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I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government
I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

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GOP Elites & Progressives Join Forces to Drive a Wedge Between Trump and Trump Supporters!

Image result for Trump supporters

You would think that media supporters of President Trump, the likes of Hannity, Ingraham, Dobbs, Bannon, and others, would know by now not to be played like a bunch of rookies by the Anti-Trump crowd when it comes to Trump’s core values and campaign pledges. 

Gee, have they ever heard of FAKE NEWS!  They should also know that Trump, unlike Obama, has a deep-seated reverence for the US Constitution and knows that he needs Congress to get his core values enacted!  But no, one false narrative following a dinner meeting with Tweedle Dee (Schumer) and Tweedle Dumb (Pelosi) and the rats abandon the Trump Ship!

Get a clue guys.  Anti-Trump forces joined up to drive a wedge between the President and his supporters.  The so-called conservative pundits stabbed Trump in the back and believed Pelosi, Schumer, the MSM, and leftist pundits rather than POTUS.  Good grief, haven’t we learned anything over the past 50 years?  Apparently not.

Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs (for one night), Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon and other less Trump supporting conservative pundits piled on Trump following his dinner meeting with Schumer and Pelosi.  First, they bought into the AP story (hook, line and STINKER) that quoted Schumer and Pelosi stating that, “We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,”  Obviously this statement was intentionally misleading about the meeting and intended to state that Trump abandoned his core value commitments to build the wall and not to back amnesty for illegal immigrants in addition to his commitment to end chain immigration and fixing the Visa programs.  Sean, Laura, Ann and Lou took the bait rather than giving the President the benefit of the doubt and actually believe that he is committed to principles that he has espoused for the past 30 years.

The old saying, “with friends like these, who needs enemies” apply to these fair weather “friends” of the President.  They may as well have gone on the air with “Joe and Mika” and help to bash the President.  Now, the MSM and anti-Trump news outlets and blogs are doubling down on their condemnation of the President’s so-called back-stabbing of his MAGA supporters.  They are convincing some of his mushy supporters that Trump reneged on his campaign promises on immigration issues such as the wall, amnesty, chain immigration and DACA.  

In spite of the fact that Trump has stated and/or Tweeted emphatically that:

  • On the dinner meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, “No deal was made last night on DACA,”
  • On Chain Migration, “CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!”
  • On DACA legislation, “We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty.”  “We’re looking at allowing people to stay here,”
  • On building the Wall, “We have to have the wall. if we don’t have the wall we’re doing nothing,”  Read, I will veto immigration reform that does not include the wall even if there are multiple pieces of legislation.

There are more along the same lines but in the last two days Trump has reiterated his core values when it comes to protecting the border and immigration reform.  Our post on August 4th, titled, “Immigration Reform-Trump’s Approach Is Correct But Global Elites will Kill It!”, lays out Trump’s core immigration policy goals.  (Link http://wp.me/pY51c-15r). 

Everyone has to remember that a REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED Congress has to pass the Trump immigration values into law, Trump cannot merely wave a magic wand.   The Trump critics should be blasting Ryan and McConnell AND THE REST OF THE GOP IN CONGRESS, for not passing the Trump immigration agenda.  Trump is trying to peel off enough Dems to overcome the GOP Trump-haters like McCain, On-again off-again Graham, flaky Flake from Arizona, and many others in the house and senate.  If he can’t, he will have to compromise to some degree, like St. Ronald Reagan did in 1986. 

How far will he compromise?  Read his statements.  He says what he means.  Trump is not a nuanced communicator.  He is a Queens-New Yorker!

RD Pierini



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GOP Freedom Caucus Join RINOs Against We the People & Trump!

Image result for trump mark meadows and jim jordan

Mark Meadows. leader of the Freedom Caucus, and Jim Jordan, founder of the Freedom Caucus, have both condemned President Trump for increasing the debt limit without gaining offsets to the national debt which is currently 19 Trillion 800 Billion dollars. 

Then, Why Hasn’t Congress Passed a Budget in  9 Years! 

The Federal Budget is THE Way to Control the National Debt! 

Raising the National Debt by Passing A Continuing Resolution is What Really Increases the National Debt Without any Real Accountability by Congress.

President Trump joined with Democrats to increase the debt limit in order to QUICKLY authorize the funding for the Harvey and now Irma  Hurricane relief.  The President did not want Congress to get embroiled into yet another silly “principled” fight that would result in a delay for the funding and even setting up a government shutdown and possibly postponing relief dollars for Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.  90 of the Freedom Caucus in the House and other RINOs voted against President Trump’s request as did 17 RINOs in the Senate.  

The RINO Way-Increase Spending and Complain About the Debt!

Meadows and Jordan try to take the moral high ground as “conservatives” when the issue of the debt limit comes up.  BUT, they knew Paul Ryan would follow the lead by his predecessor, John Boehner, and give Obama a free pass to raise Federal Spending and increase the National Debt.  Under Boehner/Ryan speakership, Obama and the Congress (both GOP and Dems), the National Debt increased from $10.6 Trillion to almost $20 Trillion dollars.  Obama, Boehner and Ryan almost doubled the National Debt!  Where were the “conservatives” pressuring Boehner and Ryan to stop the Obama march to national bankruptcy!  

