35 technologies exposed to Russia and to Russian defense technology.


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The North Korean Meeting between Trump and Kim all but overshadowed the meeting between President Trump and President Xi of China.  This meeting was critical to restart talks between the two nations regarding tariffs and trade relations.  The Chinese economy is in decline and further US sanctions could further exacerbate this decline.  In order to mitigate the US tariffs so far, China has had to devalue their currency and give their industries who have been the target of the tariffs deep subsidies so they could continue to produce their products.  In the US, inflation has been at historical lows indicating that China is absorbing most of the cost of the US tariffs.  

The biggest takeaway from the Trump/Xi meeting was that trade talks would resume.  Trump agreed not to increase tariffs or impose new tariffs on about $300 billion dollars in US imports from China.  The US also is allowing our tech companies to sell component parts to the Chinese tech giant Huawei.  TRUMP DID NOT LIFT THE EMBARGO AGAINST HUAWEI, as some are reporting.  Huawei cannot sell its products in the US and the administration is continuing to pressure our allies to follow suit.

President Trump reiterated that he is in now hurry to get a deal with China realizing that China is hoping that Trump will lose his bid for re-election and that China will have an easier path with an incoming Democrat!  So, a comprehensive trade deal with China may not happen until after Trump’s re-election.  If China thinks Trump is tough now, just wait until he is re-elected!  This is not a good bet for China to make.

Other Advances:

Trump also met with many other leaders including those from France, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, India, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and Russia. 

His meetings with France and Germany were to discuss further trade talks between the EU and the US, Brexit, the Trump Middle-East Peace Plan, and Iran.  Trump will tackle the EU trade talks following the passage of USMCA and possibly the conclusion of trade agreement with Japan.  They also discussed the ongoing devaluation of the EU currency that is forcing the dollar higher making it more difficult to sell into the EU.  Iran was particularly critical given the Iranian aggression and the potential for oil supplies being cut off to EU countries from the Gulf.  President Trump also sought to stop these countries from interfering or circumventing with his sanctions against Iran.  Iran is at a tipping point and any propping up by the EU now would only prolong any meaningful dialog with Iran relative to their nuclear weapon program.

Trump’s meeting with Teresa May of Great Britain was a continued reassurance that the US is ready and willing to offset any trade loses that Britain may suffer when exiting the EU, either hard or soft.  The Iranian and Middle-East Peace Plan were also front and center.  May is basically a Lame Duck Prime Minister as recent elections have set up the formation of a new government.

The other main event featured a meeting between President Trump and President Putin of Russia. 

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While both sides have been relatively quiet about the meetings,  included in their discussions were the situations in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and Ukraine.  Putin has indicated that he is withdrawing his support for Maduro in Venezuela and is cooling to any real future involvement with Iran in Syria.  The Ukraine/Crimea situation is sticky and any real solution to the Ukraine/Crimea crisis will not happen soon.  Once Obama allowed Russia to invade Ukraine and Crimea and annex portions of these lands, only military intervention by the US would probably change the status on the ground.  Trump does not see this as his highest priority, nor as a winnable, problem.  Trump did agree to visit Russia on the 75th anniversary of V-Day to celebrate the defeat of Nazism with our then ally, Russia.

I will cover some of the other meetings as results from those meetings unfold and current events add to their story.  Let it suffice to say that President Trump is dominating the world stage and drawing lines in the sands of many topics with other world leaders.  Our media’s and the left’s constant domestic attacks on him do not help but he is undeterred in his seeking of world peace, and rebalancing US trade to be reciprocal and free.

RD Pierini


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US suspends F-35 deliveries to Turkey over S-400 purchase from Russia

The Iran Threat-Why Is It Different?

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Make no mistake, Iran views its battle against the US, Israel and Sunni Muslims as a RELIGIOUS WAR. 

Since the overthrow of the Western backed Shah of Iran in 1979, by the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran has remained as the Islamic Republic of Iran.  A nation founded on Shia doctrine and kept in power by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  Iran sees itself as the sole defender of Shiite Fundamentalism against the majority Sunni Arabs, whom they consider to be non conforming Muslims.  Make no mistake, even though from a Western Point of View, the differences between Sunnis and Shiites seem minor, to the Shia it is worth dying to “convert” the Sunnis to Shia beliefs.  They are even more combative as they are the “underdog” in this fight as they make up less than 15% of the Arab Muslims.

Below is a map showing the Sunni and Shia nations and a legend showing the percent of each sect by country.

