God Bless Those Who Sacrificed It All For Our Freedoms

To the over 22,000,000 brave who have given their all for us…


Obama DOJ/FBI/Intel Agencies-Treason And Sedition Against the United States

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…”

The seditious and treasonous nature of the Obama Administration’s activities will go down as the most serious Constitutional threat to our Republic in the history of our nation…

When Lord Acton opined his view on political power in the mid 1800’s, he could not have imagined the seditious and treasonous actions that have been perpetrated on the American voter in the 2016 election and the ensuing Donald J. Trump Administration.  The sedition was borne out of the Obama Administration when its leader, his closest advisors who oversaw all of the key intel agencies, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secretary of State who became the Democrat Presidential candidate, conspired to ensure that Republican candidate Donald J. Trump would not  become the President of the United States, and then continued with its insurrection following Trump’s successful election.   Their actions quickly morphed into treason when their underlying goal was to overthrow a duly elected President and his lawful administration.

Did anyone who loves this country ever think that the FBI, CIA, and NSA would be used to rig a Presidential Election and then to undermine the duly elected President! 

The Obama administration weaponized the intel agencies and the chief US law enforcement agencies of the most powerful nation on earth to stop the Trump candidacy and later to undermine and overthrow his administration.  They even solicited the assistance of the British intel agencies to create a phony dossier against Trump and to abet a spy the FBI put inside of the Trump Campaign! This FBI would make the perverted J. Edgar Hoover Blush with envy!  

 How did we get to this point?

Acquiescent Congress: 

Republicans in Congress would do anything to make sure they weren’t accused of playing partisan politics including abrogating their Constitutional responsibilities.  When was the last time you actually believed that a Republican oversight committee would actually hold the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA etc. accountable for wrongdoing?  Remember the IRS/Lois Lerner Scandal?  Remember the Benghazi tragedy?  Remember Fast and Furious gun running?  Remember when Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress but then the Congress did not hold him accountable.  Remember when Obama “legislated: from the oval office on DACA; recess appointments when Congress was not in recess; the regime-change war on Libya without Congressional approval; Obama forcing Chrysler SECURED creditors into accepting 30 cents on a dollar; Obama continually changed the implementation dates for Obamacare based on political considerations even though the law was explicit on its implementation schedule; and many other unconstitutional executive usurpation of legislative powers by Obama.  Throughout all of the unlawful Obama years, the Republican led Congresses stood idly by and did not challenge Obama in court for his “theft” of their legislative powers.

9-11 and Electronic Surveillance Free-For-All:

During the Clinton presidency, we witnessed this president’s use of FBI files on individuals to target those who opposed his administration.  A bit of a throwback to J. Edgar!  Then, after the 9-11 attack on the US, Congress and the Bush administration threw the doors open on foreign and DOMESTIC spying via electronic surveillance of phone calls, emails, text messaging etc..  They put the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Act on steroids! 

What a perfect political tool to use against one’s political opponents!  Better than the Clinton’s use of the paper FBI files!

We lowly taxpayers and citizens were assured, by Obama’s James Clapper (DNI) and John Brennan (CIA), that there were check and balances and that mere citizen-mortals could not be surveilled nor was there data being saved on US Citizens.  And, that Congress had oversight responsibility to make sure that citizens were protected from an out of control Intelligent Service (IS).  Just to make sure, Congress had demanded that the IS get a “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Warrant” from a FISA Court that was made of up 6 or so rotating judges in order to surveil foreign sources or US Citizens.  BUT, these “judges” have literally rubber stamped and approved 99.96% of the applications!  Yes, 99.96%!  Feel safe now?  Further, there is no oversight over the FISA courts other than the Chief Justice of the US who could really care less!  There is no statutory independent review of the FISA Court actions.  

I thought American citizens could not be surveilled?  NOPE!  They can get caught up with the surveillance of a foreign person and they can even get a tap based on a fake dossier created by a political operative, paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign and aided and abetted by our own DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA under Obama!  So, both US citizens and foreign nationals can be electronically surveilled by our intelligent services including the FBI domestically!  

In the 2016 Presidential election and before, the Obama Administration unleashed the full power of our intelligence services, and their access to electronic surveillance, as well as other federal positions including the Ambassador to the UN against a POLITICAL OPPONENT in order to fix the outcome of our Presidential Election.  Let that sink in!