Fast Forward to Today

On August 23rd, 2017, Meadows stated that Ryan and McConnell could “could lose their jobs”  if they did not back the Trump agenda.  Then, on September 8th, Meadows backtracked stating that “I can tell you there is no plan there is nothing there” when asked if he planned to oust Paul Ryan as the speaker. 

So, if Paul Ryan, and McConnell have both badmouthed the President at every turn, and have intentionally stalled the Trump agenda, how can the Freedom Caucus not step up and insist on a change in Congressional leadership so Congress can support the Trump agenda? 

  • How can Meadows and Jordan stand against the President’s request to raise the debt limit and fund the Hurricane Relief efforts so he can get Congress to pass his tax reform and relief plan? 
  • Where are Meadows and Jordan on insisting the “Wall” be built? 
  • Why did Meadows and Jordan take the “August Recess” instead of staying in Washington DC and protest the “vacation” supported by Ryan and McConnell?
  • How can Meadows and Jordan insist on “Entitlement” reform that include Social Security and Medicare, that were paid for by the recipients of those programs?  
  • How can Meadows and Jordan not insist that the Trump Budget be passed in order to start cutting back on the federal debt via a balanced budget?
  • How can Meadows and Jordan not insist Trump be allowed to pare down the Federal bureaucracies  per the Trump Budget when RINOs attack Trump’s cost cutting efforts?

Simple, they don’t understand how screwed up this country is and how disgusted We the People are with political platitudes and high and mighty politicians feeding at the pig trough provided by taxpayers.

WE fully understand that the National Debt may increase in the short-term if the:

  • Trump tax cuts take place,
  • We have to pay for increased military spending in order to address the failings of past administrations, and we have to pay for national disasters like Harvey and Irma. 
  • WE also understand that if Congress will get behind President Trump in cutting costs of a bloated, out-of-control federal government, Trump will get the budget balanced and actually start to reduce the national debt.

But, to drape yourself in the mantel of fiscal conservatism while not backing the Trump Budget is the epitome of hypocrisy.

IF the GOP Congress does not rally around Trump, We the People will get behind a movement to “Trump-The-Congress”!  The GOP will begin to fade away or merge with the Progressive Left that they so often agree with.  The birth of a Trump led “America-First” party may emerge if the Establishment continues to thwart the Trump Agenda.

RD Pierini




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Leverage with China-One China Policy VS One Korea Policy!

John Bolton Wants a One Korea Solution

How About Using the One China Policy Rescission as Leverage?

Taiwan. Physical features map. Includes locator.

Shortly after the end of WWII, World powers created “Lose-Lose” relationships and sovereign status agreements concerning both Taiwan and Mainland China, and North and South Korea.  From a US perspective, Taiwan and Mainland China should have remained as individual nations and North and South Korea should have remained as a single nation.  The resulting outcome was to destabilize both sets of nations and set up a semi-permanent state of either or both diplomatic or military conflict that remains today.  Keep in mind, Mainland China is at the epicenter of both of these potential powder kegs.

Background:  (highly condensed) 

Most people born after 1950 are somewhat clueless when it comes to Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), and believe that it is an always has been part of Mainland China known as the People’s Republic of China (PRC).   In fact, Taiwan is still a sovereign nation and only due to concessions to the PRC has most of the West recognized Taiwan and Mainland China as “One China”.

The US policy of adhering to a “One China Policy” was first formalized in 1972 when Nixon signed off on the Shanghai Communique in order to establish “normalized” trade and military relations with mainland China.  While the US maintained close relations with the Taiwan government, it did agree to reduce our military installations and support.  This was in return for both the US and mainland China to agree not to seek to dominate the Asia-Pacific Region.  (How is that working out for us!  NOT)  Not surprising, it was Jimmy Carter in 1979 who actually BROKE OFF RELATIONS WITH TAIWAN recognizing on mainland China (PRC) as the real China!  Unfortunately even President Reagan did not reverse this policy and Taiwan has remained a step-child since 1972 with the US still adhering to the One China Policy. 

Enter President Trump:

Image result for Trump the negotiator

Remember right after President Trump was elected and he received a call from the Taiwanese President Tsai Lng-wen.  Following that call, President-Elect Trump said that the US was not necessarily “bound” to the One China Policy!  President Trump later agreed to “honor” the One China Policy after meeting with President Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Lago in February of 2017.  

So, How Committed is President Trump to the One China Policy?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that China’s President Xi Jinping is not going to put the screws to North Korea and force “Kim Jong-un” to give up his nuclear arms and/or leave office.  China views having an adversary of the US and Japan on the Korean Peninsula as being in China’s strategic interest.  China does not have to lift a finger and the US and Japan can be held hostage by a country the size of the State of Pennsylvania!

Will Trump Dump the One China Policy and Arm Taiwan & Japan to the Teeth?

