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Chicago-The Last Petri Dish for the Left, Rahm Emanuel Vs Karen Lewis

Chicago Fire of 1871

Chicago Fire of 1871

Chicago is either at the begin of its recovery or tipping over the edge into liberal fire and brimstone (hell).  The irony is that the two local power players are both way far left.  One, Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Mayor and two, Karen Lewis, the head of the powerful Chicago Teachers Union.  At stake is whether Karen will recognize that leftist policies have taken Chicago to be the leading or one of the leading:

  • Cities with the highest Black-on-Black murder rates.
  • Cities with one the highest illiteracy rates primarily among minorities.
  • Cities with one of the highest abortion rates in the Black and Hispanic populations.
  • Cities with one of the highest rates of unemployment among younger and older African-Americans.
  • Cities with one of the highest crime rates overall.
  • Cities where the disparity between wealthy, politically connected, non minorities, stands in stark contrast to the poor, disenfranchised minorities.
  • Cities with the toughest gun control laws.
  • Cities that are controlled by a far left agenda.

Mayor Emanuel is a died in the wool hard leftist who believes in total state control over its citizens, especially the minority residents.  He and President Obama believe in zero population, zero choice, and no opportunities except for those in power, themselves.  Karen Lewis has embraced hard left policies for education in the windy city.  Every once in a while there is a crack in her leftist armor especially when it comes to some of the policies of Emanuel.

I was disappointed when she did not run against Emanuel for mayor last year.  She had a real shot.  She actually led the polling 45 to 36 in July of 2014.  Lewis and Emanuel have had their share of exchanges involving colorful metaphors!  There is no love lost between the two in spite of their seemingly ideological partnership.  But, Lewis seems to be tiring of a lack of action by the Mayor in light of the slaughter of African-Americans on the streets of Chicago, and in and around her schools.  There have been 2,703 shootings in Chicago resulting in 444 shooting deaths SO FAR this year. (The total deaths with a month to go already exceeds those in 2014, another record-setting year)  On November 22nd, there were 11 people shot and 5 people killed between noon and 8:40PM!  This carnage is despite Chicago having the toughest gun laws in the nation including a violence tax gathered on each gun and bullet sold within Cook county.

Enter the Laquan McDonald Homicide:

Now we find out that for “some reason”, the charges filed and the accompanying video of the shooting of Laquan McDonald took the Mayor and his  City over 13 months to release.  This video portrays the shooting of a young person by a police officer that appears to be an execution that included the officer emptying all 16 rounds of ammunition into the victim.  Other police officers on scene seemed frozen watching this unfold.  While Laquan McDonald was not exactly cooperating with the police and probably should have been taken in, he certainly did not pose any seemingly imminent threat to the officer on scene, nor to anyone in the vicinity.  He had a 3″ knife as a weapon.

There are more disturbing questions surrounding this tragedy

than there are answers

and the opportunity for blame are numerous.

  1. Since Emanuel was in a difficult re-election bid, did he withhold the charges against the policy officer and the release of the video until after his re-election?
  2. Since the Police Superintendent works for Emanuel, was this the reason he did not take more aggressive action against the charged officer much sooner.
  3. Where was the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Anita Alvarez for 13 months?  Was she part of Emanuel’s re-election campaign.  Isn’t she part of the minority community in Cook County?
  4. As close as Rahm Emanuel and President Obama are, it is impossible to imagine that Emanuel did not reach out to Obama regarding this case and the timing of the release of the charges and the video.  Then now, Obama finds the shooting of McDonald “Deeply Disturbing”.  How about withholding the evidence from the public for a year!  Isn’t that even a bit disturbing?
  5. The Black Friday protests in Chicago included the coalition of Black Lives Matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH group and grassroots Black activists.  Early in the week, there were protesters calling for the “impeachment of the Mayor” but by Friday, that theme died.  The protesters seemed to be targeting the Superintendent of the Police instead along with other police officers who were on scene.  By Friday, the hard left had circled the wagons around Rahm and made sure he was protected by and large.
  6. Note:  The City of Chicago has no statue allowing for the impeachment of the Mayor!  He is in there for the rest of his term.

How does Karen Lewis fit into all of this?