  The DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI and others spied on the Trump Campaign and following the election on the Trump Administration itself.  Obama used the spies to plant info into the Trump Campaign that would later be used as “evidence” that the campaign was conspiring with Russia against poor little Hillary and the Democrats.  They then used the so-called  “Trump Dossier” and other phony information that they created out of thin air to directly surveil the campaign and its principals including the President himself.  They then used the Comey firing to justify a “special counsel” to launch an open-ended, public investigation into the Trump Campaign, the Trump Administration and its principals.


Our founding fathers knew that unlawful people in power could in practice tear up the constitutional checks and balances they built-in to protect we the people.  Well, both Republican and Democrat administration and Congresses have demonstrated unlawful behavior and have created an unchecked Federal government capable of violating everyone’s constitutional rights, including the President of the United States!  I in no way believe that these solutions will be better than those envisioned by our founding fathers and that given enough incentive and moral depravity, there are those who will someday believe that they know better than our founders and will take extra-constitution, i.e. illegal, measures to thwart the system for their own purposes.  Remember the title of Director Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty”.  There should be no higher loyalty than to our constitution and our rule of law.

  • Foreign and Domestic Surveillance:  

    • The “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” (FISA) must be restructured when it comes to granting the surveillance of a US Citizen.
      • The FISA court can not be a sub-set of the Supreme Court as some of the actions of the FISA courts may be appealed to and adjudicated  by the Supreme Court.
      • The FISA court should be changed to a 12 judge rotating group, but rather than a single judge reviewing warrant applications, a 3 judge panel would review the applications. This would mitigate the possibility of a single judge being prejudiced in favor of the IS and therefore more likely to grant the warrant.  The 12 judges would be spread out over various federal districts rather than rely only on the DC district court judges.
      • All FISA warrants to surveil a US Citizen must be approved by the Attorney General, the Director of the FBI, and the National Security Advisor to the President.  If a US citizen is to be surveilled, then the approval must include the highest national security advisor to the President him or herself.
      • The House and Senate Intelligence Committee must have direct access to all FISA warrants issued on US Citizens or US Citizens with dual citizenship.
      • No FISA warrants can be issued to surveil a candidate for the Presidency, the House, or the Senate, or the sitting President, a sitting member of the House, Senate or the Supreme Court, without the approval by the President of the United States with notification to the Congressional Intelligence Committees.
      • This review and approval process must also be followed if the name of a US Citizen is requested to be “unmasked” during the surveillance of a foreign national.
  • The FBI:

    • The FBI would be disbanded as it is structured today.
    • The criminal division would be moved under the US Marshals Service and remain under the Attorney General.
    • The counter intelligence division would be moved under the Department of Homeland Security and report to the Secretary of Homeland Security.
    • If a foreign threat is detected in or to the homeland, the investigation would be coordinated with the FBI criminal division as a task force operation.  This will eliminate the DOJ from being able to hide behind counter intelligence classified investigations for domestic investigations!
  • Department of Justice:

    • The Department of Justice would be reorganized with the key divisions reporting directly to the AG rather than all major divisions reporting THROUGH the Deputy Attorney General.  All of the investigative divisions, Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Naturalization, the Federal Marshal’s Service, and other such investigative divisions would report directly to the AG along with other cross executive branch functions.
    • The Department of Justice must comply with Congressional oversight subpoenas as per requested content and timing.  If the DOJ cannot comply with a subpoena as requested, the DOJ must notify the President and the requesting Congressional oversight committee immediately.
    • Any redactions to requested documents would be made available for unredacted viewing to the committee members with proper security clearances. 

In the final analysis, we hope to elect officials that will appoint honest men and women to serve our country.  But, what is at stake in terms of money and power, we must remember that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”!

RD Pierini

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Otto Warmbier, A Legacy Of Life

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Otto lost his short life on June 19, 2017, after incarceration in North Korea and profound physical abuse by the Kim Jong Un regime.   Otto’s curiosity of life led him to North Korea on a tour of this black regime following his international study program in Hong Kong.  His youth, inexperience, and naiveté led him into a death spiral and onto the international geo-political stage.  Otto’s death was vividly on display for the world to look upon in horror and witness firsthand just how oppressive the Kim regime had become. 

Otto’s life of incarceration became intertwined with a struggle to eliminate the threat of nuclear war with North Korea as the chief protagonist and threat to world peace. 

We often ask why God allows certain tragedies to occur that we simply cannot comprehend.  I proffer that Otto’s sacrifice actually contributed to the saving of thousands if not millions of lives by playing a major role in bringing this dark regime to the negotiating table that will hopefully lead to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Perhaps even the horrific regime of the Kim dynasty will join with humanity and curtail its oppressive practices on its own people and its threats to his neighbors and the world at large.