President Trump has Leverage in the Asia-Pacific Region on Three Fronts:

  1. Arm (or threaten to arm) South Korea with a strategic Missile Defense System and tactical nuclear weapons.  Seoul, South Korea is only 120 miles from Pyongyang, North Korea.  
  2. Arm (or threaten to arm) Japan with Nuclear Weapons.
  3. Recognize (or threaten to recognize) the sovereignty of Taiwan Vs adhere to the One China Policy and re-arm Taiwan to the hilt, including tactical nuclear weapons; plus establish a pro-Taiwan trade policy to strengthen their economy.  Taiwan is only 80 miles from the coast of Mainland China)
  • China will threaten the US with everything it has if we take these steps.  But we will probably end up doing #2 and #3 anyway just to halt the Chinese expansion in the Asia-Pacific region even though they agreed not to seek hegemony over this region in the 1972 Shanghai Communique!  (Clearly the building of man-made islands for military purposes negates the Shanghai Communique)
  • The Pro-China interests in the US, includes big business, US Chamber of Commerce, Neocons, Never Trumpers, probably most of Congress (led by McCain and Jeff Flake), Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter and their ilk who crafted the One China Policy, and Jennifer Lawrence even though she couldn’t find Taiwan on a map.  (Couldn’t resist the J-Law reference)

China’s False Negotiation Strength:  Contrary to the talking heads on the MSM and political hacks on Capital Hill, China only holds $1.3 Trillion or 7% of our PUBLIC National Debt.  (Social Security Trust Fund holds almost double this amount!) The balance of trade deficit between Chain and the US is roughly $350 billion in China’s favor.  Both of these factors put China, not the US, at a negotiation disadvantage.  If China attempts to dump our bonds, the price will go down lowering Chinese cash out.  IF China threatens trade sanctions, they would only hurt themselves as we buy a lot more from them then we do from them.  Yes, some US countries would suffer and some of the items from China sold in the US would go up in price.  But, is that better than having a nut job in North Korea lob a nuke at San Francisco or Los Angeles?  I would not mind paying more for a broom from China just so I could not have to take Ambien at night to sleep!

Would China take Aggressive Military Action?:  China has too much to lose to take military action against the US.  Losing $350,000,000,000 per year in a net trade advantage and possible see a loss in the bond yield for the US debt they hold would equal economic suicide for China whose economy is slowing anyway. 

It would take a lot of guts to put all of our chips in on this move but we will probably have to force this issue, and, the build up of Chinese military assets in the Asia-Pacific Region, and, balance our trade.

It is nice to “HOPE” for a China that would assist the US in dealing with North Korea but it is NOT in their best interest to do so, from their perspective.  

If anyone has the guts to pull this trigger, it is President Trump.  It is an extreme version of playing chicken but I would bet 10 egg rolls that it would work!

RD Pierini


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DACA-Trump May Get the Blame for Past Presidents & Congressional Failures


Even Rush Limbaugh failed to connect the DACA dots today!  The DOT is the fact that Trump is the ONLY President, including the venerated Reagan, to uphold the immigration law by killing an illegal Executive Memo and the illegal past practice by so-called conservative and liberal Presidents.

Rush and other “conservatives” posited that Trump will tick off his base if the GOP and the Left get together and pass a DACA amnesty bill, and force Trump to sign it or own the deportation of 800,000 DACA beneficiaries.  They conveniently forgot to point out that Presidents Reagan, HW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama ALL created de facto DACA programs by merely turning a blind, and unconstitutional, eye to those kids brought to the US by their illegal parents and failed to deport any of them.  Obama merely codified, albeit illegally, the past practice of these President’s failure to enforce the law!  Trump, stood up against both the practice and the resulting Obama Executive Memo by wiping out DACA and telling Congress to act, or NOT!  The Constitution TRUMPS Emotion!

IF Congress Passes Amnesty, Will Trump Be Held Accountable?

I have been a Trump supporter from the get-go.  If the RINOs and Left in Congress come up with a DACA amnesty or an all out Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, and send it to Trump, will Trump sign it?  Will the bill have enough votes to override a Presidential Veto?  Will the Bill also contain tough border security and the completion of the border wall?  The devil will be in the details.  In the end, Trump’s action to sign or not sign it will not lessen my support for him!

Trump is in a “Historical Fulcrum Position” as the President During this Critical Period in American History. 

The Republican Party has morphed into a party that is to the left of the Democrat Party of the 1960’s .  Past administrations have created global tensions and conditions that threaten the very existence of the West.  The American People are confused between having a country based on the rule of law or the rule of emotional feelings and identity politics.  Capitalism is no longer thought to be the correct foundation of the US economy by many.  Police are thought to be the enemy of minorities.  States and cities openly defy Federal Law.  And our school system is nothing short of a cesspool of corruption, political correctness, and identity political teachings.  We are destroying historical statues and monuments leaving our history up for individual interpretation.  Our industries have been deported to other nations while deporting illegal aliens is thought to be cruel.  Our economy is on the edge of tipping into the abyss of socialism.