As an African-American leader in the City of Chicago who is in charge of educating the youth of Chicago, I hope Lewis sees some of the issues that led up to the shooting death of not only McDonald but the other 444 victims this past year.  I hope she sees that the only thing between complete anarchy and chaos in Chicago and her schools may in fact be the very police that are being hung out to dry due to the action of one police officer that probably should not have been in uniform at all.  I am thankful she did not challenge Rahm Emanuel and win.  Now she has the perspective of just how bad things can get and how badly things need to change in Chicago.

Choice:  I hope she sees that some drastic measures need to be made to the education system in Chicago including the addition of some education choice until the system can be drastically improved.  The left has too long seen school choice as the elimination of public education.  In fact, it can help improve public education with the sharing of techniques and opportunities.  Lewis has plenty of power in her position.  I hope, that as an education professional, that her seeing illiteracy eliminated in Chicago would be the ultimate reward for her.  Better education for her students would yield more opportunity for her students and put a serious dent in the drug culture of Chicago driven by despair, unemployment and lack of opportunities.

Leadership:  I hope that Karen Lewis sees this tragic situation as an opportunity to step up and challenge the leftist status quo in Chicago that goes back to the corrupt days of the Daley dynasties.

  1. Create results oriented teaching methods and rewards.  You already correctly condemned Common Core, take the next step.
  2. Work with Law Enforcement and create neighborhood safe zones that are safe for students and their parents, day and night.
  3. Work with charter schools and other “choice” schools to take some of the load off of the public schools and co-develop methods that are as effective in public schools as they are in private schools.  Get funding for the “choice” schools so pubic school funds do not have to be diverted.
  4. Engage your neighborhoods in “fixing” your schools.  This will take patience and a lot of convincing that you are committed to improving the lives of all of the children of Chicago and that you are not part of the problem.
  5. Stay independent and fight off those on the left that will try to take you out.

I hope Karen Lewis is the person who can start to save Chicago or the Black Friday protests are just the beginning of the end for the kids of Chicago.  The kids deserve a chance at life.  Narcissistic politicians have to be removed and the kids placed first in the queue.  I know I may be dreaming and if I click my heals together I may end up in Kansas…


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RINOs Panic-Karl Rove Facilitates Carson Meetings with Wynn

Don't Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain

Don’t Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain

Another move by über GOP insider Karl Rove to “de-throne” Trump in his bid for the GOP nomination included an introduction of Ben Carson’s fund-raisers and Steve Wynn, a casino mogul.  Apparently Rove did not attend the meeting.  The GOP establishment may be presiding over their own demise by tempting Trump to bolt and run as an Independent.  IF this happens, I hope the GOP has a very large mirror to stand in front of when they are looking for why they lose n 2016.

The interesting twist to Rove seemingly trying to help Carson.  There is no doubt that Rove wants either Bush, Christie or Rubio, in that order, to win the Republican Primary and hold the line for the Republican Establishment.  Even Carson’s camp is dubious as to why Rove would try to help the Carson campaign other than to try to weaken Trump as neither Bush, Christie or Rubio seemingly have the ability to do so.  That would leave Carson on top and the Republican Establishment believe, that with the help of the MSM, Carson could be taken down.  Trump does not have the same vulnerabilities with the MSM.  Every time the MSM attack Trump he gains!

If I were Carson, I would be careful in who he accepts “help” from.  This is just another example that money has corrupted our political process to the point where the average voter is used to merely rubber stamp the choice of the powerful who control the parties.  The goal of both parties is to maintain the status quo which stacks the deck in their favor…

Did Wall Street lose any money during the 2008 depression?  Nope!  Did you?  Probably!





Hat Tip



Trump’s Claim that Muslims Celebrated in New Jersey the day of 9-11, True or False?

Remember_9_11We all remember news coverage of Muslims in various parts of the world cheering the success of Al Qaeda in taking down the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001.  Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he say Muslims cheering in New Jersey as they watched the towers burning across the waters.  Stephanopoulos said that Trump was incorrect and that police refuted this claim. 

The Washington Post ran a feature by Serge F. Kovaleski and Fredrick Kunkle on September 18th, 2001.  In that article, they stated:

“In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”  (emphasis is mine)

Not sure how many “a number of” equates to but this article, by a very liberal newspaper, at least backs up Trump’s claim that there were Muslims cheering on the attack and at least law enforcement if not the police that Stephanopoulos referred to.  There is no way to refute or confirm Trump’s claim that he saw the cheering with his own eyes.  But, it is not difficult to imagine that the incident took place as Trump described.