Otto’s, and his family’s sacrifice, stunned the world and specifically the American People.  President Trump had been waging a rhetorical and sanctions war against the outlaw Kim regime in an effort to intimidate the regime to give up its nuclear ambitions.  The American People embraced the suffering of Otto and the horror of his parents, Fred and Cindy, and his siblings.  Otto’s suffering steeled the resolve of President Trump and the American people to stand firm against the Kim regime.  

A picture of Otto Warmbier being taking away by North Korean soldiers

Otto’s legacy will be that his sacrifice was a major factor in the possible ending of the Korean War and the end to the nuclear program of North Korea. 

His legacy will also be the key to the release of the three other American detainees that occurred today.  Tony Kim, Kim Hak-song, and Kim Dong-chul owe their release in a large part to Otto.  Fred and Cindy Warmbier, 

President Trump, and the American People should hold-up Otto as a National Hero and if the Korean Peninsula is ultimately denuclearized, Otto should be a candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  

RD Pierini



Or Mueller!

The Democrats only hope in the 2018 Mid-Terms is that Mueller can pin Stormy Daniels on the tail of their donkey!  Russia Collusion and the Comey Firing Obstruction of Justice hoax both fell through the cracks so far that even Auntie Maxie won’t be able to resurrect these fabrications.  Now, for some reason, having sex with a porn star or paying that porn star $130,000 excites the left and their lap dog media into thinking that this is the winner that will kill off Trump!  BUT NO ONE CARES!

Apparently the Left can’t deal with reality!  Break down ole Stormy’s scandal into its component parts:

  1. Having sex with a porn star may be dangerous to your health, tacky, and in general not a real good idea for a married man, but it is not illegal.
  2. Having your corporate/personnel attorney on a $35,000/month retainer, money paid in advance for legal services to be rendered or to pay costs on behalf of a client, like the $130,000 paid to Stormy, is not only not illegal, it is normal in the real world of well off billionaires.  Billionaires hire attorneys to fend off nuisance threatened or filed law suits.  They are easy targets and when you consider Trump makes about 5,000,000,000 per working hour $130,000 is certainly not worth his time!  Just the interest on his worth is over $300,000/hour!  So, Stormy got paid 30 minutes worth of Trump’s interest income on his wealth! 
  3. An attorney executing non-disclosures on behalf of a client and signing the NDA on behalf of that client is not unusual nor illegal.
  4. An attorney paying someone to enter into an NDA is not in any way a campaign contribution as the alleged “Services” took place 10 years before the campaign and certainly were not campaign related!  There is no link to the campaign.  The left never claimed that Trump’s payoff to the Trump University plaintiffs was a campaign contribution!  Same thing.  Both were nuisances. 
  5. Trump never signed the NDA and Stormy certainly has not lived up to any part of a non-disclosure!  What hasn’t she said about the alleged tryst?  She has stated on TV that the sex was consensual, not unusual, one time, etc.  There is not much else involved in this particular transaction!
  6. But, the real coup de grâce is that Trump’s attorney is in possession of a letter where Stormy denies having sex with Trump!  

R.I.P. Democrat Party and Main Stream Media

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It is a riot when you hear the Left Wing Media opine the virtuous nature of ole Stormy and ask why would she lie about something this important!  Serious?  SHE IS A PORN STAR.  Do you know what a porn star does?  Do you know how much she has made selling videos since this story broke!  Did you know who Stormy Daniels was before this story broke!

The saddest part of the current state of the Democrat party is that they stand for nothing tangible that would lift up one single human being living in the United States!  They can call you a racist, homophobe, etc., etc., etc., but they cannot tell you what they stand for.  The only mantra they can all agree on is the “Trump is Bad”!  That is it!  

Mueller and his merry band of hit man prosecutors, the Attorney General (Yes I am including Jeff Sessions), the Deputy Attorney General, the prior FBI director and a whole host of corrupt DOJ and FBI hacks have not been able to pin a single charge on Trump or his campaign.  In fact, the trumped-up charges on the 14 Russians, General Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort will probably be thrown out of court.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller and his team were sanctioned by the courts where these prosecutions were taking place.  

The real damage is yet to come on the wings of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report that will indict many of these DOJ and FBI corrupt officials who will hopefully be tried and found guilty and put away to write their memoirs.  Maybe Comey can get them right this time!  Wonder what Higher Authority he will cite then?  

Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans won’t screw up and lose the 2018 Mid-Terms and justice will finally be served with the prosecution of many of the DOJ and FBI corrupt officials.  But, don’t hold your breath!

RD Pierini



Mother’s Day-God’s Eternal Bond

See the source imageWomen have been blessed with the ultimate gift from God, Motherhood; with it, the love that springs forth from a woman’s ability to bring new life into this world; and to care, protect, and nurture their children, and all those who are blessed to know them.  Motherhood is that natural giving quality God gave to only women and they in turn spread God’s goodness to their children, or if they are with or without children, to everyone they meet.  God’s special gifts to women provide humanity with a yearning to protect life, care for those in need, and to spread their love to those dear to them and to those they meet only casually.

God placed a mother’s love on the same level as His own for us. In Isaiah 66:13 He taught us; “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” Mothers, and women without child, have the unique ability to comfort those they meet in need, and the ability to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to offer love to the loveless.

This Mother’s Day, honor your own mother but also all women you meet.  Know that they have been given the gift of life from God and the awesome responsibility to ensure that life is not only created through them, but all life is nurtured and protected by them.

This Mothers Day, pray for those mothers who have or are contemplating an abortion Consider their agony when you think about God’s gift to these special persons and their place in God’s plan.  Each and every life created by God at the time of their conception is a new life made in the image of God Himself.  Each unborn child that is given up to abortion is a part of God Himself and an affront to His greatness, mercy and love.

Seek Life and enjoy God’s Eternal Bond.

RD Pierini


Bankruptcy-Coming to Your City Soon!

Image result for carmel by the seaCity Retirement Payments Cost Each Resident almost $1,200 per year, and this is rising rapidly…

Below is a letter to the editor I recently sent to the Carmel Pine Cone in Carmel, California.  The letter was in response to an article discussing the City’s current fiscal year payout of $4.5 million in retirement benefits for its retired employees.  I am posting that letter here as it applies to practically all cities, counties and States in America.  Politicians are burying this problem but you the taxpayer are on the hook for bill!  Go to your next city governing council and ask to see how much of their current budget is being paid out to retirees and what the long-term deferred liabilities are projected to be…

Letter to the Editor:  Carmel Pine Cone

Public Sector Path to Insolvency, Defined Benefit Programs: 

In last week’s Carmel Pine Cone, it was reported that payments to retired City employees could total $4.032,696, and that the City’s future contribution costs into the CalPERS, (California Public Employees Retirement System), will increase to unsustainable levels.  According to the League of California Cities, “Rising pension costs will require cities over the next seven years to nearly double the percentage of the general fund dollars they pay to CalPERS,” and for many cities, retirement costs “will dramatically increase to unsustainable levels.” Salaries and benefits already account for nearly 60 percent of the city’s operating budget, which is fairly typical.”  

The same insolvency spiral is being fed by an equally unsustainable program for public employee’s health benefit programs.  Between the two programs, many California cities are unable to staff vital safety departments, police and fire, and ensure the safety of their citizens.  In short, California Cities, Counties and the State itself is on a sharp downward spiral towards insolvency! 

How did this happen?  In the 1970’s, the League of California Cities and California State Association of Counties began dealing with the rapid unionization of its public employees that was being promoted and supported by the first Jerry Brown set of 8 year terms.  As a Mayor of a California City in the 1970’s, I was directly involved in the LCC discussions on how to best structure benefit programs and how to negotiate these programs with the unions, primarily, AFSCME, (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees).  There were those of us who vehemently opposed the union preference to DEFINED BENEFIT PROGRAMS, programs where the local entity guarantees its employees a fixed amount of retirement or health benefits.  We lost out to the union and those cities that supported defined benefit programs.  We supported the concept that is prevalent in the private sector described as DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PROGRAMS, where the benefits are not absolute but the amount a public entity was responsible to pay in was fixed or at least subject to negotiation.   So, rather than guaranteeing an employee a percentage of their salary prior to his or her retirement, we would have contributed a set dollar amount into the employee’s retirement account, like a 401K.  For health benefits, we would pay a fixed amount towards healthcare premiums rather than having to pay into a healthcare group where the City’s costs were dependent on the overall costs of the healthcare group.  Many of these groups are run by the unions.   