Trump is one man, not God! 

Trump stated in May of 2017 that,

“Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from God”. 

It is Freedom that Trump was elected to regain and protect for us to the best of his ability.  Not one single issue or policy.  Trump may not be able to right all of the wrongs of our past, and there are many, but Trump is the START of taking our country back.  Reagan said that “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  Trump is here to represent that populist, America First generation who wants to start to take back our freedom and thus our country.  Our Freedom is not his responsibility but ours!  It is up to us to help Trump fight to take back this country and not to waver every time there is a bump in the road.  Trump has 4-8 years to overcome decades of decay and lawlessness that has overtaken this land.  If he is 50% successful, that would be a tremendous accomplishment.

Conservative commentators and pundits forgive all of the sins of past so-called Presidents and legislators and are laying the blame of this world and the fate of this world at the feet of Donald J. Trump.  Don’t make the same mistake whenever Trump cannot overcome all of the obstacles in his way.  Could you do any better?  Try supporting and lifting up our President rather than joining in the mob noise against him.

RD Pierini


Trump to GOP, Get in Line or Get Out of the Way! Populism V Swamp


Everyone is trying to understand why Trump jumped into the debt ceiling/government funding negotiation and cut the deal with Schumer and Pelosi over McConnell and Ryan.  It is simple.  On Tuesday, The House GOP leader, Kevin McCarthy stated that the RINOs would NOT push to fund Trump’s Border Wall until December.  This is after delay after delay by the RINO Leadership, Ryan and McConnell, to keep pushing off approval of Trump’s border security bill.  Trump viewed this additional snub as a personal attack, again.

So yesterday, after Ryan and McConnell publicly stated that they would not agree to a debt ceiling hike unless it was for 18 months, use a continuing resolution to fund the government, and not tie anything to the bill, like Harvey Relief, Trump stopped the back and forth bickering between Pelosi-Schumer and McConnell-Ryan by saying that the debt ceiling and government funding would go through December 15th and fully fund his request for Hurricane Harvey relief!  Period!  His priority was Harvey Funding and the other issues were mere political noise to him! 

He later added an additional insult to the GOP leadership by complimenting Schumer and Pelosi by name and merely mentioning that GOP leadership was also at the meeting and agreed to the deal. On Air Force One in route to North Dakota to give his Tax Plan a plug, Trump Said:

“We had a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, we agreed to a three-month extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred – very important – always we’ll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it.”  He followed up by saying the GOP Congressional Leadership were also in the meeting!  

Step in Trump’s shoes for a moment; he has a major cleanup in Houston to deal with; A new hurricane about to hit Florida; A nut job in North Korea threatening nuclear war; a sabre rattling whack job in Iran threatening retaliation if Trump kills the US-Iran sell-out; A tenuous negotiation with China over trade and NOKO policy; He is still managing the annihilation of ISIS around the world; deploying his new Afghanistan policy; a media who hates him; and the sun is going down on his Tax Plan, Obamacare, and his appointees for 2017.  So, to sit there for an hour listening to Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi and Schumer quibble like a bunch of spoiled brats over how and when and how much to increase the debt ceiling, (which is truly non-existent), and arguing for political advantages in terms of timing for how long the debt limit covers, and ignoring the real issue, Harvey Relief, Trump merely had enough.  

The Border Wall snub by Ryan and McConnell was just another log on the fire from Trump’s point of view.  Every time the media attacks something Trump says, even if the media is dead wrong as they usually are, Ryan and McConnell cannot get to a camera fast enough, usually having to wait for McCain’s bashing of Trump, to distance themselves from the President!  Trump is deeply frustrated with the lack of GOP support for his agenda and for him personally after he basically got all of those limp-wrist RINOs elected on his coattails.  The chickens are about to come home to roost.

Make no mistake, Trump knows that he will not get support from either the Democrats nor the media.  Many of the latter used to be personal friends of Donald and Melania Trump but since the election cycle, they have mercilessly attacked both of them and their family.  They oppose him and his agenda.  “Resist” is alive and well and the Democrats are too stupid to see the handwriting on the wall. 

But, Trump also knows that both Ryan and McConnell’s leadership is shaky at best.  He has tried to everything he can to support them and let them carry the ball for his agenda.  The problem is that they hate his agenda as his agenda offends their donor class!  These two have run away from Trump’s agenda and have at the same time alienated their conservative caucuses.  Mark Meadows could challenge Ryan’s leadership in the house but it is unclear who would challenge McConnell in the Senate.  There are a lot of “professed” conservatives in the Senate but not too many like Mark Meadows in the House who walk like a duck and quack like a duck.

Trump the Populist-First!