Hat Tip: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2001/09/18/northern-new-jersey-draws-probers-eyes/40f82ea4-e015-4d6e-a87e-93aa433fafdc/

Happy Thanksgiving


In spite of what we see around us in the world, we have much to be thankful for.  God’s great gifts continue to pour out to us and protect us from the evil that is ever-present. 

We all stand on John 3:16 as our ultimate gift from God:  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” 

We are also reminded that all of our gifts from God are perfect.  James 1:17:  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

In 1 Corinthians 12:7-11  Paul reminds us of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit given freely to us by God: “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;  To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;  To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another diverse kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:  But all these work that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.”



So when we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, there is no better source than your Bible to help perfect our thanksgiving:

In 2 Corinthians 9:11-12, God’s gifts give us the opportunity to help others to increase Thanksgiving to God.: You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.  This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.”

In Psalm 7:17, we acknowledge that we are called to give thanks to our Lord because He is righteous:  “I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.”

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, we are admonished that as children of our Lord, we must give thanks no matter our situation.   “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

When you gather with family and friends, take a moment to reflect on all of your blessings.  Give praise and thanks to God for all of these blessings.





Rubio-“US Should Respond and Defend Turkey if Turkey is Attacked by Russia”

Rubio stated today on Fox News:

“Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance, and so, if the NATO alliance is to remain vibrant, then we have to live up to our commitments in that alliance. We can’t decide that we’re not going to work on behalf of one of these countries…”

If Obama made yet another speech condemning Russia and vowing action against Russia, would Obama follow through?  Nope!

France, a NATO nation,  was attacked on November 13th, did the US Senate and the House of Representatives vote to declare war against ISIS?  Nope!

So Senator Rubio, If you are going to use strong language of what you think the president to do, you should be acting out your outrage on the floor of he Senate.  Article One Section Eight of the US constitution empowers Congress to declare war.  Why didn’t you introduce legislation in the Senate on November 13th or 14th to have the Congress declare war against ISIS?

Candidates who are still serving as a Senator, House Member, or governor still need to perform the functions they were elected to do.  Rhetoric is what e expect from the left, not our candidates.




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RINO’s Panic–Pooling Cash to Defeat Trump

This is a Fool’s Mission

Several of the large Republican establishment donors are pooling their cash to run ads against Trump to force him out of the primaries.  They are even using John Kasich as their trial balloon. 


Y’all just don’t get it!

Having Kasich as the spokesperson for the Republican Establishment is like featuring the Antichrist at a Baptist Revival!  Kasich is everything conservative voters, and now most independents and some democrats, are railing against.  They want you guys to go away and let the American People elect a president who will stand up for them and not for you and your big business selfish interests.  They are tired of Liberal-Lite even though when yo listen to McConnell, Boehner and others it isn’t so lite!

Base to Republican Insiders, Insider Pundits, & Insider Campaign Managers, “we do not need you any more.  We have someone who does not need your money to get elected.  He may turn out not to be what we expect but we know what to expect from you!  Another Bush, McCain, Romney, Dole etc., etc., etc..”


IF you dump money into this race with the sole purpose of knocking out Trump, and Trump lives up to his promise to not remain committed to the Republican Party if the Party does not treat him fairly, you will see the beginning of the demise of the Republican Party and the rise of a new political party.  You will see the outcome of what started in 1852 that created the Republican Party relived in 2016, but in a much shorter period of time.  With Hillary as the Democrat candidate, with all of her flaws and baggage, and one of your candidates, Bush, Rubio or Kasich, Trump will get at least 180 electoral votes and win the election.  Then in 2018, the Republican majority in the House will be seriously challenged by the new party as Trump, with the support of the Tea Parties,  will be able to raise the funding necessary to have financial backing for the incumbents willing to switch to the new parties and new candidates who will run with the new party.

How are “Black Lives Matter”, College Protests, & World Wide Terrorism Connected?

Election 2012

Our “Flag” is at Half Staff

I don’t know of a person who does not believe that today’s world is truly incomprehensible and unlike any time in our history that they can remember.  When watching the news then listening to our politicians, community activists, some of the candidates for the President of the United States, and MSM “news” people, what you are hearing and seeing sounds like it is being broadcast from a mental institution (it that PC?).

Our President’s almost daily denigration of the United States, its citizens, and its founding principles, has created a world-wide atmosphere of Anti-US sentiment. 