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It is easy to see that Iran and Iraq are the two big guns on the side of the Shia coalition.  You would think that Syria would be predominantly Shia but it is only aligned with the Iran Shia due to the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad, who is Alawite Shia.   The reverse is true of Iraq.  Prior to the overthrow of Sunni Saddam Hussein, the Sunni hegemony over Iraq was only due to the absolute power wielded by Hussein.  Now, the presence of the US and its support for a mixed coalition government, Iraq remains a Shia nation population wise but that majority is tempered by the US support for and the presence of the coalition government.  ISIS, who is a Sunni movement, actually spawned from the resurgence of the Shia following Obama’s pullout in Iraq.  

So, Who Does Iran Hate Worse, the Sunni, or the US and Israel?

Both are pretty much in the same boat as far as Iran is concerned.  But, the US and Israel are Iran’s first priority for destruction, followed by Sunnis, especially those that align with the US.

The majority of the Sunni nations are aligned with, to varying degrees, the US and by extension, Israel.  Many are supported militarily by the US and have grown closer to the US since Trump was elected and the Iran Nuclear Agreement was signed.  (Iran used to oppose all of he Western Nations.  But, since many in the West kowtow to Iran due to their reliance on Iranian oil and trade, Iran is pretty much focused on the US)  Don’t hold your breath for members of the EU to support the US against Iran.

Iran is known as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and uses various “proxies” or surrogates to carry out its attacks on US interests in the region and on Sunni nations aligned with the US.  Iran backs, supports and helps to direct terrorist attacks by groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and others.  Hamas is actually comprised of Sunnis but since they are aligned against Israel and supports its overthrow as does the Islamic Jihad, Iran provides financial and arms support to them. 

Religious Hatred

The US and Israel are not only existential political threats to Iran, they represent the epitome of anti-Muslim, Shia heresy.  Iran believes that the US and Israel anti-Iranian actions are due to religious hatred, period.  They believe that our Judeo-Christian founding sets up the life or death religious either/or choice. They believe that Sunni nations that align with the US are likewise so aligned to “purify” Islam from Shia beliefs and all will align to subjugate Iranian Shia and either annihilate them or convert them to Sunni Islam.   

Iran is seeking nuclear weapons to be able to not only dominate and intimidate their Sunni neighbors, but to spread their religious beliefs to the world.  In doing so, they believe that they will have to wipe out Israel and militarily dominate or wipe out the US in the process.  They see this conflict as binary, and based on religious principles.

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So, can we deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran logically in any negotiations that seek to curb the Iranian goal of Shia Domination?  No.  As long as Iran is led by the Ayatollahs and Iran remains a religious State, there are no negotiating points that yield an Iran sans nuclear weapons.

As I wrote about yesterday, the other faction within the Iranian regime, is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  Its dual purpose is to foment terror around the world and to keep the Ayatollahs in power.  If the IRG leadership stops believing that it is in their best interest to continue to support the Ayatollahs, then, there may be an opening to set aside the religious powers in Iran and negotiate directly with the IRG.   The IRG knows what the US did to Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard and would not want a repeat of that carnage when they would be the target! This Iranian realignment under the IRG would require a military coup that would be tricky as the average Iranian is not too keen on the IRG.  To them, the IRG and the Ayatollahs are synonymous.  

But, I doubt that President Trump will be able to negotiate with the current Iranian regime.  The Ayatollahs may feign cooperation but in the end they only have one goal, domination.  Whether the Ayatollahs can hold the IRG in line and keep the Iranian people from rising up will probably play out in a matter of months.  The Iranian economy is devastated and additional sanctions are set for next week by the Trump administration.

Watch the President at the G20 next week in Japan.  There will be a lot of talk about Iran and our role in curtailing their offensive actions.  Next week will be pivotal.

RD Pierini


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With Iran Sabre Rattling, 7 RINOs Block Trump’s Arm Sales to Our Middle East Allies

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These are the Seven Anti-Trump Middle-East Policy Senators who Voted to Kill Trump’s Arms deal with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates:

  • Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins
  • South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham
  • Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee
  • Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran
  • Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul
  • Indiana Republican Sen. Todd Young

This deal would give US companies $8 Billion in sales while standing-up these Middle-Eastern countries with the arms they need to allow the US to step back from direct conflicts in the region.  Most of these same Senators agree with the President’s Middle-East policy of having our allies in the region police their own region with logistics and intelligence support.  But, when it came down to providing those nations with the arms to actually put that policy into practice, they abandoned the President.  Why?

Here are a couple of the “reasons”:

  • Graham blamed Saudi alleged involvement in the death of the Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece Jamal Khashoggi as one of the reasons he dissented.
  • Libertarian Rand Paul stated on the Senate floor in a speech;  “Do I want someone representing me to who is selling arms to people who hate our country?  Do I want to have people representing me who continue to flood the Middle East with Arms?”