BUT, Trump is not a hard-core conservative nor a hard-core liberal.  Trump is a Populist!  He will back measures that are in the NATIONAL INTEREST of the nation and its citizens and not merely to adhere to someone’s view of conservatism or liberalism.  His America First Trade position is a good example as is immigration.  So the conservative caucus in the House and Senate need to understand he will not bend to mere ideology.  There has to be a pragmatic benefit to America if he is to embrace it.  He sees ideology as a possible barrier to “Make America Great Again”!  (Trump’s Trade Doctrine is an example)  He definitely sees ideology as a barrier to getting things done in the name of some lofty doctrine.  Case in point, the 60 vote filibuster rule in the Senate that is used by Senators to avoid making hard votes and being held accountable.

Trump has some real mine fields to navigate going forward. 

  • DACA will test his base as he viewed killing DACA and making Congress deal with this to be a Constitutional issue, more than an immigration issue.  (Separate Article to Follow)  the GOP and the Dems are sure to try to force Trump to sign amnesty for DACA beneficiaries before March 15th.  They may even try to tie it to a RINO/McCain/Rubio Gang of Eight amnesty bill.
  • Passing Tax Relief and Tax Reform will be a bigger battle within the GOP than Obamacare R&R.  Simply, corporate interests (Ryan and McConnell’s constituency) want lower rates but they want to keep all of the carve outs and tax breaks.  Dems will not support breaks for evil corporations and the “rich” and will push for more “tax rebates” for those who don’t pay taxes.  In the end, the middle-class could end up with the shaft rather than a tax break.
  • Obamacare Repeal & Replace will probably not happen before the 2018 Mid-Terms.  Congress will try to force Trump to subsidize the big insurance companies to keep Obamacare afloat longer.  The bottom line is that the RINO and DEM donor class wants to have national healthcare.  If a corporation is no longer responsible for providing healthcare for its employees and their families, just think how much the corporation  can add to their bottom line without doing absolutely anything!

Final Thought!

One other unmentioned comment Trump made yesterday following the meeting was that he expects Congress to take up and pass a real budget.  This is probably the most important statement he made yesterday and no one is talking about it!  Trump hates the now normal use of Continuing Resolutions to fund the government rather than formerly adopting a real budget.  As a business man, this is totally unacceptable.  How can you run a $4 trillion economy without a budget?  How can you expect to balance a budget without a budget.  The conservative caucus in the House and Senate need to wake up and insist on Congress passing Trump’s budget!

RD Pierini



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Pretend You are Pres. Trump: Here is your North Korea Challenge!

You have probably watched countless analysts on TV talking about how to “deal” with the North Korean Problem.  Some offer diplomatic options, some economic options, others focus on military options. 

Image result for trump's desk

Let’s put ourselves in the oval office, sitting at the Resolute desk, and formulating a possible MILITARY strategy to take out North Korea’s Problem, “Kim Jong-un”.  

Setting the Stage: (briefly)

There is no question that the North Korean Problem began with an Armistice between North and South Korea on July 27, 1953.  The armistice never achieved its goal of establishing a real peace treaty and has “permanently” left the Korean Peninsula bifurcated between the North and the South.  The US and North Korea never really focused on a real peace treaty much like the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations did not focus on denuclearizing the North.

China and Russia, to a lesser degree, have aligned with North Korea with the United States aligning with South Korea.  The tensions on the Korean Peninsula became yet another metaphor for the Cold War between the US, China and the Soviet Union.  The latter two share a border with North Korea.

Image result for Map of north and south Korea

The current leader of North Korea is Kim Jong-un who maintains a brutal dictatorship over his country.  The Kim dynasty has ruled over North Korea since the end of WWII in 1948.  Two years later, Kim Il-sung started the Korean War…  So, to look for any “peace” DNA in the current leader is an exercise in futility.  Total dominance of the Korean Peninsula and becoming a serious, internationally feared nuclear power is the sole goal of Kim Jung-un.


North Korea has a total land mass of 120,538 sq./km; roughly the size of the State of Pennsylvania.  The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. The capital of South Korea is Seoul that is only 120 miles from the North Korean capital, seconds from an artillery attack.  


North Korea trades almost exclusively, 90% with China.  The key economic factor is petroleum.  North Korea only produces about 100 bbl/day but consumes 15,000 bbl/day, with China making up the vast majority of its shortfall.  If China, or Russia as a substitute,  does not supply North Korea with petroleum, any attempt by North Korea to wage any semblance of a prolonged conflict is not possible.  Their “ground game” would be unsustainable.

North Korean Military:

The Kim dynasty has invested almost all of its resources in creating a military and advancing its weapons systems.  The following will give you an outline of their military capabilities:

Troops:  945,000 Active, 5,500,000 Reserve

Aircraft:  458 Fighters, Attack Aircraft 572, Helicopters 202, Attack Helicopters 20.

Tanks/Mobile Artillery:  Combat Tanks 5,025, Armored Vehicles 4,100, Self Propelled Artillery 2,250, Towed Artillery 4,300, Rocket Launchers 2,400.

Navy:  Aircraft Carriers 0, Submarines 76, Patrol Boats 438, Mine Vehicles 25.

Hard Missile Launch Sites:  2, Musudan-ri and Tongchang-ri

Nuclear Reactors:  11 including reprocessing sites.

What is our Plan?