This has given our external enemies and dissident organizations within the US cause célèbre to attack our existence, our Constitution, our laws, our economy and our way of life. 

Internally this has allowed various elements to pit one citizen against another and Externally this has eroded the position of the US around the world by our enemies and allies.

Let’s just pick a few topics and dissect them a bit.  We could go on for pages but you can fill in your own examples.

World Wide Terrorism:

Terrorism against the west in particular goes back decades and is not a new phenomena.  What is new is that the checks and balances against the wholesale spreading of terrorism have been removed and removed intentionallyLet’s state up front that since the 1900’s, terrorism against the West and its allies has come overwhelmingly from Radical Islamic elements.  And, no, this does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists.  But, the source of this terrorism is critical in understanding our world today.  Also, it really does not matter what name you give to groups, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc..  They can all be just as lethal and by segregating the threat to the west into different “flavors”, allows politicians to claim credit for eliminating or reducing terrorism by attacking one of the specific groups.  Until the RADICALIZATION OF ISLAM is eliminated, the threats from Radical Islamic Terrorists will never be eliminated.

There are quite a few historic periods that formed the fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism but for sake of brevity, lets take pre and post 2008 as the periods to be reviewed.


The Beginnings:  From 1917 through 2007, the Middle East labored under various externally imposed geographic separations that were designated after WWI and then again after WWII. The Balfour Declaration in 1917 was one of many instruments that was used to carve up the oil reach region amongst the British and the French primarily.  Many of the Nations that were created were politically defined to make it easier to divvy up the Middle East for specific European countries to maintain a sphere of influence over their piece of the pie.  The pie in 1917 was the recent discovery of oil (1908 in Persia (Iran)) that would be needed to further fuel the industrial revolution in Europe.  Generally, British or French protectorates later gave way to other forms of Government and eventually new nations emerged from their protectorate beginnings.  Governments that were set up in these new nations over the next 30 years mainly used a centralized control form of governance since these nations borders were in some cases new and in many cases the populace were unfamiliar with self-governing.  Many had been a part of the Ottoman Empire and many regions were in fact tribal or nomadic.  Some were set up as monarchies with the same underlying central control form of governance.  Early in the early 1900’s, the Middle East mainly consisted of the following groups:

British Protectorates:  The British held sway over Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

French Protectorates:  France controlled Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon.

Others:  Iran was ultimately controlled by the Pahlavi family, Saudi Arabia the House of Saud, while Turkey became independent early on.

The Economies:  The economies of these nations were and still are pretty much two tiered.  Those in power and those who are not, with the former and their supporters being the affluent class.  Egypt was successful in developing a middle class that was all but eliminated with the take over by Abdul Nasser in the 1950’s.  Many of the new Nations rulers recognized that their populations had to share in the wealth or they would not be able to remain in power so they instituted a minimum annual income for each of their citizens.  This only encouraged no one to work and everyone, especially the youth, to have too much time on their hands.  This made them ripe for radicalization.  Saudi Arabia is an example of this type of revenue sharing.

The Role of Islam:

Islam is not monolithic in its follower’s beliefs.  There are two major Islamic denominations, the Sunni and the Shi’a.  The two denominations split in who they think should have been the proper successor as Caliph to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.  The following graphic shows the split between the Sunni and the Shi’a:

Shia Sunni Succession

The differences between Sunni and Shi’a go beyond the succession lineage after Muhammad.  That said, the western observer may not consider the differences to be all that great.  But, the differences have also morphed into political and military entities such as in the Shi’a countries of Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Azerbaijan.  Iran has used their geopolitical power to wage one of the most robust examples of state sponsored terror through its support of Hamas and Hezbollah.  Iran has used these organizations against Israel and rival Sunni nations as well as the West.  Hezbollah is presently engaged in the Syrian conflict on behalf of Iran.  Shi’a Iraq under the Sunni Saddam Hussein was kept somewhat stable through Hussein’s brute force.  Iran and Iraq had numerous conflicts based on Iran’s desire to rid its neighbor of its Sunni dictator and allow Iraq to become a Shi’a nation and an ally of Iran.  This is core in the current ISIS/Iraq/Syria conflict.