Collins, Murkowski, Moran, Lee and Young have always been Luke-warm supporters of the President on a number of issues.  They veiled their opposition to the arms deal as a protest against the President as he had invoked emergency powers, that the Congress had given to the Presidency, to bypass a 30 day review process, read tongue wagging contest in Congress, in order to expedite he deal. 

They had also protested Saudi involvement in Yemen which is a proxy war being waged by Iran!  Iran is the very Shia State Sponsor of Terror in the region that this arms deal is trying to stop!  The President had spelled this policy out his  Middle-East Proxy policy in 2017.  This arms deal with Saudi Arabia is only a small part of the $110 Billion arms deal that Trump signed with Saudi Arabia in May of this year.  This was no surprise.

So, do we as a nation want to continue to engage in wars that last 20 years with no resolution?  Do we as a nation want to send our young women and men into harms way where we have only a moderate degree of national interest?  Do we as a nation want to spend Trillions of dollars on wars in the Middle-East that only serves to feed terror leaders new recruits as they see our flag as a symbol of hatred towards Muslims?

Ask yourself, have any of these Senators, or members of the House of Representatives, actually put forth a viable policy for the Middle-East?  Have any of them actually defined any real objection to Trump’s Middle East Policy?  The answer is NO!

Write these clowns and tell them to get behind a foreign policy that saves the lives of our young women and men; saves our nation trillions of dollars; and stops breeding hatred towards the US for interfering directly in the Middle-East.  You have to wonder why we keep paying for Congress for absolutely no benefit.

Thank God Trump will Veto their attempts to block this sale and thwart his Middle-East Policy.

RD Pierini



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Iranian Aggression and War with the US-Alternate Theory

See the source image

Since Jimmy Carter gave Iran to the radical Shiite Ayatollahs in 1979, the US and the West has faced a constant threat from State (Iran) sponsored terrorism.  Why is this unique?  Most radical nations do not overtly sponsor terrorism as it would be “easy” for the world to take them out as they are easily identifiable with borders, government, and armies.  But, the West has ignored much of Iran’s aggression thinking it would be a counter balance against radical Sunni Muslims. 

See the source image

During the past 40 years, Iran has stood up its elite military and terrorism force called the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  The IRG has created “proxies” such as Hamas, Hezbollah and others to “shield” Iran’s direct involvement in Syria, Jordan, Israel, Yemen, and in Iraq where hundreds of US soldiers were maimed by Iranian weaponry.

So, is the bombing of 6 oil tankers and the shooting down of US drones an act of war by the Islamic Republic of Iran or by its IRG, without the blessing of the Ayatollahs?  A key question is “why would the Ayatollahs attack a Japanesse tanker while the Japanese Prime Minister was sitting down with the Ayatollahs trying to negotiate a deescalation of tensions”?

Either way, the actions cannot and will not go without a response from the US and the Allies in the Middle East.  Russia may stand with the Iranians in the short term but this will be a hollow alliance.  Why, Russia knows that Iran would have no reluctance to stir up terrorism in southern Russia in areas where there are high concentrations of Muslims  

Assuming that the IRG is acting as its own proxy, does this change our response?  Would the US and its allies be allied with the Ayatollahs against the IRG or would we respond the same regardless?

If the Ayatollahs are not part of the current hostilities, it would prove that the leadership in the IRG is now a separate government within Iran.  Remember, the Trump sanctions against the Iranian Government as reduced its revenues by over 80%.  Many in the IRG have not been paid and have not received needed cash to keep their terrorism activities afloat!  The IRG is not a happy group and while they know that the threat to their existence is due to US sanctions, they may believe that they have no option but to strike at US allied interest in the region in order to survive.  If US Sanctions succeed in the overthrow of the Ayatollah regime, they are history!  They believe that military actions against the US and its allies in the region would serve to stalemate members of the EU into not support any US allied military action.  THINK AGAIN!

In either event, it is very possible that the US and the Allies coordinate a counter-strike against the IRG specifically and not attack Iranian infrastructure.   It is the belief of this author that the response will be multi-national with Saudi Arabia and Israel taking leading roles.  (Trump’s Middle East policy is to stand up Middle Eastern countries to police the Middle East themselves)  The US may even take logistic support role rather than a direct military role.  But, since our drones were targeted, it is doubtful that President Trump will allow this to go unanswered.  IRG targets in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and in Iran itself will be strategically hit and hit hard.  The survival of the IRG itself is doubtful.

In the aftermath, it will remain to be seen if the Ayatollahs themselves were responsible for deploying the IRG against US allied targets.  Even if the Ayatollahs were not directy responsible, without the IRG, the hold on Iran by the Ayatollahs will have been seriously weakened and the potential for an internal overthrow of their regime may be eminent.  Stay Tuned!