We have to prepare for an attack against a country the size of Pennsylvania that is mostly surrounded by water on its West and East side and borders to not so US friendly nations, China and Russia, with South Korea sharing a 155 mile border with the North.  Remember, the two capitals are only 120 miles apart, just a little over half of the distance between NYC and Washington DC!  

Given the geographic proximity between the North and /South, the US would literally have to take out the North’s offensive and defensive capabilities in a matter of hours.  If not, North Korean naval assets, artillery, rocket launchers, and even their fixed and mobile missile launchers (probably tactical and not nuclear) could rain down upon nearby Seoul killing thousands, and perhaps millions.  

The US also has roughly 25,000 troops and well over 100,000 American Citizens living in South Korea.  This means that we will have to plan for a quick, comprehensive, and total attack against North Korea to mitigate the number of casualties in the South.  The North Korean population is 25,000,000.  Millions of these North Koreans could be killed in an all out assault by the US.  (Remember Trump’s “Fire and Fury” comment.)

The key to minimize the impact of an US attack against the North Korean Regime would be to eliminate the North’s Command and Control centers.  This is totally reliant upon our covert analyst’s ability to accurately locate and assess the C&C capabilities.  The number of casualties on both sides will increase or decrease based on our ability to quickly take out the North’s C&C.  The real unknown is how the military leadership will react in the face of annihilation!  Will they support Kim or stand down.  Hopefully the latter…

Taking Out the North Korea Ground Forces/Artillery:

The map below shows the location of various North Korean ground forces.  A high percentage of their ground forces are deployed along the south side border with South Korea.  Others are deployed close to naval facilities.

Image result for north korean ground forces

  The US would have to use a combination of MOAB types of bombs and naval based Cruise missiles to rapidly obliterate the North’s ability to strike Seoul with conventional military artillery, rocket launchers, and tanks.  

The rapidly deployed assets would have to take out the hardened artillery installations as shown on the map below:

Image result for north korean command and control locations

Taking out this hardened line of artillery sites is key to reduce the number of casualties in the South.

Taking Out the North Korea Air Assets:

The North Korean Air assets are not substantial but are spread out.  The priority would be to take out the air bases closest to the border with the South along with any anti-aircraft and radar installations.  North Korean pilots and equipment are no match for US Navy and Air Force pilots.  ALSO, if the US can cut off Chinese fuel from being shipped to North Korea, the ability of the North’s air force to mount any real defensive or counter-offensive attack would be severely limited.  

Image result for north korean air forces

If the US attack was not detected, the vast majority of the North Korean air force would never get off of the ground.  The air bases would be hit hard by sea and surface missiles followed by airborne attacks.  Large ordinance like the MOAB bomb would devastate land based air bases and supply depots and without any air craft carriers, the North Korean air force capabilities could be quickly silenced.

Taking Out the North Korea Naval Assets:

The major threat from the North Korean navy would be their submarine assets.  Their lack of destroyers and air craft carriers make the neutralization of the North Korean Navy less a risk.  The key would be a firm mapping of the current sub locations so they could be quickly targeted and neutralized.  Below is a map of the locations of the North Korean naval assets.  The port facilities could be taken out relatively quickly leaving the major part of the naval campaign isolated to finding and destroying the submarine assets.

Image result for north korean naval forces

The North Korean naval forces do not pose an imminent threat to Seoul.  The ports at Sagon NI and Changjon would be priority naval targets to the west and east of Seoul.

Taking Out the North Korea Nuclear Assets:

The main unknown of the North Korean arsenal is the Chinese made mobile missile launchers.  Satellite surveillance will be the key to locate these assets prior to any attack.  That would leave the hardened missile sites in Tongchang-ri and Musudan-ri.  Assuming the US could take out the mobile and hardened missile launch sites, there are at least 11 locations of nuclear reactors, reprocessing centers, and uranium enrichment sites.  Surveillance would be the key here as well.  Are stockpiles of nuclear weapons housed in any of these sites?  

Image result for north korean nuclear sites

IF we strike a nuclear facility directly, what would be the resulting release, if any, of nuclear fall-out?  Or, can we cyber-attack these sites to take them offline and make them benign?  How about the 20-60 nuclear bombs the North reportedly have?  Where are those?  Here again, the taking out of C&C is vital to mitigating the risk of the North utilizing a nuclear device even if it is ship or truck based.  The likelihood that the North could quickly mount and deliver a missile based nuclear device is low if we act in the next 90-180 days.  Everyday the North increases its capabilities and increases the number of collateral deaths.

Pre-Mortem of our Attack:

A pre-mortem is basically an exercise to “guess” what would be the outcome of a specific action.  The President does not have a good military option as any limited action would be catastrophic to South Korea.  The President has to face the reality that at least a million North Koreans could lose their lives.  That is a horrendous option for any President.  The second reality is that South Korea will not go unscathed.  At a minimum, Seoul will suffer casualties.  They could lose thousands of their citizen’s lives at the hand of the North’s counter-offensive.  If the North was able to unleash even a low yield nuclear device near Seoul, hundreds of thousands of lives could be lost over time.