Blame Your Elected Officials:  The main reason today’s Cities, Counties and the State itself are being choked with rising retirement and healthcare mandated costs are the fault of the elected officials.  (Employees will take whatever these entities are willing to provide!)  Why?  Elected officials are usually in their positions for a relatively short time so they take a short view of their own responsibility for future results.  In the 1970’s, it apparently was too difficult for some elected officials to see that in 2018 their City budget would be swollen to the point of insolvency by mandated retirement and healthcare programs offered to its employees.  Adopting Defined Benefit Programs, rather than Defined Contribution Programs, made it easy to negotiate with the unions and to keep its employees happy.  The taxpayers never really knew the level of deferred liabilities that were being accumulated as the public entities did not publish data on this pending financial catastrophe.   

Today, Cities are bound contractually to live up to their commitments to past and current retirees and to pay for the unbound healthcare costs of its current employees.  Where is all of this leadingWho cares?  That will be the problem for future City Councils, Boards of Supervisors, and the future Governor and State Legislature!  Right?  Wrong!   The taxpayers better wake up today and demand that their local and State governments own up to their current problems with unfunded liabilities and  determine how they can “fix” this problem for our future.  Is this a problem for today’s residents?  You bet!  With upwards of 60% of a city’s budget going to pay past employees, that means that a city or county only has 40% of its budget to support today’s needs!  In real terms, this translates into fewer patrols of county neighborhoods, fewer city police and fire to be available to protect its city, and fewer dollars to maintain roads, sewers, and other needed infrastructure! 

Solution?  Cities, Counties and the States better renegotiate their current contracts and change these programs to Defined Contribution versus Defined Benefit Programs for all new employees, and even renegotiate with its current employees especially for future healthcare benefits.  They should also be open to its taxpayers and tell them how much they owe in unfunded liabilities and the fiscal impact on the city or county.  It is the taxpayer’s money, and not the money of the local officials!  The unions will scream but in the end local officials are accountable to their citizens and not the public employee union or even their own employees.  This problem will not go away without real action by local officials.  If local officials do not deal with this now, one day soon they will have to explain to their citizens why garbage pickup will only be once a month or why they have to file bankruptcy!  That won’t be a fun conversation, especially in affluent Carmel!

RD Pierini


Romaine Lettuce & “Organic” Vegetable Deception on American Consumers

Wonder why you hear of more outbreaks of E-Coli and other pathogens that severely impact human health?

 It seems like a week does not go by without some sort of warning or recall of products from lettuce to peanut butter! 

Thank your Government:  Well, to a large degree it is by design!  Really, yup!  With the growing emphasis and popularity of “organic” foods comes with it the inherent risk of contamination by food born pathogens, bacteria, etc.  Why?  By definition, organic assumes that only natural fertilizers are used in the growing of the product.  Nitrogen is the primary “fertilizer” needed by plants and trees in order to remain healthy and produce top quality fruits, vegetables and nuts.  The FDA requirements for applying the “Organic” moniker to packaging includes the requirement that only natural sources of fertilizers be used.

Natural sources of nitrogen are from various forms of animal manure or fecal matter, animal slaughter waste products, animal urine to create urea or urea-formaldehyde, and can even include human sewage sludge if grown outside of the United States.  There are other “natural” products that can be used such as from plant materials and certain minerals for phosphate.  But, the predominant source for nitrogen is from animal manure, urine, or slaughter by-products.  All of these “natural sources” contain levels of pathogens from animal hosts such as e-coli, Listeria, salmonella, and other species of virus, bacterium, protozoa, prion, a fungus, or other micro-organisms. 

Field Packing Contamination:  Add to this mandated level of potential food born human illness, the fact that many vegetables, fruits and nuts are now field packed which means that they are not brought to a central site for washing and processing.  They are picked and packed in the field and shipped to your supermarket without any exterior washing of the products. 

Central Processing Contamination:  The vegetables, fruits and nuts can be processed further and are brought into a central processing facility.  If these products are not washed and decontaminated properly in this facility, and then are chopped and packaged as in the case of cut-up lettuce or packaged salad, then the contaminants remain on the final product and shipped to your supermarket and into your home!

Employee Contamination:  If the product is field packed, someone has to pick and pack the product and if that person has not exercised good hygiene when using the portable rest room facilities that are brought to the field, then that person can transfer a pathogen, most likely e-coli, to your fruit, vegetable or nuts!   If the product is processed in a central processing facility, and those employees have not exercised good hygiene when using the rest room facilities, than that person can transfer a pathogen, most likely e-coli, to your fruit, vegetable or nuts as well!  This even includes the handling of packaging materials boxes and any other item that touches the finished product!