RD Pierini


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State Sponsors of Terrorism





Trump Vs The Federal Reserve (Fed)

Federal Reserve “Palace”, Eccles Building Washington DC

Are you one of those who listen to the political pundits bad-mouthing Trump for criticizing the Federal Reserve policies and its Chairman Powell?  If you think the President is wrong to criticize the FED, consider the following.

The Federal Reserve (FED) is an extra-constitutional institution that was created in 1913 to stop financial crisis and provide stability to our nation’s credit, its banks, and to protect consumers.  Ironically the FED did nothing to prevent or end the Great Depression, and the recessions that have plagued this nation including the recessions of 1980 and 2008.  Following the recession of 1980 that was accompanied by runaway inflation, the FED was given additional powers to “control” inflation.  In short, our nation’s entire fiscal health, and the health of our banking systems, rely on an institution that is not mentioned in the US Constitution; is totally governed by 7 unelected citizens; and is advised only by 12 individuals from the banking industry that the FED is supposed to manage.  

The Fed is led by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) comprised of seven Presidential appointed “governors”.  Below the are two additional levels of UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS.  Below the FRB, is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).  Its membership is comprised of the seven members of the FRB plus five of the twelve  Federal Reserve Bank Presidents.  The Federal Advisory Council comprised of twelve REPRESENTATIVES OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY.  The FAC “advises” the FRB on all matters under its jurisdiction.  

Finally, the Federal Reserve Act created Twelve (not sure why they were hung up on the number twelve) Federal Reserve Banks, each of which is responsible for member banks located in its district.  (This was before national and international banks!)  

Each of these FED banks has a President appointed by its board of director.  While District Federal Reserve Banks are purported to be independent from its member banks, the MEMBER BANKS DO ELECT SIX OF THE NINE OF THE REGIONAL FEDERAL BANK’S BOARD!  

Sorry for the dissertation on the structure of the FED but the key points are:

  • The Fed is Extra-Constitutional
  • The Fed management is devoid of any elected individuals
  • The FED is controlled by 7 non-elected officials that are appointed by Presidents.
  • The banking industry itself controls the boards or members of Federal Reserve Advisory Council and the District Federal Reserve Banks.
  • The FED creates banking regulation and regulates private banks, PERIOD.  No elected official or agency of the Executive Branch has any sway over these banking regulations.  
  • Yes, the President can nominate the members of the FED Board and the nominees have to be confirmed by the Senate but any actions undertaken by the FED is not subject to Congressional or Executive Oversight!

So, the Federal Reserve can “create” money; manage how much of our cash is available to world; set funds rate which sets interest rates; print  money then buy back US debt also known as Quantitative Easing and monetizing the debt!  All this without any check or balance, nor anyone on the FED being elected by US voters!


Should the President Publicly Challenge the FED?  Someone Better!

During the Obama Presidency, the FED not only pumped $4 Trillion into the economy by borrowing (printing) money, they also drove interest rates down to zero Then when President Trump came in, the FED began to pay down, (remove cash from the economy), and then went through 6 additional Fed Rate increases (this increases your credit card and mortgage Interest rates) beginning in March 2016 raising the interest rate to 1%, until December of 2018 raising the funds rate to 2.5%. 

All of these actions depress the economy! 

These actions by the FED were justified as making sure inflation did not get out of control as the Trump economy was booming!  What, there wasn’t and still isn’t any inflation!

What you need to know is that raising interest rates slows economic growth, and what supposed “conventional wisdom” defines as inflation!    It is a mechanism that has been used to curb INFLATION.  Paying down the monies borrowed by the FED also slows down economic growth by taking cash out of the market. The FED set a target of 2% inflation following the Jimmy Carter presidency that featured an exploded inflation rate accompanied by the FED exploding interest rates to over 16%.    During the Trump administration and the economic growth under Trump in 2019, teh economy has yielded an inflation rate AT A LOWER RATE THAN THE 2% FED TARGET!  Thiws is why The President keeps saying that especially the last Fed interest rate hike in 2018 was deflationary and seriously damaged the growth of our economy.

The FED, the National Debt, and Globalism:

Why is the FED fighting against the Trump economy?  Why is the National Debt still rising?  and Where is the FED in all of this?

Remember, the FED is totally comprised of and controlled by International bankers.  The vast majority are globalist in that they believe that a “balance” among nations economically is good for all.  The only problem is that the FED charter has nothing to do with making sure nations, other than America, are financially sound.  Some argue that international economic stability is our responsibility.  Then why don’t we have a say in the really dumb decisions made by EU nations, China, Russia and other nations that are driving their own economies into the toilet?  Why is our economy held hostage by poor decisions being made by other countries!