A longer term impact maybe the release of nuclear fall-out due to the damage inflicted on nuclear sites or the explosion of any of the North’s nuclear devices.  South Korea, China and Japan could all be impacted by the fall-out.  

President Trump has inherited not only a mess in North Korea, but also the possibility of having to bear the knowledge that he was responsible for the deaths of more human beings than any other President or head of a nation in history.  But, President Trump has to balance the possibility that inaction on his part could result in the death of millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and Americans.  That may seem like an easy trade-off, but since this is all hypothetical, he will never know if he truly made the right decision.

Praying for wisdom for President Trump is an absolute must.  He is shouldering one of the most horrendous burdens in history.  This is all while the Democrats and Republicans are playing silly political games that serve as a distraction to President Trump and his staff.  


Note:  Some of the maps and stats may not be up to date but they do provide a basis for assessing the degree of difficulty in planning an attack against North Korea…

RD Pierini



The Empire Strikes Back-Trump Dumps DACA In Ryan/McConnell’s Lap!

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McConnell stated a couple of weeks ago that President Trump was a political novice and did not understand the “process” of the “swamp” (my interpretation).   Well, apparently this novice learns quickly.  The GOP RINOs thought they could hang DACA around Trump’s neck.  He is once again one step ahead of them!

Image result for McConnel and Ryan surprised

Trump promised to end DACA that was created by Obama via an Executive Memo.  Trump stated that the manner in which Obama created DACA was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and it is!  He also claimed that it would be de facto Amnesty and it is!  So, what did Trump Decide to Do about DACA tomorrow when it expires?  The most probably outcome tomorrow will be:






Ryan, McConnell and the GOP “Leadership” are all running for cover and don’t want to touch DACA during 2018 as that is the year of the Mid-Term Elections!  The Dynamic duo will actually have to make a decision to back AMNESTY for the DACA beneficiaries or back the death of DACA!  Trump may have to back primary challengers to GOP RINOs in order to maintain “control” over Congress.  AS if!


Either way, the American People deserve to know where our august men and women of Congress stand so the voters can decide whether to leave the bums in or throw the bums out.  

  • If DACA is taken up by Congress, the Progressive Left will lobby for not for DACA beneficiaries, but for all undocumented workers to receive unconditional amnesty.
  • The RINOs in Congress will resurrect the “Gang of 8”, led by McCain, Rubio, and others to support Amnesty for All and try to override Trump’s own immigration reform for VISA recipients.
  • Regardless, the Mid-Term Elections will be a referendum on the Republican held House and Senate, and NOT ON DONALD TRUMP.  As stated above, Trump may have to back primary challengers to the GOP RINOs if they extend amnesty to DACA and other illegal aliens.

Many so-called “conservatives” like Ann Coulter and others are bad mouthing Trump for not just ending DACA immediately.  They should be patting Trump on the back for setting up the “outing” of the herd of RINOs so the American Electorate, real conservatives, independents and America First citizens, can get a first hand look at the real traitors of the American Voters. 

As “Martha and the Vandella’s” reminded us in 1965, 

“No Where to Run… No Where to Hide”

Mitch and Paul can listen here:

Trump may be taking a chance on losing the “majority” in the House and Senate and possibly facing impeachment; but he feels that the return to Constitutional Law is more important than any single individual.

RD Pierini


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Hurricane Harvey-“The Lesson”

(Reposted from Christianity-In-Vogue)Image result for hurricane harvey pictures

  • Our Nation has turned its back on God and His Word.
  • Our Nation has succumbed to secular humanism rather than rely on God’s wisdom and grace. 
  • Our Nation has adopted a culture of death in the killing of the unborn, and the discarding of life we deem to be “expendable”. 
  • Our Nation seeks to heal its own wounds caused by its own lack of Godly wisdom. 
  • Our Nation turns its citizens against one another based on race, religion, origin, history, rather than unite its citizens based on God’s promises. 
  • Our Nation faces many threats from abroad, many of our own making from not seeking God’s wisdom, before embarking on policies that served to injure others without regard for the sanctity of life or God’s will for our Nation and those we seek to harm.

Hurricane Harvey, as it traveled across Texas and Louisiana, covered an area with water the size of one of our Great Lakes.  52″ of rainfall poured down on Southeast Texas flooding and devastating hundreds of square miles of homes and businesses.  What arose from this devastation was a call to prayer by the people who were impacted and by our President of the United States.  Many of those who lost practically everything, clung to the Bible verse, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength”.  The people of SE Texas and Louisiana banded together to save one another while invoking God’s name in supplication for strength, guidance, and peace.