There is a better chance that your organic, and even non-organic, vegetables, fruits and nuts are contaminated than not!  How do you protect yourself and your family?


Food Prep and Decontamination:

Always assume that the vegetable, fruits or nuts that you are going to use to feed yourself or your family are contaminated to some degree unless the product has been pre-cooked and/or fully processed.  ALWAYS READ THE LABEL ON ANY PRODUCT YOU INTEND TO CONSUME FOR COOKING OR HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS. 

Pre-Cooked, Baked or Roasted Ready to Eat (RTE)Products:

If you buy pre-cooked, roasted or otherwise RTE products, chances are that these products have been subjected to prolonged temperatures in excess of 180 degrees and are safe to consume without further processing.  These include meats, fish, vegetables, and nuts.  ALWAYS READ THE LABEL ON ANY PRODUCT YOU INTEND TO CONSUME FOR COOKING OR HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS. 

Raw Vegetables, Lettuce and Salads:

We always thoroughly soak these products in fresh water with 1/4 cup of bleach added to each gallon of water (sink 1/2 full)  and then rinse these products in fresh water to remove any residue.  Let the vegetables stand and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.  If you buy packaged salads, use the same process and rinse in a colander and pat dry.  

Fruits including Melons:

Assume that the surface is contaminated and if you would slice the fruit or melon, you would transfer the contaminant to the inside surface of the fruit or melon.  Once again,  thoroughly soak these products in fresh water with 1/4 cup of bleach added to each gallon of water (sink 1/2 full)  and then rinse these products in fresh water to remove any residue.  Let the fruit or melon stand and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel prior to slicing.  

Meats and Fish:

We always surface rinse the raw meat or fish with water prior to cooking.  This ensures that any surface contaminants have been rinsed off and will not change the natural flavor of the cooked product.  Make sure to cook your meat or fish thoroughly according to package or recipe instructions.  Raw or rare meat or fish can adversely impact your health.   

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

In short, take extra care when preparing your food and you will provide yourself and your family with safer foods.  I personally do not seek out organic products, many of you do.  Either way, you are at risk of buying raw products that are potential carriers of  e-coli, Listeria, salmonella, and other species of virus, bacterium, protozoa, prion, a fungus, or other micro-organisms.  Don’t think for a moment that when you see FDA or USDA inspected that you are safe!  These agencies do not pre-test products for safety!  They only react after the fact and that can be too late!  The young, pregnant women, immune compromised individuals and the elderly are especially vulnerable!

RD Pierini


Impact of Neil Gorsuch’s Decision to Join Lib Judges in Immigration Case

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Conservatives everywhere have their “panties in a bunch” regarding Gorsuch voting with the liberals on the Supreme court today (5-4) regarding the deportation of an immigrant who has been convicted of two “violent” crimes!  The majority, with Gorsuch support, ruled that a specific clause in Title 18, Part I. Chapter 1, § 16  is too vague as it defined “violent crime”.   This definition of a “violent crime” is used in our Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 US Code § 16, therefore the two are both referenced in this decision.

In this case, Sessions v. Dimaya, James Garcia Dimaya, a legal permanent resident of the United states, was convicted of committing two separate first degree residential burglary.  In 2010, Attorney General Loretta Lynch began deportation proceedings against Dimaya as the immigration laws allow for the deportation of permanent residents (green card holders), if they have been convicted of aggravated felonies.  The Immigration Judge ruled that Dimaya is subject to deportation but his deportation was blocked by the Ninth Circuit, of course, and the case ended up with the SCOTUS with AG Jeff Sessions as the government party.

While the other prevailing liberal justices went further than Gorsuch’s objection to the definition of a “violent” crime, Gorsuch did limit his ruling solely on the ambiguous nature of the definition itself.  Gorsuch’s opinion had nothing to do with immigration law per se but on the overall defining of a burglary as a violent crime.  The legal definition of a “violent” crime includes the following two parts:

a) an offense that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or prop­erty of another, or

b) any other offense that is a felony and that, by its nature, involves a substantial risk that physical force against the person or property of another may be used in the course of committing the offense.


It is difficult to link a burglary, an act of entering onto someone’s UNINHABITED property and remove (steal) that person’s property, with a “violent crime”.    If the person is not present, it is difficult to apply “threatened use of physical force against the person”.  You could apply it to the physical force against property.  