Why is our National Debt still rising?  Two reasons, One is an corrupt Congress that does not have the guts to change its own rules allowing spending to keep climbing due to automatic increases each year.   Two, a FED, aided and abetted by Congress, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable, that constantly depresses the US economy and makes sure that our growth and ensuing tax revenues do not strengthen our economy vis-à-vis other nation’s economic growth.  If the US economy is flat, then even if Congressional spending is flat, we can never pay down our national debt.  IF the Trump economy can generate an annual increase in our Gross Domestic Product in the 3-4% range, tax revenues will increase and eventually start chipping away at our national debt.  (Why not raise taxes?  Raising taxes decrease tax revenue.  Tax decreases increases tax revenues.  This is a historical fact!) 

The FED makes sure that our international globalist can move their investments and businesses out of the US into countries that increase their profits.  THE FED AND THESE SELF-INTERESTS AND FOREIGN NATIONS promote foreign countries to maintain tariffs on US imports further depressing US growth and US job promotion.  

President Trump’s


is the Antithesis to the goals of the FED, the Globalists, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Progressive Left.

This is why the President is taking on the FED chairman Powell directly and in the public square.  Continued rate hikes without inflation in excess of 3% is recessionary and contrary to the US National Interest.  The President understands that no matter what he does in terms of regulation and tax cuts, the FED can counterbalance his moves by merely printing more money or raising interest rates.  The President’s economy is generating inflation because for every job gained, PRODUCTIVITY per hour is increased.  For every good produced in this country versus China or elsewhere, GDP and tax revenues into the US treasure are increased!  


You hear every day that US Tariffs on other nations good being brought into the us are TAXES ON US CONSUMERS.  Not True in the Long Run and Not really true in the short to medium term.  Why?  Ask yourself, “How can the US inflation be less than 2% if ur Tariffs are increasing the cost of the good we import to any significant degree?  Answer, they are not! 

The exporting country, say China, cannot afford to loose production nor revenue due to US tariffs.  Also remember, that China is a communist country whose economy is totally controlled by its communist party.  So, China will devalue their own currency to offset some or all of the tariffs.  How does this work?  Say they export an item to the US that costs them $1.00.  We put a 25% tax on that item so the cost of that item would be $1.25.  By devaluing their currency by say 10%, the real tariff cost for the item is $1.125.  Then, in order for the Chinese factory to not loose the $0.125 per item, the Chinese government creates a subsidy for the factory in the amount of $0.125 per item.  In the end, the item cost is still $1.00 to US Consumers.  This is exactly what is happening to China today!  

In the short term, most of the exporters of Chinese goods have forward contracted with Chinese manufacturers to by their goods at a set price over a period of time.  Most are hedged against the Chinese currency to avoid loses due to Chinese currency manipulation.  So, in the short-term, the goods sold to US consumers do not carry a price increase. 

For items like electronics, South Korea and Japan have forced prices down by $150 or so per television over the past 18 months for example.  Our tariffs on Chinese TVs would have no impact on US consumers for specific items as they can buy the less expensive Korean or Japanese TVs.  In the medium to long term, these exporters can seek other country’s suppliers especially Viet Nam, Japan and South Korea.  During this same time frame, the Chinese manufacturers who have non-Chinese partners, will see their non-Chinese partners move their investments to other countries or even the US to avoid the tariff impacts.  Many already have plants in multiple non-Chinese countries.

So, President Trump has to fight for the US consumer on many, many fronts.  The FED is certainly at the top of the list as they can kill the impact of Trump economic moves and even drive the US into a Recession.  The FED can also manipulate our currency and overvalue it and kill our ability to export, especially agricultural goods that are priced on international markets.  

Congress is also a stumbling block as they typically support their big donors, regardless of party, and these include the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the Koch Bros. and others.  While they give lip service to supporting America First, just listen to these political hacks when Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico and others.  In this case, the day Trump threatened to impose a 5% tariff on Mexico, their Peso was devalued at over 5% thus negating the impact of the tariffs in the short-term.  Congress will always stand behind global interests, until we institute term limits and expel these hacks from Congress.

Keep Up the Good Fight!

So, when you hear the talking heads and political hacks decrying Trump Tariffs, consider the sources.  Trump knows that the Chinese tariffs may in time case some of the Chinese goods to be more expensive for US consumers.  In the meantime, he has ramped up US energy production to drive down gas prices for consumers and manufactures alike in order to buffer potential Chinese price increases. 

What always gets me is to hear pundits say that it is better for US consumers to be able to by cheap goods from China than to have those goods produced in the US.  Good for Who?  If you have been laid off at a factory and receiving unemployment or welfare, your purchasing power has been seriously reduced.  Further, rather than you paying taxes and increasing revenue into our treasury, and keep circulating your wage income within the US, you are taking from our treasury and the dollars we are spending with China leave this country and are never recirculated within the US!  Moving jobs out of the US no matter the cost of a tennis shoe is never a net benefit to this nation.  