Image result for supplication and prayer

Those people came from all over bringing boats, supplies, food, clothing and prayer!  Hurricane Harvey will go down as probably the most devastating natural disaster to impact this Nation but will also go down as the time the people of the US turned to God for support.  While I am sure that those impacted directly by Harvey questioned why God would allow this tragedy, many turned to Romans 8:28, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

We may never understand why these events occur but this disaster has taught us several lessons:

  • God can heal all suffering.
  • God is the Source of our strength.
  • God can soothe our spirit even in the midst of adversity.
  • God can silence the naysayers who seek to use tragedy to diminish the Word of God.
  • God will provide wisdom to our officials who seek His wisdom and who are in charge of helping victims in dire times.
  • God will make even this tragic event work to the good of all who love Him!

AP/Evan Vucci

Our President has designated today, September 3rd, as a National Day of Prayer to pray for the victims of this terrible natural disaster.  Let’s keep the prayers going until every family and survivor of this tragedy is whole once again… Then give thanks to God for his great mercy.

RD Pierini


DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the RINOs in Congress

Image result for Trump supporting constituion

Left leaning illegal soft Speaker Paul Ryan is once again supporting the Progressive Left Agenda to leave the DACA program, Extra-Constitutionally created by Obama, in place.  Obama UNILATERALLY CREATED immigration law when he issued the executive order creating DACA after stating for years that it was up to Congress to pass a law to protect kids who were brought illegally into the US by their Illegal Parents.  The Executive Order expires on Tuesday, September 5th, next week, and could impact 800,000 DACA beneficiaries in the US.

If President Trump does not extend the program, DACA will no longer be in effect and those in this country under this program will be subject to deportation if they do not return to their country of origin when their work permits expire.  Work or Study permits are issued for 2 years under this program.

Paul Ryan Says DACA is Unconstitutional:

RINO Ryan even recently admitted that Obama did not have the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO CREATE THIS LAW BY SAYING:  

“President (Barack) Obama does not have the authority to do what he did … we’ve made that very clear,”

Oh Really!  What did you and the rest of the limp wrist RINOs in Congress do about it?  NOTHING AS USUAL.  Then, Ryan had the gall to say that Trump should NOT cancel the program, even though it is clearly unconstitutional (Even with Roberts as the “Chief Justice”) by saying:

“I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.”

Well Bucko, you have had since June of 2012 to create a real DACA law or take action prohibit Obama from putting the illegal law into practice.  BUT, LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO, YOU PASS THE BUCK TO YOUR FAVORITE PUNCHING BAG, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, so he can take the heat and you can act as innocent as the driven snow.  No Longer will this work!

Ryan and McConnell are a perfect example of why Trump is the President today.  They favor not only open borders but amnesty to support their elitist and Progressive Left money interests.

Show your support for Trump to rescind this illegal law by posting to Twitter and Facebook and contacting your Congress men and women and Senators.  Trump can transition this program out so not to drastically disrupt the pawns of the Progressive Left and the Elitist who support this illegal EO.  But, if Congress, who supposedly represents the “people”, hopefully only including US Citizens, then they can pass legislation and leave it up to Trump to sign the bill or not.

Ryan and McConnell always wait until the last-minute to act or not.  This is not leadership this is an ABUSE OF POWER.

RD Pierini


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Christ Would Approve of President Trump’s “Hot” Faith and Message!

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Image result for revelation 3:16

One of my favorite passages is Revelation 15-17.  John was admonishing the Church at Laodicea for not being fervent in their belief in Christ and not on fire to spread the Word of the Lord.  The passage reads:

“I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. So because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of My mouth!  You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.…”

Christ suffered and died for each of us so it is not surprising that He would abhor Christians who were lukewarm in their faith.  The passage uses the term lukewarm as in water.  Lukewarm water when consumed, has a tendency to induce vomiting.  In verse 17, we see people bragging that they are rich, in worldly riches, but they are wretched in terms of spiritual riches.

President Trump’s passion and fervor to reignite the US Judeo-Christian values and love for one another immediately came to mind when I reread this passage today.  Love or hate him, President Trump is red-hot and nowhere near Lukewarm in his beliefs and passion to “Make American Great Again”!

President Trump does not equivocate about abortion.  To him, it is murder and the government should not support it.  His supreme court and lower court nominees will all be pro-life.  Equality of all people to Trump is a universal God-Given right and he feels it is our responsibility to strive to make everyone equal in terms of opportunity, their personal pursuit of happiness, and value to themselves and to this country.

Every principal Trump clings to he does so with passion and a red-hot fever.  His passion is directed at making our inner-cities safe, clean, and an area that provides opportunity for his residents.  He backs this up with trying to upgrade our education programs so inner-city kids have education choice and can get the base education they need to succeed in life.  He also sees neighborhood safety as part of providing for opportunity to kids that are now dodging bullets and drug dealers on their way to and from school.

So when you are trying to relate to Trump’s style and being put off by his “New York/Queens in-your-face personality”, focus on his passion and draw from it.  Passion is contagious and focusing passion on making our neighbor’s life better, making our inner-cities safe and prosperous, exporting peace to the world, and re-establishing our Judeo-Christian values, is good no matter who is at the tip of this spear.  Embrace and enjoy it…  Make sure that Christ does not look at us and think that we are not worthy and should be “spit” out.

RD Pierini


Saving our Nation through Vigilance

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