Gorsuch argued that the definitions of “violent crimes” need to be clarified so as to provide judges a clear roadmap when applying these definitions to specific cases.  In short, Gorsuch is sending a signal to Congress to clean up this language and provide a clear definition of a “violent crime” so it can be applied in a uniform manner.

So, before you slash your wrists, Gorsuch did not betray his conservative interpretation of the US Constitution in this matter.  He is picky when it comes to criminal law that may impose penalties , (even including deportation) and insists that Congress provide clear-cut definitions that are not subject to capricious interpretations by various court levels.

RD Pierini


IF Ryan Doesn’t Step Down, Republicans Will Lose the 2018 Mid-Terms!

Face of Failure & Anti-Trump Agenda

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So Ryan announces to the world that he will NOT seek re-election and thus step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives, IN JANUARY OF 2019!

The Pro-Trump forces were ecstatic about the first part but want Ryan to step down as Speaker, NOW!  Ryan has proven that he is not a strong supporter of President Trump nor his AMERICA-FIRST agenda!  Ryan is an entrenched “Boehnerite“, elitist, insider, globalist political hack.

Assuming Ryan hangs on until January of 2019, he will have presided over spending that added $5.7 Trillion to our national debt and set the record for the most debt added by any Speaker in History.  John Boehner, Ryan’s predecessor as Speaker, drove up the national debt during his tenure from 2011 to 2015 some $4.2 Trillion.  Both gave in to President Obama time after time and outspent almost all of their predecessors combined!  Then, when Ryan has a budget conscience President Trump in the White House, Ryan shoved a $1.3 Trillion “Omnibus” spending bill  down his throat and added another $1 Trillion to our deficit!  And these clowns describe themselves as DEFICIT HAWKS!  What an insult to hawks and to our President!

Ryan Stays, Republican Lose in the 2018 Mid-Terms

Trump Supporters will not embrace a Paul Ryan’s slate of RINO candidates for the House this fall.  (McConnell will energize the base even less).  Trump Supporters are tired of the RINO’s in Congress not fully embracing Trump and they know full well that Trump has been fighting an uphill battle getting much of his agenda passed!  This includes Repeal and Replace of Obamacare, BUILDING THE SOUTHERN WALL, getting rid of sanctuary States/Cities, getting rid of chain migration, getting rid of the Visa Lottery, strengthening border security and increasing border enforcement personnel, and much more.  Yes, some of this lies at the feet of the Senate but Trump Supporters know that RINOs in the House will pass bills that they know will die in the Senate, like Obamacare repeal, and are tired of this game.

If Ryan stays and keeps pushing the House Republicans to embrace a luke-warm version of America First and a less than full-throated endorsement of President Trump and stand against the barrage of attacks on Trump by the left, the media and Robert Mueller, the Republicans will lose the House.  This will ensure that a Democrat controlled House will certainly impeach this President!  If we lose the Senate as well, Trump may face a conviction of the impeachment charges and possible removal from office.  NICE LEGACY FOR RYAN AND ONE THAT HE WOULD EMBRACE!  

Ryan Needs to Stand Down and the House Needs to Pick a Pro-Trump “America First” Speaker, NOW

The only chance Republicans have to keep their majority in the House and add to their majority in the Senate is for,

  • (1) Ryan to step down,
  • (2) the House immediately select a totally Pro-Trump Speaker, and
  • (3) for all of the Republican Candidates to whole-heartedly support President Trump’s agenda. 

This is the only chance for Republicans to maintain and/or grow their majorities in the House and Senate. 

The House and Senate Republican Leadership and their rank and file must close ranks around Trump now and go forward with a consistent theme of:

  • An improved economy for all races and genders, a rebirth of America by providing all of its citizens with the opportunity to succeed,
  • Securing our southern border and reforming our flawed immigration policies,
  • Making the world safer by dealing effectively with North Korea, Iran, Russia and China,
  • Removing regulatory barriers to business growth, and by truly making America Great Again! 
  • All they need to do is ask the voters, “ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY THAN YOU WERE BEFORE NOVEMBER 8TH, 2016”.  

Ryan and McConnell are the real albatross around the “neck” of our holding the House and the Senate and avoiding Democrat Impeachment of President Trump.  The Democrats have NO agenda of their own except “Trump is Bad”.  The irony is that Ryan and McConnell can actually help their party win in the 2018 mid-terms but their disdain for Trump and his America-First agenda will keep them from creating a winning narrative and a successful re-election strategy! 