Note:  if you have a chance, read “Why America Will Fail-Unless the People Take Back Their Country” by clicking on this link: https://wp.me/pY51c-yo  It will explain in more depth the structure of the FED and other institutions and how many of our economic safeguards have been removed intentionally by the globalist.

RD Pierini



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Top 10 Countries with Largest National Debt-to-GDP in 2018


Who Knew? Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald J Trump

See the source image

Whether the Left and the Main Stream Media care to admit it or not, it is apparent that Queen Elizabeth and President Trump have more than a ceremonial relationship. 

The Queen grew up during one of the most tumultuous times in the United Kingdom, and arguably the world, history.  Even before her coronation in 1953, as the heir presumptive to succeed her father King George VI, she was often by her father’s side observing his formal duties and even interacting with member of the British Government. 

See the source image

Elizabeth Emerges:  At the young age of 14 in 1940, during the dark days of WWII, she made her first radio broadcast on the BBC “Children’s Hour”, when she told her youthful contemporaries in Britain, “We are trying to do all we can to help our gallant sailors, soldiers and airmen, and we are trying, too, to bear our share of the danger and sadness of war. We know, every one of us, that in the end all will be well.”  While only 18, Elizabeth was allowed to be a “Counsellors of State” in the event her father, the King, was incapacitated or traveling abroad.   Following the death of her beloved father, her majesty deepened her relationship with Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.  At the ripe old age of 26, the Queen had matured in a “man’s world” of the 40’s and 50’s surrounded by strong male role models.  She was, and remains, anything but a “shrinking violet”.

The Queen & the PM:   The queen’s late father had asked the Prime Minister to help continue the young queen’s “on-the-job training”!  Their relationship become close and Sir Winston never reneged on his promise to the late king even throughout Sir Winston’s declining health.  Sir Winston was the first of 13, (soon to be 14) Prime Ministers to serve under the Constitutional Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.  To demonstrate the closeness and the respect she felt for Sir Winston, she broke royal protocol at his funeral and arrived prior to Churchill’s family and even his casket, and then left before the family.  The protocol was and is always to have the queen or king arrive last and leave first.

But I digress!  Why would the Queen and our President it off?  What would set our President apart from the other 13 US Presidents she has served with as Head of State?  What would they possibly have in common?  How can a man from Queens relate to “The Queen”, and visa versa!  After all, Queen Elizabeth II was 20 years old when our President was born!  Queen Elizabeth lived through WWII, Donald Trump was born a year after WWII ended.

The Trump Royal Connection:  President Trump was raised in a strong matriarchal household headed by his Scottish mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump.

See the source image

Mrs. Trump loved anything to do with the British royal family and would make Donald sit and listen to BBC broadcasts of King George VI and other British royal family members.  The President then grew up with an affinity for the traditions and familial life of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Blue Collar Queen:  Before Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, she joined the Axillary Territorial Service, (Women’s branch of the British Army).

See the source imageShe trained as a driver and a mechanic and was the first of the royals to take on a “blue collar” role!  She had a keen appreciation for the workers around the empire and their contribution to the Crown.

Queens Trump:  The young Donald Trump loved to follow his father around to job sites and on rent collection runs.  He leaned the value of the dollar and the absolute need to illuminate waste and the value of and respect for labor.  Getting your hands dirty was badge of honor and those who worked with their hands should be respected.  

Shared Values:  President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II both share a common respect for the “common man” and the value of honest hard work.  They both have an appreciation for the value of the fruits of labor.  They also both share an abhorrence, yet an appreciation for, the honor of war!  Evil has be fought and defeated while the use of warfare has to be applied judicially and only when all else fails.  The Queen saw firsthand the German’s assault on London.  The President experienced this horror in history books.

While the Queen grew up surrounded by the trappings of royalty, the President grew up listening to the exploits and speeches of the Royals and later watched his new acquaintance the Queen, travel the world and usher in the inevitable changes to the British Empire and the remaking of the British Commonwealth. 

The President watched as the Queen received US Presidents and their First Ladies on many occasions.  He was amazed at the pomp and circumstances surrounding these state visits and the ease at which the Queen carried them off.  What he probably did not surmise looking in from the outside, is that the Queen was often relegated to entertaining the First Ladies while the President would mingle with the Prime Minister and the other government officials.  Too often, our Presidents assumed that the Queen and the Monarchy were merely window dressing.  They forgot that she has decades of experience helping over a dozen Prime Ministers to steer the Commonwealth.  She is probably more comfortable around male leaders than female counterparts.  President Trump saw, and still does,  the Queen as not only a member of British Royalty, but as the head of State for the United Kingdom!  