Today, the Sunnis comprise 85-90% or 1.02 to 1.08 billion Muslims and the Shi’i, 10-15% or 120 to 170 million Muslims.  The Shi’i are the majority in  Iran (95%), Iraq (65%), Bahrain (70%), Azerbaijan (75%) and, according to some estimates, Yemen (40%+).  Often Syria is misunderstood to be predominantly Shi’a but in fact only 10% of their population is Shi’a.  Their presidents have historically been Shi’a thus the alignment between Syria and Iran.  Iraq was the opposite.  Saddam Hussein was a Sunni in spite of Iraq being 65%+ Shi’a.

The Sunni are predominate in the other Muslim nations.  The two belief systems of Islam have historically been a source of friction between the two groups.  It is important to comprehend that this divide is much more deeply felt in the Muslim world than say Catholics and Protestants in the US.  It has been the source of conflicts throughout their histories.  When you hear of potential alliances in the Middle East, remember these divisions.  Sunni and Shi’a may align for short time for some perceived advantage but not for a protracted period of time.  ISIS is self-described as Sunni.

Post 2007:

This period in the Middle East has been colored primarily by the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the US responses to terrorist attacks around the world but specifically the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on 9-11.  The subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, coupled with the rapid, premature pullout of US troops in Iraq,  also have played a significant role in shaping the focus of Islamic Terrorism.  While the US focused it efforts battling Al Qaeda, the US premature pullout in Iraq gave rise to a new organization, ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

This is why it is important not to place too much emphasis on the name a specific organizations but rather focus on the big picture of Radical Islamic Terrorism.  When someone stabs or shoots you, you really don’t much care what that person calls him or her self!  It is interesting to listen to “leaders” claim victory over a certain terrorist group while two more spring up in their back yard.  They don’t get that the name of the organization is not as important as their shared goal, the defeat of the west and the establishment of their Caliphate, be it Shi’a or Sunni.  The more leaders are confused about how to effectively devise a strategy to defeat one or more of these organizations, the more they try to differentiate between the terrorist organizations.

Today’s Terrorism Issues:

  1. Know Your Enemy:  Our Administration cannot attribute the war on terrorism to Radical Islam and that is a false starter when trying to devise a strategy to defeat radical Islamic terrorists.  We are facing a disparate enemy who views this war as a religious war that is precipitated by the need for them to establish a Caliphate.
  2. Show of Weakness:  Due to a perceived, albeit real, perception the West, specifically the United States, is not longer a real military threat, we are currently facing a resurgence of terrorism by Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Hamas and other such organizations.  The largest state sponsor of terrorism, is Iran, funding both Hezbollah, Hamas.  We just gave away nuclear capabilities to Iran plus have released $100 Billion to them to spend on fostering even more terrorism and providing R&D capital to further enhance their missile systems and nuclear weapons development.  This show of weakness did not go unnoticed by the other terror organizations.
  3. Military Rules of Engagement:  Under our current president, our military cannot bomb targets where a single civilian casualty may be the outcome.  Our military cannot detain a militant without first reading the combatants the their “Miranda Rights”.  Our President’s first words when discussing any possible military engagement is that we will not have any boots on the ground.
  4. Sucker Bet:  Our President is betting that he can align with Russia and Iran against ISIS and somehow come out on top by playing nice with Shi’a Iran.  Don’t worry about Al Qaeda or the other terrorist because we have already defeated them (sarcasm).    Iran won the nuclear negotiations and are now doubling down in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  The Iranians want desperately to take both Iraq and Syria and solidify them into their sphere of influence or outright annex them.  Iraq is predominately Shi’a and they feel that if they can keep Assad or another Shi’a friendly leader in Syria, presumably of the Alawite sect, they can continue to dominate Syrian policy and resources as they have for years.  Just to make things interesting, Russia wants to make sure that Syria remain in its good graces in order to continue to have military bases in Syria and port access to the Mediterranean. Since Russia and Iran have had a mutually beneficial relationship for quite some time, the sharing of Syria, and now Iraq would be seen as a positive.  Also, an alliance between Russia and Iran, with control over Iraq and Syria, would make Russia a dominating player in the world oil markets, either directly or indirectly, thus making Europe totally at the mercy of Russian oil policy.  Russia’s succession plan for Syria includes the promotion of an Alawite Shi’a in Bashar al-Assad’s stead.

Terrorism Recap:  Our President’s belief that the US should not be imposing its will on other nations, nor play any kind of a peacemaking role between nations is shaping his rhetoric against the American people and our value systems.  He says we are racists for wanting to protect our land first or for saying the terrorism today is Islamic Terrorism.  Further, that Christians are not tolerant of Muslims and that Christianity has to somehow bow down to Islamic interests and beliefs.