Trump will do his part by trying to win in spite of the RINO Elitist sandbagging but he will need our help.  Bombard Ryan and the Republican leadership with a “DROP RYAN NOW” message on social media and by calling your congressman or woman.  Trump has much more to accomplish for YOU and he needs your support now.

We need to have a real Trump supporter as Speaker such as Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise.  Kevin McCarthy has been too squishy in his “support” of President Trump.  Plus, he has been a part of the RINO leadership since 2011.  He earned his “bones” during the Boehner and Ryan leadership regimes.  

What will you do to get Ryan out of his position as Speaker and replace him with a Pro-Trumper that will help us win the 2018 mid-terms.  

RD Pierini


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US Now A Lawless Nation-Cure Step One, Fire Sessions and Rosenstein

Session’s Betrayal Must Be Ended Now

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Trump must fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein NOW as the first step to end the Mueller investigation.  Will the media, the left and the RINOs go nuts?  ABSOLUTELY.  But, Trump has to change the momentum of this pending Constitutional Crisis by ending Mueller’s open-ended investigation of “Russian Collusion”.  Will this firing impact the 2018 Mid-Term Elections?  Maybe.  Depends on whether the RINOs rally around Trump.  If they do, the Trump base will turn out and support the RINOs for supporting Trump.  If the Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller fiasco continues, the Trump Base will not show up and support RINOs in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  

Sessions Knows He Is Killing the Trump Administration

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If Sessions had an ounce of integrity, he would fire Rosenstein today then Resign himself!  Sessions blindsided the President by recusing himself from “any matters regarding the Russian Collusion investigation and the Trump candidacy, right after he was confirmed as Trump’s Attorney General.  Sessions claimed that the “ethics” advisors inside of the Department of Justice advised him to recuse himself to avoid a conflict of interest!  REALLY!!!  These are the same people trying to remove President Trump from Office!  Why didn’t these same “ethics professionals” tell Rosenstein and Mueller that they both are conflicted and should recuse themselves?  After all, Rosenstein signed the 3rd extension of the Carter Page FISA Warrant to spy on Trump!  Mueller interviewed with Trump to lead the FBI, is a close personal friend of fired FBI chief James Comey, and has tons of conflicts with Hillary Clinton!  

The only conclusion one can reach is that Jeff Sessions does not care if he kills the Trump agenda by allowing this open-ended Mueller Witch Hunt to continue.  So, all of the times when Sessions stumped for Trump and his agenda were outright lies.  You may hold RINOs like McConnell, McCain, Ryan, and others, and the Never-Trumpers who constantly rail against Trump, in utter contempt, but consider who has hurt Trump the most, these RINOs or Sessions! 

Sessions is the epitome of a NEVER-TRUMPER with the added bonus that he controls the Department of Justice, the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency, and the FBI, the nation’s most powerful investigative agency.  Sessions has the power to insure that Rosenstein and Mueller can continue their coup d’état against the Trump Administration!  

What if Trump Fires Sessions and Rosenstein?

The left and its media will go insane if Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein.  The Republican leadership in the House and Senate will go insane as well as the Never-Trumpers.  The media will attempt to whip up immediate impeachment calls and try to drive the narrative away from the Trump agenda and his ongoing agenda.  In short, Trump will be besieged from all sides!

SO What!

Trump can either take on this extra-constitutional onslaught by Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller head-on or die a slow death of a thousand cuts from innuendo from the Mueller investigation and a constant and growing investigation of everything Trump by HIS OWN DOJ AND FBI!  

The Trump Base must rally around Trump and fight back any way they can if Trump takes on Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller!  IF we don’t, it is our own fault when the Democrats and the allied Never-Trumpers and RINOs remove Trump from office and KILL TRUMP’S PROMISES TO MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER.  

The Trump Base will have to rally around Republican candidates in the Mid-Term elections, (in some cases we will have to hold our noses), and make sure Republicans hold the House and the Senate.  The Trump Base will have to take on the Media as directly as they can and tamp down the firestorm the media will create following the firings.  You will have to vote for Ryan and the RINOs in the House and Senate who will publicly bad-mouth Trump over these firings.  We must hold both the House and Senate or the Democrats will move to impeach Trump following the Mid-Terms.   The Democrats are using the Mueller Investigation to provide them with “proof” they can use to impeach Trump!  

We are fighting a real Coup d’état and it will be up to us to take back our nation and ensure that our nation survives this progressive-left attempt to complete Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of our Great Nation.


RD Pierini



Saving our Nation through Vigilance

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