The Queen was even slighted by Jackie Kennedy following a State Visit by the First Lady and President Kennedy. 

See the source imageThe First Lady spoke in a derogatory manner regarding the Queen and her personal manner after the Queen had taken Mrs. Kennedy in and consoled her over the Kennedy’s marital and “pharmaceutical” issues.  While the Queen did not make a public spectacle of the affront, she did make sure that the First Lady knew of the insults.

So, it is no surprise that on the President’s State Visit in 2018 and the recent 2019 visit, that the Queen and the President spent considerable time literally one on one, even when they were entertaining hundreds of guests.  Even in 2018, the Queen, in her 90’s, walked with President Trump while they inspected the troops.  Try it while in heels and carrying the Queen’s ever present purse! 

See the source image The President has a deep seated respect for the Queen as a person, as the head of British Royalty, and as the Head of State for the United Kingdom.  The Queen respects strength that is tempered with respect for others and those are what she appreciates in the President.

See the source image

“The Crown”:  Just as an aside, I strongly encourage everyone to watch, “The Crown”, on Netflix.  You can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 and be ready for season 3 starting in November.  It has been verified as being historically factual based on Royal documents, letters, and reports.  Some of which are not exactly complimentary to the royal family but will make you appreciate just how human this family really is.


Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/videoplayer/vi3969627673?ref_=vp_pl_11

Season 2 Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/videoplayer/vi2706225433?ref_=vp_pl_0

Richard Pierini



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Trump Showdown with RINO Senators, AGAIN!

See the source image

Republicans in Congress have been a COMPLETE failure when it comes to securing our Southern Border.  They cannot blame the Democrats for the Republican’s failure to secure our border.  From 2017-2018, Republicans held the House, Senate and the White House.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell promised President Trump over, and over, and over again!  But failed to deliver the President’s proposed immigration reforms and failed to substantially fund the President’s border wall requests.  Why, THE CONGRESSIONAL RINOS ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, AND THEIR BIG BUSINESS CONSTITUENTS.

Now, these same worthless, so-called pro-national security morons are railing against the President’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico if that country does not step up, enforce its own immigration laws, and prevent thousands of illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers from flooding our Southern border.  These are the same morons that have failed the American People time and time again by not passing needed immigration reforms.  When the President declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY at the Southern Border a month or so ago, THESE SAME MORONS FORCED THE PRESIDENT TO USE A VETO TO KEEP HIS DECLARATION IN FORCE!   

See the source image

Just to be MORONICALLY CONSISTANT, these same RINO Senators are opposing the President’s emergency declaration to allow the US to expedite arms shipments to Jordon, the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the face of eminent threats from Iran against our Middle East bases and our allies in the region.  

So, “our” RINO Senators and some House members are not only allowing the US to be INVADED by illegal aliens, from all over the world, at our Southern Border, they are also aiding and abetting Iran, who constantly chant “Death to America and Death to Israel”, by not allowing the President to complete arms sales to our regional allies, who oppose Iran, as he has proposed for the past two years. 

See the source image

These phony Senators, including Lindsay Graham, have no problem not doing their job time and time again in the Senate, but want to thwart our abilities to defend ourselves via our regional allies.  

See the source image

The President published his Middle East foreign policy months ago and it is based on having our Middle East Allies stand up and defend the Region themselves.  This policy called for arming our key allies, Egypt, the UAE, Jordon, Saudi Arabia and others.  The President believes that our spending $7+ Trillion dollars prosecuting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq not only drained our treasure, but needlessly cost the lives of thousands of our brave men and women in our military.  But equally as detrimental to the US, the President believes that these wars confirmed to Islamist that the US was hell bent on keeping our boot on the throat of the Muslim nations and their citizens.  These wars gave radical Islamist and Iranian Shia militants propaganda “bullets” to whip up hatred of the US and our ally Israel!  Now, the Left, their Media, and “our” RINOS in Congress are standing against rolling back decades of planting our Flag on Middle East soil and fueling anti-US sentiment!

2020 At Stake!

See the source image

The “Republican Party” better damn well wake up now!  Former House Speaker Paul Ryan held onto his speakership in 2018, convinced 40 Republicans to “retire” (read go to work for lobbyist for big bucks), and gave the House of Representatives back to Nancy Pelosi to make sure Trump could not advance his agenda legislatively!  Now, the Anti-Trump assault is being led by RINO Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and McCain’s acolyte Lindsay Graham!  

These Anti-Trump assaults by RINOs only serve to add fuel to the impeachment efforts led by the left and their media.  They think they will retain their own power and maybe knock President Trump out of office.  Trump is holding the RINOs accountable and have been forcing this lightweights to actually work!