Black Lives Matter & College Protests

Our President’s seemingly daily rants against our nation’s law enforcement, calling out honest law abiding citizens who question his policies as being racist, sexist, homophobic etc., has divided this nation as never before and emboldened radical elements within our society.  Unfortunately, many of those inflamed by his rhetoric are our younger generation who rather than being focused on what they can do for themselves and their country, they are focused on how bad they have it and how it is everyone else’s fault.  Many of these are students in our colleges and universities.  Being a product of the 1960’s, I totally get protest and understand the need to speak out.  But there is also a responsibility to make sure that you are informed and engaged in solutions, not just noise.  Further, that you are part of a society and you are not the society.

Black Lives:

Lack of Black Leadership:  One phenomenon that I have never understood, that post Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Black leaders have seemed to work against the best interests of their so-called constituents.  This is also true for many of the Hispanic leaders.  They will embrace an issue or a policy just because it is espoused by the Democrat party rather than review issues and policies on their own merits and whether they help or hurt their constituents.

Homicide Rates:  (FBI Stats, 2011, White totals include White and Hispanic together)

Blacks comprise approximately 13% of the US population but commit 46% of the total homicides.  Black on Black homicides accounted for 91% of the total Black homicides.  The Black leadership should focus on the causes of the disparate rate of violence in the Black communities.  Focus on high unemployment rates that are being driven by a failed education system, especially in our inner cities, coupled with immigration policies that are allowing illegal immigrants to enter this country and take jobs away from American Citizens.  Focus on the high rate of drug use in the inner cities and how to illuminate this plague infecting our young people.  Create an economic environment in the inner cities that will incentivize young adults to seek employments rather than enter into the drug business.  They deserve better.

Abortion Vs. Murder Vs. Police Killing of Blacks:

Abortion rates among Black (and Hispanics) is very difficult to reconcile with Black Lives Matter.  Abortions by Blacks are 38% of the US total abortions.  This equates to almost 18,000,000 Black Babies being killed by abortion since Roe V. Wade in 1973.  in 2011, Aborted Black babies accounted for 425,000 Black Lives being Lost…  This represents the killing of 1.2% of the Black Population of the US every year.  This by far exceeds the number of Blacks who murdered other Blacks, 2,447.  In 2012, there were 426 people killed by policemen.  Of these, 31% or 132 were Black.

Black Abortion Deaths Per Year:  435,000  (2011)

Black on Black Murders: 2,447 (2011)

Blacks Killed by Police:  132 (2012)

Time for Realism

Clearly there is a need for an adult conversation as to why Black lives are being destroyed by drugs, homicides, abortions and deaths at the hands of law enforcement.  Why illiteracy rates among Blacks is exponentially higher than Whites.  Why the national average for out-of-wedlock birth was 40.7% in 2012 but was 72.2% for Blacks.  Real Unemployment among young blacks has been triple that of the rest of the population including Hispanics.

College Black protestors need to focus on realism and take responsibility for their own lives.  Many of those who have been vocal are not inner city victims of the economy but are from affluent families.  These agitators stand in the way of real solutions for those Blacks and others who are in need of benefitting from the American Dream.   They need to recognize that any solution they are looking for has to be within the confines of the US Constitution.  They need to understand that their right to free speech has to recognize the right to free speech of others they disagree with.  They need to recognize that to be taken seriously that they need to condemn the use of racial slurs by Blacks, including those in the pop culture.

Black “leaders” have sought to blame all of these ills on Republicans in spite of the fact that the Democrats have controlled the presidency since 2008, and had total control of the House, Senate and Presidency from 2008-2010.  The conversation has to exclude special interests including the teachers unions, open boarders groups, US Chamber of Commerce, and those who are contributing to the current plight of the Black community.

The divisive rhetoric of our President has to stop.  American citizens are not systemically racist, sexists or any other “ist” he uses to describe special those in the White segment of our population.  Americans, nor American history, justifies the use of terror by members of the Radical Islamic community, ever.  Protecting our boarders is the right of all nations and the US under this President’s leadership, is the only nation who does not protect its country’s borders.  Mutual respect of and for all of our citizens has to be the norm again in this nation.  All Lives Matter and we should all collectively, and not as disparate groups, fight for each others rights and privileges.  These rights and privileges have to be equal for all US citizens, not merely those who perceive themselves as victims.




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