McConnell and Graham are up for reelection in 2020 and need to hear from you now!  The “Republican Party” is now Trump’s Party and these reprobates will not take it back from Trump.  But, their efforts could give the Senate to the Dems and allow Pelosi to keep control of the House.  Don’t sit on your hands, STAND UP!

RD Pierini




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Aftermath of 2020 Election When Trump Is Reelected

See the source image

Message to the Democrat Party and their lackeys in the Main Stream Media;

“Be Careful What You Ask For, You Might Just Get It”!

Since citizen Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy in June of 2015, The Democrats and their co-conspirators in the left-wing media have created a campaign to demonize President Trump in order to “expunge” him from the Presidency.  This is not a direct political attack on Trump’s policies, it has been an all out character assassination of his character, his wife, and his family, along with anyone who dared to vote for him or don a “MAGA” hat! 

Their goal is to create an image of the President as morally unfit for office, incompetent to lead, a deep-seated racists, hater of women and women’s causes, a homophobe, a financial predator who “stole” millions from everyone he did business with, and any image that is considered vile in the eyes of most people.   The bad news is that these conspirators have convinced about 25% on the hard progressive-left that all of these images are true and have confused another 10-15% that some of these allegations may be true.  The 92+% negative coverage by the left-wing news has hammered these images home!  These are age old tactics by the left and they have worked before, that is before Trump!

But, with the lackluster field of 2020 Democrat candidates for president; and the overreach of Pelosi and Schumer to push for impeachment and constant investigations into everything Trump; their is a high chance that in 2020 Trump will keep the Presidency; win back the House, and pick up seats in the Senate.  


You can see evidence of this already.  Reasonable friends you have had for years suddenly dispute hard economic facts that are positive; they believe that whatever CNN, MSNBC or the nightly news or their late night comedy parrots spew is factual; and they have no interest in seeking alternative sources of knowledge.  These friends see the efforts to use foreign surveillance tools and overreaching congressional investigations as reasonable to rid this nation of the reprobate who occupies the White House!  So what is left is Trump remains in the White House and takes back the House?  Open Revolt!  

It will start with protests then be taken over by left-wing activists such as Antifa.  Radical US socialist and communist groups will be paid to fuel the fire until someone gets killed!  We saw this in the 60’s and we are in for an even more violent insurrection.  Unfortunately, the 25+% of Americans who have been duped and riled up by the radical left democrats and their media will mass to support the insurrection.  

See the source image

The difference is that this insurrection has at its core the survival of Progressive-Left dominance in the US that has been reduced dramatically by President Trump.  This is not only a US phenomena but a Western Civilization coup against Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law.  The hard progressive-left has fought for over a century to replace democratic institutions with leftist socialist governments.  They left knows that if Trump gets back into the White House with majorities in the Senate and House, he may just drive the final nail in the coffin known as the progressive-left movement!  

They know that Trump has:

  • Revamped the US economy based on capitalism using lower taxation and massively reduced regulation.
  • Strengthened our military and is standing down our left supported enemies who used them to weaken the US internationally.
  • Done everything legally possible to enforce border security and stop the flow of illegal immigration into the US. 
  • Revamped our trade policies to stand-up the US as an economic leader with “Buy American and Hire American” policies.
  • Weakened international institutions such as the UN and the WTO that were created and propped up to counter-balance the US superpower status.
  • Made the US the largest producer of energy in the world, eliminating threats of an energy crisis by oil producing nations and organizations bent on controlling the West by controlling energy.
  • Forced key allies, and mutual treaty organizations such as NATO, to stand strong and contribute to their mutual defense.  

The Left’s Biggest Fear:

With the White House and Congress behind him, he will take on public education and kill the indoctrination arm of the progressive-left by institutionalizing “SCHOOL CHOICE”.  He will also take on colleges and universities who worked with the progressive-left to financially enslave all who attend these institutions and to instill radical left ideology in their minds!  This is the most feared policy by the left that Trump will pursue and one that will have the most lasting impact on the politics of this nation.

Only an educated electorate can sustain a free nation founded on  a Constitutional Republic form of government!  

Economically depressed minorities can only be lifted up through equal educational opportunities provided through School Choice.

Returning America to a Melting Pot can only be accomplished by promoting educational opportunities that reinforce our history, civics, culture and moral foundations.

Ignorance breeds economic, cultural, political and moral slavery.

Trump’s threat to the progressive-left, their complicit media, and other international forces aligned against the US, is real.  The left has created a base of mindless, hate filled zealots who will not stop in seeking the utter destruction of President Trump and his policies, AND HIS SUPPORTERS.  Their battle against Trump and his supporters are akin to a “religious” holy war and it will get physical.  Be aware, and be careful following Trump’s reelection and the violence that insures. 

RD Pierini



Saving our Nation through Vigilance

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